This story is based on the book I was writing at one point. I lost interest in writing the book but I figured if I wrote a Drarry, it would flow smoother. Which is how I came to the creation of Lillian. The story wouldn't work without a younger girl part.

Title: Serpentism
Genre: Romance, Advendure, Drama
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I do own the plot, Serpentires and Lillian though.
Notes: If the creatures interest you and you would like to write about them, please notify me before doing so. If you want to know all about them, message me and I'll tell you. There's nothing I would hate more than someone who uses my creatures and does a horrid job at writing them.
Summary: Harry Potter was just a normal boy. He didn't know what happened to his parents and he lived with his aunt, uncle and cousins. What happens when a boy comes into his life, Draco Malfoy, who is unlike any other. He seemed almost… animalistic. AU Drarry
WARNING: This story will have some pretty gross scenes involving things the weak-stomached should not read. This story is slash, there will be boyxboy. This is not like any other story I've written before. Be careful.
Chapter word count: 1,958 words

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A flash, a moment saved in time forever. The picture hung on the wall, a moment to never be forgotten. A young boy with black hair, green eyes, placed onto the lap of his mother. The woman had long red hair, bright green eyes. She stood next to her husband who beamed at the camera. His eyes were brown; his black hair was messy and unkempt.

The picture showed how perfect a family could be, with the son looking lovingly at his mother, paying no mind to the camera which was on looking the family.

Suddenly, the picture began to melt. The figures of the parents rolled off the glossy textured paper. The ink turned to blood and it seeped into the wooden frame. The wood stained red and dripped lightly of the excess.

The boy now looked up at nothing; his smile seemed to appear distant instead of loving. And the picture stayed on the wall, with the fire crackling in the back, gleaming off of the glass of the frame.

Chapter One:

Harry woke up from the sounds of his door opening. He glanced at the clock before looking to see who the well expected intruder was.

"Wake up." The soft voice came. He looked up to see his cousin. He had two. One was a boy, the same age as he was, and one was a girl. Her name was Lillian, after his mother, Lily.

"Oh, hey." He rubbed his head and sat up on the bed. "Is Aunt Petunia making breakfast?"

"No. She left for work. Remember?" Harry nodded slowly and he rose from his seat on the bed. "Are you going to take me to school?"

"I suppose. Where is Dudley?" Harry asked and Lillian shrugged. "That figures. Okay, let me get ready and I'll be downstairs to bring you to school.

"Yup." She left the room and Harry rubbed his eyes some more and put on his glasses and dug through his closet to find his uniform.

"There we are." He grabbed the grey pants and the grey cardigan. It had a white undershirt and ironed on it was their school's symbol. It was a snake with a vine around it and red berries. The school was the "Strychnine Serpents" which was quite odd because a strychnine plant was very deadly indeed.

He put on his tie, which reminded him greatly of Christmas. The stripes were green and red. It was an interesting color choice.

Once he was dressed, he put on his black shoes and grabbed his book bag and walked downstairs.

Lillian was there waiting for him. She had two apples and was currently eating one. Once she saw Harry emerge from the darkness, she tossed him one with a smile and headed for the door.


The walk there was rather quiet. Harry liked his cousin Lillian, she was ten years old and she was not mean at all. She was an odd child, a bit cold at times, but that was just because she normally didn't show her emotions. She was quite calm for a ten year old. Her hair was raised up in her signature pigtails. She had a light auburn hair color that was much like a mix of Petunia's color and Lily's.

He hugged her goodbye and she walked to the doors and Harry saw a boy walk over to her. He saw her smile as the two walked together.

"A boy?" Harry mumbled to himself. Shortly after he disregarded the information for the time being and headed towards his school.

The convenient thing about the locations of the schools was they were close together. This also meant the schools started around the same time and ended the same time. Convenient for the bus drivers.

Harry met up with his friend, Ron who was walking with his sister Ginny. They were quite close friends and have been since Harry was only eleven. He was now seventeen.

"Mate, who do you suppose that is?" He nudged the sports car that did a very impressive parking job, and the three people climbing out of it.

One was a boy with light blonde hair; the way he walked he seemed to know he was the leader. There was a girl next to him, short black hair and she had her nose in the air like she knew she was important. Lastly there was a boy who stood towards the back, his skin was darker and he had back hair.

"New students?" Harry suggested and Ginny nodded at his answer, it was quite obvious since they weren't in uniform and they had never seen them before.


Harry sat in his first period class, which was when he saw the "leader" of the little gang strut in. He now wore the uniform and seemed proud to be there.

"Mr. Malfoy, it's nice of you to join us." The blond nodded at the teacher and sat down next to Harry. The classes were much like a lecture hall. The rows were like bleachers. Harry sat in the front row when he had his godfather as a teacher, even though he taught social studies.

"Hello. My name is Draco Malfoy." Draco introduced coolly.

"Harry Potter." Harry said quietly and Draco seemed to smirk. Harry knew better than to trust that smirk. Draco seemed to be the type to enjoy danger. However, something calmed him down abruptly and he had no idea what it was.

"My friend right there, that's Blaise." Draco said simply and Harry turned and noticed Blaise's eyes bore into his skull and turned around feeling a bit freaked out, and then calming down nearly instantly.

"Say, Potter." Draco called and gained Harry's attention. "You wouldn't mind showing us around, would you?"

"Uh, I guess not." Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Good." Draco smirked.


"There is something really weird about those three." Harry whispered to Ron.

"I don't know, the girl is kind of hot." Ron reasoned and Harry was confused for a moment. "She was in my first period." Confusion gone.

"Don't turn weird on me now, Ron. Something is odd. I'm telling you.

"You can tell me all you want," Ron started. "That isn't going to make me think she is any less hot."

"You are ridiculous." He sighed and tugged on his hair.

"Potter, there you are." Harry looked up quickly and was met with the smug features of Draco Malfoy. "Think you can show me to my next class?"

"I… Yeah. Come on."

"Brilliant. Let's go Pansy. You're with me this period."

"Period?" She asked dumbly and then laughed. "Oh! Next class. Sorry, it's been a while." Draco rolled his eyes and Pansy seemed to skip behind him.


Harry sat on his bed looking at the ceiling. Today was a pretty odd day. Who was that new kid anyway? What did he want?

"Harry." Lillian called softly and walked into the room. She had a boy by her side. He was very cute and seemed like a nice kid. "My friend is over."

"Did you ask your mother?" Lillian blinked at him, as in asking him why he would assume she would do that. "You know you're supposed to ask Petunia before you have friend over."

"I know. But our teacher gave us a project and it's due next week. I want to get it done now." Lillian responded.

"Oh?" Harry sat up right and glanced at the two. "What is the project?"

"Well, we have to write a story, and we have to write it in really nice cursive and give illustrations." Lillian explained. "He already has a great idea. Tell him!" She looked at the brunette boy eagerly. He smiled shyly and nodded.

"Okay… Well, I wanted to have a love story. A forbidden love story." He explained and Harry's eyebrow perked.

"Romeo and Juliet?" He responded instantly. He then felt rather dumb about it. What ten year old read that book?

"No. My story will be more intense than Romeo and Juliet." This quickly caught Harry's attention. "You see, our story will deal with Vampires and Serpentires." He said gleefully.

"Serpentire?" Harry's eyebrow rose as he looked dumbly at the boy.

"Yes. Serpentire." He then rolled his eyes. "You have never heard of a Serpentire? Well then, it looks like I will have to explain them. They have similarities to Vampires, only they're serpents. To become one, you need to be bitten by this giant magic snake or something. There is a very high chance of dying so no one really wants to get bitten. It used to be some kind of torture device that Cleopatra used.

"Anyway, they're in a lot of pain for a real long time and then they turn into whichever specific element they would do best in. Fire, water, air, earth, light and dark. Each section has a specific sort of power. For example, water can control people. They use the water in your body to either control your emotions or even control your actions. If they calm you down too much, your heart will stop beating.

"Also, when they're hungry they tint green and they get darker and darker for as long as they don't eat. They have to be really warm at all times, they're snakes so they don't do well in the cold and they hate Vampires and Vampires hate them.

"So the story is going to be a love story. You see, there will be a Serpentire and a human. But the story will be what happens after the human becomes a vampire. I haven't thought about what happens after that yet."

"Serpentires?" Harry's mind reeled back to school and how odd it was that every time he got nervous, he would suddenly calm down. It was extremely strange. "That is some imagination you have there." The boy stared at Harry with inquisitive eyes.

"Imagination? Are you saying that I made all of that up?" He asked and Harry smiled at him.

"Well, I certainly have never heard of Serpentires before. So where have the stories been all these years?" Harry questioned and the boy merely shrugged.

"I don't know. Perhaps you were not looking for them." He offered and Harry averted his gaze, surely if there were such things, he would have heard of them sooner… It was odd, yes. Especially the timing of it all, it seemed a bit too planned out.

Harry let his mind wonder elsewhere for a few moments. Draco seemed to be really… strange. There was something about the three that made him really curious.

"Harry." Lillian's voice broke him out of his thoughts and he looked at her. "Will you tell mom that you let him come over?" She asked softly and Harry pursed his lips and sighed. He really didn't feel like being yelled at but he supposed it was better than Lillian getting in trouble for wanting to do school work.

"Fine. But just remember next time to tell Aunt Petunia." He said and she smiled and nodded and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you Harry. I will. Where is Dudley?" She asked suddenly and Harry looked out of the window.

"I have no idea. His car isn't here. Maybe he's out with his friends." He noted and Lillian rolled her eyes at that.

"I don't understand why he doesn't give us rides to school." She mumbled and Harry could only agree with her. "Well, we're going to start on the project, okay?"

"Sure. Have fun." They nodded and started to walk towards the door. "Wait a second." They turned to him. "I never got your name."

"Me?" The boy smiled at him. It was a sweet smile, chilling at the same time. "I'm Tom Riddle."

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