Chapter Three

Kara, Adriane, and Emily stood in front of the Ravenswood gates, waiting for Heather to arrive.
A silver sedan pulled up beside the girls. Heather stepped out from the car, accompanied by Tiffany and Molly.
'What are they doing here?' Kara demanded. 'I only invited you, Heather!'
'So what?' Molly said snottily. ' This is a free country, isn't it? We can go wherever we want, even to a dump like this.'
'Take that back.' Adriane said menecingly.
'No. I have a right to my opinion, but you may not know that everybody does, since you have a brain the size of a peanut.'
With a snarl, Adriane lunged at Molly, using her warrior reflexes to catch her by surprise.
Molly was caught off guard for a second but then threw Adriane off her. Suddenly everything went quiet. No noisy cars, no people chatting. Even the birds had stopped singing.
Molly stood up, then pointed at Adriane. A black jewel that she was wearing on her wrist pulsed. Adriane suddenly couldn't move. Her body had been frozen. Molly slowly raised her hand. Adriane was rising up into the air. Suddenly Molly thrust her hand out and Adriane went flying through the air, and with a sickening crunch, hit a tree. She sank to the ground with moan. You could see she had a bid cut, and it was bleeding badly.
Molly smirked. All through that, Emily and Kara, were huddled in a corner, staring at Molly fearfully.
`Molly!' Heather cried. Ì thought we went over this, You have to control your anger!` With a sigh she flicked her wrist at Adriane, who was groaning, and sent a blue fireball at her.
Kara quickly reacted. `No!` She cried as her jewel glowed pink, sending a bolt of fiery Blazing Star magic at the fireball to destroy it.
Tiffany laughed. Kara stared at her, noticing a deep purple gem on Tiffany`s necklace. Tiffany waved her hand and Kara`s expression went blank. Pulled her magic back a second before it hit the fireball.
The fireball hit Adriane and she healed instantly. She stood up and stared at at Molly, Heather, And Tiffany.
` `How did you do that! `She exclaimed.