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Perplexing Revelations

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(Jasper's POV)

Charlotte reached out and took the plastic baggie into her hands, holding one hand on each flap and took a breath in, and then another before looking up at us, handing the bag back to Emmett.

"I'm sorry, Carlisle, but I don't recognize that scent from anywhere." She said apologetically.

He sighed in resignation, knowing what would have to happen next and nodded as his mate patted his arm, looking in Charlotte's direction.

"That's alright, dear," she reassured her. "We didn't expect you to, though it would have been helpful if you had."

Char smiled gratefully and nodded.

Knowing what was to happen next, we all looked at Alice.

"Your turn."

Chapter 20
(Jasper's POV)

Panic and alarm began to seep into Alice's emotions as her eyes flickered down towards the bag, but as if remembering something, her emotions immediately changed and were replaced with anger and irritation.

"Why do I have to smell it? I can tell you right now that I don't recognize it." She huffed, crossing her tiny arms across her chest, her hands balled tightly into fists.

Carlisle let out an irritated sigh, "Alice, you haven't even smelled it yet to know that you won't recognize it."

"I've seen it," she simplified, shifting in a very un-vampire-like fashion in the large arm chair.

My eyes shifted over towards Edward, who had his forehead in his hand, pinching the bridge of his nose; a habit that he had picked up from his human life and brought over into his vampire one.

Feeling my gaze, he looked over at me and subtly quirked a brow.

'Are you gettin' anything from her?' I thought to him.

He exhaled, shaking his head. Knowing Alice from the little memories that I've had of her, as well as from what I've observed, he was probably listening to her going through the next season's fashion line from her favorite designers. His emotions confirmed my thoughts as he gave an indirect nod.

Squaring his shoulders, Peter reached over, taking the baggie from his mate and shot the rest of us a glance. "I don't know about the rest of y'all, but her word doesn't exactly mean diddilly-squat, right now. So, open your airways and take a whiff, because whether ya like it or not, you're gonna smell this shit, right here and now, in front of everyone." He pressed, turning his attention towards Alice and took a step closer to her.

The pixie-like vampire's eyes blazed with fury as she glared at him defiantly. "I don't have to do jack shit! You're not the boss of me!"

"No, but as our coven leader, he is and he says that you are going to smell the fucking leaves!" Rosalie gritted out as she gestured towards Carlisle, leering in Alice's direction. However, Alice only glared back at her, not saying anything back.

"Oh, for heaven's sake!" Bella threw her hands up in exasperation. "Alice, just smell the damn scent, already! If you truly won't recognize it like you say you saw, then you have nothing to worry about and you won't be wasting any more of everyone's time. What's the big deal?" She baited her.

Alice threw her an angry glance, tightening her fists as the anger in her emotional cocktail spiked, adding a trace of jealousy to the mixture as she noted my protective stance in front of my mate.

"I know what'll get her to cooperate!" Emmett grinned, making a decision in his head, causing Edward to let out a snort of concealed laughter.

Alice's eyes momentarily glazed over and her eyes widened as she came out of her vision. I wasn't sure what Emmett was thinking, but whatever it was, it was enough to cause a sizable spike in Alice's panic and alarm to affect me as I reached back, wrapping my arm around Bella's waist in instinctive protectiveness.

"No!" Alice gasped, looking frantically around at each of our faces for a possible ally. "You wouldn't!" She pleaded. I could feel the confusion that the majority of us were feeling, but they seemed to hide it well on their faces.

His gift alerting him to the situation, Peter suddenly let out a loud laugh Emmett's way. "That's brilliant, Em! Want me to go an' get em'?"

"No! Don't you dare!" Alice snarled, her eyes blazing. "They're one of a kind and worth a fortune!"

Once that was out of her mouth, everything began to catch up with the rest of us and I shook my head, completely vexed.

'How was it possible that I had been with her for over a half a century?' I thought to myself as the three of them continued to argue.

"Wait a minute!" Bella bellowed as all of our eyes focused on her. "Are you kidding me? We're talking about a pair of shoes, here?"

"They're not just any pair of shoes," Alice rolled her eyes. "They're a one of a kind pair that took me forever to get my hands on and cost me more than most humans make in a life time."

"And who exactly paid for them, Alice?" I challenged, knowing for a fact that she had never made a dime for herself, opting to spend everybody else's without their knowledge, instead.

"That's not the point!" She huffed, practically stomping her foot on the hardwood floor below her feet.

"Alice, sweetheart, why don't you just listen to them?" Esme coaxed her in a gentle tone. "Save us all from arguing?"

Alice looked down at her feet without responding, her silent way of telling Esme that it wasn't going to happen.

"Okay, I don't know about you, but I've had enough of this!" Peter announced. "I'm just gonna have some of ya help me out by holdin' her down, while I shove it under her nose an' make her breathe."

Alice's head shot up in anxiety and she immediately sought out my eyes, throwing every ounce of sympathy, fear and beseeching emotion that she could muster. I felt myself sway a bit, but instantly got a hold of myself, pushing them away from me and focusing on a stronger source. Bella emotions always toppled over everyone else's and forced them to the back burner. It had always puzzled me in the past, but I've come to believe that it had to do with the mating bond between the two of us.

Upon noticing that her emotional attack wasn't working, she began to plead with me, her eyes wide and begging me under her words and emotions. "You won't let them do that to me, will you, Jazzy? Please?!"

I felt Bella growl behind me, the fury spiking in her emotions. I sent some security, love and assurance her way to help calm her, and she gave the arm that was around her body a squeeze, holding it in her arms.

"You've brought this upon yourself, Alice." I told her, shaking my head in denial.

"You've made your bed, so now you're gonna lie in it!" Charlotte stated as she, Emmett and Rosalie began to surround the back of the chair in preparation to hold her down so that Peter could get the scent close enough to her nose.

If she had cooperated, she could easily smelled it just fine from where she was, but we needed her to get a big enough of a whiff to trigger an involuntary reaction in her thoughts so that Edward could get the information we needed. We all knew at this point that she would recognize the scent or she wouldn't have been making such a fuss about all this.

Seeing what was about to happen, Alice quickly tried to jump to her feet in an attempt to get away, but Emmett was faster, grabbing her by her shoulders and pushing her back down into the chair, keeping her there. She tried to use her hands to fight them off, but Charlotte managed to catch them, holding them still.

"I wish it didn't have to be like this," Carlisle murmured in disappointment, holding his mate tightly in his arms as she buried her head in his chest. I could understand their pain when it comes to seeing someone that you love in this position, but they both knew that this was necessary and that she was forcing our hands by the way that she was acting.

Alice screeched and fought with those holding her and tried to kick out with her feet, causing Rosalie to jump in, wrapping her arms around her shins and holding them together so that she couldn't continue to try to kick Peter every time he got close enough with the little plastic baggie that held the sample inside of it. Every time she made a move, I could feel Bella tense in my arms, her newborn instincts warring within her.

"A little help here, Major?" Peter quirked a brow, looking over at me.

Feeling one of those 'duh' moments pass through me, I sent a shit load of calm towards Alice to keep her from struggling any longer, as well as compliance, but she continued to try to fight it off, causing me to increase the amount until she finally sagged in chair.

"Damn, she's a slippery little thing," Emmett muttered as Peter finally got the scent up and under her nose, but Alice was still holding her breath.

"Well, what the fuck are we supposed to do now? She can hold her breath forever!" Rosalie complained, looking over at the rest of us.

Pursing my lips, an idea flashed through my mind, and I quickly sent her enough lethargy, calm and fatigue to put out an entire gymnasium full of humans before a vision could hit her of my plan. As the emotions hit her, she completely slumped over in the arm chair as if she had suddenly fallen asleep.

"What the fuck?" Emmett reacted first, staring down at Alice in befuddlement.

"Is she… sleeping?" Bella asked, peaking further around me in intrigue.

Grinning, Peter looked over at me. "Good thinkin', Major." He said, knowing where I was going with this.

"How is this possible?" Carlisle wondered out loud.

"It's something that I used to do back in the Newborn Wars when we would need to transfer a captive." I informed the room. "Vampires can't technically sleep and dream, but they can be knocked unaware."

"How long will she stay like this?" Esme asked me worriedly.

I shrugged, "Until I wake her myself."

"This could work," Edward nodded, reading into my thoughts on what I planned to accomplish with this act.

"I don't understand?" Bella looked up at me questioningly.

"Peter will have the scent under her nose when I wake her, causin' her to instinctively breathe in. She won't know what's happenin' at first, causin' her to be disoriented and won't be guarding he thoughts." I clarified. "But I will only send her enough awareness so that she's only somewhat out of it, and not so alert that she is confused or actin' instinctively."

"Well, why didn't we do this before?" Emmett grumbled.

"Yeah, she kicked me in the head." Rose complained.

I rolled my eyes. "It didn't come to mind until now."

"Besides, wouldn't she have seen his decision if he didn't momentarily come up with this?" Bella stuck up for me. I smiled down at her in appreciation, pulling her against my side and pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Rose rolled her eyes, "I guess she has a point."

"Can we just get this over an' done with?" Char huffed. "I'd prefer to not to have to sit here all day with this stubborn bitch, and this is only the tip of the ice berg with things regarding Alice."

"She's right, Major." Peter nodded, reminding us all that there were other things that Alice had to answer for, though I had a feeling that we wouldn't be getting anything out of her today, especially after what we're about to do. But it didn't mean that we weren't going to damn well try.

"Be ready," I instructed everyone before I began to send Alice small steady streams of awareness, bringing her out of her unconscious state. As I predicted, she immediately took in a breath, causing her to tense up and her eye lids to fly open, however, due to the other emotions I was sending along with the awareness, she couldn't react fast enough.

Emmett grabbed her shoulders once again, keeping her pinned down in the chair while the rest of us remained circled around her. Our heads all turned to look towards Edward and saw that his eyebrows were drawn together in confusion, however his emotions showed triumph.

He got it.

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