I came back to find a beautiful stranger sitting in the very spot that Bella had been in before I left. I couldn't take my eyes off such a creature and it seemed she felt the same way about herself, as she looked herself over in complete amazement.

This female had long, rich chestnut hair with a hint of red to it, full of volume and waves, giving her strands life and movement.

She tugged on her hair examining the perfect strands; there were no split ends, no strand out of place. Her hair was thick, shiny and healthy.

She then turned her attention to her bare arms. Her skin was pale and youthful, it looked like porcelain, and there was not a freckle or age spot in sight.

At that moment she noticed the full length mirror across the room. She eagerly yet gracefully got up from her seat and glided over to see her entire physical appearance.

I got a good look at this female's body as she passed by, it was young and perky, curvy yet slim and her clothes fit her like a glove, showing off her well-shaped body.

Once satisfied with herself, she turned to head back when she noticed me in the room. She immediately froze in her spot when she realized she wasn't alone.

Her lips were full and had a touch of pink and her eyes were ruby red mixed with a dark brown.

It remained silent as I realized who this beautiful creature was before me.


She had no expression on her face. I couldn't read her emotions. She looked so stunning yet so lifeless at the same time.

Suddenly I heard a growl, which I could only guess was from Bella's stomach as her next words were, "I'm hungry."

I lite up at her words, happy she wasn't asking for a fight. I'm sure she had many questions which I would surely answer but first she needed to feed.

"Okay, I'll get you something." I answered, practically speeding out the room to Carlisle blood collection.

I took a bag of blood poured it into a cup and headed back over to Bella, who eyed the substance curiously.

She took one whiff then grabbed the cup from me and downed it in two seconds flat.

I watched amazed at her speedy adjustment. Blood covered her mouth as she licked the cup clean and handed it back to me.

"Mmm." She moaned, licking the excess off her lips.

The scene was very arousing and even more when her eyes lit up in hunger and she uttered the word, "More."

I closed my eyes trying to shake out all the dirty images that were overflowing my thoughts at that moment.

I had to focus on teaching Bella the ways of life, the basic tools and training she would need to be successful and my sexual desire for her wasn't helping.

"Bella, you should take it easy. Your body is still getting used to being a…"

Bella's stomach let out a loud groan in protest, her eyes widened, her face winkled, little puffs of air came from her mouth and before I knew it, Bella puked all over her clothes and on the ground, It looked like a massacre.

"…Vampire." I finished.

Before I could offer my assistance, Esme came running over in worry.

"Bella!" She cried.

"I'm sorry Esme, I tried, I couldn't hold it in." Bella stressed, rubbing her upset tummy.

"Oh, that's okay dear, you will learn in time. Come on; let's go get you washed up." She insisted, leading my mate away.

I felt the anger and jealousy burning up inside of me. Bella was MY mate; it was My job to take care of her, no one else's.

"No, I'll clean Bella up." I commanded, moving over to take Bella's arm to lead her to the bathroom but my mother stopped me.

"I understand you want to help son but do you really think it is wise, in your current condition?" She asked, looking south.

I looked down to where her eyes lay, I had tented pants. I'm sure if I was still alive I would have been blushing.

Esme was right, there was no way in hell I would have been able to give Bella a sponge bath, soaping up her perky breast and pink nipples down to her sweet pussy.

Fuck I'm horny.

My mother was definitely right, it was almost impossible to resist your mate.

"Maybe your right. I'll work on cleaning this stain." I replied sheepishly.

"I'm sorry about the carpet Esme." Bella's sweet voice said, resting her weak form against my mother's hold.

"Shush, don't worry about it sweetie, come on, there's a bath with your name on it." She voiced leading Bella upstairs.

I waited and waited, pacing the room for Bella's return. Her absence only lasted fifteen minutes but it felt like hours.

I lit up as she entered my room, glad to have her back in my sights. My eyes widen as I realized what Bella was wearing.

She was wearing a white, sheer nightgown. It was easy to see Bella's hard nipples and the outline of her bare pussy.

Bella was basically wearing a transparent sheet and nothing else. She might as well as come to my room naked.

Fuck me now!

My dick grew and my pants got smaller, making it more difficult to move around.

"So, are you planning on training me on all things vampire?" She asked from across the room.

"That's the plan." I replied, giving her a calming smile trying to ignore my discomfort.

"Okay, then I want to start with fucking." Bella shockingly confessed.

I leaned back almost falling out of my chair in shock.

"Come again?" I questioned, hoping I was hearing her right.

Bella sexily swayed her hips back and forth as she proceeded over to where I was sitting. I was in awestruck.

"Rosalie and Alice used to tell me all the time how great vampire sex was. I want to test that theory." She claimed, stopping in front of my chair, spreading her legs apart so she could sit on my tented lap.


"Jazz, do I have to spell it out for you? I'm horny and from the looks and feel of things…" She said grinding against my covered hard on.

"…so are you."

"Bella…" I warned, placing my hands on her hips to still her movements.

"…You don't know what you're asking for. Vampire sex is full of passion and almost hate. There is biting, clawing, pushing, pulling, tugging, ripping, crushing. You name it. You're too fragile for that."

"Jasper, you forget I'm not human anymore, I'm a newborn who can kick your ass if I wanted too."

"Maybe if you had more blood in you and training, but right now. You're weak Bell, too weak for rough sex."

"I'll be the judge of that. Now be good and give me what I want or I'll go to Carlisle or Emmett for what I need." Bella voiced huskily against my ear.

I growled in anger at the very thought. No one would have Bella but me. NO ONE.

She giggled in glee as I picked her up with ease and placed her against my dresser. I turned her to where her back was to me and placed her hands on the countertop letting her know to lean forward.

She did as instructed and spread her legs for easy access. I lifted her nightgown admiring her firm, round ass, giving it a squeeze and playful slap.

Bella moaned with need and brushed her ass against my hard on causing me groan as well.

"Naughty girl." I voiced huskily in her ear as I undid my pants and freed my eager dick.

I grabbed hold of her breast, palming them in my hands as I shoved into her with a mighty force.

Bella screamed out in pleasure as I rammed into her wet pussy over and over again.

"Yes, yes, uhhh…don't stop!"

"Yeah, you like that? This rough enough for you?" I huffed against her ear, dropping a hand down to play with her clit.

"AHH… JASPER!" Bella exclaimed before becoming limp over my dresser.

"UHH… YEAH!" I shouted giving her one last thrust before meeting my end.

I lay against her back equally as drain of energy, coming off my sex high.

Once I came to, I gave Bella's back a light kiss and helped her up. We fixed ourselves, till we both looked decent again and then Bella turned and gave me the best kiss of my existence.

It was soft, sweet, slow and full of feeling.

In those few minutes, I felt human again and I felt…loved.

I grabbed her waist, held her close and met her mouth with such passion and love.

It took a lot of heart break and deception to get here and I would do it again in a flash just to feel a moment of Bella's arms around me, just to feel a moment of her lips on mine, just feel her love, because sometimes, you have to go through the pain to get the pleasure.

The End!