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If someone is in a gilded cage, they are trapped and have restricted or no freedom, but have very comfortable surroundings.

Gilded Cage

I try to convince Neal to go with me and leave New York, but for some reason he doesn't want to go. I tell him that he still has a leash as I point to the ankle tracker that he is attached to. I tell him that he's still in prison because of it. Not a literal prison, but a prison nevertheless. There may not be bars all around him and he's not in a tiny cell, but he's still in prison because he can't go anywhere. He can't step outside the boundaries of this tracker and if he does he'll go to prison.

I want to tell him that he's living in a gilded cage. That he has nice stuff around his apartment. He can go outside and help Peter, but it's still a cage. He just can't see the bars that are restricting him. I wish that I could help him see his cage, but he doesn't want to see it.

Yes, he has a nice life in New York working for the FBI, but will that all change once they know that he has the treasure? What will happen to him then? I know what will happen and it won't be pretty. He'll be back in prison back behind the bars without a chance to escape.

I say that he has Stockholm syndrome because he likes Peter. I think he might think as Peter as a mentor, or a father figure and doesn't want to leave him. Peter had been nice to Neal and I think he liked it.

Well there's no Happy Ending here like I wished there was. I say as I turn to leave that Neal's fooling himself if he thinks that's whom he was. I just hope that he realizes it.

The End