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Bernard and Minion had went through four coffees each and had gotten several of the broken Brain Bots up and running, but it was definitely going to be an all-night-and-most-of-the-next-day-er. They took a break on their fifth coffee run and had their coffee in the Coffee House.

"Bernard, when are we going to retrieve Sir?"

Bernard's slump became even deeper. "I don't know. We need to wait long enough to appease Metrocity a little bit, and for Metro Man to decide to stop babysitting him."

Minion nodded. He wasn't happy about leaving Megamind in the hands of Metrocity for one second longer than necessary, but it has been proven by experience that Bernard knows what he's doing.

Many people wished Megamind dead, Metro Man had confirmed that, but Megamind didn't expect the shot when it came. He heard footsteps and the two gates opening. Megamind spun around dramatically. "Good evening Wardahh!"

The bullet flew through the opening were the door should be and hit its mark, right between Megamind's eyes. The door closed behind his assailant leaving Megamind sitting in a growing puddle of his own green blood. (AN: Why yes I did just make Megs a Vulcan.)



"Time to wake up Sir!"

"Wakey wakey Mr. Super villain!"

Megamind opened his eyes to the sight of his minion and his arch nemesis standing by his bed in the infirmary. "What happened?"

"One of Roxy's fanboys didn't appreciate your latest stunt."

"That's pretty disproportionate considering Roxanne herself didn't press charges."

"Well Sir, the media is certainly playing the situation up."

"Apparently this type of thing is good for ratings." Metro Man said with more than a hint of disgust.

"Did they make me look bad?"


"Very bad Sir, they made you look like a complete monster."

Megamind sat up and clasped his hands, "Good!" -and then remembered that he had been shot in the head just hours ago. "So Minion, what brings you here?" Megamind eyed Metro Man suspiciously. "We have a deal, remember? You don't arrest Minion unless you want some highly populated buildings in Metrocity to go boom."

Metro Man scoffed, "You aren't in any shape to be blowing things up. That's part of why I'm letting Minion take you to wherever you call home."


"That's right Sir, and Bernard's threat to sic the brain bots on the masses didn't hurt."



"Sorry Sir."

Megamind glared briefly at him before turning it on a chuckling Metro Man.

"So, you have two minions. Bernard is it? Perhaps I should look him up."

Megamind growled. "Bernard goes under the same protection as Minion."

"Fine. Just get out of here before someone sees you and raises some difficult questions."

Minion picked up a protesting Megamind.

"Minion! Don't carry me in front of my nemesis! Put me down!"

"Yes Sir." Minion let him stand for himself but still supported most of his weight.

"Oh by the way, if you tell anyone about this I will deny it under oath." Metro Man continued almost to himself, "Your word against mine, who do you think the masses will believe?"

"Oh you most definitely." He waved from his place at the door. "Until next time Metro Man."

They were able to walk out of the prison and meet Bernard, who was waiting in the invisible car, with no trouble. With Metro Man supposedly babysitting Megamind inside the prison most of the guards that were normally there were stationed elsewhere. And the remaining few were so intimidated by Megamind and Minion that they did nothing to stop them.

"Hi Megamind, where to?"

"Evil Lair, where else?"

"Aren't you afraid of Metro Man tailing us?"

Megamind grimaced as Minion laid him down in the back seat hurriedly and scrambled into the passenger seat next to Bernard. "No, he could've simply picked you up when you arrived."

"Unless he wants us to lead him to Evil Lair." Bernard frowned. *He's usually the one to come up with these things. Maybe the bullet did more damage than Metro Man thought. After all, he is by far not the brightest bulb in the box. Should we even be moving Megamind is his state?* But the fact remained that someone other than him and Minion was able to break into Megamind's cell, the safest place in the entire prison for a super villain with bad PR, and the infirmary was much less secure.

"I don't think that's it either. When we talked about the mindless drones and how they adore him and despise me he seemed upset. Also, he easily allowed you to be added into our deal."

It took much of Bernard's self-restraint not to slam on the break. "Goody-two-shoes knows about me!"

"Yes Bernard. Sorry." *I really have to stop telling other people our secrets.*

"Metro Man really didn't appreciate his mindless drones enjoyment of Roxanne's 'peril'."

"I doubt Roxanne appreciates it very much either." Bernard commented dryly.

"When you put it that way Sir, it sounds like Metro Man, and possibly Miss. Ritchi, might eventually end up on Team Evil."

"Yes Minion, and when they do, we'll be there to greet them."

Evil laughter and AC/DC filled the invisible car as they sped away to Evil Lair.

I know that in previous chapters Metro Man knew where Evil Lair was, but it has been so long since I updated that I forgot. So now I'm going to have to go back and add a chapter where they move Evil Lair. On the bright side, it means at least one more chapter for the story and it makes sense In Universe since Megs wouldn't want Mets knowing te location of Evil Lair.