"Points of View"

By Ginomo

This is the entire Deep Space Nine Points of View series that was written by me after the original airing of each episode in the mid-late 1990s. The goal was to show what happens behind the scenes between the characters in each of the episodes that feature Jadzia Dax, Worf and the evolution of their relationship. It answers the questions that every fan has as they watch an episode. What were they thinking? What happened that we didn't see? Think if it as a crash course in everything you need to know about Worf and Jadzia. The stories in this series are told from either Jadzia or Worf's point of view. Standard disclaimer applies. Paramount owns it, I have fun with it. Don't steal it from either of us. (NOTE: THESE CHAPTERS ARE CURRENTLY BEING EDITED AS OF JUNE 2013 TO FIX ANY ERRORS I OVERLOOKED WHEN THEY WERE FIRST WRITTEN)


Chapter 1: The Way of the Warrior

Chapter 2: Sword of Kahless

Chapter 3: Sons of Mogh

Chapter 4: Bar Association

Chapter 5: Looking for Par'Mach in all the Wrong Places

Chapter 6: Let He Who is Without Sin

Chapter 7: First Contact (Motion Picture)

Chapter 8: In Purgatory's Shadow

Chapter 9: By Inferno's Light

Chapter 10: Soldiers of the Empire

Chapter 11: Children of Time

Chapter 12: A Call to Arms

Chapter 13: A Time to Stand

Chapter 14: Rocks and Shoals

Chapter 15: Sons and Daughters

Chapter 16: Sacrifice of Angels

Chapter 17: Ressurection

Chapter 18: Change of Heart

Chapter 19: Time's Orphan

Chapter 20: Tears of the Prophets

There is no "Points of View" for "You are Cordinally Invited." The entire episode is one Worf/Dax scene after another and I remember being overwhelmed by it. Maybe I will take on the task of doing it one day (but don't hold your breath).

"The Way of the Warrior"


Benjamin had just ordered me to contact Starfleet Command, I had an idea of what he was doing, but I wasn't totally sure why he wanted to talk to Starfleet about it. His comment was, "The only people who can really handle the Klingons are Klingons." Tensions were rising between us and General Martok's fleet. Benjamin was running out of options, and I hoped that whatever his next idea was it would help us figure out what the hell was going on.

"Dax to Sisko."

"Go ahead."

"Admiral Sheridan is waiting to speak with you."

"Put her through to my office."

I obeyed, and routed the subspace transmission to Ben's office. Fifteen minutes later, he summoned me to see him.

"Yes sir?" I asked once I was in his office. Benjamin was twirling his baseball in his hand.

"I just spoke with Starfleet. They're sending Lt. Commander Worf to work with us on a temporary basis."

"Commander Worf?"

"I'm surprised you've never heard of him. He's the only Klingon serving in Starfleet."

I frowned, "I didn't know there was a Klingon in Starfleet."

Sisko nodded, "Yes, he previously served aboard the Enterprise. Anyway, he'll be here, I just thought you'd like to know."

I smiled, "You know I can't resist a Klingon."

Ben laughed, "I know."

"When does he arrive?"

"The day after tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be able to find out what's going on."

"He probably will. Is there anything else?"

"That's all."

I turned and left Ben's office. How did a Klingon end up in Starfleet? This would be interesting, very interesting. Suddenly, I couldn't wait for the day after tomorrow.


I got the message late on night. Borath was an extremely cold place, which was ironic since Klingons do not have a high tolerance to cold. I had been there for three months, yet I was no closer to finding myself' than I was when I arrived. It was somewhat of a relief to receive Starfleet's message, that way, I could leave Borath and not feel like I'd failed myself.

The message said that I was to be temporarily assigned to station Deep Space Nine. The Enterprise had docked there a few years ago, and I was slightly familiar with it. It was built by Cardassians and had been used while they occupied Bajor. Now, it was a Bajoran and Federation installation.

The next day, while I was preparing to leave the Klingon monastery, another communiqué came for me. This one was from Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise. Another ship had been built to replace the fallen Enterprise D, and Picard wanted me to come back and serve as the chief security officer. I made the decision not to decide until my short stay aboard DS9 was over. It isn't as if I did not enjoy my tour of duty aboard the Enterprise, but, at the time, I was not sure exactly where I wanted my Starfleet career to go, or even if I wanted it to continue at all.

As soon as I arrived on DS9, Captain Sisko and I met. I was not exactly sure what to think of him at first. He was obviously a very capable man, and I had a feeling that we would work well together. When I told him that I was considering resigning from the fleet, he seemed genuinely concerned with my dilemma. He then told me that he'd once considered resigning, and that I should not make any quick decisions.

After our meeting, I decided to head to Quark's, the Ferengi bar on the promenade. A Ferengi greeted me at the bar, I assumed that he was Quark, "Let me guess, Klingon Blood Wine."

"Prune juice, chilled," I replied.

"Prune juice?" he asked, laughing.

I gave him a cold glare, I do not like to be laughed at.

"If you say so," he hurried off and returned with my drink. From a corner of the bar, I heard a familiar voice call to me.

"Commander, over here," It was Chief O'Brien, I served with him for six years aboard the Enterprise. He left there to become the chief of operations here. Reluctantly, I went over to him. He was with another man, a Human, with deep olive skin, "Doctor Julian Bashir, Lt. Commander Worf."

I nodded respectfully. It was obvious that the young Doctor was nervous around me, "Um, care for a game of darts?" Bashir offered.

At that particular moment, I was not in the mood to socialize with them, and I tried to sound apologetic in my reply, "I do not play games."

"Well, it's like poker, only with pointed tips," O'Brien said.

I gave him a confused look. Darts are nothing like poker.

"Alright then, think of it as target practice."

Realizing that these two were not going to be satisfied, I gave in.

"The object, "Julian explained, "Is to throw this dart and hit that board over there."

"Aim for the dot in the middle," O'Brien suggested.

With the dart in hand, I drew my arm back and threw. I missed the bulls eye only by millimeters. Unfortunately, my throw was too powerful, and I tip of the dart was embedded in the board. The two men exchanged wide eyed glances.

From behind me I could hear a powerful voice, female, speak up, "I can't believe you did that."

"Well, he didn't leave me any choice," came another female voice.

"Wait, wait," Julian began, he was obviously familiar with these women, "What did she do?"

The first woman spoke up. She was wearing an unusually bulky green dress that had a matching head ornament. She was tall, and, by her markings, I deduced that she was Trill, "She knocked out Lancelot."

"He kissed me," the second woman replied. She was shorter, Bajoran, and wore a similar dress, only hers was gold.

"He's supposed to kiss you!" The green dress exclaimed.

"But I was playing a married woman!"

Bashir and O'Brien were finding this whole scene extremely amusing. The Doctor spoke up, "Lt. Commander Worf, this is Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax and Major Kira Nerys... our first officer."

"Nice hat," I said, trying to join in the joviality of it all.

Major Kira fumbled to get her hat off, "I don't usually dress like this. We were in the holosuite..."

"So I gathered," I turned to the other woman. Her name, Jadzia Dax had caught my attention. She was definitely Trill, and I rather famous one at that, "You used to be Curzon Dax," I stated.

"That's right. And I don't usually dress like this either," She smiled sweetly, and tipped her head, referring to the dress.

"Curzon's name is an honored one among my people."

Dax responded in Klingon, "L'K. E'GyP chem T'La," her eyes danced merrily as she spoke. "Yes, but I'm better looking than he was."

I looked at the others, but could tell by their expressions that none of them knew what she was saying. I nervously looked down, and then back up to her. She was quite beautiful, "I suppose so," I muttered. She returned a bright and flirty smile. I stood there, wondering what exactly she meant by her comment. However, I didn't have much time to think about Jadzia Dax. On the other side of the bar, I could hear Martok's son Drex. He was just the man I was looking for.


I thought I was doing something good. I decided to take Kira to the holosuite, and it was all going well, until she, of course, let her temper get the best of her.

"I can't believe you did that!" I exclaimed.

"Well, he didn't leave me any choice," she said.

As we came out of the holosuite and into Quark's, Julian and Miles were standing right there, "Wait, wait, what did she do?" Julian asked.

"She knocked out Lancelot," I stated, gathering my huge medieval dress in my hands.

"He kissed me," Kira said.

"He's supposed to kiss you!"

"But I was playing a married woman!"

Right then I decided not to take Kira to the holosuite anymore. I'd been so wrapped up in my nightmarish time with Kira that I hadn't noticed him. Next to Julian and Miles stood a Klingon dressed in a gold Starfleet uniform. So this was him. I couldn't help but smile, he was so handsome. Tall, with broad shoulders, and long brown hair.

Julian introduced him to us, "Lt. Commander Worf, this is Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax and Major Kira Nerys, our first officer."

I nodded pleasantly, putting my cutest, flirtiest smile on. But, I wasn't exactly sure how to flirt with him. He's a Klingon, yes, but he's in Starfleet too. He probably wasn't like traditional Klingons. There was so much that I wanted to know about him, and I had no idea how to find out.

After exchanging words with Kira, Commander Worf turned to me, "You used to be Curzon Dax," he stated.

"Yes," I answered, "And I don't usually dress like this either."

"Curzon's name is an honored one among my people."

I was going out on a limb with my next statement, but I just couldn't resist, "L'K. E'GyP chem T'La."

Worf looked uncomfortable, but not incensed. He looked at the others, probably hoping they had no idea what I'd said. Finally, our eyes met, "I suppose so," he said nervously. I continued to flash my winning smile, I wanted him to know that I was interested. I wasn't certain exactly how interested I was, but, Worf was definitely the most fascinating person to board DS9 in a long time.

"Excuse me," he said, stepping away from the group.

Kira leaned over to me, "What did you say to him?"

I decided not to tell them, "Um, it loses something in the translation."

I watched Worf, he was confronting a Klingon that stood at the bar. It was hard to hear what they were saying, but after a few moments, the two men were engaged in combat. Worf hit Drex across the face, and with ease, knocked him to the ground. Once Drex was down, Worf picked up his d'k tagh. Another Klingon approached Worf, but then backed down. Without meeting further resistance, Worf left the bar.

"He's good," I said, awestruck.

"What'd I tell you?" Miles said.

Oh yes, I thought to myself, there's definitely something to Worf, and I was determined to find out all I could.

It was late the next night, and I saw Worf walking into Quark's. I decided to follow him in. Maybe I'd invite myself to a drink with him. But by the time I got into the bar, he was no where to be found, "Computer, locate Lt. Commander Worf."

"Lt. Commander Worf is in holosuite three."

I smiled to myself, and headed for holosuite three. I know I was taking a huge risk, he probably wouldn't like the fact that I was intruding on his program. I silently hoped he wasn't running one of Quark's sexual programs.

I entered slowly, and was relieved to find that he was running my calisthenics program. Worf was deeply engaged in combat, and glanced over at me briefly. I watched him as he fought the alien monster. His body moved fluidly, I could tell that he had a lot of experience with combat. I smiled, a lot, but not as much as me, "You shouldn't drop your left arm like that," I offered.

"I do not remember asking you for advice," he snapped. He definitely had the short fuse of a Klingon.

"Just trying to help," my voice remained calm.

As if to prove that he didn't need my help, he slayed the alien with a few quick blows. I slowly stepped forward and stood before Worf, "So, how did you like the program?" I asked.

"I found it, adequate, although I was surprised to find a Klingon exercise program on the holosuite."

I smiled up at him, "It's mine."

"You mean Curzon's," Worf stated.

"No," I corrected him, "I mean it's mine. Computer, bat'leth."

On a nearby ledge, a bat'leth appeared. I went over to pick it up, as well as the one that was already there, "I thought you might be tired of fighting holograms," I said.

"It would not be a fair match."

I handed Worf his weapon, "I'll go easy on you."

"Very well," Worf drew back his sword, "Defend yourself."

He brought his weapon down upon mine with a crashing force. It took all the strength I had just to push him off me. Perhaps I should not have been so hasty in engaging Worf. Even though I had a hard time fighting him off, I could tell he was holding back, "I hope you're not holding back because I'm a woman. If it makes things any easier, think of me as a man, I've been one, several times."

I regretted those words seconds after they left my lips. Worf didn't hold back, he quickly flung my weapon from my hands, and knocked me onto my back. For a brief moment, I was totally out of breath. I could see the concern in his eyes and I lifted my head and spoke, "Feel better?"

Worf gripped my hand and pulled me up, "I take it your conversation with General Martok didn't go all that well."

"He was not forthcoming," Worf answered, "And he was not the only one. I tried to contact Gowron, Emperor Kahless, even my brother who sits on the High Council, no one will speak with me."

I was slightly confused. Worf has a brother on the High Council? What would motivate him to enter Starfleet? Obviously, his family had a substantial position in the Empire. My arms were sore, and I began rubbing them, "Maybe you're going about this the wrong way," I offered, "With so many Klingons around, there must be someone who owes your family a favor."

Worf thought a moment, "Thank you, Commander."

"No problem," I answered, "And you can call me Dax."

He nodded, finally returning one of my smiles.

"If you don't mind my asking," I began, "How long will you be staying with us?"

"I... I am not certain."

"Well, if you need anything while you're here, I'm never too far away..."

"Thank you," he said again.

I gave him one last smile, and left. As I walked out, I could feel his eyes on me.


The door to the holosuite slid open. The noise broke my concentration for a moment, but not long. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see who it was. It was Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax, she stood in the doorway watching me. Finally she spoke up.

"You shouldn't drop your left arm like that," she said evenly.

"I do not remember asking you for advice," I replied.

"Just trying to help."

With only a few more blows, I brought the alien foe to his demise, and he disappeared once hit the ground. Dax calmly stood before me, "So, how did you like the program?"

"I found it adequate, although I was surprise to find a Klingon exercise program on the holosuite.

"It's mine," she stated.

"You mean Curzon's."

"No, I mean it's mine. Computer, bat'leth."

On a nearby ledge a Klingon sword materialized. She went over to the ledge and picked it up, as well as my own, "I thought you might be tired of fighting holograms."

"I would not be a fair match," I warned.

She handed me my bat'leth, "I'll go easy on you."

"Very well," I drew my sword high, "Defend yourself," I had expected to knock her to the ground with one blow, but Dax held her own against me. I reminded myself that she had the experiences of Curzon Dax to her advantage. We exchanged several blows, and I made sure not to put up too much of a fight.

"I hope you're not holding back because I'm a woman. If it makes things any easier, think of me as a man, I've been one, several times." This woman had a lot of courage, and I admired that. But, if she wants to see my full abilities, she would. I quickly forced her bat'leth from her hands and it went sailing across the room. I then tripped her, and she fell hard onto the ground. I stood, holding my breath for a brief moment, praying that she wasn't hurt. Dax offered her hand to me and raised her head slightly, "Feel better?" I gripped her hand and brought her up to her feet. I noticed her hands were unusually cool, "I take it your conversation with General Martok didn't go all that well."

I decided not to ask how she knew about that, instead, I simply answered her, "He was not forthcoming. And he is not the only one," Dax wore a genuinely concerned expression, which I found odd. This is only the second time I've seen this woman in my life, yet, she seems to know me, she knew exactly how to get me to open up and talk to her. I continued, "I tried to contact Gowron, Emperor Kahless, even my brother who sits on the High Council. No one will speak with me."

She rubbed her forearms, "Maybe you're going about this the wrong way..." I turned and listened to her, "With so many Klingons around, there must be someone who owes your family a favor."

I thought a moment, yes there was. And I was certain that if something was going on, he'd tell me, "Thank you, Commander."

"No problem. And you can call me Dax."

I nodded, smiling subtly at her.

"If you don't mind my asking, how long do you plan to stay with us?"

"I... I am not certain."

"Well, if you need anything while you're here, I'm never too far away..."

"Thank you," I said, nodding again.

She meekly smiled, and left. I slowly sat and let out a deep breath. Could she be flirting with me? No, a beautiful, powerful woman as herself could have any man she wanted, what would she want with me? Yet, I couldn't forget her off handed comment yesterday. Nor could I forget her flirty smile.

No Worf, I said to myself, you are here to help Captain Sisko, not to become infatuated with his one of his officers. Yet I had to admit, it would be very easy to become infatuated with Jadzia Dax.

It was over. Everything was over. The Jitapa Council had been saved, the station had not been too badly damaged, and, a war had been put off. However, those weren't the only things that were over. Because I sided with the Federation, Gowron exiled me from the Empire. The Khitomer treaty had ended, and, my service aboard DS9 was over.

I sat in my quarters for a long time, weighing my options. I had two choices, return to the Enterprise, or leave Starfleet altogether. The first one was definitely out. So much had changed inside me, it was hard to explain, but I knew that I could not go back, only forward. I needed to move on with my life, and I wanted to get as far away from the past as I could. My son now lived with his grandparents on Earth, I was such a terrible parent, there was no getting around that. I had no standing in the Empire, which meant that in the eyes of most Klingons I did not even exist. I picked up a padd and began to write. I would turn in my Starfleet resignation as soon as possible.

My bags were packed, everything was ready to go. I picked up my Starfleet uniform and gazed at it for a long time. This had been my dream for so long, and now it was over. The door chime interrupted my thoughts, "Enter."

Captain Sisko stepped inside, he was holding a padd in his hand, "I brought your discharge papers. I thought you might want to take a look at them before I send them off to Starfleet."

"Thank you, sir," I took the padd in my hand.

"I understand you're headed for the Niberite Alliance."

"Yes," I replied, "I leave this afternoon."

Sikso wandered around the room, "For me, it was a job on Earth, directing construction of orbital habitats."

Normally, I would have tried to find a way to get out of this conversation. If my mind was made up, I would not bother listening to any other perspective. Yet, for some reason, I wanted to hear what he had to say. Perhaps my mind was not made up... "Why did you change your mind?"

"I finally realized that it wasn't Starfleet I wanted to get away from. I was trying to escape the pain I felt after my wife's death. I thought I could take the uniform, wrap it around that pain and toss them both away. But it doesn't work like that. Running may help for a little while, but sooner or later the pain catches up with you, and the only way to get rid of it is to stand your ground and face it."

"But wearing that uniform must remind you of what you've lost..."

"Sometimes. But it also reminds me of what I've gained and who I am. Oh I can throw away the uniform, resign my commission, run all the way to the Niberite Alliance. But it really wouldn't matter. A Starfleet Officer, that's what I am, and that's what I'll always be."

"And you think that is true of me as well?"

"What's important, Mr. Worf, is what you think."

"I think Starfleet had been my home for many years... perhaps it still is."

"There are Starships out there in need of good officers. In fact, the Captain of the Venture is a friend of mine. If you like I can talk to him, see if he has an opening for a Lieutenant Commander."

"Perhaps that will not be necessary."

Sisko tipped his head curiously, "What do you mean?"

"I have an offer from Captain Picard to serve aboard the Enterprise E."

"You served with Picard before, on the Enterprise D."

"Yes, I did. I was the chief of security... I do not want to go back to that, though. I had been thinking about going into command."

"It's a good field. I have a feeling you'd do well."

I was trying to drop a hint to Sisko, and I hoped he'd catch on, "This is a fine station. If you had an opening for a commander, I would definitely apply..."

Captain Sisko smiled, "You know, I do need someone to command the Defiant on its scouting missions."

"The Defiant is a fine ship."

"And I could use someone to map out strategic locations in the Gamma Quadrant, as well as keep an eye on the Dominion."

"Sir... "

Sisko put his hand out for me to shake, "Welcome aboard."

I shook it effusively, "Thank you very much, sir, I am very grateful "

"Stop by my office at 1500 and we'll discuss the details."

I nodded, "Of course, sir, 1500."

Sisko headed for the door, "Command is a lot different from security."

"I am willing to learn."

"That's all I need to hear."

There is a Human expression, turning over a new leaf. That is how I felt as I rode the turbolift up the ops the next day, wearing my red command uniform. The lift stopped, and I stepped off, surveying the room, "Lt. Commander Worf, reporting for duty."

"Well," Sisko began, "You all know our new strategic operations officer."

The members of the senior staff surrounded me, shaking my hand and welcoming me. I accepted it all graciously.

"Assume your post, Mr. Worf," Sikso ordered.

"Yes, sir," O'Brien followed me up the stairs to my station.

"You look good in red," he commented.

"It feels good," I answered, "But I have a lot to learn about command."

"Well, you couldn't ask for a better teacher."

Later that day, my eyes drifted to the station on the level below me, where the science officer sat. I thought back to the battle with the Klingons yesterday morning. Surprisingly, Dax held her own in hand to hand combat, she didn't even have so much as a scratch. She was intriguing, and now that I would be here permanently...

Dax turned her head and looked back at me. She'd caught me looking at her, and she blushed. Her face turned a gentle shade of crimson, and she nervously lowered her eyes. Even after she turned her head from me, I could tell, she was smiling.


The next few days were hectic, and I didn't have much time to think about Worf. I heard some hearsay that he was resigning from Starfleet, but those rumors were proved wrong when he walked into ops one morning, wearing a red uniform and reporting for duty. Worf was going to stay on DS9 permanently, which gave me an opportunity to get to know him. I had a feeling that he was going to become a good friend.

Later that day, I could feel a pair of eyes on me. I turned to my left, and sure enough, Commander Worf was watching me. I blushed, and could feel my face getting hot. Blushing wasn't something I did often, yet, Worf was making me blush. Yes, this was going to be very interesting.