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Chapter 1


I couldn't stay here anymore! I had to get away from here! Out of this dreary town that held too many memories for me to stomach. Now that I was 18 and graduated from high school, there was nothing left holding me here. Charlie has Sue and her two kids keep them fully occupied. He isn't even home more than an hour on Sunday nights to pack a new back for Sue's house and he head's back down to the Rez where they live. Jake has his imprint, Vanessa who isn't my biggest fan on account of the fact that Jake was in love with me when he met her. It doesn't even matter to her that we never dated, just the fact that those feelings were once there, she doesn't want anything to do with me, which means I don't see Jake anymore either. I never spoke to my friends at school after the Cullen's left last September. I just kept to myself, except for Angela and Ben and they both got early acceptances to the University of Delaware accross the country.

I still wasn't sure where I was going. Renee ended up cutting me out of her life after she found out she was pregnant with my baby brother Drew this past fall. I guess now that she has her own little family and I am 18, she feels that I'm not her responsibility anymore. I haven't even spoken to her through email, phone or anything since the call explaining that she was pregnant. I only even know the baby's name because we got an announcement in the mail. I assume she only wanted the gift we sent after we found out I now had a brother. She didn't even send a 'thank you' card either. Typical. I figured the best thing I could do destination wise was to just pack up my truck and drive. See where I end up.

I was just finishing my note for Charlie when my cell pone started to ring. I took it out of my back pocket to check the caller I.D. and saw it was a number I didn't recognize. The area code looked like it was from Texas maybe? I shrugged and hit the ignore button before putting it back into my back pocket. I didn't even get a chance to pick my pen back up before it started to ring again. Huffing, I pulled it back out of my pocket. Same number. 'Well, might as well see who it is and what they want.' I thought to myself.

"Hello?" I answered cautiousily.

"Hey Sug." The male voice on the other line answered in the friendliest tone, like we have been life long best friends.

"Um, can I help you?" I asked him hesitantly.

"Yeah, forgive me kitten. My name is Peter Whitlock. I'm Jasper's brother." He explained.

I froze and almost dropped the phone. Jasper's brother? Why is he calling me? Jasper and I bairly even spoke thanks to the dynamic duo. He was always the one Cullen that I was the most anxious to get to know. After a few deep breaths, I finally found my voice.

"H-how can I help you Peter?"

"Well sweet thang, that's somethin I am not able to explain over the phone, nor is there any time for 20 questions if you don't want your Dad to arrive home while your still in the house." He answered knowingly.

What the...don't tell me he's another physic. I've had enough of them to last me a life time.

"How did you -?" I started only to be cut off.

"I just know shit ok? And no, I am nothing like that little see-it-all know-it-all magic 8-ball of a wife my brother has. I don't get visions and it's never subjective. Information just randomly appear's into my head when the oportunity takes place. Now I need you to do somethin for me." Peter explained.

"Well aren't you quite to the point." I joked.

"Oh Sugar, you have no idea." He laughed before going on the explain. "Now I need you to finish packing your bags and Ducati into your truck, and meeting me about half way between your house and the Cullen's mansion."

I was a little hesitant to allow vampires back into my life for whatever amount of time, but for some reason I felt quite comfortable with Peter even if I haven't met him yet. There was just something in his voice that gave me a sense of belonging.

"Ok Peter. I can do that. I will probibally be there in a half." I answered. "But how will I find you?"

"You'll see me." I could hear him smile over the phone. "I'm quite impossible to miss Miss Swan." He chuckled.

"Alright, Alright!" I giggled. "Give me about a half hour and I'll be there." I told him before hanging up before he could answer.

I hung up the phone and finished my note for Charlie. My bags were all lined up by the front door, so I put a rock up against the screen door and proceeded to make my trips to the new truck. It was a very large, lifted F-450 with a king cab. I had to pretty much climb my way up but I loved it. I had it painted silver, just like my Ducati and tinted out the windows really dark. I had crome rims and brand new tires put on for my trip.

Now, for my Ducati. I pulled the ramp down off my truck and lined it up in the center. I then walked over to my silver bike and walked it up the ramp to the bed of my truck.

After I was finished with everything, I locked up the house and proceeded to make my way to meet Peter.

Right around the half way point, I slowed my truck down and started looking around the road and the woods. In a flash, I heard my tapping on my back window and almost jumped out of my skin when I saw a red eyed vampire in the bed of my truck.

I pulled over to the side of the road and rolled my passenger window down.

"Peter?" I asked.

"That's me sweet thang. Care to open up so I can get in? I will explain everything on our way to the Cullen's house." He answered.

I took a minute to study him. He was obviously a human drinker from his red eyes, but unlike Jame's cold, intense stare, Peter's were warm and welcoming. His sandy, blonde hair was a messy mop on his head and he had a very nice muscular build. His handsome face wore a smile and he looked so relaxed. I immediately felt a brotherly connection to him and knew he would be important to me somehow.

I quickly unlocked the door and in a flash Peter was sitting next to me. He looked over at me and his smile widened and he quickly pulled me into a hug. To say I was suprised was an understatement but I wasn't scared in the least. I wrapped my arms back around his frame and to a deep breath of his scent. He smelled like leather, cinnomin, and red apples.

Peter released his hold on me and continued to smile at me.

"We are going to get along great! You already mean alot to the wifey and I." He said.

"I'll take your word for it." I laughed as I put my truck back in gear and started back on the road to the Cullens.

"So what's going on? Why are we heading to the Cullen's anyways? You are aware that they left last September right?" I asked raising my eyebrow in question.

"Yeah, I'm very well aware. But they came back about a month ago." He stated and I snapped my gaze to his face.

"A month ago? And they didn't have the decentcey to let me know? I mean they claimed to love me and that I was apart of their family, then left with out so much as a 'fuck you' and now they come back and don't say a word to anybody?" I ranted and pulled onto the shoulder of the road again and slammed on my breaks.

"Tell me why I should go back there if they obviously don't want me around?" I asked him.

"Easy there kitten." He said scooting into the middle seat and rubbing my back. "They didn't plan on staying, but something happened and I think that you should hear me out before you make any judgements. While I understand why you are upset about them leaving, I believe you have every right to be. But that is irrelevent to what I need to discuss with you." I nodded my head for him to continue.

"You see, they were hunting around the border of Canada and here. They were staying in Alaska and decided to take a family hunting trip. They all seperated to do their thing and while Jasper was in mid hunt on the trail of a family of bears, he stumbled upon the scent of some humans. They was a family taking a camping trip. There was a mother, father, and two little girls." I gasped in shock at what I knew was coming.

"Jasper couldn't control himself and slaughtered the whole family. After he realized what happened, he took off for here. They don't know why, but that will be revealed in time. He ran into their house and went into his study and hasn't left since. He is catatonic. The emotions of humans he killed always had a strong effect on him, but for some reason, this family really hit him hard. He hasn't spoken to anyone and those who try to come into his study he just growls at. He doesn't recognize anyone. He is living completely on instinct, but at the same time he is still there and the pain and guilt are eatting at him. He hasn't even hunted reguardless of the family's pleas. After about a week, they called Char and I up here to see if we could help in any way. With Jasper being my brother and our sire, we didn't hesitate to haul ass up here. We didn't make him so much as blink. We have been no help what so ever." He finished solemly.

I thought about this for a minute. Hearing this about Jasper hurt me probibally more than it should have. Though I still didn't understand where I came to play in all of this.

"Peter, while this is a very heartbreaking story, I am not sure what you came to me about." I said staring at my hands in my lap.

"I came to you because I 'know' that you are the only one who is going to be able to get him out of this stuper." He replied looking me dead in my eyes. I could tell he was being honest but I didn't understand how I of all people would be able to make a difference.

"Why me? Jasper and I didn't even speak most of the time they were here. Fuckward and that pixie bitch of a wife of his kept us apart." I questioned.

"That too will be revealed in due time, but you must trust me on this little one. I know that none of them deserve your help after what they did to you, but I know you have a big heart and I know that you would give a homeless man your last dolar knowing that it would help that much more. Jasper needs you sweet pea. I promise you won't regret it." He begged me grasping my hand in his own.

I took a deep breath. "Ok, but I have conditions." He nodded at me to continue. "Keep those evil twins away from me and I refuse to be told what to do, even if you feel if it is for my own safety, I am a big girl and will make those decisions for myself. I will take what others have to say in consideration, but I have the final say. I am threw letting anyone run my life and I am most certainly done being the family pet." I finished sternly.

Peter let out a throaty chuckle and nodded his head in agreement. "Of course kitten. Yeah, we are definately gonna get along famously. Char and I despise can-never-get-a-fuckward and the magic 8-ball so that won't be a problem. The rest of the family is tolerable, except Emmett. Him and I get into some serious shit together and Rose-a-bitch and I have a mutual understanding."

"Ok then. Let's get a move on!" I laughed putting the truck back in gear and finishing the drive to the Cullen mansion.

Everyone except Jasper was standing out front when Peter and I pulled up. They all seemed shocked to see me here with Peter as he raced around the car and opened the door, helping me out of the truck.

"Didn't they know I was coming?" I whispered to him, even though I knew they could hear me just fine.

"No Sug, I didn't tell them because the dynamic duo would have tried to stop me." He replied. Well, that made sense. I thought to myself as we approached the front porch.

"Bella. Not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you doing here?" Carlisle questioned me. I saw that the rest of the family except Alice, Edward and the blonde who I am guessing is Charlotte, were all looking at me. Alice was running through visions in her head and Edward was staring daggers, trying to burn a hole into the side of Peter's head.

"You can't be serious! He'll kill her before she even makes it up the stairs!" Edward ranted. I guess that answer's the question on how he felt about this whole thing.

"Actually, he won't. The little one here is the only one that will be able to pull him out of the state that hes in you idiot!" Peter retorted.

"Why her?" Alice questioned, though it didn't sound like it was suposed to be answered, more like she was whinning. Edward's head snapped over and watched Alice, obviously reading her mind.

Suddenly he walked over and was standing infront of me.

"Bella, love. What are you doing with a human drinker?" He sneered at Peter, whos hand was still resting on my back. "How could you willingly put yourself in danger with him?"

I took a step back from him and crossed my arms infront of him. "What he eats makes no difference to me. Secondly, I'm not your 'love' so knock that shit off!"

Edward looked taken back by what I had just said. "Language like that is not very becoming of you. I know you are upset with me, but we can pick up where we left off. I'm back now, so everything will be as it should."

I looked at him like he had just grown a second head infront of my eyes.

"I can speak how I want. I'm not here to impress any of you and if you want my help you'll knock that shit off. You don't get to tell me what to do anymore. Any of you. Understood? Lastly, I don't want you back Edward. That's not why I'm here, and if Peter hadn't called me, I would have never even known you were here. A month Edward! If you were truely here for me, you would have came to me by now, not the other way around. I am here to help Jasper and then I will be on my way. As you can see, I was actually in the proccess of leaving Forks." I finished as I walked around Edward and started towards the house.

"Well it seems someone grew a back bone." Rosaile said looking at me with what seemed to be pride. This was something I was not expecting. Especially from her.

"Hello Sweetness, I'm Charlotte. Peter's wife and mate, but you can call me Char. You are family after all. It's great to meet you." She said with a smile on her face just as I made it to the top step. She pulled me into a hug and then linked her arm through mine.

"Pleasure. I'm Bella. I honestly don't know how you handle this all knowing one but I give you props." I giggled as Peter gave me the stink eye. I knew he wasn't really mad because I could see him trying to hide a smile which just made me giggle more.

"Yeah, but what can I do? Love is a wonderful thing. Plus, the sex is great!" She smiled and winked.

"Bella?" Emmett said timidly as he carefully approached me. I took a deep breath. Of everyone who left, his departure probibally hurt the whorst. He was truely the bear of a brother I never had and him leaving really stung.

"Hi Emmett." I said in a small voice. I didn't mean to sound so voulnerable but seeing him again just brought so much pain. I truely missed him the most.

"Bella, I'm so sorry we left. I tried, I really did and he wouldn't listen! I've missed you more then I can explain and when we got here I wanted to see you so bad, but Alice would see it and stop me or Edward would read it in my thoughts." He said with venom in his eyes. This really hurt me to see my big goofy brother who always had a smile on looking so broken. Rosaile was next to him rubbing his back. She turned her head to look at me and nodded her confirmation.

"After we left, it was like someone died. Emmett never laughed or joked and our sex life diminished severely, Edward left for about 5 months but no one knows where he was off to, not that I care to find out, Esme was going about life in motions, Carlisle submerged himself in his work, Jasper I would say was the whost of all of us. I can't remember the last time I've seen him smile or even show affection. From what it seemed and everything he said, I would say he missed you the most. From what hes said it was not only emotional but physical and he still doesn't understand why that was. Alice even gave up on him and was bairly home. Some wife huh?" Rosaile scoffed as Alice growled. "Eventually everyone started to heal. Well, everyone except Emmett and Jasper that is." She finished looking at her husband.

This was all the confirmation I needed on who I would allow back into my life. The only ones who seemed to really miss me and not just what the family used to be seemed to be Jasper, Emmett and Rosaile. It seems that the ice queen has a heart afterall, I mused to myself.

"Also, with that being said, I would really like to speak with you when you have the chance. I wanted to apologize for how I've acted towards you. I had my reasons and I would really like to get the chance to explain them to you and start over." Rosaile said softly, looking down at the porch.

I walked up over to where they stood and stopped infront of the pair and smiled. I then wrapped my arms around Rosaile. She tensed at first, but then wrapped her arms around my waist in return.

"Of course Rosaile. I'd really like that." I said softly pulling back from her.

She smiled at me and put a hand on my shoulder. "Bella, family calls me Rose."

I couldn't help but smile widely at that. "Ok then. Rose." I nodded and then looked to Emmett who still looked at me with sad eyes. I couldn't bear my brother to be so upset. Without even giving it thought, I launched myself in his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist. He seemed stunned at first, then started shaking. It sounded like he was...sobbing?

I pulled back to get a look of his face and at his venom glazed eyes. I cupped his cheak with one hand.

"Emmy bear, don't be upset please. It's breaking my heart. You faught for me and I can see that you really and truely missed me. Not anything or anyone else but me. I forgive you and if it's ok with you, I'd like my brother back in my life for good."

His face broke out in a beautiful smile. His dimples showing made me giggle and wrap him back up in my arms. He still hadn't put me down yet, and started spinning me and squeezing me tighter, but still minding the fact that I was human.

"Human...needs...air..." I wheezed out.

"Oh, sorry!" He said sheepishly and loosened his hold on me. "It's more than ok with me. I missed my little sis more than anything and I am truely grateful to have the chance to get her back." He finished with a warm smile.

"I missed you too, so much!" I said emotionally, squeezing him to me one more time before he put me back on my feet. Rose looked on us with a grateful smile, then wrapped herself around her husband.

"Right then, I think I should go and see Jasper now." I said heading inside the house. As soon as I was through the front door, I approached the stairs only for Edward to swoop in and stand infront of me, blocking my path.

"Edward what -?"
"I can't let you go up there Bella! He is unstable! Dangerous!" He ranted.

"Oh, give me a break! You are not the boss of me and you have no say in what I do anymore! I am going to ask you nicely to move out of my way, if not I will force you." I threatened narrowing my eyes at him.

"I'm sorry Bella. I can't let you go up there." Edward said with conviction, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Fine, have it you way." I said turning my head to Peter. He clearly knew what I wanted and before anyone could comprehend what was happening, Peter had Fuckward pinned against the wall.

Esme gasped and grabbed Carlisles arm, while Char, Rose and Emmett had smug smiles on. Alice clearly looked pissed at this display, but I didn't give a shit. He did this to himself.

"Listen fucker," Peter began. "I won't hesitate to rip you to pieces and burry you on different point of this earth if you don't get the fuck over yourself and let the little one through. None of this concerns you and I suggest you remember that the next time you try to order her around."

"Doesn't concern me?" Edward ranted. "She is my mate. This concerns me a hell of a lot more than it concerns anyone! Now let me down! Bella, you are not going up there! End of story!"

"Excuse me?" I yelled, stepping up next to Peter. "First, what I do most certainly does NOT concern you! You lost that right when you left me in the woods to die!"

Carlisle and Esme gasped while Alice didn't seemed suprised. I should have known she would have seen it. Growls errupted through out the room from Peter, Char, Rose, Emmett and Peter as he banged Edwards head into the wall.

"You what!" Emmett started forward only to be held back by Rose as she shook her head at him.

"Yeah! Didn't he tell you? Alice? I know you saw this by your act of indifference but I would be more than happy to fill the rest of them in. He dragged me off into the woods, claiming he wanted to speak with me. He said that everyone was leaving and stupidly I thought he meant me as well. He then corrected me and said that he didn't want me to come. That he was tired of playing human and I wasn't good for him. Pretty much played on my insecurities at the time. Said he didn't love me and that my mind was like a slieve. I would forget everyone over time and it would be like none of you ever exsisted. Ha! Like that was possible! Anyways, he then disappeared and left me in the woods after he himself told me not to go in them, that there were dangers worse then him in there. I tried to follow after him and ended up lost. The Alpha of the wolf pack, Sam, found me soaked in a ball on the forest floor 13 hours later."

Growls that were continuing through my story ended up getting louder.

"Edward!" Esme gasped like she couldn't believe her golden son could be capeable of something so horrid. "Forgive us Bella, but Edward said that he explained to you that he was leaving for your safety and that you understood. Alice confirmed it!"

Figures Alice would say that, but what would she have to gain? I put that thought aside for a later time as everyone looked at Alice.

"Did she now?" I mocked. "Well now you know different. I'd be more than happy to call the wolves here to confirm my story." I said turning back to look at Edward, who Peter still had pinned to the wall by his neck.

"The wolves are back?" Carlisle questioned.

"Yes," I started. "When there are vampires in the area, the feaver sets in and changes begin inside the tribe." I finished, still watching Edward.

A thought then popped into my head.

"The wolves...they knew you were here?" I questioned looking at Rose and Emmett. They nodded their heads and I felt like someone just punched me in the stomach. They knew and didn't tell me. Why? How could they do that to me?

Charlotte seemed to notice the look of hurt that crossed my face and stepped forward engolfing me in a hug.

"We had a great debate in the family of weather or not to tell you. Needless to say it was me, Peter, Emmett, and Rose against the rest. Edward went behind our backs and met up with the wolves and demanded that they not let our prescence be known and from what we've heard, they were only too happy to agree. When Peter and I met up with them after that to let them know of our prescence here, they explained that you suffered a great deal and didn't want you to get hurt again. They care a great deal about you Sug." She explained.

I nodded my head and then turned back to Edward.

"Now I just want to make one more thing absolutely clear. I am not and never was your mate! I met a nomad named Garrett who saved me a few months ago in Seattle by scared off Victoria. He was suprised that I knew what he was and asked what Victoria's problem was with me. I explained everything finishing with what you did to me in the woods. He explained that it is impossible for us to be mates. If you truely were my mate, weather I was human or vampire, you would not be able to leave me, even if you wanted to for whatever reason. The mating pull would be too strong and you would bein immense physical and emotional pain until we were reunited. From what I gather from those who have seen you in my absense, you seemed to get over it. Therefore, we are not true mates." I explained.

"It's true." Peter agreed. "I know Garrett by the way Bella. He's a good honest man. What he said about the mating pull is completely true. You can't be Edward's mate."

"No! She's mine!" Edward shouted, struggling against Peter's hold. "Carlisle!"

"I'm sorry son, but what they said is true." Carlisle said looking at the floor with Esme tucked under his arm. "At first I just thought it was because she was a human that you didn't feel the pain from the mating bond, but I should have known that wouldn't matter, at least for the vampire."

"I don't believe this! No! I don't believe you! None of you! Alice?" Edward yelled, still struggling to get loose.

Alice just looked up at Edward and shook her head before shooting daggers at me growling.

"What's your problem Alice?" I asked turning to her. I had enough of the death stares and hate I could see every time she looked at me.

"Yeah Ali! I thought she was your best friend!" Emmett piped in.

"You were suposed to be dead!" She finally exclaimed. Everyone gasped at the revelation.

"What do you mean Alice? Why would Bella be dead?" Esme questioned.

"First, when Edward left her and she got lost in the woods. I saw her laying in the damp grass on the forest floor. Then it went blank so I assumed she died. But she then popped up in a vision later when she decidedshe wanted to build motorcycles, God knows why! Then, when she jumped off the cliff she never came up so I reasoned her to dead until I saw her pop back up later when she decided to take a trip to Seattle. There, I saw Victoria go after her there and that all went blank after she lunged at her. Then, I saw her still pop up when we made the decision to stay here until Jasper healed! She just won't fucking die!" Alice ranted.

I internally laughed at her, even though I was partially hurt and stumped about why should would want me dead in the first place. It seems that anything involving the wolves. Sam saved me in the woods, Jake pulled me out of the water when I jumped, and Paul showed up in Seattle as Garrett saved me.

I was about to yell back at her when all of the sudden Jasper jumped from the top of the stairs, to the bottom, dead smack in the middle of all of us growling.

I took a moment to assess his appearance. His curley, golden blonde hair was a mess, going in every which direction on his head. His eyes were pitch black from not feading and he had a deadly look on his face. His clothes were ripped and torn with dried blood stained everywhere. He looked like he was daring anyone to step up and make the first move. Why? I have no idea.

"Edward?" Carlisle asked softly.

Edward shook his head and then answered in a low voice. "His thoughts are too jumbled up in his head. He seems to be running completely on his instincts. From the few words I can gather, it seems he didn't like how loud we were and all the yelling and growls he felt threatened."

"Everyone in you submissive positions now! If you want to live through this you will do what I say." Peter commanded in a very soft voice.

"Oh please!" Alice said putting her hands on her hips. "Jazzy won't hurt me. I'm his mate! It's impossible to hurt you mate in any way!"

"Alice..." Carlisle warned.

"Don't." Peter butt in. "She won't listen and if you continue to argue with her, the Major will be on you next."

Carlisle nodded and everyone around me besides myself and Alice got into a submissive posture. I honestly wasn't sure what to do since it wouldn't matter. I'm no vampire.

Jasper continued his growling as he watched everyone around him get on their knees with their arms to their sides and their necks exposed with their eyes down. Alice started towards him at that moment. Upon seeing this, his growls started to increase.

"Oh, hush Jazzy! It's me! Alice! Your mate! You won't hurt me!" Alice chimed as she continued towards him. He stayed in his crouch and continued to growl. Once, she was in arms reach he tried to snap at her.

"No!" He snarled, his voice so scrathy from not using it. This only caused her to smack him in the face.

"Shit." Peter mumbled from next to me.

I watched as Jasper really started to growl as he slowly turned his head back to look at Alice.

"Knock that shit off right now!" Alice repremanded, shaking her finger at him.

She went to take a final step towards him. Before she could even put her foot back to the floor, Jasper ripped her head off her body and threw it into a wall, and it landed somewhere on the other side. He then jumped on her body and continued to dismember her while Carlisle, Esme, and Edward were all screaming at him to stop. I couldn't let this go on. I knew that they would all team up and hurt him if they couldn't put Alice back together and from the looks of it he was lookin to light her up.

I took a deep breath started towards him.

"Bella no!" Edward yelled and started to get up to make his way towards me. Peter quickly grabbed him from behind and held him back.

"Don't interfere." He whispered in Edwards ear. He continued to say something else, but it was to quiet for me to pick up on. I couldn't focus on them right now. I needed to help Jasper.

When I was about 5 feet from him, he caught my scent and heard me approaching. He quickly turned on me and landed in a crouch, growling.

"Jasper." I said softly. He immediately stopped growling and tilted his head to look at me. "It's Bella. Do you remember me?" I sent out as much love, friendship, admiration, and all sorts of wonderful feelings to him as I spoke. "I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." I finished as I stayed in my spot and reached out a hand to him.

He looked like he was concentrating on something really hard as he looked at me and then my hand. Finally, he carefully reached out with both hands and took my one hand in his. He then took a step forward and brought my hand to his face and rubbed his cheak with it.

"Warm." He whispered so quietly and softly that I bairly caught it. He looked up to me and pulled me into his chest as he wrapped his arms around me and started making a purring noise. It was such a comforting sound, I found myself melting into his embrace.

"Are you guys insane?" Edward yelled out once Peter let him go. "He's dangerous! And your all just letting her near him like that? He just slaughtered a whole innocent family! He's a monster!" He ranted.

At them mention of the family, I heard Jasper whimper and pull me closer into him. At that, something in me snapped.

"How dare you say those things! He's suposed to be your brother Edward! He most certainly is not a monster. He made a mistake. One that any one of you could have made. You have no right to say those things to him! It's like you don't want him to get better! If he were a monster, this all wouldn't bother him like it is! You used to hunt humans! So you of all people here have no right to judge him." I ground out. I was so angry, I was shaking.

Jasper must have noticed how this was all getting to me, so he picked me up and ran me up to his study and shut the door.

Next thing I know, we are sitting on a large ottoman. I am inbetween Jasper's legs as he holds me to him tightly. His head is resting on my shoulder and he is purring in my ear. I can already feel my self calming down as I settle into his embrace.

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