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The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes was the fact that it was very dark. The second thing I noticed was that I could smell the earth as if it was caked in my face. And then I screamed.

The earth was in fact in my face and I had been buried alive. "Help!" I started screaming and clawing at the ground around me, until I found that I had absolutely no issues whatsoever in that department. The soil moved as if it was getting itself out of my way and the fact that I had no lack of oxygen got me to wondering. As I dug myself out I only had one thought cross my mind.


Bill and I had endured our final fight before I woke up here. I had told him I was tired of his lying to me and his bullshit when it came to me and other vampires and even my human friends. I told him I felt tied down, that I was tired of being with him and that no amount of love would ever put to rights what he did.

What he did was lie to me to make me love him so that he could sell me off to the Queen of Louisiana. Not to mention he had staged the attack of the Rattrays just so he could feed me his blood, thus allowing him to know where I was at all times. Dick.

So, as my blood ran cold and fear over took me I began to realized Bill had done an even more unspeakable thing to me. He had changed me and become my maker.

Now, I don't know much about vampires, but I know that as long as your Maker keeps you his or hers you can't defy them or leave them. And even if they were to release you they could call on you at any given time. I was basically chained up and owned by him like a Civil War slave. I'd have to do exactly what he said with no questions asked. Unless I killed him, which had become my top priority as I popped my head up out of the ground and stared at my house. I was buried in the cemetery. Cute, Bill, real cute. I still had on my Merlotte's attire from the night we fought and I dumped him, but I wondered how many days it was since he buried me.

Once I climbed all the way out of the dirt and filled in the hole as my new vampire senses were tell me, I felt a popping and a sting. Lifting my fingers to my mouth I had to swallow the urge to scream. Fangs. Even if my brain was trying as hard as it could to deny the fact that all the little tidbits I had piling up that I was a vampire, this solidified the fact that I was doomed.

Before I could even get the thought into words I was standing on my front porch. OK, this was kind of cool, I thought. And then I wondered if I could even enter my house at all. I was the living dead now, after all. Slowly - or as slowly as my untrained self could manage - I reached for the front door. Locked. Of course, I had been out! Now, where was my purse? I headed over to my car and there it was, sitting in the passenger seat, just where I had left it when I leapt out to confront Bill who was on my porch swing.

Hunting out my keys I headed back to the door. Once I successfully gained entry I went to the phone. I had three messages. Hitting the blinking button I stood and listened.

"Hey, cher, just worried about you. You didn't show up for work today. Everything alright?" Sam. Well, shit, how long had I been in the ground?

The second message was also from Sam. "I'm coming by to check on you, this is the second day, and I worry, especially with you being around that vamp. OK, call me as soon as you get this." Fuck that vamp. I snorted to myself, apparently my language hadn't taken a hit.

The third message was from Bill. I ground my teeth as I listened as his even more annoying drawl spewed from the machine. "Sookie, if you receive this message I have had to leave you. The Queen has sent me on an important mission to Peru and it could not be postponed. I will be home soon to you as soon as I can."

"Shut the fuck up!" I gasped. What the hell was I going to do now? I couldn't just be by myself! I'd kill someone, and I had a feeling it would probably be Sam, since he seemed to be the only one that had noticed I'd vanished. I had to do something. I didn't know what, but it had to be quick. Remembering the True Blood in the fridge I went for it. I could barely wait the few seconds it took to warm it to 98.6* before I guzzled it down - and spit it right back up. "Oh, yuck!" If I could bleach my tongue I think I would have. That was the most disgusting stuff I had ever tasted. Was that what all blood tasted like? Feeling sorry for myself and pretty scared since no one knew I had been turned I could only think of one thing to do. I jumped in my car and drove to Fangtasia.

My driving skills rocked, but scared the crap out of me because I no longer regulated speed, but had epic reflexes. I had a near heart attack when my body moved to swerve out of the way of a slow moving drunk before I could even think to do it.

When I parked I could smell the fangbangers. Most smelled like alcohol and something toxic. I didn't want to chance it, though, so I ran as fast as I could to the back door where Eric's office was. I prayed he'd be in there so he could help me. I didn't even have to knock. As my fist reached out to strike the door swung open, my neck was in someone's hand and I was smashed up against a wall. I squeaked. This would be my luck, I'd be a vampire for less than two hours and I'd die.

"Sookie?" Suddenly the grip loosened and I was placed back on the floor. I opened my eyes and stared up at Eric, who by the way, looked more sexy than normal, and began to sob. Blood tears started pouring out uncontrollably as I latched myself to him and whimpered into his shirt. "Sookie…"

"Bill sucks!" I managed. Eloquent, right? I felt Eric move me and sit me on his lap, probably on the couch. He rubbed my back and tried to sooth me as best as he could and it sort of worked. I was able to go from sobbing to whimpering as I looked up at him, his eyes wide and his fangs out as he looked at me.

"Bill did this to you and wasn't there when you rose?" Eric growled. I nodded.

"He left for Peru!" I hiccupped. "I woke up in the ground at the cemetery and all he left me with was a stupid voice mail about how sorry he was to have to leave me."

"Have you eaten?" He asked. I cried more.

"I tried a True Blood from my fridge and nearly choked to death on it! It was so horrible!" I replied. I really wish I could have stopped crying.

"Those are quite terrible. Pam!" I cringed. I didn't want anyone to see me like this. Not so much the crying as the vampire thing. Pam was front and center in a matter of seconds and gaping at me in less. "Bring us three donors, one for me and two for Sookie."

"Bu…who…how…when…Eric?" I had never in the whole time I had known Pam heard her flounder. This was worse than I had thought!

"Do as I command, Pamela." He seethed and before she got her answers she was out the door. "I am going to have you feed from two people. I don't need you killing them, but if you do they won't be missed."

"Eric! I can't! If I kill them I'll never be able to live with myself!" I gasped and he grinned.

"This humanity thing will fade." He stood up and motioned for me to stand with him. "Once you taste real blood all those worries will leave you. I will, however, teach you to restrain."

"OK." I nodded meekly. Eric then ordered me to go wash up. As I headed into his bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror. I was much paler, but still had a hint of my tan and my face was covered in dried blood. Washing away the stains I noticed I really didn't' look much different than I had as a human, so that was something.

Feeling a slight bit better about a shitty situation I headed back into Eric's office, Pam arrived then with two guys and a busty blonde. I sneered and Eric cocked an eyebrow at me. He motioned for the blonde to be my meal and he took one of the men.

"None of these will taste delightful, but they will be better than what you had earlier. All three of these vermin are drunk, drug addicted whores, so… no pressure. And, you'll learn that they all taste a little different and you'll find which you are more partial to. Can you hear them, Sookie?"

And there it went, I hadn't even thought about my telepathy until he brought it up. Who could blame me, I was preoccupied with being turned into a vampire against my will. I opened up my mind, lowering my shields and could hear them loud and clear, and still only the humans. Pam and Eric had more distinct minds than before, though, but still unreadable.

I nodded and pointed at the blonde, "she wants to 'suck you off' and so does he." I pointed at the guy who was now Eric's meal. "And, the other guy wants to be a vampire."

"Well, the only ones doing sucking tonight will be us. Sookie, I want you to try the woman first, your name girl?" Eric asked.

"Rebecca." She drawled trying to sound sexy.

"OK, Rebecca, come stand with Sookie. Sookie, look her over, what do you see?" I looked over her body and suddenly I could see and sense the strangest thing. Her arteries were pumping delicately in front of my eyes. My mouth watered and my fangs emerged. Without even having to be instructed I pressed them to the flesh of her neck and as if slicing through butter I was in. Her warm life force flowed down my throat. It tasted a little musky and sour. Probably from the drugs and alcohol, but it was quenching me and I didn't want to stop. Eric gripped my hair and pulled me away from her as I gasped for unnecessary air. "Very well done, Sookie. More?"

I nodded vigorously and the straight guy, his name was Vince, sauntered over to me. It made it easier to not care about him when every thought going through his degusting head was of me and him or me and Pam and him in many different positions. Once Eric finally felt I had had enough he sent the three out of his office. I hadn't even noticed he had eaten himself. I felt so much better, I actually even felt a warmth in my face and I was full and content. But, that was all overshadowed by why I was like this in the first place.

"Now, sit and tell us what happened." Eric smiled. I began from the beginning, explaining how I had found out that all Bill had done was based on lies and how I had broken up with him right before I woke up in the cemetery. I didn't remember anything of the change at all, perhaps I had blocked it out? But, either way, his voice mail confirmed it was he who had done this to me.

"And no offense or anything, but I never actually wanted to be turned. How in the name of all that's good am I supposed to tell my friends and Jason? Will I even be welcomed back to them? Am I going to have to leave Bon Temps forever? And when will Bill be back from his fucking vacation? What will happen when he comes back? I broke up with him! The last thing I ever wanted was for him to own me!" All of my personal thoughts and fears from earlier flooded out of my mouth.

"First of all, you should meet them all on a level playing field so they don't feel too intimidated. Perhaps we can go to Merlotte's and see who we can find. Better to know right away than to wait. I don't see why you'd have to leave, but if you didn't feel safe you could stay with me. And I don't know when that parasite will be returning, but he will be back and it will be in my Area. He will be punished for what he has done and hopefully nothing will happen to you in the mean time. If he comes to you first upon his return, call me as soon as you can. I can't guarantee you'll be safe if he's left to his own devices. We will protect you, Sookie. And we will inform the Queen."

So here I thought next stop would have been Sam's bar, but no. Eric picked me up, carried me to his desk and sat down with me on his lap. Moving quickly he already had Skype set up to contact someone. Imagine my surprise when Sophie-Ann's face sprung up on the screen.

"Your Majesty." Eric purred. If I could blush I would have been twelve shades of red.

"What is wrong with Miss Stackhouse, why is she on your lap and why is she sickly?" She asked sharply.

"Because Bill forced his influence on her and changed her against her will. I have also heard that he was shipped off to Peru, this before he could even help her on her rising night. She woke, buried alive and alone." Eric confessed. Sophie's eyes widened and then she growled.

"Goddammit Compton!" She swore at no one in particular. "Can you still hear voices, Miss Stackhouse? Can you hear vampire?"

I looked to Eric, I hadn't really ever had to deal with her before, and when I did I rarely spoke to her directly. He nodded. "Uh, I can still hear humans, but vampires are still silent to me. I can feel them easier and I can sense more about their minds, but I can't read anything from them." I answered. She nodded, seemingly accepting my answer.

"Well, this is good news, surely. The only issue is Bill. I hired him to find and track you. Not to change you and risk everything I needed you for! What would have happened if you were to not carry over your gift? Then you would be useless to me and that would make me incredibly angry. As it stands I want Bill's head on a silver platter." It was strange watching a teenaged looking young woman fume and spit. If I hadn't known I'd think she was fifteen years old, tops. But knowing her I easily could see the centuries behind her furious eyes.

"What do we do now, Queen?" Eric asked.

"What would you do if it were up to you?" She responded with a question. I hated that!

"I would take control of her and make her my responsibility. I would kill Bill myself and I would have her swear fealty to you so that she can stay in Louisiana and live freely and as safe as possible. Clearly Compton cannot be trusted with her, not as a human and certainly not now as a vampire." He explained. I sort of like his idea. No matter how much of a jerk he could be he never would have changed me against my will.

"Sookie Stackhouse, would this suit you?" Sophie asked. I was catching flies. Never in my life would I have imagined she would ask me how things sounded to me - ever.

"Uh, I'm sorry, your highness. Of course, that sounds perfectly acceptable to me. That is, I would obey anything you had me do as you are my Queen… I hope…?" My response turned into some sort of weak question. I had no idea what protocol was, so I was pretty much just winging it!

Sophie-Ann smiled and it actually was quite beautiful and motherly for such a young looking vampire. "My dear child, of course you may call me your Queen, and I will have my lawyer draw up a new contract giving you more protection and as soon as I get a hold of Bill I will force him to release you to Mr. Northman. If that is all, I have pressing matters to attend to."

"That will be all, thank you Majesty." Eric bowed his head and suddenly she was gone. I took a breath, not that I needed one, but it seemed to center me. "That worked out wonderfully. If we ever wondered what the queen really thought of you she answered us right there."

"Oh, thank you Eric! I appreciate it so much! I'm terrified to think of what would happen to me without you." I felt my eyes sting but held the tears back.

"I have a sister?" Pam spoke up from the corner. We both looked at her and Eric nodded. "A sister I can shop with?"

"Yes, Pam, a sister." Eric smiled. This seemed to be all that was important to Pam as she seemingly glided out to the bar with the biggest smile on her face I have ever seen.

"I think it's time to go see your shifter." Eric suggested.

"That seems like a lot on my first night…" I whined.

"Nonsense. The sooner we get this all completed the better you will feel! Besides, I'm sure that little turd misses you!"

"You're so mean! What has Sam ever done to you?" I scowled.



On the way to Merlotte's my dead heart went to racing. I was sure Sam would fire me and never want to speak to me again. Arlene would flip right on out, and I was never sure with Jason. Hell, he was down with the Fellowship of The Sun for a while there. Tara wouldn't be too happy, and I was sure Lafayette would flip. Vampires hadn't been too nice to much of Bon Temps recently.

"I don't even have to have your blood to know that you're stressing out, Sookie. Whatever happens, happens." Eric patted my knee. I just eyeballed him. Easy for him to say, he's been able to deal with this for over 1,000 years! "You've been in worse situations, you know. Working for the Queen isn't the easiest job in the world. Solving mysteries and nearly being killed by a serial killer hasn't made you weak, it's made you strong. Act like it."

I felt the urge to say 'yes, sir' as I stared at the passing scenery. I wondered if I'd at least have a friend in Alcide? I was sure Debbie would flip, but I didn't really give two craps about her. She was such trash, I was shocked her shift wasn't a garbage can.

As we finally turned into Merlotte's parking lot - Eric parked as far away from the other vehicles as possible - I was calmed down a hair. I realized that my true friends would be there for me regardless. As we walked in Arlene smiled at me and then rushed on to another table. "Glad you could make it!" She hollered. I looked down at myself and though I was a little dusty I was in my work uniform. I shrugged.

The smell of fried food and drinks made me grimace, it was nothing like it was when I was human. And when I smelled wet dog I was shocked to see it was coming from Sam. That wasn't cool! He never smelled like that before. "Go for a swim, Sam?" Eric beamed and Sam glared as he hurried over to me. Wrapping his arms around me he froze.

"Sookie?" He whispered. I stiffened. It wasn't because I wanted his blood, it was because I knew he was on the verge of screaming.

"Yeah, Sam?" I smiled innocently.

"Where've you been, cher?" He asked pulling away to look at me with a frown on his now pale face.

"In the cemetery…" That was all I had to say before he dragged me back to his office. Eric followed right behind.

"So, what I'm smellin' is real." He stated. It sounded a little like a question, but not enough that it didn't sound like an assumption.

"Yeah, Sam. Bill did it. I was trying to break up with him and then next thing I know… Bam! I wake up in the dirt." I sighed.

"Do you want to eat me?" He asked, scooting away from me a little. I shook my head no. The whole time Eric's standing at the door with his arms folded across his chest just watching. "Still feel like working?"

"Oh, yes, please!" I grinned from ear to ear, fangs popping out. Sam's eyes went wide and I covered my mouth with my hand. "Sorry! It just happens! I don't know how to control it."

"You'll learn." Eric piped in.

"Nights I suppose, right? I think we can manage. Look, I'm real sorry about all this, Sookie. Are you…OK?" Sam asked.

"I think I will be, I mean I'll have to be, right? What's done is done so I can't really go back and I sure ain't going to walk out into the sun or anything. But, if you start losing business or whatever, don't feel like you can't let me go. I'd hate to ruin your business." I offered. At that Sam gave me a hug.

"You're a good friend, Sook. I'm hoping our little town will have a bit more class and not pull anything like that." He smiled.

"Hey, is Jason here? I didn't see him when I came in." I asked, trying to keep my cool and do what Eric said. Get it over with.

"No, he left a little bit ago with a pretty little thing. Why, does he not know either?"

"Well, Eric and Pam were the first because I didn't know what else to do. Then the Queen had to know and now you." I shrugged.

"I was your first non-vamp you told?" He whispered.

"Yep!" I grinned and he chuckled.

"Well, I guess that counts for somethin'. How about you come on back in tomorrow night as soon as you can. We'll work out your schedule?"

"That would be awesome, thanks Sam!" I hugged him again and Eric and I left. Awe we were pulling out of the parking lot I sighed.

"What is it, Sookie?" Eric asked.

"For a vampire I sure am sleepy! This was one hell of a night! And I don't even think it's registered fully yet. That or it's just a vampire thing that I'm not fully freaking out right now." I laughed.

"It will probably hit you when you least expect it. Now, are you going home or are you coming with me back to Shreveport?" He replied.

"I think I should go home. I have to disinfect my hidey-hole anyway. Last person to sleep in there was Bill." I shuddered.

"Remember, no silver, sunlight, or sharp wood." He reminded me. I nodded.

"Right! Thanks. I guess I'll see you around?" This when we pulled up to my house.

"I will be by your place of business tomorrow evening to check on you. It would be much easier if you had some of my blood, but I will make due." Eric answered.

"If you think it's best… I'll do it. I mean, this is so new and scary to me…" I fumbled. He placed his wrist in front of me and I looked to him. He nodded and I bit, it was harder to do than biting a human, but not much. I took a few pulls and Eric removed his wrist with a chuckle.

"Greedy baby."

"Hey! I am not…well…fine. Go home, Eric! I'll see you tomorrow." And with that I was at my door waving him off. When I walked in I grabbed up my Lysol and tile scrub. Taking a sponge mop and bucket with water and rags in it I proceeded to clean out that hidey-hole faster than I ever would have cleaned my bathroom sink! When it smelled perfectly clean I grabbed up all my blankets and pillows and threw them down inside. Changing into something more comfy I climbed down inside. Even if Dawn wasn't fast approaching I'd still feel as if I was dying for the day. This vampire stuff was exhausting! And I had forever to look forward to.

Suddenly, after feeling peaceful for the last hour or two everything swept over me. I'd never marry, I'd never have kids, I'd watch all my family and friends die, I'd never see my Gran again… For all the forever things I'd get to do there was so much more that I never would be able to. This cause me - for the second time this evening - to sob uncontrollably. "And I'll never get a tan again and it's all your fucking fault Bill Compton! I hate you!"