Arthor's Note: Hey, um...I added something here just for the heck of it. If you readers don't know about Hetalia, I sorta suggest that you watch that anime. ^.^ It's a good anime. It tells about history in a funny way. I know all kinds of useless facts now! you can skip some parts of this story since it has Hetalia in it. Not really important to the story though, so you can skip...

Final Five

"So Axel managed to convince them?" Blade asked. Twilight nodded. "How so?"

"Well…he got out his chakrams, threatened them, and they gave in." Her friend stared at her. Then his face broke into a smile.

"That's good persuasion."

"Does that mean I can-?" Axel started.

"Hell no!" the two friends chorused.

"Are we starting yet?" Terra asked. The two friends looked at him before Twilight let out a squeal.

"He finally talked!" she cried, hugging him.

"Get your hands off of him!" Ven said. Everyone stared at him. He started to sweat. "Hell with it! I don't like him! Aqua does! You don't want to be around when she's angry…"

"How do you know?" Kairi asked. He smiled.


"What about him?"

"Told me."

"Let's just start…hey, where's Blade?" Twilight asked. They looked around. Indeed, the black and white spiked hair boy wasn't seen. (remember, I was still back in the other form…)

"Did anyone see where he went?" everyone shook their heads.

"Are we going to start without him then?" Saix asked.

"Twilight sighed, "We probably have to…"

The Land of Departure: Departure: Take 1

"Terra!" Ven yelled as he raced down the steps. Terra turned just in time when Ven bumped into him.

"Cut! Ven, not too fast. You're going to knock Terra…again," Twilight said.

"Ven! This is the tenth time! Get it right!" Terra shouted.

"I'm telling Aqua that you're being mean to me!"

"…never mind."

Ven grinned.


"Vee~!" Twilight turned to find the source.

"Italy! What are you doing here?" she asked. The actors looked at the nation with confusion.

"I'm hiding from Germany and Japan!" he answered. "And I think France and England are trying to take over me again."

Twilight sighed, "Fine. I guess you can stay a bit…"

~Hetalia Hearts!~

The Land of Departure: Departure: Take 2

This time, Ven raced down the stairs without bumping into Terra. "I-," Ven started, only to be stopped by Terra ruffling his hair.

"It's okay," Terra replied.

"No! It's not okay! How are you going to tell Aqua?"


"You still haven't confessed your love for her! Come on! Go tell her!" Ven proceeded with pushing Terra from behind and up the stairs. Terra ruefully went. Italy turned to Twilight.

"Aren't you going to say cut?"

"Nah. I want to see the fire. Then I'll say it."

~Hetalia Hearts!~

The Land of Departure: The Unversed Threat: Take 1

"What's happened?" Terra asked, blushing.

"I don't know," Aqua replied, ignoring the blush. "Why isn't Ven here?"

"Very well then," Master Eraqus said to a shiny jewel. "I will send my pupils to investigate. Yes, I understand. Farewell."

The two stood in attention as the master went over to them.

"That was my good friend, Yen Sid. As you know…"


"…Terra?" Aqua looked at him. His blush grew larger.

"Cut!" Twilight called. She got out of her seat. "Aqua! Can you and Ven make more cookies? We're getting hungry over here!" she gestured to the Organization playing with cards.

"Ha ha! Pay up!" Roxas said to Xigbar.

"Aren't you supposed to be directing?"

"There's nothing wrong with directing with a cookie!"

"That's true, Aqua," Eraqus coughed. "I was hoping you might make some more."

"You ate them as well?"

"Pasta! I want some pasta too!"

~Hetalia Hearts!~

The Land of Departure: Wayfinder: Take 1

"Hey, Aqua. Have you ever wonder what stars are. Where the lights come from?"

"Hmm…well they say-."

"That every star up there is another world." The two turned.


"Yup. Hard to believe there are so many worlds out there besides our own. The lights are their hearts. And they're shining down on us like a million lanterns."

"Oh, I thought stars were giant balls of gas, burning billions of miles away."

"Cut! Ven!" Twilight yelled.

"What? It was in my script!"


"Let's see." Ven handed Twilight the script. She shook it.

"Apparently, somebody added that line in. It's supposed to be from the Lion King."


"Hey, Twilight! I'm going to make pasta!" Italy said, heading into the kitchen.

"I guess we can all use a break…" Twilight rubbed her eyes.

~Hetalia Hearts!~

Another Interruption!


"Ahhhhhhh! It's Germany!" Italy hid behind Twilight. The nation stomped up to the girl and easily yanked Italy away.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Italy continued to repeat as Germany dragged him away.

"Blade, you're back," Twilight noticed the boy on his chair.

"Hell, I didn't think he would be here. Searching the whole world for Italy," Blade ran a hand through his hair. "And this is Kingdom Hearts Fanfic too…"

"Sorry for the interruption," Japan said. Blade waved it away.

"So long as the rest of the cast were—"

"I say we take this land and make it as part of America!" a new voice spoke up.

"No, England's land!"

"China should get it! I'm the oldest!"

"I want this land. I want this land…France should get this land…"

"Everyone's so excited. Hello, Blade," Russia nodded to the boy. The Kingdom Hearts characters could see Blade's frustration.

"ALL YOU HETALIANS! OUT! OUT! OUT! YOU FILM SOMEWHERE ELSE!" Blade yelled as he pushed everyone out.

"Sorry," Japan repeated. As soon as the nations were out the door, Blade collapsed.


"Vee~!" Italy smiled. Blade glared at him. "I'm going!"

~Hetalia Hearts!~

Destiny Islands: Legacy: Take 1

Terra stood near the ocean, listening. Then he noticed a star washed up. He took out his Wayfinder.

"Somewhere out there, there's this tree with star shaped fruit," said Aqua's voice. Terra heard it and started to look around, not seeing the crooked tree.

"Where is it?" Terra asked himself. Aqua sighed and walked up to him. She held his head and turned it towards the tree.

"Oh!" Terra went red with embarrassment.


Radiant Garden: First Connection: Take 1

"Ienzo, where are you?" a man in a lab coat said. Ven's Keyblade disappeared. "Ah, there you are, child," the scientist continued. The boy Ven saved headed over to the scientist.

"…look! My Nobody!" Ienzo pointed to Zexion.

"Cut!" Blade said.

"Xemnas, move your organization somewhere else. Or else, Ienzo would get nightmares," Twilight said sweetly.

"Why do I care about some kid?"

"That 'kid' is me, you idiot!" Zexion whacked him with his Lexicon. "Who's superior now?"

Land of Dreams: A Perfect Fit: Take 1

Aqua glanced around worriedly. She had to do something. She was about to jump, but then was turned back to her normal size. She fell down, everyone staring at her.

"Oh! Would it be all right if I try on the glass slipper?"

"Hmm, I met you at the palace. You aren't the one the prince is looking for."

"But I am a girl. I should be given a chance to try it on."

"Who are you? What are you doing in my house?" the stepmother asked.

"She's probably here to rob us."

"Mother! Do something!"

"I have only two daughters. I think we are finished here, your grace."

"Regardless, she means no harm. Here you are, my dear." The duke handed Aqua the slipper. She had no choice but to put it on. The others couldn't believe it. It fits!

"Cut!" Blade rubbed his temples. "I thought it was supposed to fit only Cinderella."

"Is Aqua going to marry the prince?" Ven asked Terra. He shook his head angrily.

"Over my dead body," he growled.

Keyblade Graveyard: Kingdom Hearts: Take 1

Braig ran off. Aqua followed him for a while. Then she realized she forgot something.

"Ven!" she called. Ven was still struggling with breaking the ice. Then he looked up and gasped.

"Aqua!" he warned. She glanced at him puzzlingly. Vanitas fell from the top of the cliff, ready to knock out Aqua. Suddenly, a slight wind changed his course of direction.

"Cut! Cut! Cut!" Twilight yelled as Blade pushed Vanitas off of him.

"One more time," Blade said in a low voice. "and I will seriously kill you." Everyone could almost see Vanitas's face pale behind the mask.

The Keyblade Graveyard: The X-blade's Forging: Take 1

"The Unversed were the perfect opponents. And better yet, no matter how many times you defeat them, their negativity flows back right into me," Vanitas said.

"Wow, Zexion! You're not the only emo!" Axel laughed.

"Shut up!" Zexion yelled.


The Keyblade Graveyard: The X-blade's Forging: Take 2

Vanitas finished his long speech on the Unversed. He walked into Ventus, causing a huge explosion. Aqua's limp body, by the force of the blast, was rolling away. Soon, it fell of the cliff.

"OW!" she said.


"Aqua," Blade began, "you're supposed to be unconscious."

"You try to be unconscious when you're being rolled and fall off a rock!" Aqua said angrily.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" Blade chased after the frustrated girl. Twilight shook her head at them.

"Terra and Aqua," Ven said.

"Yup, the perfect couple." Van continued.

"Good luck," they chorused to Terra.

"Shut up!" he said.


"We're finally done!" everyone cheered.

"Blade, you okay?" Aqua asked him. The boy was laying on one of the couches.

"It's finally over…" he mumbled.

"Remember, it's over…but there's still KH3," Aqua grinned.

"Time to PARTY!" Axel shouted. The rest of the week was partying until the day when everyone was supposed to go home.

"Let's see, KH directing, check. Writing, check. Homework, check…"

"What are you doing, Blade?" Xion asked.

"Oh, I'm just checking off my list of things to do," Blade turned back to his list, "Cooking, check. Games, check."

Xion peeked over his shoulder. She could see a faint word at the bottom.

It said, "Academy."