As Makoto stayed hidden in the shadows waiting for the gangsters to completely lock down the compound. He started to formulate a perfect plan on how to get rid of the Karajan Rising Suns and his father altogether. Then he thought about it, he would make it look like another attack by the Dark Angels enemies and burn down the compound. As all of the gangsters made their security rounds, Makoto attacked them and took them out silently. Some of the gangsters realized that some of the guards weren't reporting in so they went to checkup on their associates. When they came downstairs they saw a blood bath that Makoto had done, they quickly ran back upstairs to Kazuhiko to protect their boss. Makoto followed from the shadows to get to his prime target where the men were heading to. They quickly banged on the door to tell their leader they were under attack and to let them inside, Kazuhiko refused and kept the door lock. Kazuhiko heard the men screaming through the door; as he slumped to the floor in fear he said a prayer hoping that the man outside the door would just go away or die from a heart attack. He battled through his fear as he could barely move his legs from his cowardice and grabbed a sword off the wall display. Kazuhiko held the sword at the door and waited for the intruder to come in, suddenly a man was thrown through the door and landed next to him. He dropped the sword in fear and screamed his head off as he saw one of his men had his throat sliced. Makoto walked in and gave a deathly glare at his biological father; Kazuhiko fainted from fear of this deathly stranger presence. Kazuhiko looked in disgust at his father's spinelessness; he quickly handcuffed his father and set the Karajan Dark Angel's compound on fire. Unknown to Makoto he was being watched very carefully and then followed by unknown assailants.

Kazuhiko had finally awakened and saw that he was suspended in the air and his wrists were chained to a ceiling beam as his feet dangled effortlessly off the floor. He realized that the stranger for whatever reason brought him to this dark and abandon warehouse to kill him. He saw a dark figure leaning against the wall dressed all in black with the bottom part of his mouth covered by a mask.

"You over there, what do you want? You want money? I can give more money than you ever seen in your life if you just let me live."

"Money can't buy your way out of this Kazuhiko Sarasochi! It's time you paid for the death of my mother and the pain you caused her children!" Makoto walked over toward his father. "I wanted you awake for what I'm about to do to you, it's the least I could do for you for all the kindness you bestowed on to me and my sister." Makoto said sarcastically to his biological father.

"What are you talking about? I never hurt anyone, especially you or your sister! I just took over as head boss three weeks ago! It had to be my predecessor, you got to believe me!" Kazuhiko was pleading with the man in front of him but he could tell that this man wanted only his death.

"No it was you, my mother killed herself right in front of you, and I got the information from a reliable source."

"Whoever this source you're listening to is straight out lying to you! I never murdered anyone, I'm many things but I never murdered anyone with these hands!"

"Yeah figures you wouldn't remember killing my mother Kayla! This is for my mother you sorry son of a bitch!" Makoto pulled out a small knife and stabbed him twice by the heart as his father screamed in horror as he passed out from the pain." Justice and revenge have been served; my mother's soul can rest in peace finally!"

"Kayla…Kayla…you're Makoto my son. Then the prophecy that Kayla predicted came true, my son would return and commit patricide. Well at least…your mother is safe from your wrath, at least I saved her." Kazuhiko smiled at his son as he spat up some blood through his mouth.

"What are you talking about? You killed my mother; she performed seppuku right in front of you!" Makoto looked bewildered by his father statement.

"No Kayla was your aunt not your mother, you fulfilled your destiny now leave this village and never come back!" Kazuhiko's eyes began to fade into death's embrace.

Makoto couldn't understand it, if Kayla wasn't his mother than who was. Then it came to him maybe it was Nikia. She knew every detail that happened, no stranger would know the most intimate details of what happened the way she described it. He quickly pulled back his father's hair.

"Is Nikia my mother? Answer me now old man!" Makoto eyes were almost in tears as he waited for an answer.

Kazuhiko eyes opened up as he looked up in surprised at his son and he began to cry. Makoto knew right then and there Nikia was his mother, his whole world came crashing down as he felt dizzy from the revelation as he grabbed his head and fell to his knees.

"No... … you killed her didn't you? "His eyes began to tear and his voice began to break into sobs."You killed my wife, your mother who gave you life! She had a mental illness and was on drugs! She suffered for years with the guilt for deserting her children and the pain of trying to sell her own sister into prostitution! When Kayla made that prophecy about you killing us, she looked at you in fear every day. There was not a day that went by that she didn't think about killing you to save her own life! Drugs were the only way to cope with the horror of what you were going to do to us that drove her mind into more madness every day, she had to suffer by looking at you every day but she couldn't take her own child's life no matter what was prophesied. The drugs became her only outlet, it made our family broke. She told me to take your aunt and sell her to the top mafia boss for drugs and money. When I did your mother had a change of heart but it was too late Kayla killed herself in front of me. This drove your mother over the edge completely, her mind was shattered beyond repair and she thought of her children only as street urchin trash she was watching for a friend. I had to leave this village because the head boss wanted me dead for reneging on our deal and taking his money and running away. Years later I snuck back into the village and your mother told me about you being adopted by the Uzumaki's, she came up with the plan to extort money from them. After we tricked them into giving us the money I was able to pay back the leader of Karajan Dark Angels and was able to join after giving extra money as a gift for amnesty. We thought the prophecy was finally broken but no prediction can be broken once made. Here is a prediction that was made about you; you will be killed by one of your five siblings that will cease your path to darkness. Since me and Nikia only had Akina it maybe her or one of the Uzumaki's children, I know which one so let this keep you up at night with paranoia as it did with me all these years." Kazuhiko smiled as his eyes dimmed even more.

Makoto quickly grabbed him by his throat and choked him until his eyes opened up.

"Talk you old bastard! Who's the sibling that's supposed to kill me? Is it Akina or Noriyuki? Tell me you senile old fuck!" Makoto eyes showed insanity as he shook his father by the neck demanding an answer but Kazuhiko never answered.

As he stood there looking at his father, his mind was racing by the fact he killed his biological parents. It was slowly destroying his sanity little by little, suddenly out of instinct Makoto jumped back from four projectiles hurled in his direction as it struck his father in the head and chest area.

"Well, well it seems someone hired a high price assassin to take care of the gang competition in Karajan. What gang faction hired you? What is the purpose of your mission? Answer me now you bastard!" As the young woman with dark hair stood there looking menacingly at Makoto on top of a ceiling beam.

Makoto never said a word as he looked at the young woman as a well armed man jumped down next to her.

"Go away! Unless you want to die as well." Makoto said in an ice cold demeanor that sent a chill up his enemies' spine. "I'm done here; you and your eleven minions back off now! I can feel their chakra and I know all of you are ninjas but none of you are on my level!" Makoto nonchalantly backed away slowly waiting for any of them to make a move.

"This masked bastard is very good, you sensed out all of them and you knew we were ninjas. That's very impressive indeed but do you think we will just walk away after what you just did to the Karajan base and after you killed its leader?" The woman grinned as five of her squad members jumped down with her to the floor. "This abandon building is surrounded you're as good as dead, we'll make it a very humane kill if you just lay down all your weapons and surrender now.

Makoto pulled out one kunai that made his attackers ready for an attack.

"Really…? One little kunai? That's what you're planning on defeating all of us with?" The dark haired girl started laughing as she looked at him.

"It's all I'll need to kill pieces of shit like you." Makoto flipped the kunai back and forth in the air as he kept catching the kunai's handle in his hand.

"Kill him and remove that damn mask so we can identify what village he's from and who hired him to take out the Karajan Dark Angels."

As they got ready to pounce on Makoto, Makoto quickly threw the kunai at the group of shinobis. The kunai multiplied and split up and headed straight toward its targets, each kunai found their objectives as it embedded themselves into the ninja's chest and head. The dark headed girl quickly jumped behind one of her subordinates, as he fell down in front of her, she noticed that two kunais were stuck into her comrades' chest while everyone else only had one. She quickly theorized that somehow he was able to hone in on everyone's position by focusing on their chakra and throwing his kunais to kill them no matter where they were; she had to admit this was one hell of a technique. If she hadn't jump behind her comrade it would have killed her as well. She quickly looked around and there were only four of them left to fight this mysterious stranger. She realized that he had to be a specialized Jonin to take out so many of her squad in a matter of seconds. Makoto slowly walked toward them like a predator that was on the hunt, his eyes showed no fear and his kunai twirl for anticipation for another bloody kill.

"I told you to leave and I warned you, your actions caused your own demise." Makoto words were icy cold that sent a shiver down their spines.

"Mayumi-sensei we have to escape! He's way above our level; if we stay then we die in this shithole of a building! We live to fight another day but we must warn Ja..!"

"Don't you dare say his name out loud you fool! Urado, Katsu slow him down until me and Yasu can get reinforcements!" Mayumi headed toward the upper level of the building hoping to get away from the masked murderer.

As one of the bodyguards followed her he looked at her and began to speak. "So we're using them as bait? Very clever and cruel but how long do you really think they will last against someone like him?"

"Don't know, don't care. We must survive to warn my uncle, that's our only objective.

Mayumi turned around and saw Makoto running toward Urado and Katsu with his kunais, as Makoto spun like a twister and easily evaded there clumsy attacks and ran straight past them untouched, he sped toward Mayumi and Yasu direction. As Urado and Katsu stood there motionless both of their heads fell from their bodies with a thud onto the floor and then their bodies fell as well, Yasu and Mayumi looked in horror.

"This is no mere ninja or man, he's a monster bred to kill. Whoever trained this shinobi must be a murderer among murderers! Yasu we must stop him right here and now! If he finds about any information about who's sponsoring the Karajan Angels it could be bad for business. We must…" before she could finish the sentence she was backhanded by Makoto so hard she could sworn she saw a tooth fly out of her mouth.

Yasu quickly rushed to her defense and backed up Makoto with his sword; Mayumi recovered quickly and assisted her comrade against the masked ninja. Although both were Jonins they could barely keep up with Makoto's speed, they could tell this wasn't going to end good in their favor.

"Quickly run to the roof top of the building I have an idea!"

Mayumi quickly threw a smoke bomb at their nemesis causing him to jump back cautiously. They quickly jumped to the top of the roof by hopping from wall to wall and finally making it to the top only to see Makoto standing directly in front of them with a deathly glare that unnerved the two Jonins.

"How the hell did he beat us to the top? He was directly behind us and now he's directly in front of us as if he was expecting us all along to be right here" Yasu whispered it to Mayumi making them both step away from the predator in front of them. "On my mark attack him ferociously; I have a plan follow my lead closely. "

As the two attacked Makoto they encircled him with precision thrust and stabs with their weapon but they couldn't make any contact with his body. Makoto eyes showed that death was the only thing he wanted to bestow upon the two ninjas. As the two battled bravely against Makoto they knew they were outclassed in every way. Makoto quickly cut Mayumi across the side of her ribcage making her scream in agony, he quickly ducked a sword swipe from Yasu and planted his kunai deep inside Yasu's thigh and kicked him several feet toward Mayumi knocking her down. Mayumi quickly darted toward Makoto with a series of sword slices but couldn't connect; she quickly threw her hand toward Makoto's face and was able to pull down the mask just a little to get a side view of his face before he punched her back toward Yasu. As the two suffered in pain Mayumi whispered to Yasu to run and jump across to the other side of the building, as both stood up and ran to the ledge Makoto sprinted after the two. As the two ninjas jumped in the air Mayumi turned around in mid air and released dozen of paper tags explosives at Makoto, Makoto saw them coming toward him and quickly ran away from them to avoid the explosions. As the paper explosive tags hit the roof of the building it made a thunderous sound as fire erupted on the roof top and caved in most of the abandoned building's roof top to fall down. As Mayumi and Yasu landed to the other side they saw Makoto standing on the solid part of the roof looking at them through the fire, his eyes did not blink and his face showed extreme rage. The two ninjas realized that this was the first time they actually saw him showing any kind of emotion. Many civilians gathered into the streets to see what the commotion was about, as the crowd grew Makoto knew that he could not pursue Yasu and Mayumi. As the two ninjas lay across the roof, they look over and saw Makoto standing in the middle of the fire; he looked directly at the both of them and yelled across the building.

"Very smart drawing out a crowd like that, it seems that you will live just awhile longer. Just so you know you two will eventually die by my hands; it's just a matter of time so live like it's your last day on the planet every day." Makoto backed up into the flames and disappeared altogether as the building came crumbling down as it lit up like a bonfire in the night.

"Shit whoever that devil was we have to report him to my uncle, he basically killed off all the Karajan Dark Angels. This ninja …could he be living in Karajan? He knew the area all too well and where to hide and why make it so personal on Sarasochi? Come on Yasu, we have to get moving if the villagers find out we're ninjas they'll kill us on sight. We have a long way to go to get to the Land of Stone.

As they made it down from the building they quickly blended themselves in with the crowd, Mayumi knew that this ninja of death was someone that had to be put down and put down quick if her uncle's plan was going to be fruitful in the future. Whoever he was he was their top priority now and she got a glimpse of his face, she was pretty sure that she could recall his face if she ever saw him again.

As Naruto came down stairs to his man cave he saw Sayomi looking over his private seals with great interest.

"Find anything interesting?" Naruto crossed his arms and stared at his daughter.

She suddenly shot up in surprise knowing she was caught red handed about being down in his private room without permissions.

"Yeah this seal that you're working on needs a ton of chakra for it to work, even you don't have the reserves to pull this off." Sayomi looked at her father hoping he wouldn't be too mad at her.

"Really?" Naruto looked at his daughter with fascination." Continue and tell me about your calculations." Naruto motioned with his hand for her to continue.

Sayomi went over to the large paper seal and spread it out so she could see everything and began explaining.

"This seal isn't really used for sealing something up but releasing it, to release whatever you're trying to free you needs more chakra than what's seal up. But all the chakra from both parties can literally burn the sealer to shreds instantly killing him but freeing what was originally sealed. The only thing that this formula could be used for is freeing a tailed beast …Dad no… tell me you're not going to use this seal to release Kurama? This is suicide on what you are about to do! I know you owe him for helping you in the Great Shinobi War but do you have to die to repay that favor? Does mom know what you're doing down here?" Sayomi ran to her father and hugged him tightly as if he was going to disappear, this knocked the wind out of Naruto just a little as he saw his little girl in tears as she held him.

"Don't worry Sayomi I'm not going to use this seal anytime soon without making sure it's foolproof, I've been working on this seal since I was seventeen. I'm not going to risk losing my family over a mistake, now stop crying I swear to you the day I use this seal it will be made perfect were I will still be alive. Now tell me what did you come down here for?" Naruto gave his little girl a hug and slightly pulled her back so she could tell him what she wanted.

"Queen Koyuki sent me to tell you she wishes to see you A.S.A.P.; she wants to discuss something with you." Sayomi wiped away the tears and looked at her father and walked upstairs to the main house.

Naruto felt bad about how his daughter was feeling and decided later on that he would do something with her…just the two of them. As he rolled the seal back up, he thought about Sayomi. She was always put in the shadows by her older siblings but she was just as good as they were if not better; she took to seals like a fish to water. She was already past Nori when it came to seals and she was just below a level away from being a great seal master like Makoto. He chuckled to himself, she never complained and she was always in control in every situation she was in. that was the sign of a great leader.

As he headed upstairs he saw his wife struggling with the twins while scolding Hitomi about giving her brother a haircut with a pair scissors.

"Where are you off to?" Hinata asked with curiosity.

"I'm off to see Koyuki, want to come?"

"Yes! Oh dear Kami yes a hundred times yes, Sayomi can you watch your brother and sister until I come back please?" Hinata yelled up the stairs to her daughter.

"Yeah go ahead I'll watch them." Sayomi came running down the stairs just in time to see her parents leaving.

As she looked at her siblings she raised her finger and pointed to their rooms.

"Go to bed…Now!" Sayomi gave them a deathly stare that made them almost want to cry.

"But it's only 230pm, we'll be good…we swear." Hitomi gave Sayomi the puppy dog eyes on her.

"That won't work on me, now get to bed." Sayomi loved the twins but sometimes they were more than a handful.

The twins slowly walked to their room as they gave a mean look and a bunch of dirty mumblings at their sister.

Sayomi grabbed a book and began to read as she waited for her parents to return.

As Naruto and Hinata made it into the Grand Hall of the Daimyo, the guards bowed and let Naruto through as they followed behind him and closed the door leaving Hinata behind all alone. As she leaned against the wall and waited patiently for her husband to come out, Kamatari Tsushima came around the corner and smiled as he seen the most beautiful woman in the village…Hinata Uzumaki. Saying he had an unwavering crush on her was putting it mildly; Hinata was always on his mind. He thought only of a world with just the two of them, her always making love to him and making him a father through their union. As Hinata looked over and saw him coming a frown appeared upon her face, she hated this man with a passion. Usually she gave people the benefit of the doubt but this man had a touchy feely problem that always involved her body.

"Hello Hinata-san, you're looking quite beautiful today. I must say that I love *facing the sun*, maybe we can go for a drink when you have time?"

He reached over and gently played with her hair with his fingers, Hinata politely removed his hands from her hair. Kamatari became a little more perverted as he grabbed her hips and tried to pull her toward him, Hinata resisted him by getting more aggressive herself by pushing him away forcefully. Kamatari grabbed Hinata by the butt and reached for her breast, with the quickness she grabbed his arm and twisted it. She activated her Byakugan and struck Kamatari right below his neck making him spit up some blood, Hinata steadily twisted his arm and took her elbow and smashed into Kamatari's forearm making a clean break in his arm. Kamatari yelled in pain as he saw that his arm was broken, as Hinata released him he looked up in anger at her.

"Too many times have I told you that I'm married and that I love my husband, my heart, body and soul belong to my husband just as his body and soul belongs to me. The next time you touch me inappropriately I will tell not only my husband but Queen Koyuki as well! How will she take it as one of her clan heads advisor is acting inappropriately? And you know how my husband will react; he will not show you any type mercy once he learns of your perverted hands, so I suggest that you think long and very hard about the next time you feel touchy and grabby! Now get the fuck out of here!" Hinata yelled and pointed toward the door.

Kamatari got up slowly and pushed Hinata to the side as he kicked the chairs over as he held onto his broken arm; he wanted so much to choke Hinata until she was blue in the face but he knew if she told Naruto he touched her the wrong way that he would be put in a body cast for at least a year. He headed to the door mumbling and cursing under his breath. Hinata watched him as he made it to the door as he walked out he never once looked back; Hinata finally hoped he got the message to leave her alone.

As Naruto waited patiently for Koyuki and her advisor's to say something, they looked at him and motioned for him to take a seat.

"I called you hear to let you know that in three days time I will be in Konoha filming a new movie, I will also be staying for the Chunin exam and I want you to come to Konoha in disguise as one of the royal bodyguards along with Hinata. You won't be recognized since the chakra armor and mask will block your features and chakra. I know that you want to see Nori and his squad in action so you two arrive five days later with the diplomatic papers with the names Tokuma and Sumie Hiriyama, they will not ask you to remove your armor or your mask because you're my personal bodyguards." Queen Koyuki smiled at Naruto.

Naruto smiled back as he got out of his chair. "I hate wearing that clunky chakra armor but to see my boy in action at the Chunin exam, I can deal with that. By the way I just got a message from Makoto saying he will be back tomorrow morning. I'm going to have Hwang take over when we leave for Konoha and have Makoto be in second command. He really came along way and I believe that Makoto will be the next Spring Kage; I want Hwang to show him the ropes until I get back. Then I will train Makoto personally to take over when I get too old to continue." Naruto smiled and headed toward the door.

"My old friend your way too young to think about retirement at this time, remember the Third Hokage fought all the way up until his seventies, you still have another forty to go." Koyuki couldn't help but to laugh.

As Naruto left the room, one of the advisors turned to Queen Koyuki and began to speak." I don't trust that Makoto, something about him rubs me the wrong way it's like he has an impenetrable darkness deep inside his heart. Did you ever look into his eyes? It's like staring into death embrace itself, the only one he shows compassion for is his family especially his mother. She's the only one that can get him to smile; he cares nothing about this village welfare or its people. I say you ask him to train someone else as a potential Kage, Makoto isn't worthy of such an honor."

"I trust Naruto's decision; he has great instinct when it comes to choosing people with good hearts." As she walked away from her advisors they all had the same thoughts as the first advisor opinion, Makoto was just too much of loner to help run a village.

As Naruto came out of the Royal Hall, he looked at the chairs scattered about in the room.

"What happened here?" Naruto approached his wife as he looked around.

"Nothing, just someone blowing off some steam." Hinata put her arms around his waist as Naruto put his arm around her shoulder.

"I got some good news Hinata but at the same time it's kind of scary, it involves our son and us, let me tell you everything over lunch."

Hinata looked at Naruto with curiosity as they headed toward the exit and on their way to lunch so Naruto could explain everything about the mission given to them.

As Ayane practiced with her father, every time she made a mistake it was a mistake that was corrected with a lesson well learned that usually consisted of either a hard slap to the face or a kick to the stomach that took the wind out of her lungs. Sasuke's training was way rougher than an actual C-mission. She could never recall on being so tired or so many muscle pains. Although her body was in pain she learned many new techniques from her father to help in the Chunin exam, it was painful lessons but well worth the price to get stronger.

"You're still too slow! Your moves need to be more fluid, stronger and dangerous. You need to know how to evade blows and counter, your aggression is good but you need to know when to strike and defend." Sasuke stopped the spar as he gave his advice to his eldest daughter about what to do.

"Why can't you teach me how to use a sword? Those Land of Stone Genin all carry swords, with a sword I can be on equal ground with them."

Sasuke quickly snatched Ayane by the arm.

"Didn't I tell you that the greatest weapon is the human body! A sword is just an extension of an arm, they have been practicing for a long time and you want to learn to master the sword less than a week away? Your body and reflexes along with your Sharingan can overcome anything! Now take a five minute break while I go look for Saori." Sasuke anger toward his daughter started to fade.

"She's not here; she took that blond idiot some lunch over to training field five. All she does is talk about that baka day and night! She should be here training with Ayane not giving food to that freeloader!" Mia hated Nori with a passion, something about him just made her hate him.

"That's so sweet; Saori has a little crush on that Eiji kid. She's growing up so fast, who knew that dinner with a young boy would make her jumpstart to puberty." Yakumo smiled as she heard the news about her middle child's puppy love.

Sasuke looked at his two daughters and said three words.

"Go get her!"

Both Ayane and Mia heard the seriousness in his voice, as they headed toward training field five. They both knew not to incur their father's wrath, even though he liked Nori her place was at the Uchiha compound with her family. Less than a week Ayane would be facing some strong opponents that would show how truly strong she was.


As Nori was working on a complex seal, he heard his comrades groaning about something and saying here she comes again feeding Nori. Nori looked up and Saori was on her way toward him smiling and skipping. He quickly rolled up the seal and put into his back strap like the one Jiraiya use to carry.

"Hey Nori I brought you some lunch, I figured you be finished training around now and would like some company." Saori smiled at Nori which was very rare for an Uchiha.

"Sure let me get my things and I'll meet you by road." Nori went over by his squad to get his things.

"Really Nori? You need to get rid of her, you might have to face her sister in the finals and you're acting like your good old friends." Nina was pissed that he wasn't using his head at all. She could be telling her sister the inside scoop on how to defeat Nori.

As they sat down to eat all Saori could do was asked how the food taste and that if he was getting stronger and what type of girls he like. Nori knew where this line of questioning was heading and decided to nip it in the bud before she got the wrong idea. Just as he was about to say something the Uchiha sisters walked up toward him and Saori.

"Dad wants you home now Saori, this little rendezvous is over get your stuff and let's go." Ayane looked at Nori if he was the most disgusting little boy on the planet.

"Yeah you blond baka, why don't you jump off the Hokage monument with a bomb up your ass!" Mia was never the one to hold back words from anyone; it was the arrogance of the Uchiha pride.

"Instead of feeding your face you should be worrying about facing me in the finals, I don't want any excuses on why you loss to me!" Ayane looked at Nori as he continued to eat.

"Hey I have a high metabolism I can eat all I want, just because you put on some weight around the hips and stomach don't make that excuse when you lose to me fatty. Nori smiled at her and gave a wink that made her blood boil.

"Why you little…I can't wait to show you what I got in store for you! I'm literally going to beat the living sh…!"

"Ayane don't be rude to Nori like that! Sorry Nori but I have to go." Saori jumped up and hugged Nori and started to walk off with her sisters. Little Mia turned around and stuck her tongue out at Nori. Nori replied by doing the same that made Mia eyes go wide as plate, never had anyone older than her sunk to her level like that.

"You need to leave those little hell spawns alone, next week we show them what the Spring village is made of." Said Jae-Sun as sharpened his sword.

"Well let's go to the hotel and relax, Akina said she wants to go over some things with us." Nori looked at Ayane walk away and smiled, he always thought she was cute when she was angry.

"That pale eye no good…how dare she strike me that way! All I wanted was for you to recognize my feelings and what do you do? You assaulted me! I swear that one day you'll pay for what you done!" Kamatari held onto his arm as it began to ache from where Hinata struck his arm.

"You need to lower your voice, I heard you all the way from the other room. It's your own fault stalking that poor married woman like that, there are many single women in the village for you to choose from, I suggest.."

"Shut up don't say another word or I'll…" Kamatari's anger rose as he looked at the man in front of him

"You'll do what? You just got your arm broken; keep talking and I'll break more than just your arm." It was one of the advisors known as Shoo he came out from the shadows and from around the corner.

This seemed to startle Kamatari as he looked at the advisor in front of him.

"Get over here and I'll heal your arm. " As advisor Shoo Hiyamato grabbed Kamatari's forearm and began healing it for him." It seems that Naruto's wife really let you have it didn't she? Don't look so surprise my shinobi told me everything. Too bad you can't get a little payback for what she did; well maybe there is a way…."

"How?" Was Kamatari's only reply with excitement.

"Easy, in three months time I need you to recommend Sayomi Uzumaki for a particular mission as a spy, you will say that this mission will be a focal point for her being nominated for the Chunin exam."

"No way! She won't be allowed to do a solo mission until she completed three B-missions and Naruto isn't going to give a Genin straight out of the academy three B-mission in three months!"

"No need a client will ask for her by name just persuade Naruto and the rest of the clans by saying how remarkable she is and that she will be perfect for the job handed to her, which by the way I hear is true about her skills. When she is killed on this mission Hinata will blame Naruto for her death. This will make Hinata become distant and cold toward Naruto and she spurn his very existence. This will make your chances that much more favorable with the Uzumaki woman and put some extra money in your pocket as well, in due time her name will become Tsushima Hinata." Advisor Shoo gave a devilish grin to Kamatari.

Kamatari was starting to like the way that name sounded…Hinata Tsushima.

"Let's talk more about your plan in private." Kamatari started to walk with the advisor as he overheard more of his plans on how to get Hinata to truly be his.


As Mayumi and Yasu walked into the mansion of Jaetel Shiva, both of them had a feeling a dread of what they were about to tell him. Jaetel was a man that didn't take news very well; the last man that brought bad news to their leader received a broken jaw. As Jaetel came into the living room both of his loyal ninjas drop to one knee and lower their heads.

"What news do you bring me about Sarasochi, is he following my plans to the T?"

"He's dead lord Shiva, him and most of the Karajan Dark Angels …" Mayumi was cut off as he grabbed her by her neck.

"What do you mean dead? I gave that son of bitch a shit load of money to insure that we would have enough foot soldiers that would be able to overrun the capitol of the Suna! Now I'm out of my money and no lackeys to do my bidding!"

"Sir the person that killed Sarasochi was a highly trained high priced assassin that was on a Jonin level, he killed all of our ninjas with ease. We think this assassin could be link to the Yoo Sun Kai, only they're skilled enough to take out our ninjas and the gangsters. He was a precise killer, he knew how to kill and how to do it right. That's right up their alley!" Yasu looked in horror as he saw Mayumi suspended in air by one hand by Jaetel.

The Yoo Sun Kai are allies of mines, they would never betray me that way. This lone assassin what did he looks like?"

"He wore a mask but I got a glimpse of his face when I pulled down his mask, I'm pretty sure if I see him again I'll recognize him right away." Mayumi was released from his grip as she dropped to the ground and inhale air once again through her lungs.

"You're lucky that you're my niece otherwise I would seriously have to hurt you for your failure. Find another gang faction with a weak minded leader and find me that assassin, I'll find out if the Yoo Sun Kai had anything to do with it! Now I have to make plans on going to Konoha to see Ares and his squad fight, it seems he was the only one that did what I asked. He eliminated all potential new threats in the Chunin exam, I heard it was the bloodiest in over twenty-three years." Jaetel seemed so proud that his son killed on his command.

"Yes I heard in the Suna that his squad was the most feared in the exam, he's showing the true power of the Stone Leaf village." Mayumi rubbed her neck as she felt a bruise coming on after she was choked.

Don't try to kiss my ass remember don't come back here until you have the assassin's head or until I call you back, don't fail me again my favorite little niece. I trained you well so make the name Shiva proud." Jaetel turned around and headed out the living room.

Mayumi felt relief; she was giving another chance which was very rare that her uncle gave. This time if the assassin attacked she would be ready and she will be the pride of her uncle's eyes not Ares.

It seems as the Uzumaki family has many problems that come with being a shinobi but family problems seems to be the hardest.