Chapter 1: Nine Years Go By

A small peck on the cheek could mean alot of things. It could mean that he loves you, or that he's sorry. It could mean that he's jealous, and wants to show everyone that you are his. Or, in a worse case scenario, it could mean goodbye.

That's how my first love and I parted, and I cried for months. I still remeber the feeling of his lips on my cheek as he handed me the rose he picked out for me. I still have that rose, even though it is wilting. I also remember the last words he told me before he left.

"Be a good girl, Lucy, and maybe, I'll come back. Until then... Wait for me..."

My heart pounds everytime I remeber his voice. It wasn't very manly, considering the fact that we were 7. Its been nine years since then, and so far, I've been good. Nine years have passed, and he has yet to come back.

Yes, I am now 16, and am the student council vice president. I love helping people, and everyone admires me. But he still doesn't come... I have doubted his words a million times, and yet, I find myself still wanting to believe it. I cried on my tenth birthday, because I recieved a strange letter from him that day.

"Dear Lucy, Even though I promised you I would write you a letter every chance I get. Well... This is where I stop writing."

And that was it. My first love, gone. But still, I believe the words he told me. I really did like him... Alot...

"Lucy Hearfillia!" I looked up to see my mother looking at me, feeling my forehead. "Are you alright...? Are you sure you want to go to school today?" I looked around, and realized we were inside our SUV.

I nodded, and pulled her hand away from me. "I'm perfectly fine, mom." I smiled at her, reassuring her that I have a beating heart and am not dying.

"O-Oh..." She sighed, and looked back at the road. "Well then, just be careful today..."

I smiled, then turned to look out the window. Soon enough, we approached my high school, Fiore High School. I opened the door as soon as the car stopped, and while pulling my bag out, I walked away.

"H-HAVE A NICE DAY!" My mother yelled at me from behind, then drove off.

I sighed, and entered the school building. I put my indoor shoes on, and headed for my classroom. As I was walking in the hallways, someone tapped my shoulder lightly. I turned my head slightly, seeing pink hair bobbing behind me.

"What do you want, Natsu?" I asked, leaning against the wall.

Natsu grinned at me, then placed his arm on the wall, and leaned towards me. "Lucy Heartfillia, the school's sexiest girl. But, you are still a virgin."

I glared at him, not wanting him to continue. "Go. Away. Now." I sneak my way around him, but he suddenly grabbed my arm, and held me in my place.

"Well that isn't very nice, vice-prez..." Natsu leaned in closer to my face, and I could feel his breath.

I lifted my knee, and kicked him in between his legs. "Well that's not right at all, prez." I copied him, and escaped, entering my classroom.

I sat at the closest desk I could find, and was soon joined by my friends, Levi, Mira-Jane, Juvia, and Erza.

"Lucy-chan!" Mira walked towards me, and next to me.

"Hey, Mira," I replied, putting my book down.

"So... What did Natsu want?" Mira leaned towards me, a devilish grin on her face.

I shaked my head, and glared at her. "I kicked him in his balls. The end." I returned to my book, when Erza walked up. She immediately sat at the desk behind me.

"I saw that, Lucy Heartfillia," She said as soon as she sat down.

"S-Saw what...?" I was confused, and wondered if she was walking about the same thing I was.

"You breaking Natsu's dick, then ditching him." Erza replied, and giggles and chuckles were heard from our other classmates.

I smiled at her, shook my head, and turned to see Juvia and Levy walking in.

"No, black is such a dark color, it does not belong on you." Levy told Juvia, and I returned to my book.

"Then the blue dress...?" Juvia sat on the other side of me, opposite of Mira-Jane.

"Yeah, you don't look all sad and... well..." Levy sat in front of me, wondering what to say.

"Emo." Juvia finished for her, and Levy nodded.

"Y-Yeah..." She twitched, not wanting to piss Juvia off.

"Well, Levy-chan, Juvia doesn't really mind you using that word." Juvia smiled at Levy.

"Okay... Sorry..." Levy pulled out a spiral notebook, and started doodling.

"Ahem..." Mira-Jane said, looking at Levy and Juvia. "Hello?"

I laughed, and looked up from my book.

"Hi!" They both said in unison.

"Hey..." I answered, and Erza ignored them, looking at something, or someone, else.

"Okay class," Our teacher suddenly walked in, closing the door behind her. "Before we get started," she clasped her hands together, and looked at the door. "We have a new transfer student."

This caught my attention, and I looked towards the door. Getting a tranfer student was rare, but whenever we got one the teacher would always make me give he or she a tour or something like that.

"Some of you may know him from elementary school, and some may not," She continued, making me want to spit balls at her.

"JUST TELL US ALREADY!" The dumbest kid in class yelled, whose name was Gajeel.

"Gajeel, shut your trap." She glared at him, holding a detention slip in her hand. That shut him right up. "Anyways, before I tick anyone else off..." She coughed, "You can come in now."

The door flew open, and a tall boy walked in. His hair was messy, and he didn't have a shirt on. Many girls squeled at his abs, but I was just disgusted. He had a piercing on his eyebrow, which told me to stay away from him. Suddenly, he looked towards me, and his eyes grew wide. His mouth moved slightly, and he whispered something to himself. Then he stood in front of the classroom, and introduced himself.

"The name's Gray Fullbuster." A deep voice emerged from him as his mouth moved.

I froze, and started to blush many shades of red. He seemed to notice this, and smirked.

"And that girl there," He lifted his finger, pointing it towards me. "That's my soon to be girlfriend, Lucy Heartfillia."