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Chapter 42: Mansion Memories

The moment Sora's feet touched the sidewalk of Twilight Town's station plaza, he knew they had trouble. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Nobodies of all kinds attacking the town and terrorizing its citizens. The entire Town was overrun with Dusks, Creepers, Assasins, Samurais and another breed Sora didn't recognize.

The Chemists were dressed in long, lab coat-like robes with a thick collar covering most of their faces and goggles on their heads. They had full brown pouches buckled on to their waists and tentacle-like arms.

The next second, his team all ran up beside him, eyes widening at the sight before them. "What the heck are all these nobodies doing here?!" Kyra demanded, drawing her bow.

"I have no idea, but now I know why Pence called." Mickey exclaimed, Star Seeker appearing in his hands and destroying a Dusk that was tried to attack him. "Come on, let's go!"

By then, the entire group held their respective weapons in their hands, ready for battle as the nobodies charged at them. Kairi ducked out of the way of an Assassin flying towards her. Then, she jumped up, hit it with her Keyblade, sending it flying towards Donald, who blasted it with a thunder spell. Goofy threw his shield at a group of Dusks, knocking them all backwards as Mickey finished them off with a clean swipe.

Max was having no problems in running over a few creepers with his skateboard. But, when a Samurai raised its swords against him, Kyra and Rusty jumped in front of it, Kyra burying an arrow in it's chest and Rusty summoning a blast of blizzard magic against it.

Riku and West were fighting against the new Chemists. They wouldn't move around much, but they would reach into the bags on their waists, pulling out handfuls of potion bottles and throw them at them. The explosions would cause a variety of reactions such as poison or confuse. While West distracted them by dodging their chemical explosions and stealing their items, that gave Riku the opening he needed to attack the Chemists.

Soon, Lea and Lydia found themselves standing back-to-back, surrounded by a circle of Assassins, looking just about ready to strike. "Come on, guys I used to be your boss!" Lea called to the nobodies, showing no signs if they were listening to him.

"Yeah, let me know if they show any mercy." Lydia retorted, pulling a tambourine from behind her back. She hit the top of it, the Assassins becoming instantly confused and started attacking each other. Lydia smirked at Lea as his chackrams burst into flames, throwing them at the remaining Assassins.

Meanwhile, Sora was easily taking care of a large group of Samurais. He had just finished defeating one when out of the corner of his eye he noticed a group of Dusks slither towards the road, away from the battlefield.

"Hey! Get back here!" Sora exclaimed, slaying another Samurai before running after the Dusks. The nobodies ignored him as they kept moving and Sora kept chasing them.

The next thing the Keyblade Master knew, he was standing in the middle of a Dusk-filled Sandlot, save for one human. It was a young man around eighteen years old with slightly spiked light brown hair. He was dressed in a black and green long-sleeved jacket, black fingerless gloves and pants, a grey shirt with a yellow dragon on it, green and yellow sneakers and a yellow belt with two loose straps.

He was surrounded by Dusks, bent over a worn-out struggle bat, he was panting heavily and severely bruised. Sora didn't even waste any time rushing to the stranger's side and slaying the Dusks with ease. The young man smiled at his small victory before raising his Keyblade and casting cure on the strange man.

Instantly, his wounds vanished as he stood to his feet. "Hey, you okay?" Sora asked as the stranger opened his brown eyes, groaned and stretched as he stood back up on his feet.

"Yeah. Thanks to you." He smiled warmly. "Guess I need more training."

"Sora!" A familiar voice exclaimed, Sora turned his head to find Pence running towards him, looking out of breath.

"Pence!" Sora waved as his Keyblade disappeared out of his hands. "What's going on, where's everyone?"

"Pence, you know this guy?" The older teen Sora saved asked, stepping forward.

"Oh yeah! This is Sora. He's the Keyblade master we told you about!" Pence quickly explained just as the rest of Sora's team strode into the Sandlot. Then, the older teen held out his hand towards Sora which he gladly shook.

"Wow. So you're the famous Sora." He said with genuine admiration in his voice. "The others have told me a lot about you."

"Uhh, who's this guy?" Lea asked in a bored tone while Lydia rolled her eyes.

"Sorry, I live in Twilight Town; my name's Dragon." He explained. "I'm the only student at the old dojo over on Market Street. But once I saw those white things attacking I had to help. But I guess I really wasn't that helpful; I couldn't even take out one before I got whooped."

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Dragon." Mickey smiled, stepping beside Sora. "So, Pence, where's everybody else? Why'd you call us?"

"They're all over at the mansion; once these monsters showed up again we thought we could find some clues there but it's locked. Then, more of them showed up there and the a tracks have been getting worse; most people are too afraid to leave their homes. That is, except for Dragon here." Pence stated.

"Come on, Pence." Dragon shrugged, running his fingers through his hair. "You know I'm not that strong."

"Do you guys think one of the Organization's members could be hiding there?" Kairi asked the group.

Riku shrugged. "Whatever's in there doesn't want to be found. If it is the Organization, I'd say it's a safe bet."

"Okay let's go!" Exclaimed Donald. "Lead the way, Pence!" The team started to leave the Sandlot, but Dagon's voice stopped them in their tracks.

"Wait up! I'm coming too!" Dragon exclaimed. "This is my home too, I want to help protect it!" Sora smiled up at the older teen, happy that he wasn't letting his previous defeat get him down.

"Well, we can't say no to that." Sora said.

"That's Dragon for you; always willing to lend a hand!" Pence explained.

"Well, Dragon," Mickey said. "I have to warn you, I don't know what we might end up facing. Are you sure you'll be up for that."

"Yeah, of course I am." Dragon nodded without question.

Kairi ran ahead of the group, looking ready to fight. "What are we waiting for?! Come on, guys! The mansion's secrets aren't going to discover themselves!"

The rest of the group followed her, except for West who looked lost in her thoughts. Riku stopped walking to look back at his friend, stepping up to her side.

"West, are you okay?" The silver-haired teen asked.

"Hmm?" West asked, pulling out of her thoughts. "Oh, yeah. I'm fine, Riku just a little distracted."

Riku raised an eyebrow, still not buying it. "Come on, what's on your mind?"

"It's just... Is it just me or does Dragon seem a little familiar to you?" She asked.

"No, I've never seen him before today." He replied. "Why? Does he to you?"

"Just a feeling I have. I know I've never seen him before but I can't help but feel like I know him." West explained.

"Maybe you did." Said Riku while West looked at him with a confused expression. "Your missing memories. Maybe you knew someone who looks like him from your home world."

"Yeah, maybe." West mused as Riku took her hand, pulling her in the direction of the old mansion.

"Come on, we'll figure this out later. Right now we need to catch up with the others and help Twilight Town." Riku said. Neither one of them noticed the blushing cheeks on each other's faces as their hands remained intertwined.


Meanwhile, in front of the gates to the old mansion were Seifer's discipline committee, Hayner and Olette. Fuu and Rai had struggle bats in their hands, looking out for any nobodies or heartless that might attack them. Olette and Vivi had searched constantly for any other entrance to the mansion, but haven't been able to find anything. Seifer and Hayner, on the other hand were trying to climb over the mansion's metal gate.

"Boost me up higher, chicken-wuss I'm almost there!" Seifer said from up on Hayner's shoulders.

"I can't! You're way too heavy!" Grunted Hayner.

"Are you calling me fat?!" Seifer exclaimed.

"So what if I am?!" Hayner challenged with a smirk.

"Geez we leave you guys alone for a few days and you try to rip each other apart." Sora laughed as he and the rest of his team came into view.

"Looks like you guys have been busy." Lea remarked as Seifer jumped down from Hayner's shoulders.

"Hey! We were wondering when you guys would come back!" waved Olette while Hayner rubbed his shoulders.

Seifer scoffed in annoyance as his eyes rested on Dragon. "Great, why'd you bring the wimp here?"

"I'm right here, Seifer!" Dragon exclaimed. "And geez, just because I like to read doesn't make me a wimp!"

"Okay, personal issues aside, have you guys been able to find anything?" Kyra asked, stepping in between the two boys before anything happened.

Fuu shook her head. "Nothing."

"We can't even get in y'know." Rai added.

Riku stepped forward, Way to Dawn appearing in his hand. "I guess this is what Keyblades are for." pointing his weapon at the metal lock in the gate, a beam of light shot out inside the lock. A small click was heard as the lock falling to the ground.

"Show off." Huffed Seifer, crossing his arms.

"Me, Sora, Kairi, Riku and Lea will go inside to investigate, the rest of you should stay out here in case anything happens." Mickey said.

"Wait, come on, are you serious?!" Hayner exclaimed. "Why are you leaving us behind?! We wanna help too!"

"Hayner, whatever's inside that mansion is the reason your town's in dander. If we all go inside it'll be chaos. We need you guys to stay out here with the others while we try and find out what's going on." Explained Mickey, trying to calm Hayner down.

"Forget it, mouse." Scoffed Seifer, crossing his arms. "You're not pulling that kind of crap with me! I'm not sitting back on the sidelines."

"Me neither!" Hayner added. "I want to help protect Twilight Town!"

"Yeah! Count me in too!" Dragon added enthusiastically.

"It's so weird to see all three of them agreeing like this." Olette whispered to Pence who nodded in agreement.

Sora shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. "I guess there's no arguing with them, your majesty."

"You're right, Sora." Mickey sighed in defeat. "Alright Seifer, Hayner, Dragon let's get going. The rest of you should stay out here and keep watch. If something serious or suspicious happens don't hesitate to let us know."

"You got it!" West exclaimed, pounding her fist excitedly into the air. "Good luck in there!"

The newly-formed group of eight nodded to their allies before making their way up to the mansion's front door. Sora stepped forward, grasping the old doorknob and allowed the door to swing open with an eerie creek. The inside of the mansion looked the same as Sora remembered; dimly lit from the sun creeping in from the curtains, furniture covered by old sheets and a great deal of dust coating almost every visible surface.

"Man, what a dump!" Groaned Seifer.

"Hey guys! I think I found something!" Kairi called, pointing to the floor. Sora and Riku rushed up beside her, finding two pairs of footprints in the dust; a high top and a dress shoe. "Someone was here, and recently too."

"Do you think they could still be here?" asked Dragon.

"We better take a look around." Mickey said. "Keep an eye out for anything unusual."

Immediately, Sora, Kairi, Lea and Hayner started to head upstairs while Mickey, Riku Seifer and Dragon looked around the main floor. Being back here brought back a lot of memories for Riku; Sora trapped in a coma while Naminé tried to reconnect his memories, trying to avoid the Organization, fighting Roxas and becoming Ansem.

But, as Riku thought back to that time, he realized there were some things he couldn't remember. It was like there were a lot more holes in his memories he never realized. He remembered going back to Destiny Islands with someone and himself and Naminé talking about someone, but he couldn't remember who it was.


Meanwhile, Sora and Kairi had wandered into the White Room. Naminé's old drawings still decorated the walls, completely untouched. Though, it looked like the white flowers on the table had died. Just then, Sora felt a little lighter as though something was leaving him. And that's exactly what happened to him and Kairi, two ghostly figures emerged out of them, stepping into the white room. They were easily recognized as Roxas and Naminé; Sora and Kairi's nobodies. Naminé was dressed in her usual plain white dress

"This place must bring back a lot of memories for you guys." Sora realized, not at all fazed by the sight of them.

"Yes." Naminé nodded sadly, "This was where I lived, for a while, working with Riku and DiZ."

"And where I rejoined with you, Sora." Added Roxas.

Sora remained quiet, allowing his thoughts to wander. Both Roxas and Naminé gave up their rights to have bodies by fusing with him and Kairi. It just wasn't fair. If it wasn't for him, Roxas would be free to live his own life.

He could see one of Roxas's memories. Him and Naminé sitting in this very room, talking about himself, and that Roxas was never meant to exist. Sora felt a guilty tug at his heart for his nobody.

"Sora?" Kairi asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. Roxas and Naminé looked at him with worry.

"I'm okay." The Keyblade Master replied, turning to Roxas. "It's just, Roxas, do you... regret joining with me?"

The blond boy seemed a little surprised at his sonebody's question, but it was soon replaced with a smile. "No, never. Before, all I had was Axel and the Organization. Being in your heart, I finally feel like I belong somewhere."

Sora shook his head. "But it's not fair. You're sitting in my heart, watching me live out my life. Both you and Naminé, you deserve to have your own bodies your own hearts, your own lives just as much as anyone else!"

Roxas, Naminé and Kairi all seemed a little surprised at Sora's sudden outburst. But then, his nobody gave a warm smile.

"Sora." Roxas said. "Thank you. But I don't think there's much chance of us getting our own hearts."

"You guys don't need to worry about us." Added Naminé warmly.

At that moment, the door opened behind them as Lea and Hayner walked inside. Lea spotted the two nobodies, recognizing them instantly. Though, Hayner seemed confused.

When Roxas spotted his old friend, he couldn't help but smile. "Hi Axel, it's been awhile. Or, I guess it's Lea now."

"Yeah." Lea replied with a shrug. "You guys are looking good. How've you been?"

"Fine." Replied Naminé.

Hayner was looking at Roxas, confusion still plastered on his face. "Hey, um, this might sound a little crazy but, do I know you?"

"Kind of." Roxas replied with a smile. "In the other Twilight Town, I was friends with you, Pence and Olette. My name's Roxas."

"Wow." Hayner breathed, obviously having a bit of a hard time taking the concept in. "Man, I'm sorry. I feel kinda bad for not remembering you."

"Don't worry about it." Replied Roxas. "It's still nice to see you both again."

"Yeah. Glad to see you and Naminé are doing okay." Said Lea. "I really missed you guys."

Naminé smiled as she and Roxas started to fade. "Thank you, Lea."

"Bye, I hope to see you guys again soon," waved Roxas, just as the two nobodies faded away. Sora, Kairi, Lea and Hayner spent the next few moments staring at the space where Roxas and Naminé disappeared from.

"You know," Murmured Lea. "It's weird, but with everything that's been going on, I never thought about how much I missed them. Then, seeing them again, I just feel like... Like there's an empty hole. I guess I just really miss those days, back when the three of us would sit on the clock tower."

"Naminé was in the Organization?" Kairi asked.

Lea raised an eyebrow. "No, why?"

"You said 'the three of us.'" Sora explained.

"I did?" Lea asked. "Weird, I don't remember there being anyone there but me and Roxas, but still it feels like are a few holes in my memory."

At that moment, a loud crashing noise was heard. "What the heck was that?!" Exclaimed Hayner as the four of them rushed out of the white room. Riku, Mickey, Dragon and Seifer were still on the main floor, having had rummaged through the furniture and bookshelves.

"Did you guys hear that too?" Asked Sora.

Riku nodded. "Yeah, it sounded like it came from DiZ's old lab."

"Come on," Mickey said, pointing in the direction of the lab. "Sounds like we're not alone here."

The group of eight slowly made their way towards the lab entrance, two sets of voices becoming clearer and clearer as they got closer.

"Be careful with that! This is valuable research!" A voice exclaimed.

"Okay, okay! Geez, you don't need to get so cranky!" Sora gasped at the sound of the familiar voice, it belonged to someone he knew his friends faced at Olympus Coliseum.

Peeking inside through a crack in the doorway, Sora sure enough found Myde talking with a man he recognized from Jiminy's reports on the Organization. Though, Vexen may have gotten his heart back now. Could his somebody be the one Ienzo mentioned, Even?

"So what's this stuff used for anyway?" Myde asked, examining a bottle of silvery liquid.

"You'll find out soon enough." Assured Even. "Although, I believe it would be safe to assume that Sora and his team are curious too." Even then turned his head, looking directly to the crack in the door Sora was looking through. He stepped up to the door and opened it, letting the group inside. "Isn't that right?"

The group seemed a little startled at first that Even knew they were there, but that soon changed when Kairi stepped in front of the group.

"Myde? You're with Maleficent aren't you?" She asked. "Why are you here?"

"Not anymore I'm not!" Myde retorted. "Not after they said they were going to get rid of me! Soon as I heard that I ditched that place."

"It's true." Even added. "I found him cornered against an army of nobodies. With his combat skills lacking-"

"Hey!" Protested Myde.

"-they shouldn't have been attacking him if he was still aligned with them." Finished Even. "So, I saved him and brought him here."

"See?! I think you guys owe someone an apology." Myde said.

"Fine. Sorry." Grumbled Riku while Myde pouted.

"Okay," Sora said, crossing his arms and turning to Myde. "So, Ienzo said you left for unfinished business. What exactly did you need here and with Ansem the Wise's research notes?"

"I'm so glad you asked, Sora, considering that it involves yourself and the princess." Replied Ienzo, holding up two vials of the silvery liquid. "It's taken me a great deal of time, but I have finally developed a potion that will extract Roxas and Naminé from your bodies."

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