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Well this story is just about over, I do have ideas for a continuation of it but that might not be for a while later. The main arc is just about finished though, hope you've been enjoying it. ACEN was fun, but man…its selling out over the years sadly.


We Came to Help

Chapter – 6

Shielding his eyes from the sun, Kio gazed up at the ever present space elevator. Today was the big day, it went live and mankind was going to join the rest of the space faring universe. Hard to accept, seeing how two years ago humans thought they were alone in the universe, and now they knew just how wrong they were. "Wonder what I'll do now with my life," his tail curled around his leg. Oh yeah, that's right he was going to stay with Ellis and Kuune as they worked as ambassadors.

His leg jerked as the cold and moist package of chicken in the bag he held pressed against him. It was a small reminder that he had to move faster back home to cook or the boarders would be worried. "Think they'll tell me what's bothering them Sadayan?" he asked his personal droid. Reading its sign that simply said 'maybe' Kio nodded. It wasn't hard to speculate what they were keeping from him. Kio wasn't a genius, but he had common sense in droves.

Continuing his way home, the buzz of the people around him was starting to get a little bothersome. He was tired of being pointed at, mistaken for a real Catian, but he was going to have to get used to it. A lot of getting used to things, as changes seemed to be on the agenda for everybody at his home. Aoi for starters…the sweet memory of the previous night came flooding back into Kio's mind. He…they made love…she had been so timid and bashful at the start. But after the first time, after the pain, she became a wild woman.

"The things she said…I didn't know she could be so vulgar," Kio's face reddened. While Manami had been meek and submissive in the bedroom, Aoi was the exact opposite. Scratching his cheek as Sadayan held up his sign asking 'are you alright', Kio laughed unevenly. Rubbing the back of his head, "I'm fine, just a little overwhelmed about things really. I can't deny things, they really are alright with the situation."

That rough awakening the morning after Manami and he walked hand in hand into adulthood had been a real mother of a storm. Nobody was angry at him, nobody called him a cheater, no they called Manami a sneak. Kio hadn't known of the agreement between the girls to have a lottery for the 'honor' of being his first partner. The honor was all his, they were above him and he'd try to live up to their expectations. But sitting around the kitchen table the spoke openly about the condition of things.

They were adults, they agreed it was fine to have sex, no jealousy or animosity. Manami had been glowing…positively glowing that morning. "She just gets more beautiful every day," Kio couldn't help but say. From childhood crush to lovers, Manami was exactly what Kio thought she'd be. She smacked him that morning and told him 'not to get a big head' about everything, then when they were alone later she kissed him so passionately it was jarring.

But that morning also proved to startle the trio of earthlings. They had expected the two Catian's to ask then and there when the could 'breed' with Kio, but they hadn't. "They don't want to tell me something, they've been avoiding us," Kio patted Sadayan's head. They had all been shocked to learn of Ellis and Kuune's promotions and job changes, but Kio suspected they're dower spirits had nothing to do with that. His house coming into view, the morning commuters started to thin out, Kio noticed a familiar face outside his property. "Kuune said they were going to learn about turning me back from Dyureru…" not hard to speculate why they're being so silent.

He was likely stuck like this, not that it was a big inconvenience, he'd adapt. Hormones and smells would have to be careful around, less he become a lust beast that lead him to accepting his feelings for Kuune. Waving at the newest of his friends, he hoped anyway, "Hello Jens-san, something I can do for you?" He hadn't seen the nice Dogisian since they played fetch, odd practice but it had been really fun.

Her head shook at the unexpected call to her side, Jens turned with wide eyes and a slightly ajar mouth. "Kakazu-kun, yes I actually have a favor to ask of you. If you'd be so kind as to assist me with it," she pivoted on her foot. Moving away from the gate, out of sight of anybody inside, Jens extended her hand formally, "You have been good since our last meeting?" A slight reddening of her cheeks or the sun added a splash of color.

Not what he expected of a Dogisian from Ellis and Kuune's accounting of the race, Kio had to admit he was fond of the woman. It wasn't love or fixation, just a palpable friendship for the oft confused woman. Shaking her hand, "I'll help if I can. Did you want to come in for a bit? I was about to cook some breakfast, I could make more for you." He had noticed food was a priority of the well-stacked woman…wait was she wearing the same cloths as last time? He didn't like feeling like a gawker…but man did Jens have a lovely set of breast, larger than Ellis but smaller than Kuune. STOP THAT! Man, having made love to Manami and Aoi made Kio more aware of the beauty of the female form.

Keeping hold of Kio's hand, Jens eyes were set on that simple gesture. "While I am hungry, I am not here today wanting food. I am here for something grander," she began to squeeze the hand she held. In a deft show of speed, Jens spun around Kio keeping his hand in hers. Pushing the arm up in a painful angle, she kicked the back of Kio's leg sending him to his knees. Her other hand held a knife to his neck, "Leave bot or I'll have to end his life here."

"G-go Sadayan," Kio ordered with a grimace. What the hell was happening here, Jens had to be playing something else. Maybe he had upset her or something, he just couldn't see her as the type to be serious about this. Through gritted teeth, "J-Jens-san, what are you doing? W-why are you doing this?" His arm felt as if it was going to break she applied more force to his elbow. Then in a moment the pain was gone, he was being pulled to his feet. Before he could ask, he felt the knife press lightly to his back, "J-Jens-san?" He watched as Sadayan picked up the fallen bag of ingredients and ran off hurriedly.

Pushing Kio's shoulder with her free arm, "Walk and don't make a scene. I'd hate to have to hurt you prematurely." The gruff yet playful tone she typically used was gone, replaced with the finality of a seasoned soldier speaking utter business. Leading the boy, never taking the blade away from his back, "I do apologize for this, but it is a necessity to occupy the Catians."

Moving down alleys and behind stores, Kio was growing more worried with each passing moment. The stench of drying fish and salt-water becoming more pungent as they moved. "Jens, what is going on here, you got along fine with Ellis and Kuune. W-why are you doing this?" he kept his voice down not wanting to incite a painful reprisal. Jens didn't speak, she just poked him a little harder with the knife and lead him into an abandoned warehouse on by the docks. His mind went to his home and the hope somebody had been awake for Sadayan to warn.

Opening the door to her bedroom/abandoned manager's office, Jens shoved Kio to the ground. "My last mission, Kakazu, this is my last mission for the glorious empire of Dogisia," she barked. Grabbing the heavy nylon ropes she had liberated from Anderson's attack squad, Jens quickly bound Kio's hands and legs. The hard look in her eyes weaved however, "I do apologize. I wouldn't have killed you, but I need you as a distraction for the Catian's on earth. You are proof that there are good humans."

Feeling Jens's strong hands right him up into a seated position, Kio believed her. He hadn't known her long, but this woman didn't seem the type to kill needlessly, much like Aoi. Hands bloody or not, Kio believed what she said full heartedly. "Then what are you doing? If you need them looking for me, what are you really doing? C-can't you stop it?" he didn't like the haunted look on Jens face. It was that of somebody committed to death, empty and void of hope.

Getting her gear ready, Jens didn't look back at her captive. "I can't stop what I have put into motion. My superiors have abandoned me to exile, or I could fulfill this last mission. They have their reasons, and I owe them my life. So I render it back to them." More items were put into the duffle bag. A hitch came into the near emotionless voice, "I hope my efforts do not harm your planet when the elevator explodes, Kio. I had thought I was devoid of caring for this planet, but I guess I am weak after all."

He had heard this type of finality in people's voices before, it had been on the bridge of his created ship. Ellis, Aoi, and Manami sounded like that before they went out on their 'suicide' mission. Jens was resolved to death for whatever this mission was. "Don't so it, you can…you can stay in exile but live happily can't you? If they abandoned you, why not abandon them? S-stay with us until you get on your own feet?" Too much death, in his short life he had seen far too much of it.

Slinging her bag over her shoulder, Jens turned back to her hostage with the sun pouring in from the window behind her. "I can't. Honor to the core, honor to Dogisia. That has been my credo all my life," tenderness and regret seeped out of her. Strolling over to Kio, Jens knelt to look him in the eye. "Your offer…I thank you for it," she patted his head. "For helping me, feeding me, and playing fetch with me," she gently kissed his lips, "farewell Kio."

"Wait don't!" Kio yelped as he saw Jens pull her fist back and a moment later ther was only blackness.


Bad timing, bad timing all around was all Ellis could think as she sat listlessly on the edge of her bed. As Kio was making his purchase, the two Catian females were in a prolonged state of worry induced hormonal balance. This issue with Manami and as they heard last night Aoi didn't upset either of them, well Ellis was a trifle upset at the agreement being breeched. What had Ellis on edge was Dyureru's little info-bomb about Kio's transformation. Surely he'd hate them for it, had they not came to earth, had they performed better during the attack last Christmas he'd be fine.

"What do we tell him, Kuune-senchou? How can we even try to justify this to him?" Ellis's tail thumped limply against the bed. Her ears slicked back against her head depressingly, "We both have seen how being a Catian has affected him. He'll want us to leave, and he is part of why we've been stationed on Earth." It was such a cruel blow to come so swiftly after getting their promotions. It was clear that both Kuune and she loved Kio, but how forgiving can one man be.

Taking Ellis's hands in hers, Kuune gave the younger woman a comforting squeeze. "Kio-san has a very kind heart, Ellis. We know that, so you need not fear him displacing you. But as your commanding officer, it is MY fault what happened," Kuune stated with a forced conviction. Meeting Ellis's gaze, "He'll forgive you, it wasn't you that gave him your bell anyway. We'll deal with the laws concerning males as they come. Since Kio-san is not from our planet it is possible we can avoid some of the harsher ones."

A hint of what Kuune was trying to do sparked in Ellis's mind, her beloved quasi-mother was trying to take all the blame. Well she wasn't going to let Kuune suffer alone, "No, Kuune-senchou, either we both are at fault or none of us are at fault. Kio-san wouldn't have met you without him knowing me." It was Ellis's turn to offer the comforting hand. Not being one to dwell to long on things, Ellis was ready to confront Kio about the bad news. Just too many things had hit to quickly for her to think straight. Her heat, her new role as ambassador, knowing Kio was no open season, and then the bad news…well it just took her time to sort it out. Standing up, drawing Kuune into a light hug stated plainly, "We'll tell him together when he gets back, and then we'll know for sure how he feels."

Patting Ellis's head as she had done when she was younger, Kuune batted her soulful purple eyes. "You've grown so much, no longer the timid kitten that shuffled onto my bridge. I'm proud of you Ellis," Kuune scratched behind Ellis's ear. Touching her bell, Kuune was bathed in a blinding white light as her black-teddy morphed into her officer's uniform. "Now let us get the others as well, they'll want to know of Kio-san's condition as well. Though Futaba-kun might need some time to bathe…they did breed last night," a hint of whimsy and jealousy edged in.

As Ellis started manually changing into her own uniform, a static laden and garbled halo image crackled into life out of Kuune's bell. "Kuune-senchou…..problem….virus…communication…" Melwin's voice cracked horribly over the static.

In an instant the worries of love and romance shifted in both earthbound Catians. So while Ellis tripped as she pulled up her uniform, landing in a heap on the ground, Kuune's attention went to the transmission. "Do you know the source of the virus, is it contained to just the mother ship?" Kuune's mind worked clearly without Kio around to cause for heat-induced hysteria.

Her head boggled as she tried to recollect herself, but the light blow to the head and hormones were starting to come back. Damn body hugging uniform, she had to touch parts of herself to get it to fit properly, and well…she started thinking about Kio again. Ellis fought to keep her mind clear, the mother ship with a virus was a major concern. Forcing her tail through the hole, its sensitivity heightened greatly, Ellis climbed to her feet. "Melwin, is there anything else you know?" she didn't want to but in, but memories of the Dogisia attack were coming back.

The transmission went from Melwin's frantic expression to pure static for a moment then barely came back. "All ships…disabled after contact…don't have….Rulos…restart…posted," then the image cut off again but didn't come back.

Steadying Ellis as the younger woman fumbled, Kuune had a worried look about her. "It could be nothing, maybe they got it from one of the other ships wanting to make contact with Earth. We shouldn't expect the worst, but we should try to get out to them. If the ship is down like it seems, they wouldn't be able to launch any personal craft." A stray hand went down to her own tail, as Ellis knew, it was a tell Kuune had for being nervous. However being near the end of her heat, it did send a rosy blush across her face.

Leading the way down to the kitchen, Ellis wasn't stunned not to see Aoi at the table with Manami. The slight grudge she had with the human for cheating flared up, but Ellis wouldn't succumb to pettiness. "Manami-chan, is Kio-san back yet?" she ship would be addressed in time, but Ellis had priorities. It wasn't like she could will the mother ship into working, so if she could ease her heart first…well why not try? "We have some things to talk about, and after it seems we have to make a small flight to the mother ship. You're welcome to come if you want," and by want Ellis's mind made the addendum of 'if you still like us.'

Clad in a very revealing slim yellow tank top and high cut-off shorts, Manami was the picture of relaxed. With a hunk of bread dangling from her jaws, "No, he should be back soon though. Something wrong?" She chewed on her morning repast and ran her fingers over the top of her coffee mug, another sign of growing agitation. "Should I get changed?" Manami's battle senses started to flare.

The momentary thought of wanting to get a nice feel of what Manami's top was barely containing, Ellis debated taking the anti-heat pills. Kio had a stash of them hidden somewhere in the house, but she didn't know where. If things were going to get bad, Ellis didn't want her condition to risk anything. Without the higher functions of her suit…without Kuune's bell…they were greatly diminished. "No, I don't think you have to worry. You look very cute by the way."

Prancing into the room, all but dancing, Aoi waved cheerily at the gathered trio. "Such a wonderful morning, isn't it?" she sang as she poured herself a cup of coffee. "Ellis, Kuune would you care for some?" Aoi offered as she held the pot in her hand. Radiance and an over exuberance of joy beamed out of the typically refined and timid girl.

Taking a seat, but waving off the coffee, Ellis did have a flare up of jealousy at Aoi. Was it that wonderful to breed? Aoi and Manami looked as if the event knocked some large block of fear out of them, as they just appeared so much more relaxed then they had a week ago. "No thank you, Aoi-san. You look…good this morning, sleep well?" she knew…they all knew. Who knew Aoi would be so very-very vocal about the events…nobody expected that. Helping herself to a rice cracker, "Nothing you want to tell us about?"

Allowing Aoi to fill up her own mug, purchased for her by Kio while out on a semi-date, Kuune's tail flickered about. "Why yes, Aoi-kun, you're positively glowing right now. Whatever you did to garner such I would so love to have some of it as well," the knowing look passed among the non-Aoi girls was telling. They all knew, it was just a matter of whether Aoi herself was aware of her own volume levels the night before.

Under the full gaze of all three of her 'sisters' Aoi's expression shifted from bliss to utter embarrassment as realization dawned on her. "Y-you all know? W-were we that loud? I didn't…you didn't…Kio-chan…all those things I…" she burst out in a full body blush and gazed intently at the table in shame.

"Now-now Futaba-chan, its ok that you ordered Kio-san to…let you ride him like a dime store pony was it? What does that mean again Manami-chan?" Ellis asked in genuine confusion. Some of the phrases left her mind awash in speculation, Aoi's breeding induced statements more so than most. But before Aoi was allowed to respond, Sadayan burst into the room with his sign wildly flailing about.

'Kio-san has been kidnapped by the Dogisian!'

It took the women a full three seconds to read the sign and understand that indeed something larger was afoot. Aoi had already summoned twin berretta's with a handy use of teleportation, her white oversized t-shirt and lack of pants did not get addressed. Manami rushed up to her room to collect her semi-automatic machine gun, clothing changes were not issued or important in her mind. Kuune had called the ever willing to please Antonia and explained the situation. Ellis…Ellis was just worried now. She didn't know where the pills were, couldn't knock her heat out, so she was just a spectator.

Three minutes after Sadayan brought the issue to everybody's attention, the quartet of Kio's lovers/soon-to-be lovers were out on the street. "Alright you guys, if you see any sign of him let us know and we'll converge. We don't know why she captured him, but we have to be careful she doesn't hurt him," Ellis commanded the small army of assist-a-roids. The droids dispersed in all directions, several being picked up by one of Antonia's maids to work in pairs. Finding Kuune standing at a corner, Aoi and Manami had run off with their own personal droids, "Kuune-senchou…what can we do? Without my suit or yours…what can we do?"

"We look for him, same as we'd do if we had access to our technology Ellis-chan," Kuune said calmly and openly. With a hurried motion the captain kept Ellis moving as the searched, "Worrying won't solve anything. All this does is confirm that whatever is happening to the mother ship is part of a larger plot. You might do us all a great favor in getting your ship ready for departure." Kuune traced the line of her bell however with a sense of agitation.

Knowing Kuune was putting the strong face forward for her own benefit, Ellis was touched as she oft was by her surrogate mother. A moment later Rulos was up and getting the ship ready for takeoff, then followed a full hour of fruitless searching. "You don't think she…you don't think Kio-san is hurt do you?" Ellis found she had more speed in her legs than she thought. Kio being stuck as a Catian didn't matter if he was dead, and if that was the case…well…Ellis didn't know what. Not given to thoughts of revenge or anger, Ellis didn't know what she would do if that Dogisian actually killed Kio. "He can't be," she whimpered.

Sending the few assist-a-roids, number 6 among them, out down towards the pier, Kuune tapped her foot against the ground. "If her goal was to hurt or kill him, she'd have done it outside the embassy. But she didn't, she didn't even disable his assist-a-roid. This is a diversion maybe?" her head waffled from side to side. Her arms snaked up the uncanny valley to her chin as the vexation increased, "I knew that Dogisian was up to no good! I just thought she was trying to steal Kio-san for herself before we could…oops."

Laughing awkwardly at Kuune's unexpected comment of fear of the Dogisian wanting to mate with Kio, Ellis rubbed her cheek. While Kuune was darling and intelligent, Ellis was just reminded of the flighty and occasional air-headedness the captain had when it came to things like love, her image, or what she considered hers. Feeling a tug on her tail, the warm fuzzies coming back, Ellis turned to see two downcast droids, "No luck so far I take it?" The duo, Chiba-chan and one of Antonia's group's signs said 'no luck.'

Rushing over to Ellis, Kuune bounced with reckless abandoned…and size. "Ellis! Roku-san's found Kio-san in an office by the ocean!" the smile on Kuune's face was almost ear to ear. "Let the others know to converge at the embassy. We'll get Kio-san and then head out to see about the mother ship," the woman gushed in what came out as nearly one word mashed together. Grabbing Ellis's hand, Kuune started dragging, "Let us hurry!"

All but being dragged by Kuune, Ellis didn't know who was the more excited to know Kio was found. "Kuune-senchou I can walk on my own," Ellis joked but never let go of Kuune. Once she got into a stable run, Ellis didn't get the impression she was dead-weight anymore. Kio was fine, he was safe, and come-what may that was all Ellis really cared about. His thoughts about being a Catian for life, she could live with him disliking her…she couldn't live without him though.

Rushing hand-in-hand down the pier to the waiting signs of the assist-a-roids pointing them in the right direction, Kuune and Ellis dashed full tilt. After a good quarter mile run, Kuune however was slowing down a degree, with the larger wind-resistance it was expected. The stench of fish was hard to resist, Ellis' mouth was watering as she leapt up the stairs to the office where Roku-san was trying and failing to untie Kio. "KIO-SAN!" Ellis cried out as she lifted Kio off the ground. Grinding herself against him, Kuune at his other side, the bread of the Kio sandwich, Ellis was overwhelmed with relief.

"Ellis! Kuune-senchou Jens plans on blowing up the elevator," Kio gushed out before the hormonally loaded felines could shred his clothing. Wiggling against the pair, they didn't give him more than a few inches of space as they manhandled him, "She…I don't know why but she told me she plans to blow up the elevator. And I don't think she plans to live through it."

Gasping, Kuune did keep on hand on Kio's chest as her other went to the space between hers, "But that could…the energy of the elevator could destroy the planet!" Standing close to the man, Kuune summoned a tiny hammer and dissolved the binds constricting the man. "We have to hurry…but…without our powers…Kio-san do you still have those pills?" Kuune turned to Ellis with a worried frown.

Red faced as the duo of Catian's refused to relinquish their hold on him as they made their way back to the waiting ship, Kio grimaced. "No, they got crushed a few days ago…sat on them not thinking. Is there any other way to get you out of…" Kio swallowed hard as a very sudden revelation dawned on not only him but Ellis and Kuune as well.

Swallowing hard, Ellis felt that sudden rise in hormones again. "We'll have time on the ship…before we get to either the mother ship or the elevator…we could…if you'd be willing…" Ellis just clung to Kio harder. If he truly didn't have the pills anymore and the mother ship was down…they only option they had was…as much as Ellis tried not to her face lit up with a thousand watt smile. They'd, if Kio hated them after, they'd at least get to breed once.

The trio found Antonia and her brood, Manami, and Aoi all ready and waiting for them at the embassy as Rulos hovered about. After a few moments of explaining the situation, they boarded and headed off…Ellis not once releasing Kio's hand.


"Course is laid in, it'll take us about an hour to get to the elevator. I suggest all of you get some rest or maybe some food," Kuune suggested to the assembled females. Thankfully as Ellis and she retrieved Kio, they had the chance to put on a little more appropriate clothing. In Aoi's position, the ex-assassin was sporting her modified power suit. Sadly Kio's hadn't been modified for his new Catian nature so the lone male would be the least useful in combat. Not that any of the women WANTED Kio storming into battle, no he could sit at the sidelines hopefully.

Assembling some of her weapons, cleaning tools spread out all over, Manami looked up with a barrel cleaner in her mouth. "Where is Ellis and Kio-chi? He's been a little off, not surprising with what that bitch did to him," she grumbled as well as she could with the implement between her teeth.

"Are you two finally going to talk to him, been avoiding him since the UN meeting? Not like we don't know why you've both been hiding from him," Aoi asked while loading several spare clips with ammo. Her hair tied back in a ponytail, the green of her suit accented her eyes wonderfully. Slamming the clip into place, she actually half grinned at Kuune, "He's stuck that way isn't he? Only reason we can think of that would keep both of you away from him…now that it's open season."

For a moment Kuune's breath left her, her body seemed to pulse with fear. Their secret was out, attempting to avoid confrontation had ousted the, but what did that mean. Hatred, abandonment, or maybe even worse for permanently changing one of there own. Kuune didn't like being the barer of bad news, loathed it and here she was doing it. At least it wasn't like the few times she had to tell families of a dead loved one.

Back peddling from the controls to the exit, Kuune pressed her self against it so hard her back popped. "You're not resentful of it are you? It was never our intent to keep him in such a state, let alone change him in the first place," Kuune had seen footage of the two before. If those women wanted her dead, she'd be on the ground before the door could open. Keeping her tone level though she'd be diplomatic to the end, "But please don't blame Ellis, she had nothing to do with it at all."

Bursting out laughing, actually snorting a few times, Manami slapped her knee as she sat on the floor. Shaking her head, not looking away from her gun, "It was Kio-chi's fault wasn't it? He'd never let anything bad happen to anybody if he can help it. So no, we're not angry at you, either of you." Offering a sincere head nod, Manami actually graced the captain with a sidelong glance. "What I am upset about is the size of those damn melons, how is a girl supposed to compete," she went back to working on her pre-battle duties.

"Agreed, some of us lesser developed take offense to what Kio-kun occasionally can't keep his eyes off of…even I find them distracting," Aoi confessed. Moving about the smaller cabin, the assassin hopped into the captain's seat and spied a few of the monitors. "Seems Antonia is being pulled out of Ellis's room by those maids of hers. Guess its time for you to get going Kuune-senchou, before Ellis starts without you," Aoi propped her legs up on the counsel and sank into it, eyes closing.

Melons? What melons were they talking about, she only grew leafy greens in the ships greenhouse…but always the mention of melons. More important was how effortlessly they took the confession, "You humans…you are very kind and forgiving. I can see why Kio-san cares for you. As for Ellis-chan and Kio…maybe I shouldn't…" While the idea of mating with Kio at least once before going into what might be death was neigh impossible to resist, for Ellis she would.

Mumbling as she grabbed at some energy bars by her gear, Manami tore into the top. "And you damn Catians being so flirty, beautiful, and seemingly oblivious is annoying as hell, but that's why Kio-chi loves YOU. Now get going so we can get ready," no anger just good old fashion ribbing.

Rushing out of the room, walking on only the balls of her feet, Kuune kept her tail firmly in her hands. Did Kio love her? They had shared a few tender moments, dates as the humans called them, but…she was just…he said her age didn't matter, but to her she'd always be the old hag creeping in on the younger generation. Her jaunt down the white primed hallway had been brief, Kuune didn't even acknowledge it, her mind haunted by worries Kio might not be as forgiving.

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" Kuune asked extra loud just in cause Ellis and Kio had been up to something. Finding the pair seated on Ellis's bed, a King sized by human standards, but a good arms length away, Kuune didn't know what to think. Ellis had the pensive look on her face, not looking at anybody or anything. Clearing her throat, "Kinjou-kun and Futaba-kun are minding the helm while we have a chat with you, Kio-san. I take it Ellis hasn't said anything yet?"

Fumbling his hands over one another, Kio gazed up nervously at Kuune. After a brief swallow of saliva, "No she hasn't, she said she wanted to wait for you to show up first. B-but I can guess what this is about." Sparing Ellis a glimpse as the girl jerked as he spoke, he patted the spot mirroring the younger girl at his side.

Taking the offer without hesitation, Kuune's stomach was ice her head throbbing. "You know don't you Kio-ch…Kakazu-kun? You know why we've been avoiding you," she could see Ellis's tail dancing madly with nervous tension, hence why she kept her in her hand. The damn thing rebelled against her, rubbing in just the way that felt best, but Kuune resisted her fading hormones. Tentatively taking his hand with her free one, "Are you…angry with us?"

Snaking his hand out to grasp not only Kuune's but Ellis's hand as well, Kio grunted a negative. Giving them a squeeze, "Not angry at you. Since this isn't going to kill me…right?" He looked at the two girls who nodded to him, he continued, "And it saved not only earth but all of your ship…I was glad to do it. Sure its going to be odd. Smells never were so…alluring before." Quite despite himself he inhaled deeply and shuddered. Pulling the two Catians closer to him, "Going to take…a lot to…my god you two smell heavenly."

"Ellis…are you…" Kuune felt her mind starting to get a little hazy. This hadn't been what she expect, but it was what she wanted. Leaning forward a little, Kio's drawing her closer sent her leaning more than not, she found Ellis nodding at her. Sniffing in Kio's scent, her mind went even further into where she had never dreamed be. On a bed, with the man she loved, about to mate for the first time…Ellis being there was a shock but best she lead the way so Ellis not get hurt. In sultry tones she was unfamiliar with, "Shall I go first…show you the way?"

Batting at Kio's chest, Ellis was hardly paying attention to Kuune. "Kio-san…I love you…lets breed," she drawled as she draped her arms around his neck. Her tail already entwining with his, Ellis fell back into the bed taking Kio with her. Coming up from her hormones for a moment, "I really do care about you Kio-san. Your so nice…and handsome…forgiving…" She nuzzled his neck and murmured sweet nothings.

"Ellis…Kuune…are you…is this ok…we're about to…" Kio tried to resist but Ellis's affection was slowly making its damage done.

Standing up, Kuune let nature take over. Touching her bell, her clothing vanished back into it leaving her exposed before him. Feeling his eyes on her, a moment of self reproach caused her to draw her hands to the apex of her legs, "Am I not…last time you were…we were drugged…am I still?" She wasn't as perky as Ellis or the rest, maybe last time was a fluke?

"No fair Kuune-senchou! I can't do that," Ellis whined as she noticed the events and sat up. Falling off the bed in a rushed attempt to disrobe, Ellis rolled about the ground. "Wait for me alright?" she pleaded as only her heat-induced mind could.

Sitting up, Kio's hands cupped the still very pert flesh before him, "Kuune-chan, it wasn't the…" Not speaking again Kio just helped himself to a small bout of nursing…oddly followed by Ellis a few moments after the younger girl got free.

Kuune remembered it all this time, her hormones didn't cloud, no catnip to blame it on. She felt bliss on tap as Kio and Ellis feasted upon her for a small while, eventually they got to removing Kio's clothing as well. Again both Ellis and she were amazed at the girth humans had over the Catian counterpart. Something both Catians were glad the DNA altering hadn't changed.

It had been Kio's choice who was first, and Kuune was startled when he did in fact pick her, Ellis was behind him their tails bucking and twirling against one another. The virtual suites were nothing like the real thing, she had gotten confused when Kio asked about something called a hymen…apparently human females had some barrier that Catians lacked.

The act went on far longer, and much more intense, than Kuune had expected. Words weren't spoken, Kio and she were incapable. Just motion, poetry in motion, and her body felt it was made of pure energy and wonderment. Then, when Kio made her orgasm, she knew that a part of her was forever changed. No barbs…no pain at all…just pleasure. Human males, no just Kio was her one and only mate for life.

After he pulled out of her, the mess staining Ellis's bed, Kuune assisted Ellis in cleaning Kio's tool. What she feared would be awkward, doing something so intimate with Ellis, hadn't been further from the truth. No it made the emotional high even better, and she held guide Kio into her beloved Ellis-chan, taking her place as his tail-mate.

Ellis's cries and mews were music to the captains ears, mainly as it meant Ellis was feeling what she had. Not just physical, it was beyond something that basic, no it was emotional closure and fulfillment.

The trio continued as long as their bodies could…and once they were finally free of all the heat induced hormones, the alarm sounded. It was time to get ready for battle.

After cleaning up in Ellis's bathroom, the trio taking turns (Kuune suspected Ellis wanted one private go with Kio, not that she minded) they all got prepped. Before opening the door, Kuune turned to her companions, kissing Kio open mouthed for a good ten seconds, "I think I can understand why you humans do that while not in heat." It wasn't just an act, not just procreation, it was raw and unhinged emotions.

Taking both their hands again, Kio drew them into one-armed hugs. "We'll live through this again. And when we get home, I'm making a feast to celebrate everything all you wonderful girls have given me," he gushed, and the believed him.


Descending the ramp up to Ellis's ship, Manami felt a flush if indignation flow over her. Seriously, couldn't those three have tried to hid it just a little bit better? It wasn't as if those not involved didn't know what transpired in Ellis's bedroom, but they could have at least tried to play it off. But there the three stood, big sappy smiles etched into the blasted faces. It made Manami jealous…wait…yeah jealous! Why couldn't she have had a little nookie before going into a life or death scenario?

The red warning lights flared brilliantly as the assault crew exited and took stock of the situation. Manami checked her weapon, Catian issued anti-matter, and felt for her more conventional weapons. "So why don't we just teleport to that control room rather than run through whatever death traps that dog has set up for us? You said it yourself that this place runs on automatic so we don't have to look for survivors," Manami gave Aoi's back a pat. It went without a doubt that the timid assassin would back her up against those oblivious Catians.

Kuune's body language was a mixture of content and freighting clarity not seen in weeks. Hand holding onto one of Kio's, "The amount of power generated by the elevator is so great it makes teleportation risky. We could go where we want, or into a bulkhead. Her ship is here so we know she can't escape us if we leave Antonia-san and her cute maids here. Kio-san, didn't you say French maid servants were just fiction?" Kuune's hand trailed down Kio's back as she favored him with a smile.

As Kio did in fact blubber that 'normally yes', Manami had the all-consuming wish to give the little pervert a solid smack. Now wasn't the time to get flustered about a simple hand hold or something he read about in a book. Grabbing Kio's shoulder, "You should just stay on board Ellis's ship, Kio. We're either trained or have suits to help us. You're…" She couldn't say it, but he was dead weight. Hardly trained, no special talent, and frankly having him around made him worried. What if he got hurt?

Antonia, stationed behind her trusty brigade of maids, nodded in agreement. "You could stay with us and we'll keep you safe while those amazons take care of things here," she had just a little too much red on her face.

Kio, in what endeared him to the ladies about him, stood fast in his decision. "No, Jens, I have to talk to her. I think we can talk her out of this if we try. She wouldn't have spared me let alone tell me about her plans if she really meant to go through with it," where his courage came from nobody knew. Kio was just a normal man thrust into astounding situations and yet he wasn't running. "And if what Ellis said about the elevator is true, if we don't stop her it won't matter where I am, I'd be dead regardless," he clutched his anti-matter hammer tightly.

Stepping between Kio and Ellis, Aoi gripped Kio's wrist. "Just don't take any unnecessary risks, Kio-kun. I didn't wait this long to be with you only to lose you now," she leaned in and kissed his cheek softly. Giving Manami the thumbs up, Aoi dashed off towards the only door out of the hanger bay. Her persona changing from bashful to business, "I'll take point, Ellis you stay behind me and keep an eye on my back."

"Ah, but I want to kiss Kio-san too," Ellis pouted as Aoi ordered her to follow. Standing a moment longer at Kio's side, Ellis darted in for Kio's other cheek. Her smile never dwindled never faltered, "We're going to have such a feast when we get back to earth to celebrate!" Pumping her fist into the air, Ellis ran off after Aoi.

Taking hold of Kio's wrist, Manami debated…did she want a little sugar too before the battle? Hell yes she did, but not that timid stuff. Capturing his lips forcefully she parted a few moments later, "Don't you be a hero Kio-chi, or I'll have to hurt you when this is over with. I gave up my old dream for you, don't make me regret it." With a pat to his cheek, she grabbed his free hand and off they went running. Regret, ha! Nothing could make her regret her decision now. Come what may, she was content in even just that one night together. But of course she wanted many more, maybe even a child in a few years.

"Strange, there hasn't been any defense so far. I don't like this," Aoi said cautiously. Leaning against the left side of the hallway, the girl signaled for motion to stop. Coming to an intersection, she tossed an empty magazine clip into the cross-section. The metallic box bounced once before a shot from each side hit it sending it into non-existence. Pointing at Manami, Aoi then pointed at the wall across from her, "Not using those time stopping talismans this time. Should be easy."

Feeling a hand trail down her arm, Manami thought it Kio, but when she turned it was those insufferable pretty purple eyes. "What is it Kuune-senchou?" even Manami knew when to respect a higher in command. And since she had officially vowed to support Catia, Kuune was her superior. "You don't have a weapon, so you shouldn't…" Manami's voice went silent as a blinding light fought against the glaring red-klaxons.

Holding out one of two see-through shields, Kuune didn't look like the woman that just got her fix less than an hour ago. "These will take up to ten rounds before disintegrating, they're covered in a faux life signature," her bell shined lightly after its use. Tossing the other to Aoi, Kuune proved her value to the strike force already. Summoning a map of the station from her bell, it marked the most likely location for causing damage to the station and Jens probable location. "Those hallways aren't connected to anything, so the number of Dogisian agents has to be small, no more than one or two on each side," her non-nonsense info did much to calm everybody.

"Warning! Warning! Primary generator power levels rising to unsafe levels. Failure detected in failsafe. Manual override required! Reactor will breech in t-minus one hour earth standard time," a robotic voice doled out jarring happy voice.

Holding the shield just under her weapon, Manami gazed at the closest speaker. "Ok, that doesn't sound good. What happens if this thing goes? It shuts off and just flies about like a satellite?" she doubted it but even she could hope. Edging closer to the end of the no-fire zone, she felt that tingling sensation of battle rising in her. Adrenaline and fight-or-flight was building, she lived for this! Sparing Ellis a quick glance and winking, "Tell me something good sister?"

Ellis gripped her left wrist, ears down and expression grim. "N-no, if the reactor goes this elevator will explode. Based on how much power is currently in the folds the blast would destroy anywhere from just the station to…the entire planet," Ellis tried to shake the dread from her but failed. "Makes sense now, why the mother ship was infected with a virus. They could have fixed this remotely, and any ship that tries to ask us what the issue is gets shut down too. We need to stop this," she swallowed visibly.

"I'll take right you take left," Aoi said as she affixed the shield to her arm. Holding her free hand up with three fingers, she counted them down without another sound.

Once Aoi's fingers vanished the count over, Manami rolled into the firing range. Holding her only frontal defense up, Aoi's back pressed firmly against hers, she felt a rush of primal fear. Kuune had been wrong, it was far more than just one or two Dogisian mechs it was closer to ten. Taking aim at the first one she saw as a threat, she immobilized it but didn't kill her, her time with the Catain Assist-a-roids made it too hard for her to 'kill' the other mechs.

The retaliatory shots were never fired, after her one target when down on its legless and armless torso, Manami noticed the others weren't even on. Standing up, not hearing any shots from Aoi's side, "What is this all about? Why have so many if only two were active?" She walked up to the pile of docile mechs and picked one up. Tossing it to Kio as he rounded the corner, "This is getting stranger by the minute."

Holding the mech like a baby, Kio turned it over in his hand. "Maybe she didn't have enough power to run all of them, or their batteries died," he poked at the mech as he examined it. A sudden rush of insight burst from him, "Look at them, they're all pieced together and falling apart. These…these aren't normal are they Kuune-senchou?"

Taking the Dogisian assist-a-roid Aoi handed to her, Kuune nodded as her eyes hardened. "No, these are not standard issue, likely she pieced them together from remains of other units. Fits with the 'rogue operative' line her government has been feeding the alliance," she set the mech down gingerly. Continuing down the hallway towards a sealed door, "I doubt she would have many others if any left. But she does have something overloading the station and her powersuit. We need to hurry."

Ellis and Aoi agreed as the added the mechs they were examining to the pile of unfortunates. Whatever trap had been set for them there had failed due to poor equipment. Reforming ranks, Aoi and Manami in the lead with Ellis behind Aoi and Kuune and Kio behind Manami, the force continued onward towards the blinking light of Kuune's map. They came upon several more locations of fallen and powered down mechs, but they numbed only five more units.

"So after this door is one last hall and the main control room?" Aoi asked. Checking her weapon she repowered it and flexed her gloved hand. The suit shimmered in the blood-red light, reflecting less than Ellis's red suit but more than Kuune's purple. "How much time do we have left?" she inched towards the door's control.

Sliding down the wall to the controls, Ellis took up the task of hacking it open. "Well with how long it took to get the last doors open, and the distance into the elevator that we are…I'd say we have about fifteen minutes left," her concentration split between explaining and working the wires. Sparks flew, Ellis yelped as a small bout of electricity coursed through her accidental cross-wire. "Kio-san…isn't it customary for humans to kiss it and make it better?" she held out her finger as the door slid open.

Before Manami could say anything about Kio's perverted fiction, she knew something was wrong. It wasn't because she saw or heard anything in the opened hallway, but because she saw Ellis drop to her knees covering her ears and heard two similar thumps behind her. "What is it, what's happening you guys?" she asked rushing to Ellis's side. Why Ellis? Well it was because it was faster to move forward than turn and run back, and likely Kuune was already at Kio's side…tricky lady had to be watched all the time.

Rushing out of the newly opened hallway, Aoi's face was ashen. "Some sort of electrical grid has been broken on the ground ahead. It's just the ground, but it's too far to jump across and the controls aren't on our side," she dispensed her recon. Heading past Manami, Aoi had no issue helping Kio (and as Manami predicted Kuune) to his feet. Her concern evident, "What is wrong with you guys?"

Through gritted teeth, Kio panted and explained, "Feels like…something is drilling into my ears! I can…can hardly think straight! Never heard anything like this…" His eyes clenched tightly shut, his lips pealed back in an agonized grimace, Kio did his best to support Kuune while the other covered her ears with her hands.

Hypersonic vibrations that only Catians could hear, Manami had to give Jens credit for a devious trap. "So what can we do? Shoot out the controls likely won't work, we're not even sure those are the right controls. But the door is a buffer, so once we get past it we can shut it and put it out," she hated seeing her family in pain like this. Damn it! If only they had something to insulate the electricity, but Kuune looked in to much pain to concentrate in making something and the shields were to small. "What can we do?" the panic started to rise. To lose so close to the end, it couldn't happen.

Kio however, despite the pain, proved his mind capable of thinking outside the box. "E-Ellis-chan, can you throw Aoi-chan across to safety?" he grunted as he made his way closer to the electrified panel. Seeing the horrified expressions on everybodies faces, "Ellis's suit should give her the power to easily get Aoi-chan freely across. There she can teleport us over! You did it back at home taking me out of Kuune's grip remember?"

As the dawning realization hit them all, Manami accidentally patted Kio's back just a little to hard sending the boy to the ground. "Good job Kio-chi, guess we did need you after all," she helped him back up. "But I want to help toss Aoi…how often can I say I threw her?" regardless of the seriousness of the event, Manami was smiling broadly. Grabbing the suddenly very volatile Aoi by the leg and side, mirroring Ellis's hands they both nodded, "One-two-THREE!"

Aoi's refined and ladylike voice squealed frantically as she was pitched through the air easily clearing the panel. Rolling as she hit the ground, she got up quickly and with an irked tick in her eye, "You could have given me a little more time to prepare Manami!" Really upset or not, Aoi wasted no time in teleporting the others across, having them crash into her arms each time. After Kuune, Aoi just chose to stay on the ground as she summoned Kio last.

And another tricky girl, Manami noticed. Aoi summoned Kio on the ground so he was hovering over her, and as such the 'shy and demure' girl stole a tender moment. "Get up and get ready Casanova, we have one last thing to do before you get all romantic," she grabbed Kio by the collar and hoisted him up. Waiting for Aoi, the duo of action girls formed a small wall with their shields as Ellis worked the door open. Just as expected, the moment the door open a shot ricocheted off the barrier as they all rushed in and sealed the door.

Rushing ahead, keeping her deflector up, Aoi lead the troop to a bay of computers that prevented Jens from getting a shot. "You three doing better, or can you still hear it?" Aoi asked but her attention was more on the occasional glancing shot from above the waist high station.

"You can't stop it! I won't let my last mission be a failure," Jens punctuated her statement with a shot. "Try and force me to stop and I'll force it to go prematurely, give up and go now…maybe you can get out of the blast radius," the unexpected warning didn't go unmissed to the strike team.

Gauging Kio and Ellis fine, she couldn't see Kuune, by the lack of pain on their faces, Manami nodded. One less worry, but this was a deadman's switch situation, and even JACK said they was no real easy way out. Dropping her Catian weapon, she opted for her more lethal option. "We can't let you destroy our planet you monster. Give up now and all you have to worry about is jail time," if that was true Manami didn't know. Death penalty was more likely for attempted planet-cide.

"Is there anyway she can escape this room without going past us?" Kio asked looking past Manami towards wherever Kuune was. Getting to his knees, something dangerous in his eyes, "Is there an escape pod or something?" Whatever that crazy man was thinking, he had some plan that was for sure.

Kuune's voice wafted from behind Manami's back but the woman couldn't spare a look back. "Of course there is, but it's not equipped with controls. With all the ships outside paralyzed it's unlikely she'd be recovered before the air gave out. We have them so technicians can take as much time as possible to fix a problem before evacuating. Why are you asking Kio-chan?" Kuune sounded just as Manami felt, concerned.

Acting before anybody could stop him, Kio stood up and moved to the side as Jens shot just missed him. "Jens-san! I know you don't really want to do this! You can stop now…take the escape pod and leave. You're better than this. Can't you…can't you just…live for yourself?" he pleaded.

Inching around from her location at the main control, Jens wafted the barrel of her weapon at Kio. "Step around," she ordered. Amid the demand of all the other women for him not too, Kio complied. Dropping her gun, opting for the same dagger she used earlier, she put it to his throat and spun him around to face his allies. "This isn't what you thought…I'm not what you thought. Lies, all I fed you was lies, human," Jens backed up with knife in one hand and control in another.

"Kio-chi what did I tell you about being a hero!" Manami roared as she left her cover. Site on Jens's forehead, "This type of stupidity is why I didn't want you here. Why must you have such faith in everybody!" his damn kindness really irritated Manami right now. But that's how he was, it was why she loved him. He could see the good in everybody, even her…and even the damn Dogisian that had him at knife point. "Know that if you kill him, you go down the moment after," she inched out around the panel.

Her 'sisters' hands were all stayed, they were letting her handle this, and Manami thanked them. To many people trying to act would only make Jens act faster, more drastic. One on one was best, and Manami had the conviction and the weaponry necessary. But Jens didn't know about one thing, Manami smiled, "Aoi left hand!"

One moment later, Jens found her control was gone, teleported as if by magic from her hand. Rage blossomed like a putrid flower on her face, "NO! NO! I can't be defeated now! But at least…if I must die here…I take your happiness with me!" She pulled the knife closer to Kio's throat as she neared the open escape hatch. "Should have taken the knife from me," she threatened as she moved out of Aoi's range.

Watching as Jens pulled Kio's head and neck back, keeping the man from speaking, Manami knew already. Kio was right…Jens was hesitating. Dropping her gun, "You can't escape. You aren't going to kill him…give up." Manami did keep her derringer ready however, it was ok to appear to be unarmed, but if that woman made any real sign she'd hurt Kio…well Manami was not going to lose him now.

In one loud snarling bark, Jens threw Kio hard at Manami. Backing into the hatch she did favor the man with one last exchange, "Pity there wasn't more time for us." Then a moment later the hatch sealed and Jens was launched into space…her fate unknown amid the vast fleets of downed and unresponsive ships.

Manami hugged Kio after she delivered two very hard and she thought deserved smacks. The red lights were already off, either Ellis or Kuune had used the control to fix things. But Manami didn't care…she trusted them as they had her to keep Kio safe. And now it was reward time, she was going first on the way home, maybe second too. Kio owed her that much.


Sitting in a classroom a week after the great elevator mishap, Aoi felt a little uncomfortable with the sheer number of occupants in the room. A full set of assist-a-roids, Antonia and her maids, the full movie club, and her extended family awaited the world premier of their much worked on movie. Aoi didn't have much confidence in it, but it didn't matter. They had fun making it, it was their first 'family' event and she couldn't wait for the next.

Her gaze set on Kuune who was busy pointing out various hideous alien races to the utter delight of Itokazu-sensei. That damn woman just had to go and make Kio an even bigger hero to the earth and alien races. At Kio's insistence they covered for Jens, what he saw in that Dogisian only he did, but he was right about her it seemed. So without a saboteur a cover story was needed, and Kuune fed not only the Catians, but anybody who would listen. As Kuune told it, a virus from earth from an email Chaika opened interacted with all the systems, eventually ending at the space elevator starting the system crash. Kio's quick wittedness in starting a full system purge saved the elevator, earth, and all orbiting ships.

In all reality, Aoi had to admit it was Kio's actions that ended the standoff so painlessly. He trusted Jens not to hurt him, he was right. It got the remote into the open for Manami to call it out, and she got it from her and into the hands of Ellis. So…as loath as Aoi was to have even more hero worship for her man, it wasn't ill deserved. That didn't mean she liked seeing how Antonia doted on him, damn cat-person fanatic! Aoi wanted to sit by him, but NO Antonia was going get to and her maids flanked her so…only Antonia got some Kio time.

"Just a few more minutes, the DVD isn't working to well with the player. Kyon did you even hook it up right?" Kio asked as he spun around the TV stand. Fumbling with the wires of the darkened television, the adorable dork tried his best to insure everything was set up. Pleadingly turning to the audience he asked, "Ellis-chan, Manami-chan mind giving us a hand?"

Holding her hand up quickly, her new school uniform crafted from her new silver bell hugged her curves by apparent magic, Ellis was quick to her feet. Ecstatic as ever, "I'll help you Kio-chan!" Bounding up to the front of the room, much to Akito's drooling stare, Ellis showed no current signs of being in heat anymore…Aoi didn't need to know why. Leaning very close to Kio, Ellis pointed at various ports asking about them much to the red-faced Kio's distraction.

"Aren't you glad she only gets heats seldom? Girl would kill Kio-chi if she was able to turn them on and off," Manami leaned over Aoi's shoulder. Slightly more open since the big love-fest that followed Kio's big post victory celebration, Manami had no issue pressing her assets against her 'sister'. Watching with a sense of whimsy, "He'll never get used to us will he, really endearing after all. To think his slow denseness would be a charm."

Yes, yes it truly was one of Kio's charms. They had made love again, something Aoi reveled in like a fine wine, and still Kio and herself were bashful about being seen like that. "Maybe in time we'll all change, be more open. But we can't all be amazons like you," Aoi was getting better at teasing. Clapping her hands together as the screen flickered and the very amateurish DVD menu was on screen.

The lights were dimmed, a hushed murmur was barely audible over the music Rauri had chosen for the movies theme. It wasn't Kio or her favorite choice, but Manami and Kyon adored it. Oh well, more in common with Kio was just the same to Aoi. With Kio taking his seat, Antonia taking her seat directly next to Kio…troubles ahead it would seem, everybody was ready to watch.

Aoi's mind wandered as Kio fumbled with the remote, Antonia was keeping his hands to busy to work right. One thing Aoi wondered about late at night as she lay in her bed. What of Jens? Nobody had seen her after the event despite Kuune broadcasting an emergency search for any accidentally jettisoned escape pods. It turned out a good number of aliens had been. Several larger carrier ships reported missing smaller personal craft, and more than one empty escape pod had been found. But…no evidence of the Dogisian was found. Had she lived, or had her past sins caught up to the Dogisian agent? As much as Aoi wanted to think one way, she had to remember at one time she was just like Jens and it took Kio to make her see the truth. Everybody deserved a chance at redemption.

"This is going to suck…just you watch," Manami moaned as she reclined back into her seat. The sound of a soda can opening accompanied the girl's poignant opinion. A slurp and half covered bleach later, "But it was fun making it. Fun costumes too…not that you could say much little miss kindergarten."

"OH there's Kio-san and me!" Ellis shouted over the din of the crowd as the aforementioned pair came on screen.

Several people shushed her, not that Ellis minded or headed the request. An hour and fifteen minutes later…Aoi was in agreement with Manami. The movie sucked, but it didn't matter. They'd make another, and another, and keep doing it until they were bored of it or got it right. But for now peace. The issue of Kio's new Catian heritage would have to be addressed and the issues that brought, Ellis and Kuune's new positions, and the dreaded meeting with the 'in-laws' were something they'd worry about tomorrow or whenever it came up.

We Came To Fix the Elevator – End


Authors Notes

Yup the first arc of this story is done! And that calls for a break for a little while. It is a perfect stopping point with the first big issue resolved and hints of what is to come. This story is fun as hell to write with such dynamic character types. Hope you enjoyed it, and will read it again when I pick it up again later.

The planned replacement story (I like to have 4 running stories so I can plan the other chapters while I right) has been on burner for awhile. I got a great comedy idea from a reviewer awhile back and I'll be doing that next. It'll be a small one, but memorable.

Till next time…

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