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'This is it…' Kagome thought to herself as she checked the mirror for what felt like the fifteenth time. Her eyes sparkled with excitement for what would happen in just mere minutes.

Kagome took a step back and admired her dress once more. The silver halter styled gown clung to her curves and sparkled in the lighting of the dressing room. Her drifted to the top of her head where a mass of curls were with diamond encrusted jewels. A few curls hung down framing her angelic face.

Butterflies wrecked havoc on her stomach as she heard Sango call her. It was time. She was finally about to walk into her bright future.

Kagome stepped out of the dressing room and rounded the corner to see Sango and her mother waiting for her. Sango stood in her pink bridesmaid gown that showed off her rapidly growing baby bump. Kara stood next to Sango in her green maid-of-honor gown. Kara smiled brightly as Kagome approached.

"Are you ready to do this?" Kara asked her daughter as she handed her a wedding bouquet made of cherry blossoms. Kagome took the bouquet and smiled.

"I think he's waited long enough. We both have." Kagome said thinking back on what they had gone through to get to this moment.

After the confrontation with Nazuna, Kagome went ahead with the charges. She and Inuyasha were present at every court date, with support from Kara, Sango, Miroku and Han. After a month and a half the judge finally charged Nazuna with battery and attempted murder. They wouldn't have to worry about her for the next fifteen years.

Once Nazuna was safely behind bars, Inuyasha decided to whisk Kagome and Kaiya off for a little vacation. They all needed time to clear their heads before they could move on. It was on their vacation in Honolulu when Kagome finally became Inuyasha's mate. It was the most beautiful experience of her life.

'Next to this.' Kagome thought. They had mated a month ago and now in just a few moments she would walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Taisho to the rest of the world.

"Yes you have." Sango told Kagome as she hugged her. "I'm so happy for you and Yash."

Kagome gave Sango and Kara a watery smile once she heard the music start. They smiled back as they led the way toward the aisle and Inuyasha.

Kagome waited until they were halfway down the aisle before making her appearance. The few guests turned towards her and smiled, each gushing about her 'wedding day glow'. Kagome's eyes, however, were stuck on her husband-to-be.

Inuyasha stood at the alter staring right back at her, looking every much the male model he could be. His black tux looked delectable on him and his silver hair blew freely in the summer breeze.

They had chosen to have their wedding in one of his mother's gardens at the mansion his father had built for her. Next to the alter was a large cherry blossom and a small koi pond stood to the right.

Kagome finally reached Inuyasha and smiled brightly as she took his hand. He gave her a reassuring squeeze and leaned down to kiss her cheek.

"You ready baby?" He whispered into her ear. She smiled up at him and nodded.



"And what do you think you're doing?" Kagome asked her almost two year old daughter who was currently attempting to peak at her birthday cake. Kaiya jumped away from the table in surprise and looked wide eyed at her mother.

"Nothing." She said as she casually backed away and pretended to be interested in the light blue dress she was wearing for her special day.

"Is that so?" Kagome asked as she walked over to the table to see the cake box partially opened. "And how did this happen?"

Kaiya looked at the box and then her mother. "Hiro did it and I stopped him. You just missed him running out the kitchen."

Kagome stared at her daughter for a moment before shaking her head. Apparently the lecture she had given her daughter about lying earlier that week hadn't taken root.

"Your dad is going to be very disappointed that you're fibbing again." Kagome commented as she walked out the kitchen and into the living where piles of presents were stacked in a corner. She could hear Kaiya's little footsteps behind her.

"You're going to tell him?" Kaiya asked trying to keep the tremble out of her voice. She hated when her father was disappointed.

"Yes I am." Kagome said knowing exactly how Kaiya felt about disappointing Inuyasha.

"Please mommy, I won't lie again." Kaiya said desperately as she grabbed the hem of her mom's dress. She looked up at Kagome with watery eyes.

Kagome looked at Kaiya and sighed. Once upon a time she was happy to have such an advanced child, but lately…..

"Fine, but this is the last time Kaiya. I mean it. The next to lie to me serious consequences will be had young lady, do you understand?"


"Good now go play with your guests and stay away from the cake." Kagome watched as Kaiya ran out the door to play outside with the other kids.

"That one is a handful." Sango commented as she approached Kagome with a baby on her hip.

"Who are you telling. She's way too advanced." Kagome responded as the two sat on the couch.

"Where did Inuyasha go?" Sango asked as she bounced the bubbly baby on her knee.

"He had to run into the office for a bit." Kagome smiled as she thought about the colorful language her husband used when his employees called asking him to come in.

"Anything serious?"

"No, just a system update that has to be approved by him."

"Oh. Mom still gone? I haven't seen her." Sango asked referring to Kagome's mother.

"Yeah, she and Han are quite fond of California. She said they would come to visit sometime in the next two weeks."

Two months after Kagome's own wedding, her mother married Han in a private ceremony. Kagome was happy for her and her new step-father. Han was a good man and she was happy her mother had found him.

A loud bark announced Inuyasha's presence and Kagome went to the front door to greet him. Hiro was already there, jumping all over Inuyasha.

"Down Hiro, Kagome will kill me if I ruin my clothes again." Inuyasha told the dog as he petted his head.

"You got that right. I still can't get the grass stains out your pants from the last time you two went wild." Kagome said as she walked up to Inuyasha.

He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her passionately. They broke apart when Sango called out to them.

"Hey if you two don't mind, we'd all like cake now!"

Kagome and Inuyasha laughed as they headed in together, hands clasped together. They walked into the kitchen to find all the kids and adults gathered around. Kaiya sat in front of her cake waiting for her parents. She looked up as they approached.

"Its about time. Can we start now?" Kaiya asked impatiently. Inuyasha cocked an eyebrow and looked at his wife. Kagome shook her hand and collected the candles and lighter. Once the Hello Kitty cake was adorned with lit candles, the guests sang to the birthday girl.

Kaiya cut each of her guests a piece of cake before cutting a jumbo size for herself and leaving to sit outside. Inuyasha laughed at his daughter's antics and helped his wife straighten the kitchen back.

The party died down afterwards and soon the house was empty of guests. Kagome helped Kaiya and get into her teddy bear pajamas. Inuyasha took the job of tucking her in and reading her a bedtime story. Once she was asleep he went off in search of his wife.

Inuyasha found Kagome on the couch looking through their photo album. He sat next to her and put an arm around her shoulder.

"You were so beautiful that day." He commented on the picture of Kagome in her wedding gown standing in front of the sakura tree.

"Are you saying I'm not always beautiful?" Kagome asked looking at her husband. Inuyasha chuckled then took her lips in a searing kiss.

"We both know the answer to that." He said huskily once they broke the kiss.

"I think I need a reminder." Kagome responded in a seductive tone.

Inuyasha grabbed the album from her and pulled her up. He lifted her bridal style and headed for the stairs.

"I'll remind you over and over again baby. For eternity."

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