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Author's Note: First CSI fanfiction. Long time fan of Nick & Greg. They have always been my favorite on the show. Then i read a slash fic & couldn't get the idea out of my head, so wha-la - here is my first Nick/Greg slash story. Please read, review & comment- but most of all, enjoy.

Chapter 1: Heat Wave

Rushing water crashing down on the shores of a sandy beach… froth and bubbling water between his toes as he sunk his feet into the silky coolness of wet sand… cold, refreshing water dripping down his neck as he bobbed on the surface of the water on his surfboard… a chilling beer, wet with condensation beckoning him to take a sip as it cooled next to an out-stretched towel beneath a shaded umbrella… the smell of the salty sea water hung in the misty morning air…

Hodges voice came rushing in like the images of the ocean in Greg's mind, "I wanted to ask her out but she probably would've shot me down on the principal alone that I was surrounded by trekkies. I don't know why these comic-cons make it so easy for you to look like a complete nerd…"

Hodges voice slowly faded out again of Greg's consciousness as he mindlessly nibbled on his sandwich, his thoughts still focused on the costal beach line of California. How long had it been since he went back home for a bit? Just to hang out and surf? Man, how long had it been since he actually caught a wave instead of a crook?

Greg pondered this, his mouth full of turkey and bread. He could've been eating tuna for all he cared. He was so ravenous when he finally took his break that the moment the sandwich hit his mouth, he went on autopilot. Then Hodges's had joined him minutes later in the break room, entertaining him with stories on his latest comic-con adventure. Greg didn't mind. It gave him excuse to space out and day-dream about sandy beaches, refreshing cold beer, and the ocean washing over his entire body.

Yeah, he thought meekly, at the moment his body was currently sun-burnt down to the bone and not the cool ocean water of California. He blamed the sudden urge to go surfing entirely on the recent Las Vegas weather. It had been a scorching 105 degrees the past few days. All of which, Greg had spent in on his latest case in a parking lot off the strip. So not only was his exposed skin cooked with third degree burns but his tolerance on being outside in such blistering heat, had withered away.

Las Vegas during a heat wave was always busy. The moment the heat spiked, so did the crime.

Now Greg sat in the numbingly cold, air-conditioned break room of the lab, contentedly eating his lunch as he watched people filter in and out, grabbing a soda or a quick snack before hurrying off to their caseload. Greg had just finished his case this morning which had come as a welcomed relief. He spent hours over this one in particular and having it finally wrap up with a suspect in custody, gave him a momentarily sense of closure. But it also gave him time away from the sun.

If he didn't know any better, he would've suspected the sun on trying to kill him. With weather like this, it also made the bodies rank with the smell of burning, melting flesh. It was putrid enough to make a seasoned CSI like himself feel the urge to give in to the gag and let loose on the sidewalk.

Images of rushing water blurred his mind again as he took a sip of his soda. The carbonated bubbles dancingly popped on his tongue before he swallowed. Greg lifted his gaze over the rim of his soda can when he saw Nick. He felt a smile instantly over take him as he lowered his drink.

Nick's attention was entranced in the file in his hands as he walked down the hallway, probably headed towards his office. His broad, muscled shoulders where hunched as he read from the file. His chocolate brown eyes were intent, lips pursed and brow furrowed in concentration. His handsome features were always fascinating to Greg. He had the rugged appeal of a man's-man especially when he spoke in that sultry Texan drawl.

Greg never really had that natural sexual appeal like Nick did. Ladies just ate Nick up. He had the muscled appearance of an athlete and boyishly good looks. And whenever his eyes lit up and his face crinkled in a smile, oh- how the ladies swooned. At first, Greg had been envious of the slightly older man. He wanted attention like that from the ladies, yet Nick seemed complacent of his own handsome features, almost humble about them, which made Greg insanely jealous.

Now however, all that was behind Greg. Nick was just Nick now. His long-time co-worker and good friend.

Greg hadn't talked to him in nearly two weeks now. Both had been busy with their own cases and rarely had time to hang out like they normally did at the lab. So seeing his friend now, Greg realized he had actually kind of missed his company.

He was about to call out to the mighty Texan in the hallway when a pretty intern darted in front of him. She was petite, slender and absurdly attractive with long, sweeping blond hair. Greg watched as she coyly ran a hand through her hair, tucking it behind her ear as she blushed up at Nick. She said something that diverted his attention from the file and made Nick smile politely down at her.

Greg's vision tunneled. He couldn't hear what she was saying only see Nick's smiling face. Usually Greg thought that Nick's whole southern mentality of chivalry and mannerisms was cool and he liked this about him. But with it directed at a pretty blond, Greg felt slightly aggravated.

It was an absurd emotion, he knew this. But he couldn't help it. He hadn't talked to his friend in ages and he wanted those warm brown eyes on him, not some stupid intern.

"What's wrong?" Hodges suddenly asked, interrupting Greg's annoyance.

"Uh…?" Greg asked, eyes still fixed on the two in the hallway.

Hodges turned around to see who he was glaring at. Then he came back with a knowing, angry look, "I don't like her either." He said intently, "I had her run a fax for me. She accidentally sent it to me!"

Greg heard the obvious frustration in Hodges voice and couldn't hold back the urge to chuckle. He returned his gaze to Hodges, "You mean- she sent the fax you gave her, back to you?"

Hodges rolled his eyes dramatically before grumbling, "the interns these days…"

Greg laughed again, then glanced back up to the where Nick and said intern was. Nick's attention was no longer on the pretty intern, but locked onto him. Greg flushed as Nick smiled at him. Greg felt his insides melt. All Nick had to do was friggin smile at him and he acted like some school kid who just got the teacher's approval.

Nick's gaze returned to the girl before politely patting her on the shoulder, saying a few words and striding away. Greg noticed the pitiful look on the intern's face as she watched Nick. Greg felt slightly triumphant when Nick entered the break room, smiling warmly at him.

"What are you two laughin' about?" he asked in that cool Texan accent.

"The intern you were talking to," Hodges filled in, his tone indicating his dislike for her.

"Yeah, sounds like she has a lot of potential from what Hodges has been saying." Greg remarked sarcastically.

"Hey- be nice," Nick retorted. "She's new. And from what she just told me, she's under the impression you don't like her Hodges."

Hodges shrugged uncaringly, "It's not my fault the department can't hire better qualified interns."

"Interns are unpaid," Greg said drily. "So expecting the best from someone in her position, is kinda like trying to win a big pay out from a penny slot."

Nick laughed and then nodded towards the rest of Greg's sandwich, "you gonna finish that? I forgot my lunch at home this morning and I'm starving."

"Nah- go ahead." Greg pushed the uneaten half of his sandwich to Nick. He pulled up a seat besides him, brushing the side of his arm against his before snagging the sandwich and taking a hearty bite. Greg tried to ignore the tingling sensation in his arm from where Nick had brushed against him.

"Thanks," Nick said with a mouthful. Greg felt an unexpected flustering feeling in his stomach as he just nodded and absently took a sip of his soda. The moment he set it down, Nick grabbed it and took a swig. Greg watched his lips press into where his had been, their saliva mingling on an innocent soda can. Greg's heart skipped a beat.

What the hell was the matter with him? They were just old friends- sharing lunch, that's it. Then how come he wanted to desperately pick up that soda can and lick the rim just to find out what his friend tasted like.

"Well, I won't be having her work with me anymore. I don't care how new she is. I'll pawn her off on Archie…" Hodges said determinedly.

Greg sat silently, numbly picking at his lunch, stuck on the thoughts of the unusual feelings that now racked his brain. He'd known Nick for ten years now. They were friends. Just friends. So how come, he felt an unusual urge to be around Nick more and more. With him around, it had become second nature to Greg. They worked a bunch of cases together and he always enjoyed coming to work in the mornings, knowing he and Nicky would be busting out another case. But ever since Nick's promotion and the sizzling heat wave, they hadn't worked much together at all.

Maybe all these strange feelings were just because he missed him? Yeah, he thought confidently, that was it. He just missed spending time with him, Greg firmly told himself.

Suddenly he heard the familiar tapping of heels clacking down the tile hallway. He glanced up to see Catherine stroll in, two case files in her hands. She looked slightly sun burnt too, Greg noticed. Her thick blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail and hat. Her arms were bare and pink from the sun and her pants long, covering what flesh she didn't want exposed to the burning rays of the sunlight.

"I just got a call from Brass, there's a 419 out on the highway…" she started, pulling from one of the files, "and another one at the MGM."

Air-conditioned casino or blistering hot, scorched highway? Greg didn't have to think about that one too long.

"Nicky- you get the highway." Catherine said tossing the file on the lunch table. "I'll take the casino."

"Aw- Catherine, are you trying to kill me?" Nick whined, an obvious reluctance on his face over the case.

She smiled lightly at him, "No- if I wanted to do that I would've given you Greg's case earlier."

Greg smirked. Yeah, he was in the boiling heat all day yesterday, looking through trash cans for evidence their suspect had dumped, which meant he had been knee deep in rakishly bad smelling garbage, with the sun beating down on him like a sledgehammer.

Nick shot him a scathingly look before glaring back at Catherine. "Don't I get to pick my cases now?"

She shrugged, "you can pick your team if you wanna make it go faster. Other than that- no. I get priority."

"I'm not going," Hodges blurted out alarmed by the possibility Nick would want him on the case.

Nick frowned at the overly blunt man across the table. Greg heard himself say before he could stop himself, "I'll go with you." He said to Nick.

Catherine narrowed her eyes suspiciously at Greg. "Weren't you just complaining in my office about how you wanted to stay here for the remainder of the day? Something about heat and deserving a break?"

Greg flushed but tried to hide it by shrugging noncommittally. "It was just a suggestion. Nick has to approve."

Nick glanced over to him, his warm brown eyes soft and alluring. Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea, Greg suddenly thought, unable to look away from him. "All right- sure. You're on." He heard Nick say resolutely.

"Okay- but you two better get fast results. I don't like having two of my best on one case. Especially with this heat wave," And with that, Catherine sauntered out of the break room, casino case under arm and in the bag.

Greg watched as Nick polished off his soda, stood and tossed him his car keys from his pocket. "You drive," he said casually as he strolled out the break room to get his things before they left.

Greg just sat there, feeling slightly bitter about agreeing to work the case with Nick. Why did he have to go and open his big mouth? He could have stayed here the rest of the day in the cool, air-conditioned lab. But no- Greg just had to jump back into the frying pan.

"You could take the intern with you," Hodges suggested sarcastically. "She might speed things up."

Greg gave Hodges a dirty look, "shut-up." He bit out unconvincingly, as he slid out of his chair, tossed the remaining lunch in the trash can and grudgingly stalked out of the break room. He could only hope this case didn't take too long. Heat wave or no, because he had some serious thinking to do about the odd, conflicting emotions he felt in regards to his old pal Nick.