Kara Davies sat absentmindedly in the glade, fiddling with the unicorn jewel she wore around her neck. It had been two years since she had convinced her father, Mayor Davies, to let her run the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve with two other girls, Adriane Charday and Emily Fletcher. The girls had soon that magical creatures roamed the woods, then discovered that they had magical powers of their own, channeled through magic gems that they found.
Kara, the Blazing Star, attract magic and amplifies it. She has the unicorn jewel, and is bonded to Lyra, a flying leopard, the d-flies, and practically every other magical creature on the web. Emily, the Healer, heals people with her rainbow gem she wears on her wrist. Unfortunately she currently does not have a bonded animal. Adriane, the Warrior, attacks their enemies with her ferocious power. She is bonded to a mistwolf named Dreamer.
Suddenly a bright light appeared. Kara stared, confused, as the portal opened and dozens of animal infected with the black fire barreled through. `What?` she exclaimed. Kara and her friends had gotten rid of the Black Fire weeks ago on Aldenmoor. She telepathically called Emily and Adriane.
What? Adriane answered.
The portal has opened and there are animals with the black fire in the glade. Come quick!
Black fire? Are you sure?
Adriane said.
Uh oh! I'll inform Emily and we'll be right there!
Good- and be quick. Some of the animals might not hold on that long.
Adriane replied.
A minute later Adriane rushed into the glade, Emily at her field. They stopped in their tracks.
'Whoa!' Adriane exclaimed, glancing at all of the infected animals. 'We sure have alot of work to do.'
Kara rushed up to them. 'Good, you're here.' She exclaimed. I've never seen so many infected animals at one time. I`ve already sorted them into groups. 'She pointed at a group. `That`s the group you should do first.`
Emily nodded. 'I`m on it.'
She ran over to the group of creatures and picked up a badly wounded quiffle. Her jewel glowed as she matched the creature's heartbeat with her own. The long gash in its side disappeared. She sighed.
'One down, a million more to go.'

Later, Emily had finally healed all the animals. She sat down on a rock, panting. So much sadness... it seemed that the line of animals would never end. She felt sick, like she was going to throw up. Her head felt fuzzy, and she could barely think.
Emily felt a tugging on her arm. It was Kara.
'Come on!' She said excitedly.
'What?' Emily moaned.
'We gotta update the website!' Kara smiled.
With a groan, she followed Kara into the library.
Ozzie, the ferret, was floating around, experimenting with his new ferret stone. 'Hi!' He greeted them, stuffing his face with pudding.
' You're such a slob.' Kara scoffed.
'What?' demanded Ozzie.
With a sigh, Kara walked over to the computer, where Adriane was waiting.
Suddenly, Ambia, the air fairemental, appeared. Ozzie was so surprised that he dropped his pudding.
'What is it, Ambia?' Emily exclaimed. The girls knew that the fairementals only appeared on earth is there was something really important.
'You must find the three new mages. The Force Mage, the Spirit Mage, and the Mind mage. The already know about their powers.' Ambia said, urgency in her voice. 'The dark sorceress is...searching...for...them...also...' Her voice trailed away as her form started to disintegrate.
'Ambia! Wait!' Adriane cried, but the fairemental was gone.
'Three new mages!' Kara exclaimed. 'This ought to be fun.'