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.A Prayer For The Innocent.

-Chapter 3: Snapping-

"...Elle me dit, Tu deviendras milliardaire, Tu auras da quoi etre fier, Ne finis pas comme ton pere..."

~Elle Me Dit by Mika

I don't bother to even change out of dress. I instantly fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I sit by the lake. The cool air hitting my face and its just before sunset. My feet dangle slightly in the chilled water and just look out into the never ending sky. I breathe. The place i wish i could be all the time is where i sit right now. My hair is down and is pulled evenly in front to lie on my chest and I'm wearing one of my nicer dresses, one I'd probably wear for church on Sundays. I can imagine my life here. On the lake all the time. I can imagine my life anywhere but Connecticut, I can imagine it without my mother and my father. The only two things I can't imagine my life without is Jonah and the Lake. Where all our dreams reside, and our memories too. Where'd we come when we'd have nowhere else to go. The first place we come when troubles reach our mind. The place that hasn't changed. The only thing that hasn't changed. If I lost either of the two a part of me would die. I feel tears slither down my lightly freckled cheeks. I hear my name being called and i see Jonah in the distance walking up next to me. He brushes a lock of hair behind my ear. I give a smile and he returns it. I go to lean up next to him only to fall onto the cold grass blades. My eyes widen in confusion as i sit back up. I look back up a Jonah. His crystal blue orbs wide with shock. I hold a hand up and he goes to press his own hand up against mine. Only for me to feel nothing. Nothing but cold air tickling at my palm. Sorrow and a bit of anger and pain fills my eyes as he tries to clutch my hand. He's a ghost. What a cruel trick for my mind to play on me. As he starts to fade out silent tears trail down my face. And one horribly stupid word comes to mind. Change.

I awoke knotted in my blankets and sheets, upside down and backwards on my bed, still tried from what i wished was a dreamless sleep. I brush out my knotted hair and put it back up into it's mid pony. The rest of my face looks slightly hollow from the rough nights sleep I had. I change into a casual blue dress and slip on my shoes, I rather wear sneakers but my parents don't allow it, every so often I'll sneak out with a pair in my bag and change into them. After doing all that I make my way downstairs I see my mother making coffee for herself and my father reading the morning paper. I say good morning to both of them and head out the door to meet Jonah. I look down at my watch and lean up against the mailbox for him. C'mon Jonah were gunna be late for school! I close my eyes and rub my forehead. School. The last place I want to be today. Tired, annoying, disgusting, irritating, irrational school. I hate it. Along with almost everybody in it. "boo." I hear a voice say to me. I flip around, my eyes almost popping outta my head and sucking in a breath. And there stood Jonah with a smirk plastered across his face.

"Jesus Christ! Give me a freakin' heart-attack why don't you!" I yell at him. He just chuckles.

"now, now Avery Ann, no need to be using the lords name in vein." Jonah teases.

"oh shut up, Jonah!" I scold. "I'm stressed out enough as it is with three test today."

"calm yourself Ave. You'll do just fine." he reassured.

"no I won't." I say flatly. "school is annoying and stupid and if it was alive I'd kill it and bury it in the backyard."

"well, that's a very nice thought there Avery but uh, school is not alive, you cannot kill it, meaning that you can't bury it in the backyard. Hate to burst your bubble there." jonah informed sarcastically. I give him a glare. "oh calm yourself, how bout after school we go down to the lake again."

"sure, as long as I'm not suspended for murdering someone." I roll my eyes.

"well I think murder would call for expulsion but uh-" I gave him another glare. "I'm just gunna stop talking now."

"that would be the smart thing to do." I inform giving an annoyed smile.

"what's got you on edge today?" he asks with a bit of confusion in his voice. My strangly dream comes to mind.

"nothing..." I mutter. "bad dream, that's all."

"now are you just going to tell me or am I going to have to pry it out of you?" Jonah gives a crooked smile. I give him a bit of a look.

"The lake burnt down." I grit, lying through my teeth. That would be a nightmare, but the one I had just felt so much worse. Jonah was quiet for a second.

"well, it was just a dream, okay Ave?" he told me, pulling me into a one armed hug.

"it's sounds so stupid, but it felt so real." I confess. I was reassuring for me that it was a dream, because Jonah's right here with his arm around me. And if the lake burned down, yeah I'd be upset but if Jonah wasn't real, I think I'd truly die. "let's go off to school." and we continue to walk to the school.

I sat in the classroom, wishing I had a sweater. It was almost the end of the day and honestly I couldn't wait to get the hell outta there. The bell finally rung and the students file out into the halls. I my make my way through the students. And then, I hear the yelling. I push through the crowd to see two boys from the football team picking on Jonah and my blood boils. "what are you going to do, necro boy." the bigger of the two sneers at him. My mind goes back to my dream and I will never let that happen. I go up to the boys.

"leave him alone." I glare at the boy.

"Avery, go." Jonah growls at me.

"yeah, listen to the necro boy, cutie, go." he says banging Jonah into the locker.

"I said let him go!" I went a pushed the football player away. I just did what no one would ever think. I challenged the captain of the football team and then assaulted him. Yep, I'm dead.

"you little-" the boy shoves me aside. My temper lays even thinner. "now where were we?" he asks mockingly to Jonah. "oh yeah." he holds out his fist, ready to swing.

"did you not here me! I said let him-" I jump on the boys back. "go!" I yell at him.

"get her off me!" the boy says to his friend. I give the other one a glare and he backs off. I feel some one pull my off by my waist.

"let me go! I didn't punch him hard enough to break his nose!" I yell, struggling against the force. The two football players go off not saying another word to us. I hear is a faint 'she's crazy' and that's it.

"Avery." the voice soothes. "Avery, please calm down." it was Jonah. I stop struggling after a few more seconds and turn into him. His blue eyes peer down at me, confused and cross. "are you crazy, Ave!" he asks me his voice a bit flustered.

"that is a stupid question." I state bluntly.

"why would you even get involved with that!"

"can we leave first then talk..." I say quietly, my eyes fixated on my shoes. I hear jonah exhale.

"fine, alright, let's go." he mutters, practically pushing me out of the building. We walk quietly till we're a little more than half way to the lake.

"what's your problem today, Avery? You're extremely jumpy this morning, couldn't pay attention at all in class, you were completely disconnected during lunch and you almost had a meltdown in the hall." Jonah says his voice a bit confused and stern at the same time. I took a breath, I didn't want to tell him about the dream... Well more like nightmare. I just wouldn't- couldn't tell him. "Avery." he pushes.

"I-I don't know. I'm just a bit on edge, that's all." I say weary of my words.

"you're lying." he says aminet. "I can tell."

"no I'm not Jonah!" I lie. Lying about lying, how stupid. Just plain stupid. "I wouldn't lie to you." he let's out a dry chuckle.

"you lie to me all the time!" he nearly smiles, the conversation getting light for a second.

"I bet you lie to me too." I respond, it becoming dense again. Jonah doesn't say anything. Barely even breathes and his jaw tenses. We arrive at the lake and we stand under that large old tree. "Jonah?" I question wearily. "what are you keeping from me?" my voice is quiet and shakey. He just stood there, refusing to look at me. His furious blue eyes cast their gaze away into the distance. I grew dangerously impatient. "fine, I'll go first, that dream I had, that's what's been bugging me. And it wasn't about the lake burning to ashes, It was me sitting right down where I was yesterday and when you came over and tried to give me a hug, I fell right through you." I pull back of a second, collecting little thoughts. "like a... Ghost." his eyes slowly lurk their way back over to me.

"a ghost..." he mutters, giving another dry chuckle. I wait for him to say something like, 'you're just like the rest of them' or 'you don't trust me?' or something. But he didn't. "and what's that supposed to mean?" Jonah's voice was not sarcastic or sour, a tad bit bitter but it worried me.

"I don't know..." I whisper. He walks up real close, towering over me. I look up to see the solemn expression on Jonah's face and my stomach ties into a knot.

"what do you want to know, Avery?" he grumbles. "huh?" his blue eyes turn dark. "tell me!" he nearly yells, it makes me flinch. I've been in fights with Jonah before, ones with way more yelling and screaming, but for some reason, this one seemed worse. Way worse.

"I want to know the truth!" I yell back. I can't contain myself anymore, I feel my hands shake erratically. "tell me the truth, Jonah!" my eyes are wide and adrenaline spikes in through my veins. He grabs my wrists and I try to pull away with no avail.

"it's true." he grits. "does that make you feel better now? To know that it's true." Jonah... This is what he kept inside all these years from me. And I tell myself I can't be mad at him even though I want to because right now I can see him breaking and right now, the way he yelled, I saw a glimpse of Dr. Aickman. And I will not let Jonah turn into him. "I can communicate with the dead." I'm speechless to say the least. Even though I had always had a feeling it was true. I finally break my wrists from his grip and throw them around his next, hugging him tightly. And I'm not falling through like the dream. I'm able to feel the heat and hear his heartbeat, that I can clarify that it only was just a dream. I don't want to say anything to heavy, anything to serious so I say the first thing that comes to mind.

"so does this mean I can be your sidekick?" I murmur into his ear. I feel him chuckle. Jonah's arms latch tight around my waist and he spins me around. I let out a shriek.

"of course." he tells me.