This story is inspired by the author of Filigree. Roxanne thought that Bernard knew Megamind and having him clean the city, this is my take on how that would have came to be and what would've happened. This is my first ever fanfiction so please don't kill me! I don't own Megamind, never have, never will. This story is for entertainment purposes, I'm not getting any human currency for writing this.

Bernard went to school and sat in the corner farthest from everyone else, as usual. He was a bit of an outcast, not that he minded. He happily sat back and watched the other mindless drones oooh and aah over Wayne Scott. "How on Earth did they manage to be in a gifted school?" Bernard wondered just before the entire school went quiet.

Bernard looked behind him and saw a blue boy with a big head being walked in by two guards from the Metro City Prison for the Criminally Gifted. He looked back and saw the rest of his class gaping at the blue boy. "Come on people, you find nothing wrong with Wayne and he flies and shoots lasers out of his eyes." Bernard rolled his eyes and sighed. When the guards left the mindless drones circled the new boy and the insulting questions began.

Bernard's bored look at the drones quickly morphed into anger when Ray punched the new boy. Bernard glanced at the teacher who was studiously ignoring them until the new boy started punching back. "Wayne" she shouted. "Put the new boy in the corner, we don't have fighting in this school." Bernard gaped at her "He didn't start the fight, it was self defense!" Benard walked over to the teacher's desk and tried to explain what happened. "Bernard stop lying, I saw the fight. Now go back to your seat or you can join him in the corner." Bernard sat down dejectedly. There would be no justice for the new boy.

Later that day, despite everyone looking for an excuse to keep him in, the new boy was allowed outside for recess. The other kids invited him to play dodge ball with them. By the time Bernard finished the chapter in the book he was reading and went outside the damage was done. The cold reality had taken hold on the new boy's heart, that the others would never accept him. Bernard found the new boy sitting at the corner of the building crying quietly. "Maybe now isn't a good time..." Bernard turned to walk away when the new boy jumped. Bernard turned around to see the new boy and his fish staring at him.

"... Uh, hi." Bernard inwardly slapped himself for no coming up with somthing more brilliant. The boy looked around for the person he was talking to and saw no one. "Sir?" Bernard looked to where the sound was coming from, new boy's fish. "Did you fish just talk?" It didn't suprise him much, considering the owner. "His name is Minion." The new boy stared at him and thought "Why isn't This human screaming?" "Nice name. Hi Minion." Both Minion and the new boy gaped at him momentarily at that. "Hi, what is your name?" Minion asked. This meeting could result in his master having at least one friend so he would do everything in his power to make it go well. "Bernard. What's yours?" Bernard asked the new boy nervously. This could result in him having at least on friend to his name and he didn't want to blow it. "I don't really have one, you can call me Six."

Six watched him warily. He had given Bernard the closest thing he had to a name, the title of his identity. And he still didn't trust that Bernard hadn't been sent by the mindless drones to get his name to twist and use against him. There was an akward silence for a minute while Bernard and Six wondered at each others motives. Bernard spoke up first "Even after what happened this morning you're still trying to make friends with the mindless drones. Why?" "You think of them as mindless drones too?" Six stared at him gaining hope of possibly having a friend. Or at least a non-hostile at shool. "Of course. They've earned the name the way they follow around Wayne." "Goody Two Shoes' name is Wayne?" This meeting with Bernard had been at the very least insightful, he now had the first name of the one who inalterably changed his life all those years ago. "If you refer to the one who flies and shoots lasers out of his eyes as Goody Two Shoes, then yes that would by him." Bernard smiled. He realized that Six had dodged his question but he didn't mind.

Six's smile vanished as a dark thought swept over him. "Why aren't you one of them?" He was afraid that Bernard was closer to Goo-Wayne, maybe a close friend or his brother, and therefore decided not to follow him around like, sorry Minion, minions. "Because I was like Wayne once. I was the center of attention, the gifted one in a gifted class. Then Wayne came... flying and lasers were just more exciting than brains. They abandoned me to follow him, and I saw them for what they were... mindless drones. "Are any of them still your friends?" Six wondered how short lived his friendships might have been if they ever had existed. "No, and I don't recommend you trying very hard to make them yours." Bernard said somewhat bitterly. they had been his friends, he had trusted them to be there for him, like he'd been there for them, through anything. After Wayne showed up he had tried to stay friends with them, but they were always following Wayne around. So he just gave up and stayed alone.

Six and Bernard sat quietly pondering there own loneliness when Six asked "What were you talking to the teacher about?" He saw Bernard arguing with the teacher just after his fight. He had hoped Bernard was arguing for him but that was unlikely. Bernard turned slightly red at the question, he was in no way stuck up and was reluctant to tell Six that he had vouched for him. "I tried to explain how Ray attacked you, but she didn't listen." Bernard looked at Six and saw him staring at him in puzzlement. "What?" Bernard asked, defensively. "We've been talking for 7 minutes and 23 seconds and you haven't asked any of the obvious questions."

Six didn't understand Bernard at all. Besides engaging Minion in conversation he also hadn't asked any of the questions the mindless drones did. And on top of that, most astonishing of all, he had tried to stand up for him. "like what?" Bernard said confused. "Like why am I blue? Am I an alien? Why am I in prison? Why is my head big?" "You're probably an alien like Wayne, the reason you're in prison could be very personal and I haven't known you very long yet." Bernard searched Six's face to see if the 'yet' had been too assumptive. "He said yet! I haven't completely ruined this!" Six and Minion were thinking, Six about the entire encounter, he had no self esteem when it came to social anythings now. And Minion about the time he spoke up. "I landed there in a space pod when I was an infant." Six said.

Bernard was thinking along the lines of why he wasn't sent anywhere else and why they didn't give him a name in all these years when the teacher came out and told everyone to come inside. When they went inside they sat in the back while the mindless drones oohed and aahed over Wayne making popcorn. They waited until the guards showed up to take Six home. "Bye Bernard" Six said sadly, he figured Bernard's temporary lapse in sanity would be over by the next time he saw him. "Bye Six." Bernard said, also sadly. Considering how badly the day had gone for Six he doubted he would ever come to school again.