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Well I said I was going to write this a while back and I decided to do it as a non-cross over due to getting a fairly good idea for it. This is going to be a continuation from the end of the first OVA. As the second OVA is not out yet (or might not ever come out) I felt it a good place to start. And as a side note I'm going with the wiki-pedia entry for Elis as it matches the nameplate of a figure I have. Hope you can accept that


We've Come to Help

Chapter – 1

He could feel the sunlight pouring in on him from the window, but Kio wasn't ready to get up yet. The pain from Manami's little love taps the day before was gone, but the memory remained. It wasn't like he hadn't seen most of them nude before, a very lovely sight to be honest, but he understood her shock over it. Hell, he had been shocked himself. Oh and finding the whole Catian control crew naked at his home was something he'd never seen. That was when both Manami and Aoi applied fist to face and sent him to la-la land.

All in all the day of gaming had been fun, but he did want to watch that movie of Aoi and Manami. Maybe he'd ask about it later. Manami and Aoi…Elis too…they wanted to be his…they kissed him and Elis said they could all…Hello what was that thumping. Groggily, "Elis what did I say about sleeping in my bed? Manami is going to be angry at me if she finds you like this." Kio felt the all too familiar sensation of a tail on his leg.

Thump-thump-thump went the tail along his leg kick starting Kio's brain. She wasn't going into heat again was she? He didn't know how that whole 'in heat' thing worked for the Catians, it was a little to embarrassing to ask about. "E-Elis maybe you should h-head out now?" he whispered as he reached down for the tail. It helped not to think about the three girls as potential love interests right now, he wasn't mentally prepared for it. Three girls, each one wanting and legally able to be with him? Culture-shock was a bitch.

Kio's hand froze just an inch above the offending furry snake when he heard the door open. "Kio-chi are you going to sleep all day? Aoi and I have been up for at least an hour now," Manami announced her arrival in her typical tomboyish manner. "And if you're still upset about us hitting you…sorry we just over reacted to…" she petered out as she stomped over to the bed. "Are you even listening to me!" she grabbed the blanket roughly.

She was going to kill him! Not literally of course, but Kio had no doubt Manami wouldn't take to seeing the sleeping Elis at his side well. "M-Manami you shouldn't do that…I uh…got hot last night and…" his brain tried to think of something that would detour the girl. "Took my shirt off to sleep," the summer heat did help with the lie. Odd how Elis wasn't making it hotter though, damn tail was moving again though. The fur felt nice against his leg, but best not to think about that or he'd give Manami something else to be upset about.

Flustered Manami stumbled back and brought the blanket with her to the ground. "I-I don't care about seeing you l-like that Kio-chi!" she tried to recover. A girl in love however wasn't so quickly sidetracked, "Only fair since y-you've seen me like that too!" The ex-CIA hopeful coquettishly held the blanket up to her nose as she finally turned to look at the supposed topless Kio. "K-K-KIO!"

Sitting bolt upright, Kio went instinctively into damage mitigation role. "Look I can explain! I-uh…it happened during the night while I was asleep so nothing happened!" he wasn't the best liar. But what else could he say really? Elis, Aoi, and Manami all confessed and kissed him before the whole operation to save the Catian ship. Sure the threat of death was there, and they hadn't really talked about it since, but maybe Elis just was tired of sleeping alone?

"They're back! How the hell did those things grow back?" Manami was on her feet in a split second. Rushing to Kio, his shirt being on was never brought up. Grabbing at the tail, "You're cos-playing I hope, trying to get Elis or Antonia to look at you differently or something," she growled in a jealous spike. Giving the tail a good hard tug, she intended on pulling it off.

Body riddling pain rocked his body as Manami yanked. "Kinjou!" he only used her last name when he really needed to get her attention. "That hurt! What did you do to…oh no," Kio finally put two and two together. It wasn't Elis's tail he was feeling but his own. With Manami releasing the wounded appendage, it rolled to his leg. Slowly, fearfully his hands reached up to his head. "Please, please, please don't be there…crap," he felt the large cat ears back on top of his head.

Running into the room, "What was that scream for?" Aoi didn't see the pitfall. She tripped over the blanket on the ground and flew at Kio. Colliding with the boy, knocking both of them to the bed, Aoi hovered over the boy she pined for since months past. Hovering over his face, sharing a soulful exchange, she stopped short of kissing him when something caressed her leg. "Kakazu…Kio-kun why are you touching my t-thigh so early in the morning? D-do you want to…" a lovely rosy hue crested her classic features.

For a moment his resurgent cat ears and tail were forgotten, lost in that moment. Aoi was a beautiful woman, classical Japanese qualities. She was so slim, her lovely long black hair and green eyes just rolled over. She looked liked she wanted him to kiss her, but it wasn't…he did have feelings for her…but this was still so sudden. "F-Futaba-san, maybe now isn't…" he was able to turn away from her closed eyes and puckered lips to see a very irate Manami.

Grabbing Aoi's shoulders, Manami pulled the girl back to a seated position. Unfortunately, of fortunate depending on the person, that had Aoi sitting on Kio's lower half. Coughing harshly Manami tried to bring order back to chaos, "Not to break up the romantic setting, but maybe you should look at the citation first A-O-I." She stressed the name while glaring at Kio. "And do so before she shows up, but knowing her she'll be eating for awhile yet," Kinjou turned to the door fearfully.

Eyelashes fluttering madly, Aoi put her palm to her face to knock the fluster out. After a few solid blinks, Aoi pointed at Kio's ears, his tail, and back at his face, "You have…they grew back?" The incredulousness didn't end there, she reached out for the Catian endearments and the ears flinched as she lightly brushed up against it with her right hand, her left grabbed the tail gently. "They're still so soft," she quipped.

Swallowing hard, Kio felt something he hadn't experienced during his previous brief time as a Catian. His tail was very sensitive, not nearly as another part of is body, but it was damn near close. "A-Aoi-san maybe you shouldn't…its tender?" he wasn't sure if that was the correct term for it. But as she stroked his tail, the sleeping giant began to awaken and that wasn't a good thing. "C-could you stop?" he pleaded as he fought against his baser instincts.

"Manami-kun you should feel this?" Aoi stated to the girl currently fixing the discarded blanket. "It's a lot like Elis's but softer somehow," her timid voice was filled with wonder. Not moving from her position on his waist, suddenly her eyes went wide and her face went red. "KIO! W-what are you thinking?" she fumbled back and fell off him.

Lurching forward, pulling his shirt down over his crotch, Kio felt ready to die of embarrassment. "Sorry! Sorry, Aoi-san, I wasn't…it wasn't…when you were petting my tail it just…sorry," oh how this couldn't get any worse. He got an erection from having his new tail pet, it pressed against Aoi, and now he had two of his friends…(lovers?) staring at him questioningly. "What do we do now?" he had an idea but after last nights little debacle he wasn't sure if talking to Captain Kuune was a good idea.

Walking into the room, not in her red and white power suit but a lovely white button down white shirt and short blue shorts, Elis found the assembly quite funny. "Are all of you having fun up where without me?" she asked innocently enough. With Kio on the bed tugging on his shirt, Aoi on her rump sitting in front of the boy, and Manami holding onto bedding it wasn't a very 'innocent' scene. "Ah! I thought we agreed to wait till I was in heat again and playing a game for who got to go first!" she suddenly sounded upset.

"THAT'S THE FIRST THING YOU CAN THINK OF?" the two girls yelled together. Manami tossed the blanket at Elis, and Aoi got to her feet and took a few more steps away from Kio. "Elis, Kio-kun's ears and tail are back!" Aoi was able to recover quicker from the outright shock of the statement.

Getting off the bed finally, making a wide berth around both Aoi and Manami, Kio gingerly grabbed his tail and held it out to Elis. Able to keep his sudden influx of hormones under control asked, "Elis, what does this mean? Didn't your captain and Dyureru-sensei say it was only temporary?" The busty purple haired captain and the quite large orally fixated brunette doctor had been quite firm that the transformation shouldn't have had lasting effects.

Tugging the blanket off her face, her ears flickering as she did, Elis's mouth opened into a comically large smile. "You're adorable Kio-san!" Elis proceeded to sucker hug the teen. Rubbing her cheek against his, their ears bouncing off one another, "I didn't know this could happen either. But then again it was a first since we've only just contacted humans. We should take you back up to the ship and get you looked at," she pushed him away gently. Her expression remained her neigh eternally gleeful one.

Aoi and Manami looked at each other with growing fear. "Think we'll pass on trip today, Elis," Manami patted Kio on the back as she walked past him. "After last nights little incident, I don't really think I'm up for the trip. Let's go eat breakfast," she grabbed Kio's arm and drug him away from Elis's embrace. "I swear those two are impossibly big…bigger than her damn cantaloupes," she muttered angrily under her breath.

It didn't take a genius to understand what Manami was griping about, and Kio was far from stupid. The Catian captain and doctor had the body's of super models after long sessions of plastic surgery, Elis was nearly that impossibly large as well. While he was a man, Kio wasn't swayed just by looks however, he wasn't that shallow a guy. Walking, more being dragged, Kio was quick to change topics, "Hope it won't be a big deal to change me back. I don't want to be worshiped by the Underside like Elis was."

A few steps behind him, Aoi held onto Kio's shirt with two fingers. "Sorry about before Kio-kun, I didn't know it was…well I didn't know," Aoi apologized for her involuntary sexual harassment. "Oh and Roku-kun has requested another permanent marker this morning," she relay the Assist-a-roid's humble request to keep his identity as number six.

The legion of Assist-a-roids sure did have their hands full as of late. Applying large quantities of Catian technology about the house, they were mostly converting an unused room into a training space for Aoi and Manami. Kio wondered how humanity was going to take to the giant leaps ahead in technology the Catian's were willing to hand over once the official induction into the spacing league was complete. He wasn't keen on being called Apian's though.

Waving his hand dismissively, his tail lazily curled around his leg, Kio was trying to forget how soft Aoi's hand was around his tail to be honest. "No issue, I didn't know either. Last time it was gone so fast we hardly had time to…oh no…cloths! I'll need to put another hole in my slacks!" he suddenly felt very cold. Manami's hand nearly crushed his as a dawning realization hit all of them.

"Go back upstairs Kio and get the special underwear and some make those slacks now. I do NOT want to know you're half mast with your damn boxers!" Manami always the Tsundere hotly contested. Pulling her hand away from his she looked at it for a moment, back at Kio, and rushed off into the kitchen.

Aoi did the same, just more bashfully, after giving his tail poking out from under his shirt a long hard look. They all knew it, his tail was pushing his boxers down, to make room for itself. He had no intention of mooning anybody, so off to his room he went only to find Elis talking to Kuune's holographic face projected from her bell. "Everything going alright Elis?" he got a bad feeling from looking at Elis's worried face.

"Oh Kakazu-kun, just the man I wanted to see!" Kuune's image bounced from Elis to in front of Kio. The woman's purple eyes seemed hazed over and her typical air of maturity was vaguely gone. "My! What wonderful ears you have…yes Elis you'll have to bring him up right away. But make sure to cover him up. You know the rules of a male on board," Kuune's smile went wider for a moment then her face blinked out of existence.

Unbuttoning her shirt with little care of being seeing nude, Elis grimaced as Kio shivered for unknown reasons. "It seems Captain Kuune is nearing her heat, Kio-san, so we need to hurry. She loses control over her powers like I do when she goes into it," she watched Kio's tail wander about. "And you'll have to wear a hood and cape. Since there are so few male Catian's, many of the ship's crew haven't really seen one. And well…I've been told that when they go into heat things can get a little odd," she started putting on her power suit.

Oh great, he was going to go into the lion's den dressed as a lamb. "W-well c-can't she take those pills you took to counter it?" he pulled out a pair of old jeans and reached for a knife. The sound of her putting on that suit was unmistakable, and very suggestive. "And I guess I never noticed the lack of men on the ship. Only was there once I guess," and he had been human. Strange how he never noticed the lack of men, but it went a long way to address why the simulators were said to be able to scratch that particular itch. It was going to be a long day though…a very long day.


Snacking on some of the junk food she liberated from the Kakazu household, Chaika was watching the good doctor's actions with lazy interest. Not much had happened aboard the ship since the deployment of the gift to Earth, the space elevator, so any excitement was good. Negotiations were nearing an end, a formal treaty between Earth and the Catians, but she didn't really worry about that. No, it was more fun to watch Elis and her mate (soon to be anyway) and their friends.

"So why is Elis bring Kio up here again?" Chaika as most of the Catian race didn't understand the need for last names. But they did see that earth was far different in how family's were created and utilized than on their planet. Having a more equally divided sex ratio must have helped for that. "She isn't due in for a physical…do you think he got her pregnant?" her tail shot up in excitement. Elis would be the type to forego waiting for her yearly heat to jump into something like that.

Setting up an examination table, preparing her scanners, and tossing out the stick of her now eaten sucker, Dyureru rolled her eyes. "No Elis isn't pregnant, but her second heat is coming up soon. Can't believe we've been in negations with earth for nearly a year now. Damn Dogisians for making a mess of things," she grunted and popped in another sucker. "They should have gotten here by now, assuming they took my warning seriously, so why don't you run off?" she shooed the interloper towards the door.

Leave and miss the fun? Not on Chaika's life! Those wacky human's of Elis were to much fun. It was fun to watch the females squirm at any hinting of sex with that boy. Made Chaika wonder if the whole race was that bashful of it or not, again her race had a unique viewpoint. "As long as Elis isn't going to be staying up here for long I think I'm fine with not going down to man the Embassy," she hoped up on a spare table and crossed her legs. "Got a spare for me?" she held her hand out with a cheeky grin on her face.

Holding the candy between her teeth, Dyureru gnashed it mockingly. "No, I got these special from Elis last week. Sour apple and this is the last I've got. Earth does have a lot of good food," the doctor leaned back after fixing the last of the instruments. Wiping some sweat off her brow, she cracked her back and fixed her lab coat. Hearing the door open she turned and waved, "About time you two got here, what was the hold up?"

Stunned for a moment Chaika just pointed at Elis and the cloaked figure behind her. The pair appeared frazzled and winded, as if they ran most of the ship. "Elis, who is that you got…" she sniffed something and it was a good something. "What is that?" she pointed at the cloaked figure. Leaping off her table she sniffed the air again, it was a musty yet mellow aroma. Pungent yet not offensive, she advanced on the obscured arrival. For some reason she felt herself salivating, "Thought you were bringing Kio with you for something."

Standing between Chaika and the robed figure, Elis stretched out her arms protectively. "Dyureru-sensei, I'm glad you warned us. Even with the cloak they…well…somehow they could just tell and we had to run from two of the hanger bay staff," Elis pouted. Continuing to circle the figure to match Chaika's motions, Elis's ears folded in closer to her scalp. Worry ebbed and flowed with her words of, "Please tell me you can do something or get us off the ship easy?"

Head faking Elis, Chaika bound past the chipper Catian defender and unveiled the originator of the pleasant scent. "Kio? But they fixed your ears!" she was stunned to say the least. It was the first time seeing a male Catian while not having to fear for her life. The Dogisian attack on the ship back near Christmas she had only seen Kio with the ears just before he was turned back into a human. Seeing one up close, well it was a shock for the member of the all female crew. Grabbing his arms, "Dyureru didn't you say it wasn't permanent?"

"Chaika-san, maybe you could…let me go?" Kio's plea fell on deaf ears. The lad tried to break free of the hold, but the power suit enhanced female was just out of his strength category by a few miles. "Elis could you?" he turned to his female companion who just so happened to be lightly smacking Chaika's back.

Snapping her finger and stomping her foot, Dyureru barked loudly, "Chaika stand down now! Kio is here to get a medical evaluation, not be accosted by you!" Pinching the ship's captain of the guard's cheek, Dyureru pulled the girl away painfully. "And what happened to this one here, and the girls down at bay is pheromones. Normally humans don't exude them from my studies, but male Catian's do. Elis might be immune from being around Kio enough to get used to his scent," Dyureru gave Kio a good sniff as she lead him to the table.

Laying on the table, Kio looked like a canary before the proverbial cats, his eyes alternating between the two lesser known Catians. "I-I have heard animals did that to attract mates, but I would have thought you'd have evolved past that like we did," he swallowed hard as Chaika gave him a wicked smile. Pushing the girl's head away from him gently, "Can't I just use Captain Kuune's bell again to turn back? No reason to prolong this right?"

"Yeah, Kio shouldn't have to be this way if he doesn't want, right?" Elis was quick to pull Chaika back from Kio. "I'm happy with Aoi and Manami, but…" she poked her two index fingers together after looking away from Kio to embarrassed to continue.

Running the scanner of Kio, Dyureru chuckled softly under her breath. "This might be fun to watch," she said a little too loud. Reading the scans aloud, "Normally I'd say yes to changing him back, but his race is new to us. Genetic manipulation on such a scale might not be good for him. Better to analyze twice and change once you know. And as for Kuune, Elis be a dear and go fetch her. We will need her bell, hopefully we can get it in time," Dyureru switched the lollipop from one side of her mouth to the other.

Waving her fingers at the nervous Elis as she obeyed and headed out, Chaika wasn't sure if she should continue teasing the two or not. Sure the smell was nice, and she thought Kio was cute (defiantly cuter with the ears and tail) but she wasn't due for her heat for several months and the simulations were good enough for her. "And here I thought you knocked her up prior to her heat, guess I was wrong," she couldn't help but tease a little.

"K-Knocked up! But we haven't done anything like that! A-Anyway she isn't…isn't she taking medication for that?" the boy turned quickly to the doctor wearily. For a species that was new to space travel and high technology he was taking the spontaneous genetic alteration very well. "How does that work anyway?" he foolishly asked both of his current captors.

Reaching into her back pocket and pulling out her reserve sucker, cherry flavored, Dyureru popped it into Kio's mouth. Ignoring the rather loud 'HEY' from Chaika, the doctor just scratched behind Kio's left ear. "Inquisitive too, you'll really do Elis a world of good. As for your question, it's quite simple. Much like your species we can breed most of the time, just twice a cycle, that is two of your years, we go into heat. Think of it as hyper emotions and stimulation. Our species as few men, so it is a way to insure repopulation by having it neigh impossible to resist. Did you ever question why Elis said you can have multiple lovers?" she informed.

Watching Kio's reaction was priceless, so much that Chaika fell to the ground laughing her side hurt so much. "You are too precious Kio! Your species really is innocent in the ways of all this. But so is Elis so in the long run it'll be great for both of you…all four of you," Chaika cleaned a tear of laughter off her face. Suddenly a little envious of her young subordinate for having a real mate, "Just treat her well got it! It'll be her first time and I won't hesitate to punish you if you make it bad for her."

With Chaika's finger under his chin poking roughly, Kio couldn't nod per say. "It'll be mine too if-if we do," he didn't sound opposed to the idea quite the opposite. Fixing his glasses once the threat of tracheotomy was gone, Kio breathed a sigh of relief. "I guess that makes sense, Dyureru-sensei. But won't Elis have to take those pills again? I mean the treaty hasn't been signed and the Dogisians are still on earth aren't they?" he scooted further away from Chaika as he mumbled.

Rooting through her pockets, the good doctor pulled out a handful of the blue frowning cat-faced pills and rattled them about in her hand. "We have Chaika around now to protect the embassy if needed, and things are moving so well that it won't be an issue for the treaty. As for the Dogisians, they're in hot water for nearly destroying your planet! Though they are claiming it to be the work of a rogue operative," she handed Kio the pills and closed his hand around it. "But take these just in case she gets a bit to over zealous and you're both not read yet," she winked.

"Spoilsport!" Chaika mocked the doctor. "Things will be fine, I just know it. Those sneaky dogs don't have it in them for another attack now that the elevator is in place. We've all but sealed the deal with earth. As for the rogue agent theory, I'd feel better knowing we have them in custody," she couldn't stand under handed tactics. A fair fight was one thing, but stasis fields and trying to crash the ship…that was just dirty. She didn't consider herself racist, but it was damn hard not to just up and hate the Dogisians.

Running into the room wearing naught but a large white apron and carrying a plate of food, Kuune was all smiles. "Kio-chan! I brought you some food to make you feel better!" she sang out as she bounced to and fro. The apron did little to hide the movement of the captain's impressive bust as she ran.

"W-what are you wearing!" the human nearly fell off the table, only saved from the fall by Dyureru's hand. "Why is she acting like that? She was so calm and collected last time we spoke," he found his tail in his hands and he wrung it out.

Coming to a stop the hormonally challenged captain tugged on the bottom of the flimsy clothing alternative. "It was in Elis's report that this is the standard outfit for providing food to a male," she stopped and looked at both Elis and Chaika. Her head tilted to the side as her tail coiled about her leg, "Is that wrong?"

"Fiction! That was just fiction!" Kio retorted hotly. Spinning around to the doctor, he was nearly pleading with his eyes, "Can she have the pills then? She is in heat isn't she?"

Putting her palm to her face, Dyureru moaned long and low. "She's allergic to them so not unless it's an extreme emergency. Since I want to run a few tests I think you'll be stuck this way for a few days. She can't hand her bell over when she's in heat, just like our suits stop working," she patted his shoulder sympathetically.

All the while Chaika was watching Elis try and keep Kuune from spilling out of her mock uniform. Damn this was good stuff, defiantly funny to watch her prime and proper captain a love (lust?) stuck fool and her friend Elis actually looking a little haggard.


Sitting in her darkened office, Muttley at her side but out of site, Jens glared at the borderline traitorous humans across from her. Loyalty, HA, the humans didn't know true loyalty if it smacked them in the face. Jens was loyal to Dogisia and its goals. Officially she was blacklisted and labeled a rogue operative for her failed assault on the Catian ship, but unofficially she had been given a final mission.

"Jens-kun, we're sorry but we cannot assist you any longer. The treaty the Japanese are creating with this new Catian race prohibits us from it," the blond haired blue eyed man spoke in broken Japanese. Garbed in a stylish black suit suitable for an American undercover agent, the burly man genuinely appeared afraid of the seated woman. Tugging on his collar, "Added to it the near destruction of our planet from what was revealed to be due to an attack you started. My government has authorized me to pull out of this agreement."

To the American's left, standing a full foot shorter but no less muscular, a blue suited Japanese man nodded in agreement. "The Immigration Bureau is in agreement with the CIA, it has become too dangerous to ally with you. Your technology was a great boon to us, but we will return or destroy it if the case is needed," he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and swabbed his head. "Our nation cannot officially side with you or we'd be in violation of the upcoming treaty that forbids Dogisian influence," he bowed ever so slightly.

So the simpering men were cowing to the Catian and Milky Way Alliance against them. They had benefited from her technology and adaptive armor for years, but now that a new source of science is open they were dumping her. Loyalty, they didn't comprehend its true meaning. Maybe the humans had more in common with pigs than with the apes as her science had led her to believe. No matter, they were to cowardly to openly oppose her, to much to lose if she exposed the long history of lies.

"Anderson-kun, Aoba-kun I am sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but you are not allowed to withdraw from our alliance. Not at this time anyway," Jens leaned forward on her desk. The hat, adorned with only her family crest, had all her formal military insignias removed. She couldn't wear them now, not after the formal banishment. "Your race as a saying 'you made your bed now lie in it' and that is exactly the situation here," she heard Muttley doing his hissing laughter at her side. Muttley, her only actual friend on this planet was just a mere Assist-a-roid.

Trying to appear angry and in control Anderson, the American, bore his teeth at the Dogisian. "That is not something you can do to us. We have always carried out our part of the bargain between our two species. We assisted in all actions you requested of us. But now is where we draw the line. You almost destroyed our planet!" He pounded down hard on Jens's desk.

Following suit, even more visibly angry, Aoba tossed a photo on the desk by the American's hand. It was an image of a stack of destroyed military grade Dogisian Assist-a-roids that had been part of the assault back in December. "Did you not think we'd have seen these? Our new allies the Catians provided proof of your involvement. And went on to explain just why you've been so secretive about your involvement on our planet!" oh how he tried to sound like he had the moral high ground.

Jens was not impressed she was bored with the pandering the males were exuding. "Need I remind both of you that you received special 'personal' rewards for assisting us? Anderson, you have had some of our weaponry for your own use. Aoba, you have a Virtual Room for your own usage. Both of which you'd need to return if you fail in assisting me," she knew both human's couldn't resist their bribes. Her spy droids had them under constant surveillance.

Drawing back, face pale and dribbling sweat, Anderson stammered for a few moments before his head and shoulders sagged. "I cannot act with any official capacity to aid you, Jens" she cleared her voice interrupting him…correcting him, "Jens-sama." His nose whistled as he took a large breath and collected himself, "But I will do what I can within reason."

His eyes twitching ever so slightly, Aoba was not pleased by any evaluation. "What do you need with us anyway Jens-sama?" he asked with all the righteous indignation a blackmailed man could. Falling back in line with his American co-conspirator, the agent of the Japanese Immigration Bureau stuffed his hands in his pockets to keep the shaking masked.

Smiling ever so coyly, Jens felt a rush at the title they addressed her by. Yes, she was their master now wasn't she? They couldn't be trusted with much, but she didn't expect much to begin with. Sliding two photos across the table towards the men she started her plan in motion. "I want the charges against these two dropped by your respective agencies, and full exoneration," the agents of the damn cats were talented.

Picking up Manami's picture, Anderson's eyebrow raised questioningly. "Is that all? We had plans on doing so after the scandal with the Catian ambassador was cleared up. Kinjou-kun was a rising star in our youth program," he pocketed the image of the girl equipped with an M16.

"For now that will be all, you are both dismissed," Jens again heard Muttley laughing at her side. He did find the gullibility of the humans' funny, nearly as much as she did. They'd walk hand in hand with her into the inferno if she promised them pretty things. Once they two military goons were gone, she pulled open the top drawer of her desk. It contained her new and final mission and her hopeful keys in succeeding.

The space elevator was to be sabotaged and the Catian's framed for it. The destruction of earth was not part of the plan, but it wasn't necessarily forbidden either. Jens hadn't had much positive involvement with the species so she was on the shelf about it. All she saw was greedy and violent apes wanting ways to improve their killing power. Perhaps her race was wrong in who they chose to contact when they first arrived. But it was not her place to question orders, she was just to fulfill them.

Picking up two additional photos, her tail wagged ever so slightly before she forced it to stop. "They are the key to this," she held the pictures taken earlier in the day of Kio and Elis. Her uniform felt light and mocking without her medals and symbol of rank. Putting the plan aside, the lonely Dogisian ex-officer opened another drawer and pulled out her old pride.

Holding her old medals and military markers in her hand, she rolled them about in her palm. It was all over after this. Even if she was successful, she was unable to be brought back into the fold. It was necessary due to the near crashing of the Catian ship. Her masters dubbed her the sacrificial pawn for the greater good. But she knew no other loyalty but to them. So for that sense of instinctual pride, she'd do as ordered, knowing that the power in a space elevator was enough to blow up a planet this size if overloaded.

"Muttley, we have no other choice," she dropped the medals in the trash and got out of her chair. So much to do, so much to plan for. For the glory of Dogisia and the end of her now empty existence. Oh how she hated that damn happy look of those two from the pictures…the girl…how happy she was with that male. Maybe, just maybe her race had been wrong. "Come, Muttley," but the Assist-a-roid was already off, likely due to a command from official channels. Jens's ears sagged for a moment as she left her office.


While she had no real interest in the film club, Aoi was enjoying watching the troupe argue amongst one another. School had been another boring yet necessary event. She had been trained by the Bureau had taught her all she needed to know far before she started attending the high school. But she got to meet Kio, become his friend, and now (maybe) his lover. It also allowed fur these moments of peace. Simply holding a pane of glass to brighten a scene…somehow it was enjoyable. And while she did learn how to use the camera well, it was more fun to walk beside Kio with the glass.

"I think we should do a romance movie!" Arisa retorted and poked the president in the head. Sitting on a park bench with the rest of the club, she had an easy time of leaning over for the hit. "We have an action movie already dubbed over and ready for the culture festival already!" she roped her arm around Aiko to force support.

Sitting at the table next to the bulk of the club, Kio laughed uncomfortably. "You mean the movie you won't let us see?" his enjoyment of the event was plastered on his face. Taking a moment to look off towards the play area, he waved at Elis who was playing with Antonia. Reclining his head back he gazed up at the cloud covered sky, "We could do a horror movie? We haven't done one of those before."

The troupe kept tossing ideas back and forth, but Aoi just cleaned the equipment and watched Kio. "Do you think they'll make us act in there movie?" she asked having heard footsteps approaching. It was just like Manami to try and get the jump on her. Though the breast fondling when she failed to notice wasn't a good experience it did give her a reason to pay attention. Setting down the camera lens amid the pile, she picked up the actual camera, "And what do you think this hidden adventure picture they have was?" She did love action movies.

Sitting Indian style next to Aoi, Manami stuck her nose up in upset defeat. "You've gotten better at hearing me, its almost no fun at all," she gave Aoi a small slug to the arm. Idly picking up the equipment Aoi was cleaning, Manami rolled it from palm to palm. "Why aren't you over there with them, Aoi? I had to clean the room so I have an excuse, what is yours?" she vehemently asked.

Why didn't she go sit with the rest of the club and just watched Kio? "You should know that by now. I…I don't think I fit in with them. Kio-kun is special, but the rest. If they knew about me they'd…" she whispered her call word and teleported a cloth to her hand. Kio treated her like she always wanted to be treated, even after learning of her unique talents and job. It was that small flare of emotion that had kept her alive this long, but now the flare was a bonfire.

Taking the cloth from Aoi's hand, Manami tossed it behind them angrily. "You won't get better if you don't start interacting with them! We don't have our old jobs anymore, so that is a way of the past! Now…now we work for the Catians and we can move past it!" she dropped the filter she had in her hand. "I didn't push you this far just to see you sit on the side lines while Kio drifts away from you," she poked Aoi square in the chest.

"Away from 'us' you mean," Aoi was quick to jib back. "But can we really say 'us' if nothing has happened since Christmas?" she stood up and dusted off her pants. Maybe Manami was right, she could clean and sit next to Kio at the same time. "And if I recall that day you kissed him too after Elis said we could all…" odd how she could kill a man but was still timid to recount kissing a boy.

Her cheeks flaring up, Manami jumped to her feet as well. "J-Just because I'm not all over him doesn't mean I don't…that I've given up…I'm just not used to-to the idea is all," she bore her teeth and bent her knees. Holding her arms up in a defensive stance, "And j-just you watch…I'll be the first of us t-to get him!" she declared boldly.

"How about we do a mash-up! Yeah! A sci-fi, horror, romance!" the president stood up and boldly declared! "Yeah! We can, if she'll let us, film on Elis-san's ship! That would cover the sci-fi, make some monsters, and have the two survivors end up in love! But who would be the leads?" he turned to his selection of staff. "Kio would be the lead…he has the best acting of the three of us," he looked to the only other male member of the club.

"I'll be the lead!/I'll be the heroine/Can I act too?" Aoi, Manami, and Elis asked all at once. Elis had just come back carrying the sleeping heiress, while Aoi and Manami quickly turned from their growing fight. Once the statement was shot out, the two human combatants turned back to the other.

"You just want to have a scene with Kakazu-kun don't you!" Aoi's hand went while and poked Manami in a very sensitive place. She wasn't going to take the challenge laying down…well not this challenge anyway. Manami was NOT going to go first, she may have cared for Kio longer, but Aoi loved him more! As long as Kio would allow it, Aoi was going to be at his side. Elis had given her a great boon, and Aoi wasn't going to lose her chance at happiness. Her brow forming long creases, "That is your plan isn't it?"

Taking a step back as if assaulted, Manami counted quickly, "Same goes for you! Bet you'll want to practice the end scenes a lot won't you!" Charging in, Manami went to grab at Aoi but found her hands intercepted by the girl. "Want another match in the woods to prove who should be the 'best' girl?" her assist-a-roid were holding up sign cheering her on.

Wrapping her arms around both girls, Elis brought them all in a big hug. More to break up the fight than for real emotion, Elis was crafty when she wanted to be, she held them tight. "That sounds great! We can all have a match to see who gets the part! Won't that be fun?" she lifted the two off the ground with the help of her suit. "We don't need to fight like this, we have nothing to fight over", she set them back down like admonished children.

Walking over to the group, the rest of the club were already working on a script, Kio knelt down by Aoi and Manami. "You all really want this part that badly? It's just going to be a silly movie you know. They haven't come up with a good script since we formed the club," he pointed at the frantically scribbling quartet of club members. Holding his hand out to Aoi, he pulled her up and blushed when she leaned against him, "A-Aoi?"

She opened one eye mockingly at Manami as she enjoyed the closeness of the moment. Kio did have a wonderful smell, even if his tail was touching her leg. He had helped her up first, that had to count for something right. Wait…that wasn't Kio's tail she could see his, but that would mean. "E-Elis what are you…" then she yelped as Elis latched onto her.

"See I told you, nothing to fight over," Elis waggled a finger at Aoi. Whispering softly to Aoi, "Kio-san is capable of caring for all of us. Didn't you notice it all along?" She pointed at Kio helping Manami off the ground…who then gave him a painful headlock for not helping her sooner. "You humans are so much fun to be around. I think my spot in the sun just increased by two sizes," she pushed Aoi towards Kio.

Stumbling as Elis's words struck home, Aoi didn't know just how to really take them. Kio was very caring, but oblivious at times to what they wanted from him. Perhaps it was time to read more shojo manga and get some good ideas. Manami was right, playing defensive here wasn't going to win the day. She had to strike fast and quick to earn the prize.

"Oh! Futaba-san! I forgot to tell you! Dyureru-sensei sent a power suit down for you! She thought you might like it over the Dogisian one you lost," Elis scampered off to the still struggling Kio and Manami. Rather than help break them apart, Elis went on to tickle Manami's armpit to add more mayhem to the mix.

They'd come up with a fight plan, and Aoi was determined to win it! She'd get her big moment on screen with Kio. But that didn't mean that Elis and Manami would be out for long. No…life which had always been odd for Aoi just became more so. But not in a bad way, for a change things were going to get better. For the girl who had been abandoned by her family had a new one now. It was awkward and unique, but Aoi found it to her liking.


Adding her shoes to the pile, Manami was a little shocked at how routine things had all become. She was living with her childhood friend turned love interest and had been doing so for almost a year! A far way from the girl that had given up on a relationship with said boy to say nothing of the aliens and teleporting Aoi. The occasional battle in the woods, attacking dog like robots, and near death aside things were really going well for her. Her dream of working for the CIA might have been crushed, but being a galactic bodyguard had a lot of perks.

"Oh, Manami, your mom called, said to stop over when you get the chance," Kio relayed after listening to the phone messages. Setting the receiver back down, the clueless boy headed to the living room when he stopped dead in his tracks. "W-what are you doing here Kuune-san?" his finger just pointed into the room as he took a few steps back from it.

That over developed purple haired captain was in her home? Manami strode quickly and sternly past both Aoi and Elis to stand by Kio. "We have one cat already I-I-I-I KIO!" Manami turned to the only explanation for the full bodied woman sleeping on the couch in naught but an apron. Putting Kio's head under her left armpit she dug her right knuckle into his head, "You've been a pervert again haven't you?"

Briskly walking past the abuse, Elis went to seek out her captain. Rolling Kuune onto her back, and sparing the room from the site of a rather well shaped rump, Elis cupped the captain's bell. "She's entered her mating season, her bell has gone dark. Captain's bells are special, like my suit, they stop working after she goes into heat. Otherwise she might do something bad with the powers," she let go of the bell and it tinkled its high pitched chime.

At Elis's side, Aoi found a note on the table amid a pile of junk food wrappers and one empty bottle of sake. Opening the missive, "Dear Elis, Kio and the rest," both Aoi flinched at being listed as 'the rest'. "Due to the captain's mating season coming earlier than expected I figured it would be best to give her a vacation. She insisted on staying down on earth, and since your home is the embassy I figured you'd take care of her. First officer Melwin," Aoi crumpled up the letter and tossed it at the snoring Catian.

"Yeah but that doesn't explain why she's dressed like that!" Manami continued to administer justice to the boy. That was until she realized she was pressing his head against the side of her breast, then she pitched him at the couch. It was a bad move on her part, she'd agree later, but how could she have know he'd stumble over it, fall onto the captain, and end up in a bear hug. "Great, just great. Now we have captain super breasts living here too. How long do your…heats generally last anyway?" Manami was not looking forward to Elis next one that was for sure.

With the help of Aoi, Elis was trying and failing to pull Kio's head out of the uncanny valley before he suffocated. "Well..." she grunted and fell back in failure. Rubbing her butt from the fall, "They last for about a full one of your months, we take medication to stop it which Captain can't due to allergies, or she um…" Elis's blush said enough for all involved to understand. Her fingers poked at each other as she found herself looking at Kio.

"Ok, we keep watch over her then. You weren't too bad unless something set you off. So we keep her from going off, keep Kio away from her when she does, or we electrocute her like that doctor did you when you got all messed up on catnip," Manami nodded to her own logic. Gazing over the couch, Kio was still struggling to get free of the normally gentle and refined woman's grasp. He wasn't doing well. "Aoi can you teleport people?" she asked suddenly having been struck by divine inspiration.

Eyes blinking rapidly, Aoi's mouth opened in a perfect circle. "I never tried it before," she said astonished. "Good time to try," she closed her eyes and a moment later Kio was in her arms…off the ground. He fell due to her being unable to hold him and he fell back into Kuune's arms. At least this time he was facing up and able to breath. "Well…I guess I can, but I don't think I want to try again," she shrugged at Kio.

"She has to wake up sometime, and when she does I'll get out," Kio didn't take offense it seemed. "But I guess we can fix up my parents room for her. They did say the government provided them a nice apartment to stay in since this place became an embassy," he signed and fidgeted whenever Kuune's hands roamed about.

Rubbing at her hair in frustration, Manami wasn't happy but couldn't do anything about it. "Fine! She stays there and we keep watch. And you will come up with a good challenge for us as punishment for this little inconvenience," Manami flicked Kio's forehead. Seeing Kuune's hand flying towards her, Manami jumped back and barely avoided being drug into the pile of bodies. Darn training…had she been caught she'd have an excuse to be close to Kio.

They're be time for that on set of the movie! Well unless she lost, but if that happened she'd just sneak into his room. Wait, was that a good idea? She was technically allowed right? Damn it was confusing and Kio wasn't helping with his lackadaisical attitude towards it all. He hadn't said he loved any of them, but they knew it. Damn him! Damn him for making her feel odd about this…or she should damn Elis? Damn them both, and she wouldn't be beaten by some damn Cat girl with a large rack, either of them!


Author Notes

Yeah I opted to make this story. Its nice to change things up from time to time, and this gives a lot of area to play with. Some of you might question some of the things in this chapter and for good reason though. The whole 'heat' thing really is confusing to me. I've only saw the anime and read the first two chapters of the manga. They only reference Elis going into heat once but over the course of the show a full year starts.

It starts in summer, Elis has her heat in summer, then it skips to Christmas, and the OVA takes place at the start of the next summer. A full year and only one comment about it. So I might be wrong, correct me if you know.

As for the whole 'few male' issue…I took liberties due to the status of the ship. They had a full ship of just women, a few hundred women…no men? If that is to be considered they're has to be a reason for the lack of males. Sure it's a fanservicey show but I can use that as explanation after all.

Hope you enjoyed this and continue to read.

Ja Mata


Ps if you know the names of the male president and his cohort please tell me. I can't find it and don't feel the drive to rewatch a whole show just for two names!

Arisa Ooshiro - freckles

Aiko Ishimine – puppet

Prez - ?

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