Erin: I really loved Nico and Dani. They're amazing together so mysterious. Anyways I wrote this quick OneShot a week ago and couldn't post it until now!

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Heart Stopping

"I'm concerned for your safety," he spoke before turning away to deal with the men who had showed up on her doorstep.

Dani's heart stopped, butterflies filled her stomach. How was it that in one sentence he could make her feel special? Make her feel safe?

As she watched Nico walk away she hadn't felt like this since High School since her first love. That feeling that the world stops when they're around, that what they have to say matters more than anything else, that they matter more than anyone else.

Dani would be the first to admit their relationship, whatever it was, had ups and downs. They'd fight, she would never back down, but he was always there for her.

She cared about Matt she did but there was something about this mystery man that stopped her heart.

Smiling softly she turned away pushing him to the back of her mind, for now.

Erin: I know this was kind of short but I think it says it all. Please tell me what you think. Love, hate, suggestions, critiques…