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Summary: Kurt Hummel is a quiet, shy boy who really just wants to be left alone. His colored past and personal demons cause him grief that he wishes to keep from other people. Unfortunately his new step brother found out everything on accident, now he's being forced to see a therapist, but even worse, transfer schools! Also what is with this gorgeous, curly haired, hazel eyed boy who can't stop talking to him? He's the most popular student in Dalton, and everyone loves him. Why would this kind of person be interested in him? All Blaine wants is someone to love and not a quick fix. This beautiful, practically mute boy who just transferred could be the answer to all his prayers. Why is he so quiet and hesitant? Kurt Hummel is a Mystery and Blaine Anderson, along with his friends, are going to figure this beautiful boy out if its the last thing they do.

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Sketchy Relations

Kurt Hummel sat on the overstuffed chair in front of the large desk, his glasz eyes taking in every detail the expensive office had to offer. He could hear his fathers voice in the background of his mind and the slight pressure of Carole's hand on his knee as the two held a conversation with the cheerful headmaster of Dalton, the boarding school his father had insisted placing him in. Kurt focused on the polished name plate in front of him, trying to drown out the voices that were talking about him as though he wasn't sitting in the center of the room. It had always been this way for Kurt, ever since his mother had passed.

Maybe that's why people at McKinley had picked on him. Maybe if he had tried to have a friend or two, this wouldn't have happened. Maybe if he failed a few tests instead of being ahead of everyone else, people wouldn't of hated him. Maybe if he had been in any other club besides the art club, he would have a relationship with a few people instead of just his sketch books. Perhaps if he had liked girls, he would have a nice girlfriend to talk to, instead of a closeted monster hunting him down and molesting him in the janitors closet.

He bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes as his head began to swirl from the onslaught of memories that resurfaced, making his stomach churn and his hands shake slightly. Suddenly, the voices in the room seemed magnified as he tried to focus on anything other than the current thoughts that were leading him to a small panic attack.

"Well Mr. Hummel, since everything has been signed and everything seems to be in order, you may help Kurt move into his dorm room." The headmaster said with a cheerful smile.

Kurt looked at the man for what seemed like the first time. He looked to be in his mid thirties, with light blond hair that seemed to be thinning rapidly atop his head. Kurt wondered if his hair was thinning because of genetics, or the amount of teenage boys running around the large school. Warm green eyes looked over him and he let a small smile grace his lips. This man didn't seem so bad, maybe this place would be different from Mckinley.

"Welcome to Dalton Kurt, if you have any problems with the other students please don't hesitate to let the other staff know." Albaxter began, looking from Kurt to Burt then to Kurt once more. "My door is always open as well." He said, giving another kind smile. "I'll have a prefect come by your room after your parents sign out to show you around." He said, nodding to Burt while Kurt stood up.

"Thank you Sir." Kurt said, his voice barely above a whisper. After Burt and the headmaster, Mr. Albaxter, shook hands the trio left the office picking up Finn who was sitting in a padded chair outside in the hall.

"So?" Finn asked, looking at Burt, though he had to look down slightly since he was a good eight inches taller than the man. He didn't even look at Kurt, he knew the boy wasn't about to talk anyways. He never did.

Burt smiled at Finn, patting his back. "He'll be fine here Finn, the zero tolerance rule will keep him safe from the other boys." He assured his newest son gently. He looked over to Kurt, watching as the boy kept his head down, staring at his feet as he walked.

How had it come to this? How could he haven't noticed his own son was being used? He looked in front of him again, clenching his jaw. He didn't need to think on it now, all that mattered was getting his son settled in and happy.

A few minutes and several staircases later they were back in the visitors parking lot where Burt had parked Kurt's navigator. It wouldn't be staying with Kurt the first semester here, possibly the whole school year either. It all depended on how Kurt kept responding to his medication and therapy sessions.

Kurt watched the back of his navigator as the trunk raised with a soft hiss. A small smile tugged at the edge of his lips as he looked at the boxes on the carpeted floor of the trunk. All his art things were packed safely in the brown cardboard while his clothes sat in a large plastic garbage bag.

Burt began dividing the heavier boxes between himself and Finn, letting Kurt and Carole grab the bag of clothes and the folded up easel that had rested against the window. A few boxes were left behind but Burt wouldn't let the two carry more than an arm full.

Walking back was a quiet moment. It seemed the family were in their own heads for the moment as Kurt looked around, enjoying the grounds. It was beautiful with the well kept lawns and flower beds. A few water fountains were placed around the flowers, giving it an elegant touch. It made him wonder how the courtyards and green houses he had seen from the headmasters window compared.

Kurt almost tripped over the sidewalks edge. He heard his fathers soft grunt, which usually translated as a silent, 'are you alright?'. He was looking at him now and Kurt just nodded his head slightly. Burt smiled and looked forward again, leading the small family to the entrance of one out of five large dorm buildings spread throughout the grounds.

Carole shoved Kurt's new key-card into the little slot that was attached to the brick wall next to the glass doors. The doors buzzed loudly until Carole opened one for the three boys to walk through.

The heavy door shutting behind Kurt made him jump slightly, almost causing him to drop the easel on his right arm. He took a deep breath and walked behind his family as they walked through the large entrance hall. He mentally shook himself as he tried to focus on his surroundings again. How long would it take for him not to jump at every loud noise?

He looked towards different hallways and doorways as they passed them, noticing each of the rooms had a shiny bronzed plaque that had the name of the functions of them. He glanced at the few he could see, noticing a kitchen. He perked up at that since he loved to cook. It sort of surprised him that they would let a bunch of teenaged boys have a kitchen at their disposal. Maybe they had a fire department close by?

A few boy's walked out of a room, pausing when they saw the little family marching towards the grand staircase in the middle of the large entrance hall. Kurt didn't even look at them, keeping his head down, almost running into Finn's back when they stopped.

"Excuse me, but could you tell us where we would find room 6-A?" Carole asked, smiling sweetly at the boys who smiled back excitedly.

"Of course, Mrs...?" A well mannered Asian asked. Kurt took a chance to peek up at him. He looked friendly, though a little excited. Kurt wondered what they were looking forward too, its not like they didn't get new students often...right?

"Oh, Hummel dear." Carole said happily, shaking the Asian's strong hand. She glanced back at Kurt and held back a sigh. She wondered if the boy would come out of his shell at all here.

"Its nice to meet you Mrs. and Mr. Hummel, My name is Wes, and these three behind me are Jeff, Nick, and David."

Carole smiled at them and nodded. "This is Kurt." Carole said patting the thin shoulder as she introduced him. The four boys looked at Kurt expectantly but Kurt ignored them in favor of looking at the floor.

Carole frowned and looked back to the boy's. "He's just a little nervous is all..." She began, not sure of what else to say in the boy's defense.

Wes grinned. "Its alright, its always hard moving away from home for first time. If you follow me I'll show you to his room." He said, waving his other friends off. After a few moments they reluctantly began to move towards a hallway to the took Carole's load from her arms causing the woman to smile brightly in return, before walking up the stairs, the other four following after.

Kurt took the time to look around once they were moving again and he wasn't the center of attention. The place was, to simply put it, amazing. Rich colors and expensive decorations lined the hallways as they walked through them. Chandeliers hung from the high ceilings casting a beautiful light on the potted pants and flowers that rested on little tables scattered throughout the hallway. The floor was carpeted in a thick, dark blue carpet that matched the curtains that hung in large windows. He silently wondered how much all of this really cost. He almost ran into Finn again when the tall boy had come to a stop in front of a door. Kurt peeked around him to see a white wooden door with a gold plaque that had his last name on it. His brows furrowed for a moment. He was the only one in this room?

Carole shoved the card into the door handle that Kurt thought looked like the kind of thing hotels used. A soft chime and the door unlocked, allowing Carole to open the door and walk in. The rest, including Wes since he had taken Carole's things, moved in behind her. The four of them stood in the middle of the room while Wes put his things down on the floor next to the door.

"Welcome to Dalton Kurt, I hope you can come to call this place home." He said with a smile towards the dazed looking Kurt. He noticed the boy seemed to snap out of it for a moment and nodded mutely at him."If you have problems, or need any help, please let me know since I am one of the prefects in this building." He said, smiling to the family who were looking around the room blankly.

Carole looked back to Wes as he mentioned he was a prefect and smiled at him. "Are you the one that is going to be showing Kurt around then?" She asked.

Wes shook his head. "No Ma'am, the other prefect should be here in a bit though to help Kurt settle in." He said and nodded to Kurt before waving his goodbye and leaving.

Kurt looked around the rather large room. It was different from what he was expecting. He had thought he would be sharing with someone since it was a boarding school for one thing. The carpet inside of the room was the same dark blue that lined the hallways outside. The walls were a crisp white color that reminded Kurt a little of the hospitals he had spent way too much time in all his life. No matter, he had posters to fix that. There was a dark wood desk under a window on the back wall, a leather swivel computer chair to match. The bed pushed up against the left wall was a full sized instead of a twin he was expecting. A book shelf was on the right wall, and there was a small divan resting in the middle of the room made of the same black leather as the chair. He could see a door to the on-suite bathroom and then another desk to the side of the room pushed under a large window.

"Well this rocks,dude." Finn said, clapping Kurt on the back, making the boy jump slightly. Kurt only nodded in return and sat down on the edge of the bed. Burt pointed out there were some boxes left as a subtle hint and the other two scurried from the room.

Burt sighed and sat on the bed beside him, taking off his baseball cap and running his hand down his face. "You'll do better here, Kurt." He began, staring at the blank wall in front of him. "No one can do...what the others have done." He said, wrapping his arms around his son's frail shoulders, holding back a sigh when the boy stiffened from the touch. "I ordered you a new laptop it should be in this week sometime." He stated, not knowing what to talk about. "Amanda will be seeing you once a week in the nurses office, so be a good kid and go to her so she doesn't have to hunt you down." He paused. "I know you don't like to talk about it Kurt, but she can help you more than you realize." He said then stood up, pulling his cap back on. Kurt didn't say anything and just stared down at the carpet.

Carole and Finn came back after a while, thinking Burt would want to have a heart to heart. They placed the rest of Kurt's things on the floor and said their goodbyes, leaving Kurt and Burt alone again.

Burt smiled and pulled his son to his chest, kissing the top of his head. "I love you, Kid." He said, holding on to the boy who was still silent and unmoving.

"I love you too.." Kurt whispered back, closing his eyes as Burt squeezed him again.

"I'll call you tomorrow morning when you're settled in, alright?" He asked, smiling whenever Kurt nodded.

Suddenly Kurt was alone. No dad...no Finn, and no Carole. He sat back on the mattress and stared at the floor.

Before long he was up and putting his things away, finding a brand new bedding set Carole must of sneaked in. It matched his carpet, which he thought was really lucky. After he had unpacked a little he found himself lost on what to do. He walked over to the window and looked out into the courtyard, smiling. All the different colored flowers looked beautiful from far away, he couldn't wait to see it closer, but he had to wait for the prefect that was coming by.

He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the cool window pane. Maybe if he was lucky, the boy would just show him around, and not expect any answers or ask any questions.

Then again, Kurt's luck never held out for him before,so why should it now?

Preview: Blaine straightened his tie and patted his gelled hair to make sure a curl wasn't out of place. Albaxter had warned Blaine the boy was shy and very quiet, and that he needed to be calm and collected. What he didn't tell Blaine was how beautiful the boy would be when he opened the door. He didn't feel the need to say how Blue-grey eyes would make your heart flutter, or how pale porcelain skin would be able to cause your breathing to falter. Also he didn't even think to mention that the boy's soft red lips would seem to lower your speaking ability to a toddlers stutter.

"Hi." Was the brainless reply he could give the beautiful boy in front of him, who seemed to be regarding him cautiously.