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Temari was sitting on her couch. Today was Monday and the weekend was an interesting one. She fidgets; she can only imagine what Kakashi had in store for them. She sighs "today is gonna be a long day…maybe I should skip English."

She hears a roar of an engine and looks out the window to see Shikamaru sitting on his black motorcycle. She smiles slightly, grabs her backpack and yells at her brothers, "Guys I'm leaving don't be late!"

She exits her home and joins Shikamaru on his bike. After putting on the helmet she hugs him and he drives off to school. The ride to school was about 20 minutes they get there and park.

"Troublesome carrying this thing around everywhere." Shikamaru tosses his helmet in the air and catches it.

Temari rolls her eyes "then why did you get a motorcycle?"

He shrugs "why not?"

"Well I like carrying the helmet." She grins at the helmet in her arm.

"That's because you made me buy you a purple one."

"That's beside the point beside I like it because I have a biker boyfriend."

Shikamaru smirks and intertwines his hand with Temari's. They walk onto the campus of the school; they spot two familiar brunettes sitting on a bench holding hands.

"Tenten, Neji!"

"Temari, Shikamaru hey!" Tenten waves them over.

"I must be seeing things because Neji is showing public display of affection. Wow I guess you're not an emotionless asshole after all." Tenten laughs and Neji rolls his eyes.

"Nara control your girlfriend."

"Too troublesome."

"So Ten how was Kakashi this morning?"

"He's gonna give us hell in class."

All four sigh Temari crosses her arms across her chest "that's it I'm skipping English."

"You know you'll just get a Saturday school. Kakashi will know the reason why you're not there."

"Shut up Neji you just don't want to suffer alone."

"Can't we all get along?" Shikamaru scratches the back of his head. Temari and Neji didn't hear Shikamaru speak. They were too busy glaring at each other. Shikamaru hugs Temari from behind trying to calm her while Tenten sits on Neji's lap.

Neji caves in first, looking away "this is pointless."

Temari smirks "ha I win."

Tenten claps her hands "anyway before there is another glaring contest what are we gonna do?"

"About Kakashi nothing we screwed." Everyone sighs again and hang their heads in defeat.

"Hey Ten?"


"You know what still amazes me? That you live with our English teacher who is late everyday but you're not."

She shrugs "I don't keep tabs on him. He leaves before I do so God knows what he does before coming to school."

"Something tells me I don't wanna know."

Tenten nods "true."

Neji hugs her waist then says "what if he's watching us?"

Silence. Then Tenten looks over her shoulder as if to find Kakashi standing there. "Neji don't say that I'm not even supposed to be with you or Temari."

Temari raises an eyebrow "why not? Does he feel we tainted your 'innocent' mind?"

"I'm sure that's part of the reason, but he just loves to torture me when I can't talk or see my best friend or new boyfriend."

"Damn it Tenten! Whenever I'm allowed back at your place I'm burning that stupid game of yours."

"How was I supposed to know you and Shikamaru would end up having sex on my bed. Which by the way I ended up sleeping on the couch this weekend seeing how it's finally laundry day today."

Temari and Shikamaru blush "we did not have sex in your bed Kakashi was exaggerating!"

"I'm sure he was."

"Well what about you and Neji making out in the bath tub?"

Tenten blushes "we were not!"

"Liar! Beside why would you sleep on the couch for all you know Kakashi could have had sex on it."

Tenten blushes harder with a look of horror on her face and covers her ears. "Temari! God don't say that!"

The bell rings signaling all the students to head to their first period. Tenten and Neji stand from the bench and they all say their good byes and head off to class.

Time Skip 3rd Period

Tenten was nervously standing outside of her English. She peeks in but sees that her father has yet to arrive. She breaths a sigh of relief. She still is standing outside when Shikamaru slowly walks up to her.

"Tenten why are you standing outside?"

"Isn't it obvious? Stalling until the finally bell rings."

Shikamaru yawns, "Troublesome you still have to go in regardless."

"Then why don't you go in already?" Tenten glares at her lazy friend.

"Ladies first." Shikamaru gestures toward the door.

"My ass you're just as nervous as I am."


"Hey guys why are you both outside?" They both turn to see their friend Kiba standing there.

"Ummm no reason" Tenten answered nervously.

"Let me guess you guys burned something down again." Kiba grins

Tenten smacks his arm "that's not funny and no we didn't."

Kiba continues to grin while rubbing his arm. "So how was your guys' weekend?"

"Just fine Kiba." Shikamaru said after a yawn.

"Really? Can't wait to hear it."

"Kiba why don't you get your ass in class?" Tenten suggested not to kindly.

"Sure thing Tenten" he chuckles and walks past them and into class. The bell rings telling the students they should already be in class. Tenten looks at Shikamaru and he motions for her to go in first once again.

She glares at him before pushing him in first, he mumbles a 'troublesome woman.'

Both sit down in their seats Shikamaru's near the window, Tenten's diagonal from him, and Kiba's is behind Shikamaru and to the left of Tenten. 10 minutes later Kakashi decides to finally show up to class leaving Tenten and Shikamaru sweating bullets.

Class was normal so far reading a story in their giant yellow English book then answering some questions. After that the class discusses the story and the questions but Kiba had a different plan.

Right as Kakashi was going to begin the discussion Kiba raises his hand.

Tenten glares at him and mouths 'don't you dare.'

He just grins and Kakashi calls on him, "yes Kiba?"

His is now grinning from ear to ear "how was your weekend Mr. Hatake?"

Kakashi puts down his orange book and smiles slightly "I'm glad you asked Kiba."

Tenten kicks Kiba and Shikamaru rubs his head, a headache is starting to come.

"Well class who would like to hear the story? Or should we just do the class work?"

To get away from doing work the class yelled 'story.' While Tenten and Shikamaru, well more on Tenten's part, yelled to do the work.

"Alright story it is."

"Damn it!"

"Tenten you're disturbing class, detention."

Tenten was dumbstruck. Did she really just get detention? "Wait what?"

"Also I saw you kick Kiba so that makes it two days."

"Come on!"

"Arguing well that makes three days."

"That's not fair take it back!"

"Now we're talking back alright four days of detention."

Tenten was in shock she opened her mouth to argue back but Shikamaru covers her mouth.

"Tenten for the love of God shut up."

She glares at him but says nothing. He draws back his hand and looks outside.

"Well thank you Shikamaru but you are not allowed to mention God in class, so detention."

He looks at him a look of disbelief. "Really that's the most stupid detention I've ever heard."

"Insulting the teacher makes it three days of detention."

Shikamaru knew better then to argue so he didn't plus his headache wasn't helping he just sighed "fine."

Kakashi smiles, "Good now onto the story this weekend sure was something."

"Oh God," Tenten grumbles and covers her ears. Here comes the embarrassment.

"I walk into Tenten's room to see what she was up to but what I find was a scene right out of my book. I find your fellow classmate Shikamaru here and his girlfriend practically having sex on my daughter's bed."

Everyone minus Tenten burst out laughing and the guys whistle. Poor Shikamaru he just lets his head fall onto his desk, face resembling a tomato.

"Then I walk into my bathroom and what do I find? My daughter and a mister Neji Hyuga making out practically in the bath tub."

The class erupts in more laughter, earning Tenten some dirty looks from girls and catcalls from the guys. She tries to hide her face in her arms, she feels like she is on fire.

"Alright everyone settle down. Now that is out of the way let's continue where we left off. Shikamaru, Tenten pick your heads up."

They did and it seemed class took an eternity to end. The bell rings signaling the end of class meaning Tenten and Shikamaru got the hell out of there. Of course they waited until Kiba got out as well. Once he did Tenten and Shikamaru cornered him.

"Ok Kiba I hope Hinata's kind soul will forgive me because your sooo dead." Tenten begins to crack her knuckles.

"E-Easy Tenten. Punch me now and you'll get Saturday school." Kiba is trying to keep as much distance between himself and the angry Tenten and fuming Shikamaru.

"Right now I don't give a damn."

"Come on Tenten at least give him a 3 second head start. Then when you have him on the ground let me take a swing at him."

She smiles sweetly at Shikamaru "sure thing." Then smiles at Kiba, "one."

Kiba took the hint and ran for his life and Tenten ran right after him yelling profanities at him. Shikamaru walked after him taking his time. He knew by the time he got there Tenten would have Kiba on the ground begging for mercy.

Time Skip 5th Period

Temari was sitting at her desk. She was fidgeting with her hair when Neji takes a seat behind her.

"Do you want to go bald?"

"At this rate I believe I now have white hair."

"Oh here I'll get that for you." Neji plucks out one of Temari's hair.

"Oww! Damn it Neji!" She turns around in her seat and punches Neji on his arm. He glares at her, he can't hit her back.

Just then their loud crazy friend Naruto takes his seat next to Temari, "hey guys what's up?"

"Nothing Naruto" Temari said still glaring at Neji.

Naruto was looking back and forth between the two oblivious to the tension. "So uh how was your guys' weekend? Mine was ok."

At the word weekend Temari and Neji sigh. Naruto just got confused "what? Something wrong?"

"You have nothing to worry about Naruto," Neji said crossing his arms.

"But you didn't answer my question. How was your weekend?"

"Ugh! Why does everyone ask that?"

"Because it's Monday?" Naruto responds meekly.

Temari rolls her eyes and stares well more like glares at the white board at the front of the class. Neji just closes his eyes trying to block out the noise from the other students. Naruto was left there sitting puzzled so he just scratches his head, shrugs, and waits for class to start.

Kakashi enters the room 10 minutes later and Temari goes back to fidgeting with her hair while Neji stares at the ceiling. Class was going normal until Naruto being Naruto asked if Kakashi did anything perverted over the weekend.

Kakashi smiles and puts his book down, "no I didn't but why don't you ask your friends what they did."

"I already did! They didn't answer."

"Would you like to know?"

Neji turns to glare at the blond. "Naruto if you value your life don't say anything."

"But why Neji," Naruto whined.

"Naruto shut up." Temari also glares at him.

"Fine," Naruto pouts and crosses his arms.

Kakashi went back to the lesson everything was normal and silent. Until Naruto broke the silence, "did they have sex?"

"Temari did," Kakashi answered.

The class was silent but Kakashi continued "and Hyuga has his hands all over my daughter."

More silence until Naruto started laughing and the rest of the class joined him. Temari snapped and stands "Naruto I'm gonna wring your neck!"

She managed to throw a good punch before Neji stood and held her back.

"Let me go!" she was squirming trying to get free.

"Knock it off Temari you're gonna get a Saturday school."

"Too late" came Kakashi voice as he finished signing a sheet.

Temari glares at him then at Naruto who was on the floor holding his face. She takes deep breaths and calms down. Neji slowly lets her go making sure she wouldn't attack Naruto again.

"Temari be sure to be here on Saturday you too Neji."

"What did I do?"

"Students are not allowed to interfere with a fight whether you helped stop it or not."

Neji just stared at him before calmly sitting down clenching his fists tightly. Class continued as if nothing happened; the bell rings signaling lunch and all the students pilled out the class some faster than others.


Tenten was picking at her salad her appetite gone, but she had to eat something or Kakashi would get upset. She sighed and put her fork down. She stares blankly at the table. She hears someone sit across from her and looks up to see Temari.



Nothing much was said, the rest of their friends soon joined them all sitting with their respected partners.

The first to speak was the gossip queen Ino, "guy your English class is the talk of the day!"

Tenten puts her head down groaning, Temari glares at her food, Neji stays silent the tips of his ears pink, and Shikamaru tried to fake being asleep so he wouldn't have to say anything.

"Well it sure was funny."

"Shut up Sasuke."

"Touchy are we Temari?"

She says nothing but takes out her phone and Sasuke just shrugs.

"Well you didn't need to go and hit our boyfriends?" came Sakura's voice.

Neji glares at Naruto "it's his fault and now we have Saturday school."

Tenten sighs and looks at her boyfriend "you guys too?"

He nods but then looks at her, "what you guys do?"

"Knocked Kiba to the ground and Shikamaru helped himself once he was on the ground."

"Kicked his ass then." Neji nods his head in approval.

She nods and all of sudden Sasuke jumps with a look of horror on his face. Temari had slid her phone in front of Sasuke and had a picture of a clown on the screen. Sasuke's eye twitches and Temari smiles smugly at him, "what's wrong? Don't you like colorful men?"

Sasuke glares at her then says "I'm sorry" through gritted teeth. She keeps smiling and takes back her phone. Those who knew which we're the guys and Tenten were laughing leaving the girls confused.

Trying to change the topic Ino looks at her friends "so what are you guys gonna do? You know Kakashi is gonna be the teacher for this Saturday school right?"

The four look at her in surprise and Tenten snaps out of it first "please tell me you're joking."

Ino shakes her head. Tenten and Temari let their heads hit the table, Neji pinches the bridge of his nose, and Shikamaru massages his head while mumbling 'troublesome.'

"Great just fucking great."

"Language Temari."

"Quiet Shikamaru."

"Kill me now." Tenten looks to the heavens.

"Don't forget me Tenten."

The rest of the day was uneventful so when school was over everyone was happy. Tenten tried to spend as much time with Neji before she had to leave and so Kakashi wouldn't see them.

Both were behind the school Neji was leaning on the school building hands on Tenten's waist. Tenten had her hands around Neji's neck.

"Well today was the worst day of my life."

Neji gives her a quick kiss "he'll get over it soon."

She sighs "I hope so," she places her head on the crook of his neck. He hugs her tightly.

She reluctantly pulls away "I have to go before dad gets suspicious."

He gives her one last kiss before letting go. She smiles at him and walks to the front of the school. Neji runs a hand through his hair then he goes to his car and goes home.

Temari and Shikamaru decided to ride around on his bike trying to forget about school.

Shikamaru stops at a park and they both walk until they get to a bench looking over a pond. They sit looking at the ducks swimming around.

"I think I'm gonna go crazy at this rate Shika."

"He has to get over it sometime Mari."

"I guess but I just know he's enjoying this."

"I'd rather forget school and enjoy my time with you."

"Well aren't you sweet today."

"I don't know why I put up with you sometimes."

"Because you love me."

He rolls his eyes but kisses her anyway, which she happily responds too.

Oh the joys of school they couldn't wait for Saturday school.

I'm gonna have one more chapter their day at Saturday school. For those who might not know what Saturday school it's basically going to school on a Saturday and staying in a class for like 4 hours. You're supposed to do work or read a book something productive but it depends on the teacher you have and whether or you care about doing anything. I personally never been to a Saturday school but I hear stories from people I know.

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