(A/N) This story was written for Ryohei's birthday even though the story doesn't have the theme of his birthday. Happy Birthday, Ryohei!


My fifth pencil snapped as that unbelievably loud shout penetrated my office again. No one could disturb the peace quite like Sasagawa Ryohei. That herbivore was all the way on the ground floor and I was up on the third and it was STILL LOUD.

"Kusakabe," I growled through my gritted teeth. "I need another pencil."

Kusakabe snapped to attention and bowed.

"I'm sorry, sir. That was the last pencil."

I stood up and walked towards the door. Kusakabe flinched back instinctively, but my murderous black aura was focused on a certain loud herbivore that wouldn't shut up. I headed for the boxing club.

Boxing. It's such a pointless sport. You couldn't use any type of weapon and you had to stop when the idiot fell out of the ring. Completely uninteresting. I say, "Wao," to that.

The only reason there was a boxing club was because Sasagawa had been shouting all the reasons why boxing rules, in my face. I just wanted to get that herbivore out of my office. He's lucky he didn't get bitten to death.

But, luck had to run out sometime.

Making my way through the entrance of the boxing club, a body flew by my face; nearly missing my shoulder. My eyes narrowed. One step and you're already trying to be killed.

"That was EXTREME! You must have done some extreme training… Oh, hey Hibari!"

Everyone froze besides Sasagawa as they finally noted my presence.

Sasagawa jumped out of the ring and laid an arm on my shoulder. I knocked it off with my tonfa which didn't seem to bother him a bit. The mental state of this herbivore.

"You need something?" He asked me, cheerfully.

"Is it possible for you to be anymore loud? You herbivores are disturbing-"

"WE CAN BE EXTREMELY LOUDER!" Sasagawa shouted. I silenced him with a tonfa to the jaw,

"Don't," I growled. "If I hear another loud noise coming from this club, I'm killing you all."

I started walking out, but stopped and added, "After a week of detention."

Continuing to exit, I heard herbivores sigh in relief. Sasagawa was not one of those herbivores. He forcefully turned me around.

"Hey, boxing is an extremely loud sport. You can't restrict us to be quiet. Besides, we're extremely not bugging anyone-"

"You're bugging me! I can't stand the noise that comes from this crowding herbivore club and I don't even have anything to write with because of you… you damn herbivores!" I yelled, my eyes widening with rage.

The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Trying to cover up my out of character outburst, I narrowed my eyes.

"Keep it this way."

I began to walk out when again I was stopped by Sasagawa. He tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around slowly.

"What?" I hissed.

A pencil was shoved in my face and I blinked, trying to focus on it.

"If you wanted a pencil, you could have just asked."

I was left standing there, dumbfounded, holding a pencil as the boxing club went back to their training.

No, there was no one quite like Sasagawa Ryohei.