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Chapter Fourteen:

"Do you hear that noise?" Lucius asked after a long while of silence. Lillian just looked up and concentrated hard on trying to listen. She couldn't hear anything though.

"Hear what?" She asked finally and Lucius stood up and walked over to where he heard the noise. Someone was moving the bricks? But who? "Oh. That?" Lucius nodded and couldn't help but smirk. There would be just a bit more time before he would be free. He walked over to where Lillian was and sat down.

"Do you believe in love?" Lillian asked randomly and Lucius perked his eyebrow at her. "Well, do you?"

"Why ask that, little girl?" He asked and she shrugged.

"I don't know. My cousin and his friend seem to be in love but they're too dumb to see it." She said and sighed. "I was just wondering if you believed in love."

"I suppose…" Lucius agreed.

"Were you ever in love?" Lillian asked and Lucius looked around the room and nodded. "With who?"

"My wife." He answered easily. "She's long dead though. I suppose my love died with her."

"I'm sorry." Lillian said with a frown. "It must be awful to never die."

"I suppose…" He raised his eyebrow at her. He wondered if she knew how powerful she was. Everyone feared the child conceived of two forbidden creatures. The only saving grace about Lillian was she was much too young to even know how powerful she was.

"You know what's kind of funny?" Lillian said nonchalantly to Lucius. "You kind of look like the boy my cousin loves."

"I do? And how is that?" Lucius asked indifferently.

"Same hair color, skin tone, though sometimes he turns green. I don't know why. Anyway, your faces look the same too." She said simply and Lucius' eyes narrowed.

"What is this boy's name?" Lillian smiled at him.

"Draco Malfoy." Lucius' mouth dropped.

"I remember."

Neville finally got through the rubble enough so that he could get into the underground part of the building. He heard faint voices through the walls. He knew enough that he could tell it was a young girl and a man talking.

"What is this boy's name?" The man asked.

"Draco Malfoy." Neville paused. Draco Malfoy? This girl knew Draco Malfoy? Was that a good thing?

Neville rushed over to the doorway covered with rocks and threw them off quickly. He needed to get in the room. How did that girl know Draco?

"Are you okay?" She asked, panicked and Neville dug faster until he found himself climbing through the rocks. There was Lucius, he was collapsed on the ground and a young girl was kneeling by him.

"Lucius!" Neville shouted and Lucius looked up at Neville with a crazed expression and bloodshot eyes. "What's wrong with you?" Neville asked nervously.

"My son." He gasped and pushed himself up. He was swaying on his feet. He looked drunk. "My son is alive. She tells me my son is alive." He pointed to the girl.

"Your son?"

"Draco. Draco Malfoy lives?" Lucius took strides over to where Neville was, and backed him against a wall. "Do you know about Draco Malfoy?"

"Y-yes. I do. Draco Malfoy is in danger. But Lucius! Listen to me!" Neville cried out and Lucius paused and his eyes bore into Neville's. "Your son is trying to protect Harry Potter. This means he's a target for the Vampires."

"My son is a Serpentire?" Lucius asked softly, it was more like a comment then a question. Neville nodded all the same. "He lives…"

"He does. But don't do anything rash-"

"I WAS JUST INFORMED THAT MY SON, WHOM I'VE THOUGHT DEAD FOR THE PASSED 200 YEARS, IS ALIVE AND YOU DON'T WANT ME TO ACT RASH!" Lucius hissed, his eyes turned a dark red color. Neville trembled but stood his ground.

"Yes. You NEED to or you'll never see your son again. He's going to be in the war. You'll see him then. All I know now is, Lord Voldemort is waiting for you to arrive with Lillian." He looked at the girl and his features softened. "Is this Lillian?"

"Yes." Lucius breathed out and Lillian walked over and looked at Neville.

"Lillian, do you think you can do something for me?" Neville asked softly and she eyed him and nodded slowly. Neville knelt down.

"I'm so sorry Lillian but the only way we can win is if you go to Lord Voldemort. We need to give him fake hope that he's going to win. He needs you to win. And if Lucius" Neville eyed Lucius and looked back to Lillian "acts his part, then you will always be safe. Lucius," Neville stood up. "You need to turn Lillian in. And do what you can to be the one who looks after her. This is important. If Lord Voldemort actually gets her alone, there could be serious problems."

"And why should I listen to you?" Lucius spat with a scowl and Neville glared.

"Because, Lord Voldemort knew that your son was alive. He just didn't find it fit to tell you." Neville said easily and Lucius' jaw clenched. "So are you in?" Neville asked quietly and Lucius stared at Lillian whom had her arms crossed. For some reason, the look in her eyes seemed to old for her own age. He nodded at her.

"Let's do it." Lillian smirked.

"What do we need to do, Neville?"

"Look how soft his features are." Draco heard a voice purr. Where the hell was he?

Draco attempted to open his eyes but found that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't do it. He felt a very cold hand touch his face. He tried to flinch, but he couldn't do it. He literally had no control over himself.

"I see that you're awake, Draco?" The voice teased. "Good. So you can hear me. Now, listen to me. You're in my control now, Draco. Do as I say. Right now you're in one of my favorite dungeon cells. You probably can smell the molded bricks on it. Now, don't be alarmed by the slight sharp pain. Embrace it, Draco." The voice said softly.

Draco was on high alert. What sharp pain? Who was this person? Where was this cell located-

Draco's thoughts were cut off. He wished he could have screamed. This man was biting him. He was biting his neck! This man was a Vampire!

There was a whimper in the back of Draco's throat. He wanted to shout, yell, holler. Anything was better than just laying there. He could feel how much pain he was in, he just couldn't do a THING about it.

"There we go…" Draco wanted to wince at the man's voice. Who the fuck was it? "Draco, since you probably are wondering what just happened, I will most happily fill you in. You're not a Vampire, I can assume you thought that's where I was going with that. Although, you should know that I can't transform a Serpentire into a Vampire even if I wanted to. No one can. But, dear Draco, you have been bound to me." Draco could HEAR the smirk. "This isn't like the silly Serpentire bind though. You are quite literally under my control. Now Draco, you have the power to say one. Final. Thing. What would you like to say?"

"…H…Harry." And with that, Draco was knocked unconscious. Slowly awaiting the poison to take over his body.

A few days passed when Lucius finally arrived on Vampire Plateau. An area strictly created for Vampires. There were so many trees that there was literally no where for the sun to peek in.

Lucius held Lillian's wrist as they climbed up the mountainous area. She kept falling behind, only because she was wearing a dress and dressy shoes. Her clothes were coated in dirt and mud. She didn't seem to notice. She kept walking. Her feet had many blisters, but she didn't stop to complain. She knew that they needed to do this, and maybe it would be best if she looked like absolute shit. It would make the whole ordeal more believable.

So far, all she got from the plan is that Lucius needed to be her guard. She needed to look like she hated him and she needed to look terrified. That was something she was going to have quite a problem with. She enjoyed Lucius' company. He was quite an interesting conversationalist. She knew she had to sell this act or they could both be killed.

"Are you okay?" Lucius asked for the umpteenth time and she glared up at him and rolled her eyes. "Can't very well have you die, now can I?" He smirked and she sighed and put her arms up as if she was three waiting to be picked up. "Yes, yes." He chuckled and picked her up bride style and ran through the woods. He knew very well they had a good few miles to go.

"Lucius. Do you think you're ready to face Voldemort?" Lillian asked quietly and Lucius' jaw clenched.

"I'm going to have to be." He said stiffly and fell to an uncomfortable silence.

"Harry!" Harry jerked up from the bed. His eyes were bloodshot and he felt a whole lot worse than what he looked like, which was saying something.

"Who's there?" Harry asked, shaking a bit. He was reading so much of Neville's notes that he was on edge. And he hadn't eaten anything. He didn't know exactly what to do.

"Harry!" Neville dashed into the room, looking relieved. "Oh. You look awful. Have you eaten? I'm so sorry it took me so long to make it back to you. I just had to let you know that Lillian is at Vampire Plateau."

"What the hell is that?" Harry asked with a frown.

"Vampire Plateau is where Lord Voldemort's castle is. Along with his highest servants. It was the original Vampire village… Until Voldemort came along." Neville spat.

"We need to get to my cous… sister. We need to find her, make sure she's okay-"

"She IS okay Harry. I promise. We need to plan this out. It is very important. We can't just act rash-"

"Listen, Neville. I appreciate this. I do. But if you're not going to take me there now, I'll have to find it myself. I need to get to Lillian. I don't trust her with this Lord Voldemort person." Harry said stiffly and Neville looked at him impatiently.

"Harry. If you're going to burst in and try to save your sister, you're going to look mighty stupid not knowing what the hell you're doing. You don't know how to be a Vampire. Let me teach you first-"

"Then TEACH ME. Just hurry up about it!" Harry snapped and Neville grew a very stern look, then calmed down.

"Harry, I know you're only acting like a total prat because you're very hungry. I'll go find something for you to eat, after this, I'm training you. Be ready for it. It isn't a walk in the park. It will be hard." Harry rolled his eyes and Neville, in fear of losing his temper, left the room to get Harry some blood.

"Damn knew Vampires…" He muttered.

"Albus, have you seen Hermione?" Severus' face had lines of worry. Dumbledore looked up sympathetically at Severus. First, Severus went crazy looking for Draco, who despite Severus complained about, was clearly someone Severus cared about greatly. Now, Hermione had been missing since yesterday. He tore apart the whole house looking for her. He couldn't find her. He looked for her outside, in town, he asked everyone. She was no where to be found.

"No. I'm sorry Severus. Why can you not sense her?" Dumbledore asked softly and Severus shrugged and looked at the ground.

"I… I am not sure. I thought everything was going fine. Maybe she detached herself from me." Severus sounded more and more desperate. His eyes were wide and he was pacing. His breathing hitched and he tugged at his hair. "Do you think she was taken or something? Do you think she left me?"

"Severus." Albus put his hand on Severus' shoulder and was met with the dark black eyes of Severus Snape. "I will tell you this once. She is okay. She did not leave you. You will find her. I promise."

That calmed Severus down a bit but he was still antsy.

"Now Severus, is there anything that was bothering Hermione before? Did she talk to you at all? Do you know anything?" Albus asked and Severus looked at the floor. His heart dropped.

"Pungi. She was worried about learning to play the pungi." Severus answered and started pacing all over again.

"Calm down, Severus. Maybe her curiosity overwhelmed her-"

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down. I have no idea where Hermione is and she could be brainwashed. You have no idea how upset she was about the pungi. She wouldn't learn it. I know her and this isn't her. She is responsible. Something is wrong. Very wrong."

"Very well Severus. I will send out a search party for her at once." Severus seemed unfazed by that. "Do you not wish for me to send one?

"You sent one out to look for Draco and even Harry Potter. You have no luck with them, Albus. What makes Hermione any different?"

"We can still try." Albus assured and Severus scowled and stormed out of the room. He was determined to find Hermione. That was his mate. No one was allowed to touch her.

Severus began seething, he couldn't even comprehend what he, himself would do if he found out that someone took Hermione. He would kill them. No doubt about it. Severus would turn into a murderer if that was what it took to get Hermione back.

"Concentrate, Harry!" Neville scolded and Harry glared up at him. They had been training for hours. It seemed that not only Serpentires had specialties, but Vampires did as well.

There are Vampires that are hunters, magicians, fighters, and several types of psychics. The hunters are the ones that find blood for the vampires that don't go outside, they're usually much more resistant to the sun but they can die from it, just takes a longer period of time. Magicians can obviously cast spells but there are very few of those. Fighters are usually the ones that go on the adventures to prevent the slayers from killing the Vampires off. Lastly the psychics who are very complicated to explain. Since by themselves they have several branches on their own.

Astral Projection, Aura Reading, Clairvoyance, Divination, Empathy, and Telekinesis. Now, all Vampires have the ability to levitate and telepathy so that's a given. It doesn't mean they're part of the psychics. They're a very small group and they're scattered around the world. Astral Projection means they can leave their body and travel someplace in spirit. Aura Reading which is they can see energy fields that emanate off of living things. Clairvoyance is the ability to see what is far away. Divination, basically fortune telling. Empathy, the talent to see peoples needs, drives and emotions. Finally, telekinesis. (If I have to explain that I should smack you.)

So far, Harry hadn't shown which Vampire he was. It was quite difficult to teach him with nothing to go off of.

"Neville…" Harry panted and looked up at the older Vampire. "Which are you?"

"I am a psychic. Specifically aura reading. I can tell right now that you are not a psychic at all." Neville smirked and Harry rolled his eyes. "Quite frankly, I'm too scared to send you out into the sun to see if you don't immediately burst into flames. Also, your eyes are much too light for you to be that anyway. I'm supposing you're either a magician or a fighter. We'll find out soon enough."

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