When worlds collide

Chapter one

The wind was strong and the dramatic crashing waves spat spray and salt onto the dampening sand. A man in a grey trench coat walked; a lone figure along the sky line, blending in with his grey setting and becoming part of the dreary scene as he walked. Slowly but purposefully, although as far as the eye could see there was nowhere for him to go. The rain lashed furiously at his face sticking his raggedy, floppy hair to his chiseled face. His expression: unreadable.

A large roar of thunder escaped from the heavens as two more figures appeared on the beach from nowhere. The two new arrivals stood stationary in the path of the lonely wonderer as they waited for him to approach.

Her blonde hair glimmered as if it had its own source of sun and her ocean blue eyes danced around her glowing face. Her smile was only matched in size by the man, a good distance taller than her, who stood by her side his loving arm slung around her waist holding her close. His mess of brown hair remained gravity defying as they stood there in the vicious rain. It seemed a pool of radiance and warmth surrounded them as they waited on the dark beach. It Rose and her human Doctor, on their beach. On Bad wolf bay.

The man who walked towards them quickened his pace smoothly and soon he was approaching them rapidly, like with each stride he was shedding some of the weight that had been holding him back before.

"Hello" he smiled his once blank face now a picture of optimism and glee as he stood before them. Saying Rose's smile couldn't have got any bigger would have been a lie, as she spoke her smile swelled making her eyes twinkle.

"Hello Doctor" she beamed