Chapter 70

Epilogue: Four Years Later

The Happily Ever After Moment

"You getting up?" Scorpius wondered as Albus slid out of bed.

"Yup," Albus said. He bent down to kiss Scorpius on the forehead. "When do you plan on leaving?"

"Not sure… but I will get up anyway," Scorpius said. "I'll make breakfast." He stretched his arms above his head.

"I'll shower," Albus said.

"I might run into the office before I come to the match," Scorpius said. "Big case you know. I wouldn't want your dad to fire me."

"Fat chance," Albus said. "Besides, it's a weekend."

"I feel like aurors are always working," Scorpius complained, yawning. "Go shower. I'll make some eggs or something."

Scorpius walked into the kitchen, yawning to himself. They had an apartment in London now, between the two of them. He was working under Albus' father, as an auror.

From the kitchen, he could see into the living room. On the wall was an array of pictures. There was Albus in his Montrose uniform, brandishing a captured snitch. And then there was Scorpius with his Mum and Dad after he completed auror training, and the two of them at the England versus Germany Quidditch World Cup after they finished school, waving a British flag at the end, when England emerged victorious.

They had moved into their apartment shortly after Albus had become the primary Seeker for Montrose. He hadn't played two games before he was ranked number two in the League. Not a season later, he was ranked number one. It seemed too good to be true. They liked living together. It was nice and it brought them, if anything, closer.

Not five minutes later, Albus emerged from their bedroom, shoulders dripping, towel wrapped around his waist. "Did we do laundry?"

"If by that you mean did I do laundry, yes," Scorpius teased him. Albus cleaned, Scorpius did laundry and occasionally made the bed, and did most of the cooking, because Albus wasn't all that great at cooking.

"Good," Albus said. "Thought I didn't have any underwear…"

"Drawer," Scorpius said.

"Merlin… the last place I would look is the place it actually belongs," Albus said, shaking his head and ducking back into their bedroom. Scorpius laughed, plating some food for both of them. Albus came back out, pulling a t-shirt over his head.

"May the pregame ritual begin," Scorpius said, laughing. Albus put his egg on toast, making a sandwich.

"I don't like losing," Albus informed him. "This match is ending on my terms. I'm catching that bloody Snitch, even if it means we lose because I caught it when we were down too much."

"Albus…" Scorpius said.

"It depends," Albus said. "If this is a debacle…"

"What makes you think it will be a debacle?"

"It will be a debacle for them," Albus said, grinning maliciously.


Scorpius plopped down between James and Ginny. James was arguing with Daphne, who was grumbling under her breath. She was a round six months pregnant with their first kid and missing the Quidditch pitch, despite being thrilled about having a child.

"How's Albus this morning?" Ginny asked him.

"Albus," Scorpius said. "That's exactly how he was. Says it will be a debacle. He didn't seem one hundred percent sure what side was going to experience any sort of devastation. I think by the end he resolved that it can go either way."

"Always doubting himself," Lily complained from behind them, where she was sitting with her fiance, Vlad, whom she had met in Russia where she was working on some sort of Ministry thing (that title was coined by Albus) involving international magical cooperation. Scorpius wasn't sure how Albus had managed to secure so many seats—five more people had yet to join the party. There was a friends and family box, but Scorpius was certain Albus had to have about twenty-five percent of it.

"Excuse me," the familiar voice of Rose Weasley said, somewhat politely. "Extremely large pregnant woman coming through."

Rose was bigger than Daphne. She was eight months pregnant and didn't care to stop running the world. She was involved in Magical Law at the Ministry. She had decided against the auror path and preferred what was not so much a desk job as a bench job. She had clawed herself up to practically the Wizengamot, refusing to be deterred. When she and Scorpius got their NEWT scores after seventh year, they tied. O's in everything, except for Scorpius' E in herbology and Rose's E in potions. She nearly had an aneurism.

"How are you doing?" Scorpius asked her as she sat down on the other side of Daphne.

"I feel like I'm going to explode," Rose announced. Lysander flopped next to her, grinning. Scorpius was certain that the reason that they were still together was the fact that she liked bossing people around, and he didn't mind being bossed around. And they loved each other. That too.

The last to arrive was the family of three. Scarlet came first. She had decided to go into Herbological Healing, and now worked under several Healers at St. Mungo's. Following her was Nick, who was playing as Beater for the Caerphilly Catapults. The two of them had gotten married in the summer after Nick finished Hogwarts. In his arms he carried the best behaved child in the world, their two-year-old son Jason. Jason was in love with Quidditch, but mostly the Snitch. Scarlet had him pegged to be a Seeker when he started Hogwarts in nine years.

It was interesting to think about. Three years in a row, players were recruited from Hogwarts. Albus, then Nick, and then the next year, Lily. Lily had been the only one to decline.

` "I think it's starting soon," Harry said, excitement rampant in his voice. Ginny got out her notebook, still working for the Prophet as the Quidditch correspondent.

"Welcome to the World Cup Quarter Finals, between England and The Republic of Austria!" The voice boomed out across the stadium. "First onto the pitch is our English team, captained by their Keeper, Arabelle Buckworth, and the players, Brown, Polk, Watson, Hemmings, Upton and… Potter!"

Scorpius cheered loudly with their entire family and friends section. It seemed that there were many fans in the stands that cared for Albus too. The girls fawned over him, calling him gorgeous, even though he'd made it pretty evident on more than one occasion that he could never possibly return the ardor. For some reason it made them even more crazy for him.

Scorpius focused his omnioculars on Albus who was hovering above the rest of the team in midair as the Austrian team made its appearance, swooping inward with their red and white robes. Albus had his game face on, of course. He was already calculating, a grin on his face. He had the Potter family crest on the back of one of his gloves, and on the other, the Malfoy family. It was another superstition of his. He had certain ways he went about playing. For instance, the team had the option, the night before this match, of staying in Cornwall, where the game was to take place. But Albus was insistent about going home and coming back. He thought he played better if he slept at home before home games, whether he was playing for Montrose or England.

It had been a big day when Albus found out he was going to be the new Seeker for the English team. It was about as big as when Scorpius got accepted into the Auror program, and after that, when he finally made it through training. They had huge celebrations in honor of moments like this. This one came after a Montrose home match against Appleby. Montrose had won, of course—they had actually lost very few games in their entire time with Albus as Seeker. And the English coach approached him, offering out his hand. Albus nearly fainted, and Buckworth had laughed, clapping him on the back.

As Scorpius watched, Albus now turned his head in the direction of the box. He knew Scorpius was there, and Scorpius figured Albus had a good idea that he was using his omnioculars. Albus' grin widened and he gave a quick wave and a nod. Scorpius smiled to himself.

Maybe it didn't matter how the match ended. Everything was perfect, no matter what happened. Tonight, Scorpius and Albus would go home thrilled, or maybe unhappy. They would go about life as usual, and get into bed and fall asleep in each other's arms. In the morning, they would wake up and share breakfast and live in the state of absolute bliss that they had established around each other. In the state of complete and utter love.


Albus tightened his grip on his broomstick, clearing his throat and looking down at the official, an American by the name of Zoe Rochester. The balls were released, and with a blast on her whistle, the game began. Albus shot off, amidst a flurry of excited, forceful Quidditch players, swinging Beater's bats, and shouts in English and German.

His Austrian counterpart was a beautiful girl about his age, by the name of Liesel Schoefletz. Albus didn't underestimate her.

But he was determined to win. The eyes of his family members and most of the English Wizarding community were on him. He was supposed to win. In fact, in his gut, he knew personally that he had to. Nothing would be different if he didn't, yes, but here was an immortal longing in him. He finally had this opportunity, one he had always dreamed about.

There was this unstoppable happiness inside of him. Yes, it competed with that constant sadness too. He had that little depressed twang inside of him still, which would come out at the worst moments, leaving him hopeless and crushed, in bed, where Scorpius would find him later. But it was less frequent now, and Scorpius knew how to get him out of it. Or help him through it.

Scorpius was everything. They had the perfect life together. And that, combined with the brilliant professional Seeker life he had in front of him, meant that any depression was crushed under the weight of the extreme happiness he had.

They were going to just fine. In fact, Albus was pretty sure this was the only acceptable place to ever use the words "happily ever after."

The End

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