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"You can't just barge in there. She isn't ready to receive visitors yet." Andre, the giant tool was in my face and I was two seconds away from ripping him apart.

"It is imperative that I see her Majesty so that I can leave. There has been an… incident at my home and it needs to be taken care of."

"I really don't care about your telepathic whore, and you still can't go in until she's ready." He smirked. As quickly as the smug look appeared on his face it was gone and he was doubled over in pain.

I looked down at my hands, knowing I hadn't touched him, but wondering if I had in a moment of insanity. My Sookie could have been killed and this parasite was standing in my way.

"Ah," he groaned. "Right this way…" He straightened and opened the door he had been standing in front of. So it hadn't been me after all, it had been his maker's call. This made me grin, albeit inside, I showed no emotion as I entered the room.

"Eric, what seems to be troubling you?" The Queen was sitting on the edge of a grand golden bed in a black teddy. I tried not to roll my eyes. She did everything for a reason, and usually just for affect. It was obnoxious.

"There has been a situation at my home in Shreveport and I need to return quicker than I had planned. Could we postpone this meeting a day or two?" I bowed respectfully and she seemed concerned.

"That's terrible! Is everything alright? Was Miss Stackhouse involved?"

"I'm not one hundred percent sure, your Majesty, this is why I would request I take my leave." I replied.

"Certainly! We can meet again soon, perhaps I'll visit you this time. It can wait, I'm sure. Please, if I can be of service to you, don't hesitate. I am Queen after all." She smiled and kept that look of concern on her face.

If nothing else, she was a good actress.

I bowed again and took to acting myself as I plastered a grateful expression on my own. "I do appreciate your kindness, your Majesty. It will not be forgotten." And without another word I was gone.


"Honestly, Alcide, perhaps you should wait in the bar. Have a drink or two, get loosened up." I was frantic. How was I going to tell my 1000 year old Viking boyfriend VAMPIRE that his precious had been burnt to a crisp?

"The telepath is right." Pam came in, nearly bored and looked between the two of us. "Sometimes I think you can read my master's mind."

"Can it, Pam! This is no time for funny business. What am I going to do?" I paced the office, my hands in my hair.

"Perhaps you should sit in his desk, naked, and then drop down on your knees and…"


"Well! If someone had destroyed my shoe collection I would be less likely to kill if a hot blond was sucking on me." She rolled her eyes. "You're vampire now! Get with the program, prudishness is so last century!"

"Seriously. What are we going to - " Pam slapped me in the face and I squeaked.

"Get a grip! It's just a car, a car he can replace. The dog did a good job keeping you from a burned out shell. Most importantly, we aren't going to do anything. You are. Now, would you please listen to me and at least get naked?"

"I think I'll just go get that drink now." Alcide mumbled and headed for the door but was nearly knocked unconscious when the door flew open and hit him in the eye. "Fuck!"

"My Sookie!" In a rush of movement I was in my Viking's arms and kissed and touched all over. I wasn't sure if he was checking me for wounds or if he was just really horny. Either way I wasn't complainin'.

"Eric," Pam purred and Eric set me down to look at the others in the room.

"Pam. Alcide. Why doesn't someone tell me what the hell happened while I was away?"

"I wasn't involved." Pam replied and left the office, attempting to close the door behind her. The best she could do was sort of lean it up in the doorway as it had come off the hinges. "I'll get someone to fix that…"

"Sookie, my patience grows thin." Eric hissed, his fangs out and about.

"I had gone down to rest and the next thing I know there's a smell of smoke…"

Alcide groaned as he pressed his hand to his face to stanch the bleeding from an obvious broken nose. "Some guy came in wielding a gas can and a box of matches. Reminded me of a bad 80's movie or something. I heard Sookie from the basement or the lair, whatever, and told her to stay put. By the time I'd gotten to the guy he'd already set the garage up. Sookie came running in and assisted me and took the guy with her back down stairs so the fire department wouldn't see him. Apparently he was a fairy or something. Gah!" He twitched a little, the bone must have already begun to heal and he took a second to reposition his nose before it would heal crooked.

"Wait a moment, Sookie came upstairs to assist you? It was day, was it not?" Eric asked, looking between the two of us again.

"Yeah, I kept yelling at her to stay away but she wouldn't listen. When does she ever?" He growled.

"You did not burn?"

"No, we can talk about that after." I waved my hand to dismiss it and he frowned.

"Go on, Herveaux."

"Once she got the guy in the dark room I was able to get to the extinguisher again and when the fire department got there the only damage was to the garage area. We were really lucky. I took off down stairs to check on Sookie and she'd apparently drained the guy." He frowned.

"Sookie, did he give you any information?" Eric asked.

"I could hear him, his mind. He definitely works for Breandan."

"You heard him? That is incredible! And what can you hear from vampires now?"

"Nothing. I can get slight emotions but nothing real readable. Like I was with the weres, now I can hear them a bit clearer, but still not too much." I shook my head.

"We must inform Niall."

"Yeah, about that, honey, I can be in the sunlight. After the fae disintegrated into dust Alcide and I checked it out, I went out the door wall so that I'd have a clear way of getting back in just in case, and I was out there for a few minutes! It was so amazing, I don't know if it's the fairy blood or if it's just something I can do because of my heritage but... I never actually thought I'd ever see the sunlight again!"

"And you rose well before dusk. We must pay close attention to this development as well. Now, you say my garage was damaged. What of the vette?" He asked and I could feel in the slight bond we had that he was concerned. I wasn't sure if he'd totally flip out over it or not, but I suddenly had the urge to drop to my knees and say hello to the gracious plenty.

"I would say it was a successful day, really. No one was hurt, we got another bad guy..." Alcide hedged.

"Where is my car?" Eric became ridged and I didn't have to be bonded to him or a telepath to know he was about to strangle someone. I was his closest target.

"Alcide is trying to say that... Well there's really no easy way to say this... Look, Eric, it burned in the fire." I winced. I think we both - Alcide and I - held our breath in that moment. I peeked at Eric and I watched as many things crossed his face at once. Anger, rage, pain, sadness, fury... it all settled on sadness and pain.

"BLDSCKR is dead?"

"Dead dead." I replied.

"Crispy critter. . .sir." Alcide frowned.

"I will hunt down every single fairy this side of the portals and I will burn them all like they burned my car. That car was one of a kind! They only made it for me with my instructions! It will take another year before I have a replica created. I will take blood for this." Eric's fists clenched and his fangs seemed to grow longer. At this point it was probably an illusion of my own making because I could feel the hatred pouring out of him.

"Nice..." Alcide mumbled and I shot him a look. Did he really want more than a broken nose tonight?

"What?" Eric snapped.

"Out of all of that insanity you pick to avenge your car?" Alcide asked and plopped down in a chair apparently worn out - finally - from the blow to the face.

"The dog is right. I should be ashamed, but I see you here and you are fine and you protected yourself and fought valiantly. The vette was just so defenceless!" Eric shook his head and sighed. "Pam." He spoke her name as a whisper but within a few seconds she was in the office, propping the door up again.

"Yes?" She bowed and I wanted to slap her. As if she were innocent in any way, ha!

"Get the Corvette dealer on the phone. Wake him if you have to. I want him here. Now." He ordered.

"Of course." She replied, winked at me, and left the room again.

"And for fuck's sake, fix the goddamn door!"

"Alcide, want me to fix that nose for you?" I asked once Eric moved to sit behind his desk and brood.

"If you're talking blood, no thanks. No offense." He winced. I did, too.

"Oh, alright."

"She offered you something sacred, take the gift, dog." Eric snapped. Both Alcide and I jumped and his eyes never left Eric's as I walked over to him and bit into my wrist. His lips pressed to my skin and I shivered at the sensation of him sucking. After a few seconds I pulled away and smiled.

"Feel better?"

"Yeah, thanks." He mumbled.

"He'll be here momentarily and I have some strange looking man asking for his cousin."

"Move aside, blood beast." That was Claude, it had to be. There weren't many people - supes or not - who would talk to Pam like that seriously. She lunged at him, but let him pass. "Cousin." He bowed to me and I fidgeted a little. He was so weird. "I hear a guest came for you today. I see you've made it out alive."

"Do you know who it was?" I asked.

"Yes, his name is - was - Carin. He was just a lowly servant for Breandan, clearly he has yet to want to get his hands dirty. I tell you, as a fairy, he's lazy. If you want something done right you should just do it yourself." He sighed dramatically and flopped himself on Eric's leather couch. "Why hello, handsome!"

Alcide recoiled and flinched. I tried not to laugh.

"You son of a bitch! You should have been there to protect her! If you knew this enemy was heading her way you could have bypassed the situation!" Eric was on his feet and I was worried of what he would do. He was so high strung right now with the whole vette thing and now the fae blood thing...

Speaking of 'fae blood thing' perhaps it was all of the excitement of the day, but I hadn't gone insane like I'd heard vampires could. I'd be asking Eric about that later, but right now Claude had the floor and I wasn't in the mood to interrupt him. Not to mention, this wasn't any of his business. He didn't need to know I could day walk.

"Bite your tongue! You had me at her house, not yours. Had you had me where I should have been the little rat wouldn't have gotten into the house in the first place. Perhaps your darling cherry red speed machine would still be alive. But, no, you had to leave her with a pathetic lap dog instead." Claude grinned maliciously and I hid my face in my hands.

Really right now?

"Shut your mouth, glitter freak. I did a damn good job! Sookie's still here and the house is still standing. Disrespect me..." Alcide trailed off as Claude put his attention back on the hulk of a man and licked his lips.

"You know, you have a vein just there near your eye that bulges when you're angry, I wonder if there's one like that in your pants..." Claude mused.

"Eww!" I shouted and covered my ears.

"Sick bastard!" Alcide stood and shouted right about the same time I did.

"Enough! All of you!" Eric slammed his fist on his desk leaving an indent there in its wake. "I can't leave town for a day without everything going to shit. I gave you a job, Claude. Deal with it. Alcide has done an excellent job, all things considered. Do not be disrespectful in front of me, or your cousin. Understood?"

I grimaced and the two men went back to ignoring each other.

"Now, Claude, I need to speak with Niall very soon. You will arrange that. Alcide, you are to continue to be available when I need you to be, understood?"

"Of course, Eric." Claude bowed his head.

"Yeah." Alcide pouted.

"Now, leave." Eric hissed and both men did just that. "I'm going to kill one of them, I'm not sure which, but I will."

"Eric, please relax. It's not as serious as you're makin' it." I tried to sooth his nerves. I walked over to his side of the desk and curled up on his lap. "I'm fine, you're fine, everything is fine."

"I suppose you're correct." He sighed.

"I could take your mind off of things if you'd like..."

"Though I would love nothing more than to ravage you until this desk is mulch, later." He grinned at me, wiggling his eyebrows and I smiled resting my head on his shoulder.

"I missed you." I sighed.

"I missed you too, Lover." He whispered back.

"I want to bond. Completely bond, if you're still interested." I said, not meeting his eyes.

"I would truly love that." He replied kissing my hair. "Truly."

The car dealer got there not long after that and Eric made it perfectly clear his instructions on how this car would look. The dealer - Ron - looked a bit worried and scared at first, but when he saw the amount of money Eric would be spending he eased up a bit.

When that was all said and done we headed home and he looked into the charred garage and sighed. "She was truly a good vehicle."

"I know... We could have a funeral for her." I giggled and he snapped his eyes my way and I worried it was too soon until he threw his head back and laughed - hard.

"I suppose I am being a bit melodramatic. Come, Lover, I'll make it up to you." And he scooped me into his arms and took me down stairs after making sure everything was locked tight.

Laying me on the bed he quickly removed his clothing and began to work on mine. He was over me in seconds and pressing his lips to mine with such passion I thought I would burn up. He entered me slow and I revelled in the feel of it, the feel that we were as close as we'd ever be.

His movements were rhythmic and hypnotizing and his hands roamed as mine did. I reached around him and grabbed two big handfuls of his luscious bottom and he hissed, pressing into me harder.

I nipped his shoulder as I wrapped my legs around him pulling him into me further. We shared breathless moans and grunts as he quickened his pace, driving us both to the edge of oblivion. When we neared the peak he looked into my eyes with such love. "Bite me, Sookie."


"Please." He grunted and I obliged, feeling his fangs sink into me as well. The sensation of our shared orgasms and the rush of our blood mingling with each others sent me spinning and crashing back to earth. If I ever thought making love to Eric was the closest we would ever be, I was wrong. This was it. The brilliant lights and sounds and emotions of our bodies and souls living together inside of us as one was the most amazing sensation I had ever had. I couldn't express it, there weren't enough words for how it felt.

So I cried.

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