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A Prayer For The Innocent

Chapter 1: Nothing But Lies

I hid behind my mother's skirt as I watched the movers bring the furniture into the house down the road from us. I watched a boy about my age do the same thing with his mothers skirt as well. He had looked about the same age as me; maybe a year or two older, with glowing blue eyes.

"c'mon sweetie." my mother murmured to me, holding her plate of cookies. We walked towards the blue eyed boy and his mother. "Hi, you must be the new neighbors.! I'm Anna Sue, and this is my daughter Avery." my mom introduced, nudging me forward. The woman's face lit up in a smile. "We baked you some cookies as a little welcoming gift."

"Awh, thank you so much, this is really sweet." the woman had the same eyes as her son, who still tried to stay hidden. "I'm Carla and this..."she had pushed the boy in front of her now resting her hands on his shoulders."Is Jonah."

"hi there." my mother waved to him. He looked at her for a split second and waved back. His mom bent down to his level, handing him a bouncy ball.

"Jonah, why don't you and Avery go play in the yard." she suggested. The two mothers nudged us along.

"How old are you?" I asked him.

"six." he answered holding out six fingers. "And a half." he added quickly nodding his head.

"Hey look!" I pointed to another little girl in his front lawn. "Is that your sister?" I asked him.

"No, just me. Do you know her.?" I shook my head. We walked over to the little girl.

"Hi!" Jonah said enthusiastically waving his little hand.

"hello." her voice was bit echoed.

"Me and Avery were going to play kickball. Wanna join?" she agreed happily and we spread out across the yard. Jonah kicked the ball to me and I went and kicked it to the little girl. But.. The ball went right through her. I stood in shock, as did Jonah.. I guess that we were the same back then as kids... Only difference is... I didn't see any after that, which I can remember. But Jonah kept seeing them... Seeing ghosts.

.A Prayer For The Innocent.

-Chapter 1: Nothing But Lies-

"We Come To Love Not By Finding A Perfect Person, But By Finding An Imperfect Person Perfectly..."

-Sam Keen

I walked down hallways of school, making my way to my locker at the end of the hallway. I exhaled greatly, whipping the sweat off my forehead then onto the skirt of my dress. Fidgeting with my lock, it finally opened, taking out my books and bag. I saw a group of boys laughing as they walked down the halls of school, pushing a dark haired boy along with them. I hid behind my locker door and watched as they exited the school. Looking out the window I saw them knock the boy, Jonah, down to the ground. I shut my locker and ran out the door and stood behind a bush secretly watching.

"What you gunna do now freak?" the leader of the pack snarled. Jonah just took the abuse, not fighting back, but even if he fought back, he would of lost, not that he is weak or anything, he is a fairly tall, built guy... It's just he was up against the baseball team practically. Each of the boys took a hit at him, Jonah laid on the dusty dirt and gravel ground. They all finally walked away laughing leaving the school campus. I ran over to the boy, as he tried the push himself up, but failing. I kneeled down next to Jonah trying to lean him up against the tree behind him.

"Are you alright?" I asked worriedly.

Jonah coughed. "Yeah, I think." he coughed again. "Yeah, thanks Avery." he gave a slight smile. I looked over to the bottom of his lip, which had a slight a cut that dripped a dark red liquid.

"Jonah, you're bleeding!" I put the end of my sleeve over my thumb and tried to wipe away some of the blood.

"Huh? Oh yeah I guess, didn't even notice." he shrugged his shoulders and I pulled away my hand. He started to get up and I followed suit.

"You didn't notice the gushing red liquid dripping from your lip?" I teased. He breathed out a laugh.

"Guess I got a bit oblivious there." Jonah smiled and brushed off his longish black hair and brown slacks.

"I haven't talked to you in a while, how have you been?"

"Just wonderful." he said sarcastically. "I just love getting hit by the schools best baseball player."

"Yeah why were they like.. Beating you up.?"

Jonah exhaled deeply. He went to go speak but someone had interrupted. "Look necro boy's gotta friend!" a kid called out in the distance, laughing obnoxiously with a few other people. His hands clenched into fist and his jaw tightened. The necro thing again. Why do people say the stupidest things. People torment Jonah because of this rumor that he can talk to the dead. That he was a medium of some sort. The kids at school, day after day would just keep making snippy remarks towards him, saying that he was going to Hell and that people are going to kill him. Just because his father owns a funeral pallor doesn't mean he can oh so magically talk to ghosties. God.. He's really been through a lot at school because of stupid rumors. But it's all just lies.

"Oh that thing. Just ignore them, it's just kids being stupid." we started to walk off of school grounds. Jonah was quiet and didn't speak. I turned to stand in front of him. His hair hung in his eyes that were the most magnificent shade blue. "They're just idiots."

"I know." He stated smiling slightly.

"Good, if you didn't I might of had to knock the sense into you, but it seems like the basketball team already did." he gave a slight chuckle.

"So what's new in your life? I haven't talk to you in forever."

"you mean forever, as in last week? it's really not that-"

"interesting.? I highly doubt it's not you should tell me what's on your mind! Your best friend! I feel a bit..." I started to elongate my words going up and down on different syllables. "Degraded here. I mean like do you expect so little out of me?" I giggled. "I'm only teasing. Don't worry."

"how do you fit so much spunk into a tiny body."

"Maybe is not that I'm short maybe it's just your too tall." I joked. He laughed.

"Really! It's boring. Just the occasional getting the hell beaten out of me because I'm insane and everyone kinda sorta hates me." he shrugs and breathes out a slight laugh.

"Oh that not true." I say.

"Don't think I'm crazy.?" he asked giving a sly smile.

"oh no. I think you're crazy." he frowned a bit. "But not because of that, and I don't hate you, do you know the meaning of best friend?" I smirked and he breathed out a laugh. "Oh C'mon Jonah, lighten up." I pushed. "Not everyone is out to get you like you think." I continued to walk in front of him, keeping a faster pace. Holding my books tight against me I felt my fingernail dig into the cover of my notebook. Why is everyone so mean to him.? It bugs me. Why can't everyone leave him alone? He is so cool. What's the point of coming up with such an absurd and stupid rumor because Dr. Aickmen runs the funeral parlor in town. I mean maybe living in a strict catholic neighborhood isn't the best place for people to gossip and lie about something like this. It is unnatural. It's supernatural. And sure it's not true but to me it would be cool if it was. Yeah it'd be weird but weird is interesting. Weird is real.

"Hey wait up!" I heard Jonah call. I flipped around to see him jogging up after me. He finally caught up; I didn't realize how far I walked.

"Yeah?" I asked trying to hold back a smile.

"I've gotta few questions of my own." he smirked. I returned the expression.

"Do you now.?" I turned back on my heels and started walking but at a slower pace. "About what.?"

"Well, what's new with you?"

"me! I'm not that interesting." I look at him out of corner of my eye playfully. "Unlike you and you're superpowers! Do you have a cape and everything?" I tease. Only I'm aloud to do that, no one else. He laughs and I giggle. "Only if they we're real."

"they don't seem like very fun superpowers. Couldn't I have something cool like flying or super strength?" I giggle again.

"Well if you did, I get to be your nifty sidekick!" Jonah chuckled.

"But of course." we walked down the side of the road that was lined with houses. A brilliant thought sprung into my head.

"I have the best idea!"

"Hurry and say it before it dies of loneliness." Jonah teases. I hit him on the shoulder with my books.

"Says the morticians' assistant!" Jonah laughs and so do I.

"So what's your brilliant beyond brilliant idea Ave?"

"we should go to the lake! Remember how we did when we were kids-"

"yeah and you almost drowned yourself and I had to jump in and save you." he smirks.

"and the time you thought you got attack by a shark but it was really just fish nibbling at your toes." I laugh Jonah try's to hold back a smile.

"we should." he agreed.

"Yes." I cheered, then we headed off.

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