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"Hermione," Ron spoke, "you've been on that all morning!" He complained.

"Yeah, Hermione." Harry agreed while trying to read what her fingers were typing on the phone. "What're you tweeting now?"

"Would the two of you shut up?" Hermione scolded while tweeting, 'The two idiots next to me won't shut the hell up'. She waited for someone to reply or someone famous to tweet. Hm...I wonder what I should tweet next. She thought then got a wonderful idea, Hermione made her fingers type 'I have nothing to tweet'. "HA!"

"Ha, what?" Ron asked leaning over her shoulder to read. "Bloody hell, Hermione." Ron huffed and walked out of the room and Hermione tweeted, yes, one less idiot in the room.

"Hermione, you do know that they're places for addictions-" Harry was interrupted.

"It's not an addiction!" Hermione snapped as she tweeted something useless...again. "I don't have a problem." She stood her ground as she tweeted that, too.

"Mum said that dinner is ready," Ginny spoke from the other room and Hermione smiled as she tweeted about dinner; Dinner is ready. She got up and walked to the dinner table. 'Mmmhm.', she tweeted as she took the seat in-between Fred and George. Both Fred and George stared at her phone and read every little thing she typed. They gave each other the eye and the head nod.

"Can we see the muggle item?" The asked together.

"What for?" She asked back while banging the keyboard for another tweet. "Oh, and it's called a Phone, a cell phone." She corrected, Fred and George mimicked her.

"C'mon, Granger," Fred came in close.

"Yeah, Granger," George came in closer.

"Let us see the," Fred and George made a funny hand gesture before saying, "the cell phone."

"No," she responded simply. "It is my phone and you can't have it." She said as she tweeted, 'Twins...I Will never raise them! They turn stupid and become premature idiots for life.'

"Miss. Granger," Mr. Weasley spoke in amazement, "may I see the muggle item called a phone?" He asked while walking towards her. Hermione didn't know what to think.

"Um, Sir," she started, "it's new and I don't like people touching my things when they're new." She said politely. She put the phone done quickly to take a few bites of dinner. George snatched in glory.

"Yes!" He threw his fist in the air and looked at it.

"George!" Hermione freaked; he laughed at her.

"I'm not George," he teased, "I'm Fred!" He laughed.

"I'm George!" Fred teased. If it was possible, there would be steam coming from Hermione's ears.

"Give it back!" She whined while trying to grab it. George threw it to Fred and Fred threw back at George. The red headed twins continued this until one of them sadly let it fall to the hard ground. Hermione's eyes went wide. "NO, TWITTER!" She cried falling to the ground.

"Twitter?" Both of the twins asked in confusion.

"It's a social network that I can't use anymore because you busted my phone!" She glared at both twins.

"Why do you need that?" They both asked.

"You have me," Fred laughed.

"And me," George also laughed. "You have..."

"THE WEASLEYS!" They both cheered. Hermione found no humor at the two, nor did she find humor in Ron's laugh or Harry's.