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Five months have passed, and Crow is close to his due date. Right now, Yusei, Aki, and Carly, are out at the store. Jack is with crow at the garage when Crow came downstairs.

"Jack I think the baby is coming." Crow said.

"What! Your not due for another two weeks." Jack said starting to panic as he ran of to Crow.

"Tell that to the baby!" Crow said as a contraction came to him. He grabbed Jack's hand and squeezed it really hard. Crow and Jack screamed and Jack fainted when Crow's contraction ended.

"Useless." Crow said.

Another contraction happened when Yusei, Aki, and Carly came into the garage.

"Crow!" Yusei yelled as he ran to help Crow.

Yusei didn't see Jack on the floor fainted, so he tripped over him.

"My ankle!" Yusei cried out.

Carly took everyone to the hospital in her car. Yes it was cramped and she got a few tickets for speeding and passing red lights. At the hospital, Jack and Yusei were in wheel chairs while Crow walked in.

"Help we're having a baby!" Yusei screamed.

"Which one is having the baby?" a nearby receptionist said. Everyone looked at her with angry looks on their faces. Crow got another contraction and grabbed the receptionist's hand and squeezed it. A real doctor came and escorted Crow to the birth room. While Yusei had to go and get a cast out on his foot and Jack had to get a bandage around his head. It didn't look like it, but he took a nasty fall.

After Yusei got his cast put on Jack started to wake up.

"What happened?" Jack asked.

"You fainted when Crow started to have contractions." Aki explained.

"What happened to you?" Jack said looking at Yusei.

"I tripped over you and twisted my ankle." Yusei said.

Soon a doctor came into the room saying that Yusei's babies have been born. Yusei was very happy, then he realized he said 'babies.' was wheel chaired to the room Crow was in, by Jack. Crow was holding two babies that were wrapped in blankets. Crow gave Yusei one of them to hold. He was holding the baby girl who's hair had black roots blond tips. Crow was holding the baby boy who's hair was black at the roots and orange at the tips.

"They are so cute." Aki said while Carly and Jack was tearing up.

"Jack are you crying." Crow said.

"Yes, I, Jack Atlas is crying at this moment. I am an uncle now." Jack said proudly.

The moment was interrupted by the doctor asked them the names of the babies.

"We haven't thought much about that." Yusei said as he and Crow looked at each other with confused looks on their faces.

"Their names will be Jack Jr. and Jacky." Jack said.

"We are not naming the babies after you Jack." Crow said.

"Yeah, because their names will be C.C and Yu." Carly said.

"Or Eli and Raven." Aki suggested.

"Those names are horrible. Their names will be powerful like a king. that's why they will be named after me." Jack said.

"There not your kids." Carly said.

"And they will be named Eli and Raven." Aki said.

"Fat chance!" Carly said.

"Like your names are better." Aki said

"They will be named Jack Jr. and Jacky!" Jack yelled.

"Do we get a say?" Yusei and Crow said in unison.

"NO!" They all shouted.

All three of them started to argue over names.

"How about Hinabi and Yukinari." Yusei suggested.

"I like that." Crow said as Yusei gave him a kiss.

Yusei and Crow watched there friends argue over names. They would tell them they picked out the names when they stop arguing or when the doctor kicks them out. Whichever came first.

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