Okay, so I like to jump on bandwagons – what can I say... Everyone else is whumping Steve McGarrett so why shouldn't I? Thing is with Steve, not only is he hotter than hell, he's a SEAL - you gotta hit the guy pretty damn hard to hurt him…

Shameful, plotless whump ahoy!

Hope you enjoy my first attempt at Five-0 fiction,

Supernoodle - 10th Aug 2011



Some would say that Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarett was stoic. That's because those people didn't know him like Danny did.

Steve was many things, but stoic? No, not really – What he was was badass, and there was a big difference. Steve didn't just put on a brave face; the guy literally barely seemed to register pain. Whether it was his super-SEAL training at Annapolis, or like Chin had suggested, he was born without the pain gene as well as the fear, Danny didn't know. What he did know was that he'd seen Steve shot in the shoulder and still cracking jokes, had seen him beaten all to hell and still Steve was ready to fight. A tazer to the throat barely put him down for ten minutes, a badly broken arm and concussion was shrugged off in an afternoon.

Danny's bum knee had taken months to heal and yes, he'd moaned about it. A lot.

When they'd first started working together, Danny had done some homework on his new partner. He'd needed to know just who the crazy guy who was going to get him killed was. Danny now knew all about Navy SEALs and the training they put themselves through. He knew about the lunacy that was Hell Week and the drownproofing and the fact that only about ten percent of candidates made it through the program. That made Steve McGarrett the crème de la crème of badasses. But the more Danny got to know Steve, the more he realised why he approached his work in Five-0 the way he did.

To Lieutenant Commander McGarett there were no criminals to be arrested, there were only enemies to be defeated. And his lack of appreciation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments came from the fact that they just didn't apply in combat situations. When there were people shooting at you with RPGs, you didn't read them their rights, you took them down as hard and as fast as you could.

Danny would never tell McGarrett this, but having a Navy SEAL in your corner was kind of cool. That is, when he wasn't being shot at because of him.

So no, Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarett wasn't stoic – he was a lean, mean, ass-kicking machine, and that's why the pitiful noises coming from the barn next door were making Danny's blood run cold.

He'd been waiting for what seemed like hours for Li Zhang and his men to leave the old barn. Kono and Chin were in position just outside and half a dozen HPD were on the outskirts of the deserted farm, just waiting for their orders. It seemed like Li had wanted Steve from the get go after Five-0 had busted his trafficking operation the month before, and after running his truck off the road up at the top of the dirt track out by Oahuna's old place, Steve is what Li had. Chin had found the truck all banged up on its side two days ago, tyres shot out, windscreen smashed on the driver's side. There hadn't been any blood on the upholstery, but that didn't mean that Steve wasn't hurt. And as much as it was killing him, Danny knew there's was no way he could just go in, all guns a blazing and get his partner back – he wasn't a SEAL, he was a regular Joe from New Jersey - he couldn't pull off the crazy stunts that his partner seemed to pull on purpose just to scare the crap out of him. He had no idea how many bad guys were in there, where Steve was and what Li had done to him. God, what had he done to him? Danny had made a fist so tight that blood had welled up in his palm when he'd first heard his partner's hoarse screams of pain, and now the screaming had stopped, replaced with breathless, agonised sobbing, which was somehow far worse.

People didn't make sounds like that unless they were being tortured.

Just when he thought he couldn't take any more, that he was going to do something rash and stupidly dangerous, as much like McGarrett as he was ever going to be, there was movement and Li walked past Danny's hiding place, bodyguards in tow. Danny counted to twenty, not being able to wait any longer, and brandishing his firearm, he slipped into the middle of the barn where Steve was being held – hoping to God that the trap they had set for Li would pan out. All he could do was trust his team now, and trust in the HPD; he'd done all he could. The only thing he really cared about now was getting to his partner before it was too late.

The case had been a bad one from the start – Li Zhang had once been a high ranking official in the Chinese Communist party, now he was a people trafficker. He charged desperate, persecuted people thousands of dollars for the promise of a new life in America – eschewing communism for capitalism in the worst possible way. When his victims finally arrived in the United States, Li took their money and forced them into virtual slavery. A container holding nearly fifty close to death Chinese nationals had been found at the docks, Men, Women and Children who were quickly freed, hospitalised and placed under State protection pending Li's arrest, and Danny had quickly learned a whole bunch of god-awful, gut churning things that he could have happily gone his whole life without knowing. China, it seemed, was not always so hot on the whole concept of human rights and torture seemed to be an everyday occurrence.

Danny had seen some bad things in his time. It came with the territory he guessed, being a cop you had good cases where everything turned out peachy in the end, and then you had bad cases. The trick was to not let things settle. When he began to think that the world was really a stinking cess pit of depravity, and there were days lately when this is all he could think – despite the endless Hawaiian sunshine - all he had to do was watch his little girl having a tea-party with her stuffed animals on the lawn and it all became worth it again. Gracie usually made everything okay, but he had a feeling it was going to take more than a hug from his daughter to make this day better.

Five-O had arrested Li on two previous occasions but to their frustration, both times he'd walked on a technicality. The last time on his way out of the station, Li had threatened the SEAL with a slow, painful death if he ever came near him again to which Steve had replied by laughing in his face. Danny was just praying that he hadn't come through on his promise.

"McGarrett?" Danny whispered, edging his way into the barn. He knew that Li was far from stupid and had probably left guards to make sure that Steve stayed captured. And if he had, then too bad for them, because Danny wasn't taking prisoners today. "Steve?"

He could still hear his partner making that pitiful sound and it was freaking him the hell out. If the idiot had only waited for him instead of going off all Rambo as usual. If only he'd taken a moment to realise that when someone threatened to kill you, Super-SEAL or not, it was actually possible for them to succeed.

McGarrett didn't seem to be frightened of anything or anyone and Danny had realised some time ago that this was not one of his partner's many assets. This was the thing that was going to get him killed.

"Steven?" Danny hissed as he edged his way along the crates that were stacked around the room. He was getting closer, he could smell cigarette smoke and sour sweat and the unmistakable butcher-shop smell of blood, and there was a tiny beep-beep-beep of someone texting on a cheap, disposable cell phone. Holding out his gun, Danny checked the safety one last time and taking a deep breath, he stepped round the edge of the crate.

Would say I'm sorry to leave it on a cliffy, but building up tension -that's what writing's about. And remember, feedback makes the Supernoodle type faster...