Part Eight

Kurt had to stifle a laugh as Puck dragged him into the ER and threatened the staff with bodily harm if they didn't help Kurt right away. Kurt might have objected to his rather volatile approach if he hadn't been having contractions every two minutes by then. How he had ever gotten so far along without ever noticing that he was in labor was a mystery to him, but he knew from their birthing classes that two minutes was a lot closer to giving birth than he was really comfortable facing while sitting in an ER waiting room.

Once the staff understood just how close to giving birth Kurt was, they hurried him along to the maternity ward without much fuss. The staff in the maternity ward were used to fathers being a little overenthusiastic in their concern for their partners, so they just nodded sympathetically when Puck began tossing threats around and then they went ahead and did what they were going to do.

Kurt was put into a labor and delivery room, hooked up to monitors and then the on-duty doctor checked him over. "Dr. Feinstein is on the way," The doctor reassured them. "But in the meantime, I'm going to be sticking close and monitoring your transition. The birth canal has formed properly and I expect that you'll be fully dilated in less than an hour."

Once he left, Puck swore. "Less than an hour? How long have you been feeling contractions?"

Kurt shrugged. "I don't know. I was having some back pain for a few hours, but I just that that they were muscle spasms."

Puck sighed and took the seat beside his boyfriend. "You ready for this?"

"Not in the least," Kurt said calmly. "But I figure you've done this once already and Dr. Feinstein's been through it countless times, so we'll survive."

Just then, Carole, Burt, Finn and Blaine all came rushing through the open door. Carole was the first to speak. "How are you sweetie?"

Kurt didn't have a chance to answer as another contraction ripped through him and he cursed a blue streak, using words that Burt had never heard his son use before. Once the pain had passed, Kurt lay back in the bed and huffed. "I feel like a bear is trying to claw its way out of my body."

For the next several contractions, Kurt had an entire cheering section, though Finn stayed far away from him and tried to look at anything but Kurt. Puck got Kurt's focus out of the bag and pinned it on the board across from the bed. It was a picture of and outfit from Armani's winter collection that Kurt loved. Each time a pain hit, he would focus on that picture and try to think about the day when he was thin again and able to wear such things.

Doctor Feinstein came in and saw all the people in Kurt's room. "Well, it's good that you have so much support, but I'm going to have to ask all but two of you to leave."

Puck was staying, there was no question of that. Besides the fact that he was the father, he was also Kurt's birthing coach. There was a quick discussion but in the end, Kurt was the one who decided that Carole would stay. As much as he loved his father, he knew that Carole would be able to cope with anything that might happen during the delivery. She'd been through it and she simply handled these things better than Burt Hummel.

"Somebody needs to call Mercedes," Kurt called out to the three men who were leaving to go wait in the family waiting room.

"I'll let her know," Finn promised.

And then things seemed to happen very quickly. Dr, Feinstein checked Kurt again and found that he was ready to start pushing. Nurses were called in to assist and there was a flurry of activity. Carole stood on Kurt's right side and Puck on his left and they held his hands through every contraction, giving him encouragement and comfort as the strain of the whole thing began to wear him down.

It took longer than Kurt had thought to actually go from pushing to having a baby in his arms, and yet when he looked back on it, even while the nurse was still cleaning him up, it didn't seem long at all.

And then their baby was in his arms and he knew that having this little boy was worth all the pain and sacrifice. Things would not be easy, but it would all be worth it if he could make sure that this little boy had a happy life.


Puck and Kurt had some time alone with their son after they were moved from the delivery room to a regular room. They were both quiet as they watched the life that they had created together squirm and blink and do all those things that newborns do. Mostly he slept, tired after his journey into the world.

"He's so beautiful," Kurt whispered. "He's got your eyes. And your long eyelashes."

"He's got your chin and nose," Puck said. "And your mouth too, I think."

"His hair is curly," Kurt said with bemusement.

"Um, yeah, that's from me," Puck said. "Why do you think I keep my hair so short?"

Kurt looked at his boyfriend and smiled. "I bet you'd look great with your hair all curly."

Puck snorted. "I'll show you pictures from when I was a kid and you can decide for yourself."

"I bet you were an adorable kid," Kurt said. "I was a little chubster. Chipmunk cheeks and fat knees."

"I bet you were an adorable chubster," Puck said with a grin. "Think he'll be a fat baby? Fat babies are always so cute."

Kurt glared at Puck. "Don't you even think about over feeding our baby so you can play with his chubby cheeks."

"I'll just have to make do with your chubby cheeks," Puck said as he kissed Kurt's cheek and then pinched his other cheek.

"Hey!" Kurt said and slapped Puck hand from his ass. "My cheeks aren't chubby! Either set! That's from the baby!"

Puck shrugged. "I like you with a little extra meat on your bones. But you can look however you want. I'll always think you're beautiful."

"Awww…." Both boys turned to see Mercedes at the door. "You three are just too damn cute for words."

Finn and Blaine followed her into the room. "Is it okay if we visit for a few minutes?" Blaine asked.

"Mom and Burt are talking with the doctor," Finn said. "They said we should visit first since we have to go home soon. We've got school tomorrow."

Mercedes pulled out her camera and began snapping pictures of the baby and the two boys. Kurt growled at her. "Mercedes! No pictures of me in this hideous state if you please!"

"Fine," Mercedes huffed. "Give me that baby and I'll have Finn take pictures of me holding him."

Puck and Kurt shared a look and then Kurt handed his son over. Finn took the obligatory pictures and then the baby was passed to Blaine and more pictures were taken. Uncle Finn got his turn and finally Daddy Puck. By the time they were finished, Burt and Carole had come into the room and more pictures were taken. When Kurt started to nod off and the baby began to cry, Burt and Carole shooed the teens off and then had a quick visit before they themselves headed for home.

The nurse came to take their son to the nursery for the night around 9 and Puck and Kurt were finally alone.

"I love you," Puck told Kurt and then kissed his temple.

Kurt blinked sleepily up at him. "Love you too, Noah."


Eight days later, as promised, they held a bris for little Caleb Oren Hummel Puckerman. All of their friends and family came out and everyone brought food, enough so that there was enough to feed an army of regular people for a month or one Finn for a week. The only one of their friends who had ever attended a bris before was Rachel and most of the boys were very uncomfortable with the whole concept, but they came anyway.

There were two surprise guests at the bris, however. When the doorbell rang just before the ceremony was set to take place, Carole was the one who answered and she led their unexpected guests inside.

"Noah?" Carole called the young man's attention away from the debate he, Artie and Mike were having over some video game. "Noah, you have guests."

Noah stood up and Kurt decided to go with him, Caleb in his arms. The couple followed Carole into the hall where a man and a girl that Kurt had never seen before were standing. The family resemblance between Noah and the man, however, was unmistakable.

"Noah!" the young girl cried as soon she saw him and threw herself into his arms. "I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too, Miri," Puck said hoarsely. He hugged her tightly. "How did you…?"

The man spoke. "I've… been negotiating with your mother for a while now. Miri's going to be living with me from now on while your mom gets treatment for her drinking."

Puck swallowed hard and Kurt wrapped his free arm around his boyfriend. Puck pulled him close even as he spoke. "Where have you been?"

"Columbus," the man said. "I never wanted to leave either of you, but things were… If I had known that she would be that way, there is no way I would ever have left you two with her. I'm so sorry Noah."

Puck had tears streaming down his face as he walked into the older man's arms and let him wrap him in a hug.

"Is this my nephew?" Miri asked Kurt, drawing his attention away from the reunion.

Kurt smiled at her. "It is. Miriam, this is Caleb."

"Can I hold him?" Miriam asked.

"Later, squirt," Puck said and ruffled her hair. The hug had ended, but Puck was still had the older man's arm across his shoulders. "I think Dad should get a chance to hold his grandson first."

Kurt stepped forward and handed the baby over to Puck's father. He had tears in his eyes as he accepted the boy into his arms. "He looks like you did as a baby, Noah." He stopped and looked at Kurt and smiled. "Though I can see that there is much of you there as well."

"I'm Kurt Hummel," Kurt said and held his hand out.

"Jacob Puckerman," Jacob said and carefully shifted Caleb to shake his hand.

"And this is Caleb Oren Hummel Puckerman," Puck said. He looked into his son's face and said, "Caleb, this is your Granddad."


Jacob and Miriam stayed and participated in the bris and Caleb received his Hebrew name: Kaleb ben Noach ha-kohein. Afterward, the three spent some time catching up and getting to know each other once again. Kurt and the rest of his family gave them space and privacy for their reunion, but once they had left, Kurt was quick to usher his boyfriend downstairs with the excuse that they needed to put Caleb to bed.

"So?" Kurt asked once Caleb was sleeping and the monitor had been turned on.

"He said I could come live with him," Puck said. "I told him no. I want to be here for Caleb and you. He said he was proud of me."

"There's a lot to be proud of," Kurt told him.

Puck looked at Kurt. "You know, for years, I dreamed of him showing up and getting Miri and me the hell out of there. And I'm glad he was here today, but… it was too late for me. I mean, I think I want to get to know him and all, but I'm not the kid he left behind. Miri's still young enough. She's got time to get past all that. Besides, Ma was never as harsh with her as she was with me."

Kurt hugged him. "Give it time. You can't expect everything to be perfect right away. Give yourself time to get to know him and do what feels right to you."

"I want Caleb to know his other grandfather," Puck agreed. "I'll work it out for him if nothing else."

"I'm glad," Kurt said and hugged Puck.

"He's made some money," Puck said. "Offered to help us out with childcare and stuff. I think we should take him up on it."

"We can talk about it with Dad and Carole," Kurt said with a smile. "I'm sure they'll appreciate the help."

They sat down on the sofa in the sitting room and curled up together. "How do you feel?"

"A little in shock to be honest," Puck said. "I mean… he just turned up out of nowhere. He said that he found out about Caleb and the bris from Dr. Feinstein. He goes to our synagogue, you know? But he was going to come find me anyway. Miri contacted him and told him that Ma was getting worse. I'm not sure why she didn't tell me when she called, but I'm glad he came down to help her."

"I'm glad you've got your dad back," Kurt said. "I think it'll be good for you to reconnect with him."

"Yeah," Puck said. They were quiet again for a while. "How long did the doctor say before you're cleared for sex?"

Kurt laughed and punched Puck's arm playfully. "Ass."


Amazingly enough, Kurt and Puck beat the odds and stayed together. They had both known that high school romances don't often last a lifetime, so they had taken their time and not rushed into anything. They didn't actually get married until Kurt had finished graduate school. They had both gone to college at the Lima branch of OSU and gotten their undergraduate degrees, Puck in Advertising and Marketing and Kurt in Languages. Puck got a job in Pittsburgh working for an advertising agency and supported the small family while Kurt continued his education at Carnegie Mellon. Caleb was in kindergarten when Kurt finally graduated.

They had a small wedding the same weekend as Kurt's graduation, when everyone would already be in town. That same week, Kurt was offered a position at Duquesne teaching French. He had only been teaching a few weeks when he found out he was pregnant again. Leah Elizabeth was born just hours after Kurt had administered his last final of the spring semester. Two years later, Michael Jacob came into the world. After that, Kurt swore off having any more children. Six years after that Joel Zachary was born and Kurt threatened to castrate Puck if he didn't get a vasectomy.

The relationship between Puck and his father was strained for a while, but Jacob was a regular visitor to the Hummel-Puckerman house in Pittsburgh. And When Miri graduated and decided go to school at Duquesne, he had even more reason to come visit. Unfortunately, Judith never did get her life cleaned up and she died in a drunken driving accident when Miri was a freshman in college.

Another regular visitor to the Hummel-Puckerman house was Blaine. He and Kurt were able to rescue their friendship, and Puck even learned to like the "Hobbit" after a few years. Blaine's entertainment career was short lived. He went to New York as he had planned and was in a couple small off-Broadway shows before realizing that he wanted more than to just chase after roles that were few and far between. So he had signed up for classes at Columbia, much to his father's relief, and had eventually gone on to become a doctor. He met and married the love of his life not long after finishing his residency at a hospital in Philadelphia.

Things weren't always easy for Puck and Kurt. They had successes and failures. They had their fair share of tough times. There were even times when they thought it might be easier to just split up and go their separate ways. But in the end, they were always able to work through their troubles and find a way to recapture the love that had built slowly over those weeks and months that they were awaiting the birth of their son.

Most of the time true love doesn't have a happily ever after… but when the happy outweighs the unhappy and you work hard to keep it together, true love can last a lifetime.

The End

A/N: Well, folks, that's the end of another adventure in the Glee fandom. I know i didn't spend a whole lot of time explaining the mechanics of childbirth for a male in this universe, but... well, I figure it's not really important why it works, just that it does, right? Hope you all enjoyed the story. Jules