Demigod Drama

Chapter One


A/N: Sequel to "Demigod Delight". For some reason, I felt it needed one. Jason struggles to come to terms with what happened between he and Leo, while meanwhile, Nico returns to camp and has an interesting reunion with Percy.

Pairings: Jason x Leo, Percy x Nico

Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns it, I do not, and I make no money from this work.

Jason tried to forget that he'd just given up his innocence to Leo, when the eyes of his other campers fell on him. The two of them exited the Hesphaestus cabin, but now a lot more eyes seemed to be on them. Did they know, or was this just the welcoming commitee? Either way, Jason felt exposed, put on display somehow. Then Piper was running toward him. Jason's stomach clenched slightly as she ran into his embrace. What had he just done? He'd cheated on her with Leo. He and Piper shared a brief kiss, but it didn't feel right somehow. He had gotten a taste of Leo's lips, and now he wasn't sure anyone else's could compare. Piper pulled away from the kiss and eyed him.

"You okay?" she asked him.

"Yeah," he lied. "Just peachy."

"Jason, please don't lie to me," Piper implored him.

Jason wrapped his arms around himself and began to walk away, not stopping for Piper's pleas, or for the strange looks from his fellow campers. He didn't stop until he reached the Zeus cabin and shut the door. Now he really was confused. Piper was no longer that good at kissing, in fact, she didn't seem to be all that good looking since he'd had a taste of the forbidden fruit. Speaking of which, there was soon a knocking, it was surely dark and handsome himself.

"Jason, it's Leo," his friend shouted from outside.

Jason sighed and opened the door. His friend just marched right in.

"Jason look, about what happened..." Leo began.

"It was a mistake," Jason said. "It can't happen again."


Leo felt as if acid was filling his stomach. A mistake? Is that what Jason had thought it had been? Leo wrapped his arms around himself and turned away from Jason coldly.

"No Leo, that's not what I meant," Jason said apologetically.

"What?" Leo snorted. "I should have known. Perfect Jason, I never had a chance. Was it just a fuck for you?"


Jason hated himself because of what he felt he had to say next. He knew Leo would hate him for awhile, but maybe that was the best way, put him down now before things got too complicated.

"Was it just a fuck for you?" had been the question.

"Wasn't it for you?" Jason replied, keeping his voice even.

Leo shook his head and laughed a hard laugh.

"Just like you," he said snidely. "I thought maybe you cared for me the way I cared for you. Boy was I wrong. That's me, silly, foolish, naive Leo."

Jason wanted to tell him he was wrong, but then he thought of Piper and what all the other campers would think, and even of Thalia briefly.

"Leo I'm sorry," Jason said in almost a whisper. "I really am sorry."

Leo looked at him sadly and then stormed out. Jason huffed and kicked the nearby wall. What the hell was wrong with him? He looked up at the statue of his father, lightning bolt clutched in hand. Jason felt his uncertainty and other emotions building. A charged blast gathered in his hand and then he hurled it at a nearby vase in frustration, shattering it with a loud crack of lightning. Meanwhile, a cloaked and hooded figure was approaching the camp from outside, but no one was aware of his presence it seemed. The boy was obviously a demigod, and a rather grim looking one at that. He had black hair, cold black eyes, and an olive complexion, quite Italian looking.


Nico looked around the camp and smirked to himself. Just like them to not notice he was there. Something about Hades children was quite repelling. Still if he was a monster they'd have been totally off guard. Nico Di Angelo looked at the Poseidon cabin up ahead and stared at it long and hard. He wondered if his old rival Percy was around, and grinned at the thought of giving him hell. He snapped his finger and a skeleton came up out of the ground.

"Let's have a little fun," Nico whispered to his minion. "No my pet?"

To be continued...