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I listen as Keller said that he needed help. He needed help in getting the treasure. I hear Keller on the phone and a little surprised that he says Neal has the treasure. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised I did kind of suspect that he did have it. I hoped that he didn't have it and I wanted to believe that he didn't have it, but he did.

He tells me to go home and drink my favorite beer. For a minute I didn't get what he was saying, but then it came crashing down. How did he know my favorite beer? When has he been at my place? Then he says use some alone time. Why where was El? Where was my wife? Why would I be alone?

I drive home hoping when I get there that El will be there cooking dinner and opening his favorite beer. He had to believe that she was there waiting for him with dinner on the table. She just had to be there and it scared him to think that Keller had her.

I pulled into the drive way and there are already cars there. I go inside and look around. I barely hear what my teammates say as I look over my house. The spaghetti sauce has been overturned and is on the floor alongside the spoon. It's a mess and it looks like she struggled. I am scared for my wife's safety. I close my eyes hoping that when I open them up again it will be a dream, but it's not a dream. It's real and his wife is missing.

I hear Neal say my name and tell him he took my wife. I blame him because it's his fault that she's gone. If he hadn't of taken the treasure than this would have never happened. I hope that everything will come out okay and I will finally have my wife back.

The End