As Hinata sat in the carriage she cried as she held onto her pregnant stomach, all she could think about was that she was finally with Naruto and they were planning a life together. After the war he searched for Hinata and confessed that he felt the same as her and finally asked her out on a proper date. She eagerly accepted and thought about nothing but the date all day, waiting patiently to be with her true love. That evening the both of them talked about how they felt, they laughed at the things that happened when they were children. That same night the shared their first kiss. Many in the village smiled at the two love birds as they spent almost night and day together. For months their relationship flourish to something neither one of them expected, they became soul mates. Naruto asked for Hinata hand in marriage and the Hyuuga's told Naruto they would give him an answer in a couple of weeks. Hinata and Naruto just knew that the elders of the clan would agree since he would be the next Hokage and that he was a war hero of their village. For two months the clan elders would not respond to Naruto's request, Hinata and Naruto began to hear rumors about they were not going to allow then to engage in holy matrimony. Fearing this they wed in secret and eventually told the clan elders, the elders and her father. All were furious on what was told to them and tried to get the marriage annulled. Hinata told them she was also pregnant and that she did not care if she was no longer the heiress of her clan. The elders informed Hinata that she was to wed another man from the Land of Stone to strengthen the bonds between the two countries and that she would have to be with the man they betrothed her to and she would have to abort her unborn child. Naruto and Hinata were outrage that her clan and father would do such a thing to the both of them. Hiashi had asked Tsunade to put a restraining order against Naruto stating that Hinata was doing this for the good of the village. Tsunade had no choice but to comply with the order to keep Naruto away. Hiashi had told Tsunade to perform an abortion on Hinata so she could go through with the engagement to her betrothed from the Land of Stone. Tsunade said that she would have no part of it and that Hinata would have to go somewhere else for the procedure to be done; even Sakura and Shizune refused to have anything to do with aborting her and Naruto's child.

"Don't worry Hyuuga-sama this will be over when you terminate the pregnancy and you can wed Jaetel Shiva and you can bring a thriving economic business back to our village" said one of her clansmen.

"Is it customary to have so many Chunins and Jonins escort me to the Cloud village to help me abort Naruto's child?" as she stared out the window praying that her clan would change their minds.

"The future Hokage hasn't been seen in two weeks so they figured that he may try something, better safe than sorry" said the other Hyuuga clansmen.

"I don't think he will try anything, he will be the Hokage next month. Tsunade made it official two days ago, no one knows that Hinata and Naruto were married and expecting a child but a select few. So don't worry Hinata-sama it will be like a new life for you" as he smiled at the heiress.

'Who ever said I wanted a new life? I'm happy with the one I chose and the man I planned on spending it with" as her eyes showed anger at the two Chunins.

As they rode the carriage to Hinata's destination, it came to a complete stop, as the body guards looked at each other they knew it was an ambush. As the two Hyuuga's hurried to get out of the carriage they were attacked by Hinata who sealed their chakra. As Hinata got out of the carriage she saw all the bodies' knockout from their injuries as she looked around she saw a tall blonde haired young man holding a passed out Chunin by one hand in the air. She quickly rushed to his side crying with her arm extended waiting for him to embrace her, he quickly threw down the Chunin and ran straight toward the indigo hair goddess who stolen his heart.

"I knew you would come, I knew that hell or high water would never stop you from coming to get me and our child" as she cried harder than she ever had in her whole life.

"You're my precious wife and mother of my child, I'll die before I see them take what's precious from us in this world" as he held onto her tight.

She kissed the man of her dreams and was ready to part her village and never look back, as she saw him make a hand sign his clones appeared, they quickly tied up all of the Jonins and Chunins so they could make their escape.

"I have everything set up, I liquidated all my assets and we have enough money to live in peace for the rest of our lives. We will move to the Land of Snow, the princess sold me some land high in the hills where we can go unnoticed. The scenery is beautiful beyond words Hinata but I must ask you this, is this what you truly want? We both will be labeled missing ninjas and probably have a cash bounty put on our heads, I'll protect you with my life and make sure no one ever comes near us. But the decisions is yours to make if you want a life with me" as Naruto looked at his wife hoping she would come with him.

"My life was always to be by your side, nothing changed and nothing will ever change that. You are my future we are Uzumaki's as of this day" as Hinata placed a kissed on his lips to let him know that fate itself couldn't rip them apart.

As they headed north to their destination Naruto carried her on his back to make sure that her journey would not be too strenuous for her and the baby. As they traveled for about fifteen minutes, Naruto saw four familiar faces ahead of the road.

"Well what do you know; he was that dumb to attack our fellow ninjas. Naruto I suggest you hand over Hinata and come back to the village peacefully, Tsunade may have mercy and forgive your little transgression for attacking the Chunins and Jonins of the village." As Sakura put on her gloves hoping it wouldn't come down to an actual fight.

"Shouldn't you be enjoying being on your knees with your precious Uchiha, Sakura? I'm only going to say this once, let me pass and I won't kill all four of you!" Naruto pulled out his kunai and waited for their answer.

"Shit he's serious; the look in his eyes there filled with love, love for Hinata and his unborn child. He's willing to take on all of us so they can be together," thought Shikamaru.

"Are you crazy Naruto? You're supposed to be the Hokage in a couple of weeks and you pull this shit?" yelled Ino who pulled out her kunai to match his.

"Yeah Naruto it's been your dream since you could talk, it's what you worked so hard for to achieve," said Choji as he got into his battle stance.

"It means less than nothing if Hinata isn't by my side to share my dream, last chance move or be moved the choice is yours!" He put Hinata behind him and got ready for a fight among friends.

"You were always the fool Naruto; you never thought things through and always paid the price later on. You brought this on yourself," as Sakura sounded ice cold toward her friend with even more venom than she ever sprouted at him in life.

With the quickness Naruto had a Rasengan in the palm of his hand and rushed toward Sakura in a blink of an eye, before she could react he planted a full Rasengan in her chest knocking her into the ground making a deep crater.

"Shit I was hoping to talk him down and have him give Hinata back peacefully, but he isn't going to listen. More than that he use a deadly attack on Sakura, did he mean to kill her?" Thought Shikamaru as he stretched his shadow but Naruto dodged it completely.

As Sakura lay in a crater, he quickly rushed Choji to take him down. Choji use his family bloodline and expanded his hands and arms to catch Naruto in his grasp. As he clamped his hands together Naruto slipped through his grasp and used his kunai to cut a deep slash in Choji's collarbone making him scream in pain as a stream of blood spurted from his shoulder. As Choji fell down he instinctively tried to cover his wound with his hands, Naruto quickly grabbed another kunai and stabbed Choji in the other shoulder making him scream in more pain.

"CHOJI! As both Ino and Shikamaru yelled at the top of their lungs.

Ino quickly rushed and grabbed Hinata around her neck and told Naruto to stop his murderous rage and to drop his kunai.

"I never thought that you of all people would use a pregnant friend to save your own life" as Naruto walked nonchalantly toward Ino.

"Wait why is he walking slowly toward her? He moved with blinding speed on everyone else but not Ino? Shit! Ino quickly get away from Hinata, it's a trap that's not Hinata but an exploding shadow clone!" As Shikamaru yelled at the top of his lungs!

Naruto quickly made a hand sign and Hinata exploded with such a tremendous force almost crippling the blonde woman.

"Naruto it doesn't have to be this way, stand down or I will be force to kill you!" Shikamaru braced himself for the fight of his life.

Shikamaru pulled out a set of kunais; he waited for his blonde friend to make a move. Naruto knew Shikamaru's capabilities better than anyone else, that's why he saved him for last. If anyone could defeat him it would be the laziest ninja in the Konoha who could do it. As Naruto moved at a blinding speed, Shikamaru swung his kunais hoping to back off the blonde speedster, as their kunais smash together hurting both of their hands, Naruto tried to place a kick in the sternum of his friend. Shikamaru quickly evaded and tried to ram his kunai into Naruto's leg, Naruto quickly dodged his attack and jump back to escape his blade. As Naruto jumped back he threw a smoke bomb directly at his adversary, Shikamaru jumped back and noticed that Naruto and a shadow clone was charging toward him and both had Rasengans in the palm of their hands. Shikamaru quickly extended his shadows and caught both of them and destroyed one. Shikamaru noticed that he caught the real Naruto and held him.

"What are you planning Naruto? You should have known that my shadows would have detained you so why did you try a frontal attack?" As Shikamaru looked at the captured Naruto.

"You're just way better than me that's all. Shikamaru this will end badly for you, you know that right? Why won't you let me be with the woman I love? I'm only going to say this once, let me go and I won't have to hurt you old friend!' Naruto looked at Shikamaru with intensity that unnerved the lazy Jonin.

"You're caught, so how are you going to kill me old friend?"

Naruto smiled as he was trapped in Shikamaru's shadow possession.

"Hey Shikamaru! Called a shadow clone from the darkness as he threw a kunai at him.

Shikamaru ducked the kunai breaking the jutsu, the clone threw another kunai toward Naruto, with his speed got behind Shikamaru and placed his arm around his neck and caught the kunai coming toward Shikamaru's head and stabbed Shikamaru on the right side of his body. Shikamaru looked behind him, stunned that his closest friend tried to take his life, Naruto dropped Shikamaru on the ground. As he turned around he saw a battered Sakura barely able to stand with a dislocated arm, she pulled out a kunai that shook uncontrollably in her hand.

"You bastard, you tried to kill us all! I'll kill you for what you did to our me! You were our friend and you betrayed us and your village for a failure of a Hyuuga!" Sakura was ready to attack her former teammate and bring him down hard.

"You are my friend that is why I didn't kill you, instead of making empty threats you can't keep, you should worry more about our comrades. I'm going to give you a message to take back to the village, the Hyuuga's, the village elders and the Hokage that if they send anyone after us I will kill them all. I won't negotiate, I want hesitate, I will do exactly what I said I would do and send them back in small pieces that won't even fit in a casket," as Naruto looked at Sakura, she saw Hinata come out of hiding to stand next to her husband.

"We will not let the village politics keep us apart any longer; I stand next to him now and forever. Please Sakura make sure that the village and its council know that we will do what we must to stay together," as she held onto her husband hand.

"Your both dead, once you leave the Fire country they will never stop coming for the both of you!" Sakura looked at the both of them as she planned to attack one more time.

"Do you want your comrades to die? If you fight me who will be able to heal the three of them? Both Shikamaru and Choji will bleed to death and I really don't know how bad Ino's injuries are. So I suggest you let us pass and tend to their needs" Naruto pulled out a kunai and pointed it at his former teammate face and waited for her answer.

Sakura knew that Naruto was right; she let them pass and went to attend to her fallen friends. As she watched them run away, she knew that Naruto would kill to protect his wife and unborn child. As she healed Shikamaru some of the Jonins that were left at the carriage a mile down came and assisted Sakura.

"I see why they wanted him to be the Hokage; he defeated us without even trying. I think he was trying to make a point, no matter how many we send against him or how strong, he can defeat us." As the Hyuuga Chunin went and helped patch up Choji while Sakura worked on Shikamaru.

For the first time in her life she felt fear from Naruto and pity for those who would try to bring him or Hinata back to the Konoha. It met death by a man in love that would protect his family at all cost.