Chapter Five


Leo paced around the Hephaestus cabin, his arms folded, looking down at the ground. Once again he was Leo Valdez, the last man out, the short end of the stick guy. He barely heard the door to his cabin open, but he knew who it was.

"Hi," he said emotionessly, turning to face Jason.

"Leo," Jason said quietly.

"Why did you come back?" Leo asked in a hurt voice. "Piper dump you? Come to settle for second best?"

"No," Jason whispered, stepping foreward. "I came to claim the first and only person I could ever be with. I told Piper that I loved you, and that I didn't understand it any better then she did."

Leo looked up into his eyes, seeing the truth in them. Jason cupped his cheek gently.

"Leo," Jason said gently. "You're so giving, and so kind, and I have fallen completely and irrevokably in love with you."

It was Jason who initiated it this time, pressing their lips together. Leo was allowing him, and he felt the other boy's gradual acceptance of the truth, as the kiss became less reluctant.


Leo knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted Jason, he wanted to let himself get fucked.

"Jason," Leo whispered, breaking the kiss. "I think this ordeal has shown us who needs who. I'm the one who needs you, more then I've ever needed anyone. I want you to fuck me."

"Sure?" Jason asked him. "From our last encounter I figured you were the man."

"Usually I think," Leo replied. "I need you right now, so badly it hurts."

Leo grabbed Jason's hand and placed it on his hardened bulge in his jeans.

"See how I need you?" Leo asked breathily.

Jason growled and pulled him into a rough kiss. There was nothing gentle about the encounter, it was charged and needy. He quickly unbuttoned Leo's pants as their lips clashed furiously, their tongues doing a wild tango. Jason roughly and quickly lowered Leo's jeans and boxers, and wrapped his hand around the Latino boy's cock. He began to pump it, making Leo moan and pant into the kiss.

"Fuck," Leo moaned out, pulling apart from the kiss, and removing his shirt himself. "I need you right now."

Jason groaned as he worked to remove his clothes, throwing them on top of Leo's garments in a messy pile. Jason turned Leo around and bent him over his bunk. He plowed his tongue into Leo's asshole, something he had been curious to taste.

"Jason..." Leo panted and sighed. "Oh my god!"

Jason growled and worked his tongue in and out. Then he stood up and positioned himself, beginning to press forward. Leo released a gasp and then a loud moan as his friend filled him up. He grabbed his cock and began to jerk it. Jason grabbed his ass globes and began pounding into him.

"Yeah fuck me!" Leo pleaded.

"Good little bitch," Jason rasped, plowing into the tightness.

Leo took his cock, bouncing back in timing with Jason's thrusts, getting filled up and stretched to the max. Leo grabbed his balls and held them as he enjoyed the sensation. Then he willed Jason to sit down and re-positioned himself before sitting down on the blond's cock.

"Ungh!" Jason moaned, throwing his head back in ecstasy.

Leo went up and down, bouncing on the length, as he elicitied moan after moan from Jason.

"Fuck Leo," Jason cried out. "I'm gonna cum."

Leo pulled himself off Jason's cock just enough for his friend to jack until he painted his asshole with his white hot semen. Jason massaged Leo's rim with his seed, and slipped his dick back in, removing it again.

"Oh my god!" Leo cried out.

He jerked himself and when he was close, Jason knelt down with his face under Leo's cock. Leo grabbed Jason's hair and shot his seed all over his friend's face in thick ropes.

"Damn," Leo gasped as he panted.

Jason sat in his lap and the two of them kissed passionately. They pulled apart and Jason looked into his eyes, smiling. Leo smiled back and they kissed again, this time the gentle kiss of lovers. Once again I must say, sorry Piper, but you missed out.

The End