Rude Boy

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'No. Not happening.'

Kagome looked at her mother like she grew an extra head. Just who the hell did this woman think she was? Yeah, okay—sure, she was her mother, but that doesn't give her the right to meddle in her personal life!

"You'll absolutely love him. He's an accountant working at BBC; he drives a brand new Mercedes, never been married, no kids. Oh, Kagome, he's perfect for you!" her mother gushed as she did the dishes.

Now, was it just her, or did her mother just make her sound like a money-loving gold digger? Good—then it's not just her. Kagome rolled her eyes as she made her way to the living room to grab her purse.

Her mother insisted that she have dinner with her at least every other day, and she took that time to tell her daughter about men she thought were perfect for Kagome. Mind you, her mother didn't know jack shit about her male preferences.

"I set up a date for you tonight—he should be here any minute," her mother sang as she straightened a few throw pillows on the sofa.

That did it.

"MOM! WHAT THE HELL?" Kagome screamed at her mother while simultaneously pulling her waist-length, midnight hair. This woman was out of her mind!

"Oh, dear. You're overreacting, as usual," her mother dismissed her outburst as she checked around to make sure her house was in order. Couldn't have her future son-in-law thinking they were slobs now, could she?

Kagome was about to give her mother a piece of her mind when the doorbell suddenly rang. Fuck shitable. Kagome glared daggers in the back of her mother's head as the woman went to the door and promptly opened it.

A tall man with short brown hair walked in after politely bowing to her mother. He wasn't all that bad-looking like Kagome initially thought. He had a boyish face, making him look sorta like a teenager, wide brown eyes, and a cute smile.

'Not all that bad,' Kagome thought to herself as he approached her. But, of course, looks are deceiving…

"Hi, I'm Hojo. Your mother tells me that you're looking for a husband. I'm hoping to fill your spot—ugh, I mean, the spot!" he finished with a blush on his face. Kagome stood there in utter disbelief. Her mother was pimping her out.

That really did it.

"Let's clear a few things up: That woman over there is on crack, I'm not looking for a husband, and you, my friend, have wasted your time," Kagome said in a growl as she grabbed her purse and made a beeline for the door, but not before Hojo responded.

"You were right, Ms. Higurashi—she is a shrew."

"You broke his nose?" Sango stared at her friend in disbelief. Sango knew all about Kagome's mom setting her up on dates with random men in hopes of marrying Kagome off. Hell, she'd been doing it since they graduated high school, and that was six years ago!

"Damn right I did! Just where the hell does he get off calling me a shrew?" Kagome ranted as the two women walked side by side in downtown Tokyo. Both women worked at Zion Corp. as executives.

"I'm twenty fucking four years old! If I wanted a goddamn husband, I'd have one!" Kagome continued her rant, ignoring the strange looks she was getting from passersby. She was totally pissed!

"Come on, Kags; it's been six years. You should be used to it," Sango said, trying to calm her friend. The world would be better off dealing with a pissed off Godzilla than a pissed off Kagome—proven fact. Look it up.

"Used to it? USED TO IT? WHO THE HELL GETS USED TO SHIT LIKE THAT?" Kagome had stopped walking and yelled at the top of her lungs, flailing her arms around like a madman. Sango looked on at her deranged friend and chuckled nervously as strangers stopped to look at the crazy lady screaming in the middle of the city.

"I don't understand, Sango; where did I go wrong?" Kagome asked when she was finally calm enough to rejoin the human race. Sometimes Sango could swear Kagome was some undiscovered race of demon. She was just that scary.

"You didn't find a husband fast enough for her," Sango said calmly and slowly. She read somewhere that if you talked slowly to an enraged beast that they wouldn't view you as a threat.

"I was valedictorian—I went to Tokyo University and graduated top of our class! I was the only student majoring in business to receive a job offer my freshman year! I've had a four-point-oh grade point average since I was ten! I'm one of the fucking top executives at Zion! That more than makes up for the fact that I'm not married!" Kagome took a deep breath, soothing her aching lungs. She needed a cigarette. Only her mother could drive her to smoking.

"I know what will make you feel better," Sango said all of sudden. Kagome looked at her out the corner of her eye as they continued their trek to the train station. Sango took her silence as a sign to continue.

"There's a new club, Juicebox, having a grand opening tonight, and yours truly just happens to be screwing someone with VIP tickets." Sango looked at her friend with an excited look. Miroku, the person she's screwing—aka her boyfriend—had told her all about it last night. It just so happens that Miroku has a kick-ass boss at the firm he works for that gets invited everywhere.

"Sounds like a plan. I need a good drink and a good, old-fashioned hump on the dance floor. Count me in," Kagome said, finally letting her smile light up her beautiful face.

"It's a date then. I'll pick you up at seven so we can ride there together," Sango said as they went in different directions as they reached the train station. They both lived by the train station, so it was there meeting/split up place.

Kagome reached her apartment twenty minutes later and immediately wanted to puke upon entering. Her all-white, blue-eyed Akita left her a nice stinky pile…right at the front door.

"Bad Koinu! Bad, bad, bad," Kagome scolded the three-month-old puppy she had yet to name. It's not that she hadn't wanted to name him; she just couldn't think of a fitting name for him yet. She would eventually.

Kagome threw her purse on the floor and began the gross process of cleaning up after the puppy. 'Gotta remember to get a cage for that foul-smelling thing!' Kagome mentally ranted.

After cleaning her floors of the offending, smelly stuff, she went into her bathroom for her daily soak. She loved her job, but her boss was an ass. He ran her all over the place, doing the stupidest things! But if she ever wanted to get promoted to partner, she had to take all his shit and then some more.

Luckily for her, and the world, she discovered that a nice, hot bath after work loosened and relaxed all the muscles her boss wound up. Kagome quickly made her way to her bathroom and ran her water full of Hello Kitty bubbles and cherry blossom–scented oils.

She stripped off her clothes and eased into her own form of heaven. She leaned back and closed her eyes, letting her mind and body relax. She was going to be a whole new, gentle person tonight. And who knows…maybe she'd even run across Mr. Right. 'More like Mr. Right Now…'

Kagome stood at her dresser, looking in her mirror. She was giving herself the last minute check…for the fifth time. She'd already changed outfits twice and finally stood in a red blouse with a half-sleeve on the right and the left hung off her shoulder. It hugged her form, yet was loose enough to leave the mind wondering. A pair of black, form-fitting pants hugged her curves, and six-inch, black heels adorned her feet. Her eye shadow and eyeliner gave her eyes a smoky look while her lips shined a faint pink. Her hair was a mass of loose curls hanging to her waist. All in all, she was smoking.

A car horn outside her apartment shook Kagome from her conceited trance, and she grabbed her cell and stuffed her money in her pocket before heading out the door. She hopped in Sango's Lexus, and the ladies headed off to their destination.

"Damn, Kags—you're hot tonight!" Sango exclaimed, giving her friend a once-over. "You sure you're not looking for a husband?"

Kagome laughed lightly and checked Sango's outfit out. Her friend wore a magenta-colored dress that stopped mid-thigh with black, strapped heels. The straps came up mid-calf. Sango also wore shadowy makeup and pink lipstick. Her shoulder-length hair was straight.

"Sango, if I were into women, you'd be at my place tonight, spreadeagled on the counter," Kagome said to her friend while desperately trying to hold in her laugh.

"Keep it up, and I'll have to take you up on that," Sango replied, pulling into the club parking lot. The place was packed already, and the grand opening just happened an hour ago!

"Geez! It's only ten o'clock and this place is crawling with people!" Kagome exclaimed while looking at the line that seemed to stretch around the block. Sango found a decent parking space, and the two ladies made their way towards the line.

"See, that's the thing about VIP," Sango said as they approached the doorman. Sango handed him their tickets and waited for him to look them over before he moved the purple, velvet rope and let them past. "You get in before everyone else."

Kagome looked around in awe at the club décor. A million lights were flashing everywhere. There were three levels; the first floor consisted of three bars and a dance floor, the second floor was for VIP members to relax, and the third floor was for those who wanted to take the dancing to a more intimate level and had the cash to make it happen.

Sango led Kagome up a winding staircase where they once again showed their tickets to a doorman. He let them past once they passed his check. The girls made their way to a bar, ordered a two vodka cranberries, and went to find Miroku.

They found him sitting on a plush, white loveseat, taking shots with a few buddies. He raised his head once they arrived in front of him.

"Ah, the Kami smile down upon me this fine day," he said while standing and embracing Kagome in a friendly hug before grabbing Sango and playing "find the tonsils" with his tongue. Luckily for Kagome, it only lasted a few agonizing minutes. "You ladies are absolutely beautiful tonight."

They had a few more minutes of mindless chatter before Kagome dragged Sango back to the first floor to dance. The girls snaked their way to a decent spot and began dancing to a fast beat. After two more songs, Miroku arrived and became Sango's dancing partner, leaving Kagome to handle the masses of gentlemen callers alone.

While dancing with a tall handsome fellow, Kagome noticed servers walking the dance floor with trays of drinks. Without thinking, she grabbed one and downed the bitter liquid. It wasn't exactly her taste, but it was better than nothing.

A few more drinks off random waitresses' trays had Kagome feeling sexy and downright ravenous. The guy she was currently grinding on wasn't making her body sizzle the way she wanted. Kagome pushed him away and began doing seductive dance moves by herself.

Men stopped to stare at the vixen in red. One pair of eyes, however, were entranced by her movements. They called to something within him, and it would be rude of him to not answer the beautiful women's call.

He slowly made his way to her, watching her move her body slowly, almost as if she were putting on a show. He sent glares to the other men around as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. The other men got the message. She was his.

Kagome slowly grinded her hips against her new dance partner without even looking back at him. The two swayed and grinded their bodies together for one more song before the mystery man led her to a bar. Kagome heard him order two Bacardi's while she sat at a barstool. She took this opportunity to have a good look at him.

He was tall; long, silver hair hung to the top of his black jeans. His eyes an amazing golden color that made her want to stare into them for hours. The red wife beater he wore showed off his muscular physique, and Kagome was just dying to lick trails all over his body.

As if sensing her train of thought, he turned fully towards her and smiled. That's when she noticed the furry appendages on top of his head. She bravely leaned forward and grabbed both ears, slowly caressing them. She felt his strong arms wrap around her waist and pull her against his chest. A deep growl of pleasure came from his chest as she continued her pampering of his ears. He dipped his head down to her neck and began placing soft kisses on her warm flesh. Her moans of pleasure encouraged him to keep going, and he began sucking, nipping her skin, following his bites with soft licks. When the feelings became too much for them to bear, the drinks were forgotten, and he carried her up to the third floor. The two entered a room all the way towards the back of the hallway. No words were spoken—no explanations or anything. Only clothes being shed and sounds of skin-on-skin contact along with moans and groans of pleasure could be heard from the room for several hours.

Kagome woke to the feeling of deep satisfaction and something warm wrapped around her. She snuggled deeper into the warmth and was surprised to find a solid…thing there. Frowning without opening her eyes, she lifted her hand and felt around the solid…thing.

An arm…a chest…a…!

Kagome's eyes flew open to see a sleeping man next to her. Granted, it was a very sexy man, but…what the hell! Kagome scramble backwards, tangling her feet in the sheets and successfully falling out the bed and onto her ass. Groaning in pain, she slowly untangled her legs, all the while cursing the sheets and the godlike being in the bed before her. She stood and looked towards the bed to see two golden globes staring at her.

The two strangers stared at each other while simultaneously having

flashbacks of their night together. The sexy guy cursed under his breath while getting out the bed. Kagome groaned in disbelief and searched for her clothes.

After the two were fully dressed, they looked at each other, at a loss for what to say. Kagome broke the silence first.

"Umm…I'm not really sure how last night happened, but I apologize on my behalf," she said softly.

"Keh, you should be sorry, bitch," the man huffed at her and crossed his arms, glaring at her.

"Excuse me?" Kagome asked in disbelief. Did he really just say that?

"You heard me, wench."

"Last I checked, it took two to tango, and as I remember, nobody forced you to yank my clothes off!" Kagome yelled at the rude sexy guy before her.

"Whatever, bitch. Don't mention this to anyone, got that? I got a fuckin' reputation to protect, and fucking girls like you will only ruin it," the man yelled back at her, subconsciously moving towards her.

"Girls like me? What the hell does that mean?" Kagome yelled back.

"Don't act like you don't know who I am! All you bitches are just alike, always wanna fuck the rich guy…" The man crossed his arms back across his chest and smirked triumphantly as if he just solved world hunger. Kagome blinked in disbelief at him. 'That dick faced shit head….'

"Newsflash, fucker: I don't know who you are!"

The two stared each other down for what seemed like hours before the sexy guy cocked one eyebrow.

"You really don't know me?" he asked in a quiet voice.

"No, I don't," Kagome replied just as quietly.

"InuYasha Nishiyori of Nishiyori Enterprises," he replied, grinning at the sudden awe that flashed on her face.

"You're InuYasha?" she asked timidly.

"The one and only" was his reply.

"My company just made a deal with you that I headed. The Hibushi software…" Kagome said, twiddling her thumbs. She was in deep shit. If he was pissed with her, she could lose the deal for her company, and there goes her promotion.

"You're the spitfire?" InuYasha asked, failing to hold in his laughter. "Shit, I thought you some forty-year-old broad who needed a fuck. You scared the shit out of half my staff during your presentation."

He hadn't been there that day, but he was told of the no-nonsense woman that handled the phone conference. She won the respect of his associates and his brother, and that was saying something. They weren't too partial to females handling men's business.

"That would be me, yes. Look, InuYasha—Mr. Nishiyori, I'm sure you can see the damage this could do to my job. So, could you not…you know…" she said to him timidly and so unlike herself. She desperately wanted to forget this whole mess.

"How about this: we exit this room and forget any of this ever happened. I don't know you, and you don't know me. How's that sound?" InuYasha offered as he made his way towards the door.

"Sounds great to me," Kagome agreed as they both left and went back to their normal lives, forgetting that one night of passion.

For now, that is.

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