Author's Note: This is the very first thing I would consider a "real" fanfic that I'm gonna write. It's based after a dream I had a few nights ago, and I finally pieced all the parts together in my head… well, most of them anyway. So, HERE! WE! GO!

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Pax the Dreamer Presents

A Bittersweet Candy Bowl Fanfic

The Yibirth Macisto

Chapter 1: Bullied

When you're hurt, it's easy to get angry. And in that anger, you do things that you would never do otherwise. It's easy to hurt when you're hurt. Just beware… and watch out that you don't become the thing you seek to destroy.

Enter Lucy:

My name's Lucy, as you can see from the "Enter Lucy" not two lines above this one. I'm fifteen years old, a sophomore at the High School, and I'll be the first to admit I can be hotheaded at times. You could also say that I'm also stubborn, clingy, and have Bipolar disorder, but shut up, who asked you?

I have a few pets that look up to me like a mother. There's Yashi, a little creature that looks a bit like a baby Yoshi from Mario games, a little bird, and there's even this hedgehog that mothers me more than my own mother does.

Oh yeah, and I was told to specify I'm a cat. Apparently, this detail can be missed by you humans. I live in a world where animals, like dogs and cats, walk on two legs and talk.

Now that's out of the way, I guess I have to tell you how I look to paint a picture in your mind. Instead, I'm just going to point to the webcomic and say "look it up you retards." Anything that can be described by just spending the effort to get off your lazy ass and look it up yourself I'm skipping over.

I've got a few friends that I go to school with, too. There's Daisy, who has an amazing brain, but good God, she has practically no common sense at all! She's one of those people you can honestly see being raped if you don't keep an eye on her.

There's also her boyfriend, Abby. He's a sweet enough guy, wrapped around Daisy's little finger, though. I wouldn't be surprised if I walked by one day and saw them leaving the Mall, Abby carrying all of Daisy's bags like a pack mule. Of course, Daisy's too nice to do that to him. Anyway, to every good side there's a bad. Abby has some… issues. A lot of anger bottled up. I never really did learn what exactly it was all about, but I'm pretty sure it's about his father.

Then there's Paulo. He's not so much my friend as he is… okay, I guess you could consider him my friend. He cares about me at least… which is more than I can say for a lot of people. He can be a jackass at times, but at other times, he can really be nice… oh get that look off your face, he's taken. And I wouldn't date him if he were the last man on Earth (if you bring up the time I almost slept with him, I will hunt you down and beat you with a stick).

I don't really know a lot about his girlfriend, other than her name: Jasmine. She does a lot of extracurricular activities, but that's the extent of my knowledge.

I do know about Paulo's best friend, though. His name's David, and by God, he is quite possibly one of the stupidest beings on the face of the planet. I don't even know how he got this far in school, and I go to a lot of the same classes as him!

And then… there's Mike. Oh, Mike… he used to be my best friend… and, uh… well, I sorta… fell in love with him. He doesn't love me back, though. He's busy having a long-distance relationship with Sandy. Is there really something wrong with me? A girl he hasn't seen in years and who lives hundreds of miles away means more to him than I do…

What am I doing, writing that? This isn't a diary, this isn't the place for me to write my feelings! No… no, this is written to record one of the biggest events in my life. I'm going to tell you about the day one Squirrel almost made the whole world his bitch.

I'll begin the story the same day I started to notice. It was a Wednesday afternoon, a little sunny outside. The bell was ringing, and I was at my locker, putting my books away. Play rehearsal wasn't on that day, so I was free to go home and… do nothing, I suppose. I don't really hang out with anyone, and videogames aren't as fun when I can't whoop Mike's ass.

"Hey Lucy!" a voice called as I closed my locker. I turned to see Daisy running up to me, that classic smile on her face.

"Me and Sal were going to get our nails done," she said in a bubbly voice, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "And we were wondering if you'd like to come with us!"

Getting my nails done? Why not just strap me down in a chair and drill holes in my head?

"…no thanks," I managed. "I have a lot of homework to get done."

It wasn't technically a complete lie. I did have to read a chapter for History. Well, a section. Okay, just a page, but shut up.

"Oh… okay," Daisy said, sounding a little disappointed. "Well… maybe tomorrow?"

"I have to rehearse for the play, remember?"

"How about Friday or Saturday? Are you free on the weekend?"

I sighed inwardly. There was no escaping this girl…

"Yeah, I think I'm free this weekend," I told her.

"Yay!" she did a little jump for joy and hugged me. "Don't worry a bit, Lucy! I'll make sure to plan a wonderful day for you!"

She skipped off, leaving me to contemplate the best way to occupy my weekend without hurting her feelings. Grabbing my books, I left the school and made my way home. On the way, I heard some screaming. I turned my head to see a little seventh grader, a Squirrel, being chased by a bunch of kids with sticks.

"Leave me alone!" the Squirrel said, wincing as they threw rocks at him. I wondered for a minute if I should have done something, but by the time I made up my mind, they ran around the corner and were out of sight.

"…hope that kid's gonna be alright," I muttered, heading back home.

Enter Ned:

Hi, I'm the Squirrel. My name's Ned. You know… like it said above. I'm in seventh grade, and I'm 12 years old. Those guys chasing me? They're bullies. They chase me all the time. Sometimes they really hurt me, like they were trying to do that day. Most of the time I run away, but… I just tell my Mom that I fell on the swings or something, because I'm scared what they'll do to me if I tell.

Well anyway, that day I was stumbling, running from the bullies. "Stop, please!" I panted, looking around for something to find. After my head was hit with a rock, I looked up to see an old abandoned house. Making a U-turn, I jumped through one of the old windows and sprinted down a set of stairs to the basement, closing the door behind me.

"Hey, where is that little fur ball?" I heard one of the bullies ask.

"Ah forget him, we'll get him tomorrow," another one said. I heard them all leave. I sat there, shaking for a minute. Then, I started crying, curling up on the ground.

"It's not-not fair…" I sobbed to myself. "Why do they hurt me like that? *Hic* I just want… I want to get away… somewhere those jerks would never find me…"

As I cried on the ground, I heard something heavy fall. I sniffled and picked my head up to see what fell. It turned out to be a book. Blinking, I reached a hand out and pulled the book closer to me. It was open on the first page, which said:

"Follow the instructions in this book, and all your dreams will come true."

I liked how that sounded. I closed the book and read the cover to see what this thing was. It was black leather, gold letters spelling out the title:

"Yibirth Macisto"

Author's Note: Should he trust the book? Will his life become much better by following the instructions? Short answer, no. Welp, until next time, this is Pax the Dreamer, signing out!