Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia
: T for this chapter, story will eventually be M.
: None I suppose
: Eventual PrussiaxCanada
: Me no own the hetalia of the axis of the powers.
: Yea, yea, "Let me in" is the name of that famous movie, (it was a boring, long movie to me that took its sweet time to get to the point) but I feel it suits this story, so shaddup.

Canada walked out of yet another disappointing G8 meeting, completely unnoticed again. In every damn meeting, either he was apparently invisible, or all and any modest contributions he would try to make we're interrupted by America's loud voice, completely drowning out Canada's. He kept telling himself, next time he would say something and contribute to the group instead of sitting back and watching America rave on and on about his country's economy with no real point being made. He exhaled and let his low self esteem settle in for the third time again.

"Yo, Canada!" shouted a familiar voice. Canada felt a hand roughly slap his back, making him jump. His brother was walking beside him, all smiles.

"That was some meeting, huh? I think I made my point quite well on how the US dollar is stronger than the Japanese Yen, or any other dollar for that matter! Well, see ya next meeting!" His brother left, whistling his national anthem.

Well, at least his own brother noticed his presence in the meeting.

Canada looked across the hall and noticed Germany, another big talker in the G8 meetings, speaking with an albino looking character. He was close enough to hear their conversation and decided to eavesdrop behind a plant.

"… I'm still working on getting you in as East Germany, my bruder." Germany spoke.

"Awesome waits for no one!" said his companion. Germany sighed and mumbled something in German that Canada could not comprehend. The red-eyed man said another thing to him in German, ending in both of them walk off in opposite directions. Canada walked out from behind the plant and made his way towards the exit. Before brushing past the unknown character's shoulder, he made perfect eye contact with the guy. It was then when Canada recognized the man as the extinct country of Prussia; one of the countries (current or not) Canada admired the most. Passing Prussia's shoulder, Canada broke eye contact and stared straight ahead. Prussia stopped walking, and stared at the little guy walking off for a bit before yelling out.


The pancake lover stopped and turned around instinctively. Prussia motioned with his finger to come over to him. Canada gulped before approaching him.

"Canada… right?" asked Prussia. Canada nodded.

"Speak, boy."

"Yes, I am Canada." He affirmed.

"You're apart of the G8, right?"

"Correct." Canada responded.

"Tell me, what's a guy gotta do to join this G8?" Prussia asked, "I'm trying to reestablish myself as East Germany."


"Why," repeated Prussia, "because I can't represent an extinct country! Well, I can, but dammit that's stupid, I want to be apart of current affairs!"

"You were such a powerful country…" recollected Canada thoughtfully.

"'Were'! So spill the beans, or maple syrup, since you're Canadian, and tell me how I can get into the G8." Demanded Prussia. Honestly, even Canada wasn't sure. He couldn't even remember how he got in. He even considers himself a waste of space at the conferences; he'd happily give up his spot to this confident man.

My depression is going to relapse if I continue thinking like this.

"I'm… I'm not sure… but I'd happily give up my seat for you, it looks like you'd actually make use of it, unlike me…" he finished sadly.

"Oh, don't beat yourself up! Sure I'm awesome, but I wouldn't accept your seat anyway, I have this thing called an awesome pride." Declared Prussia, crossing his arms. A loud beep cued Prussia to fish his cell phone from his jacket's pocket. He flipped it open and stared at it before putting it away and adding, "Screw awesome pride, I also have this thing called awesome no-shame. Germany just texted me and said they're going to have a poll at the next G8 conference, and the decision has to be unanimous in order to restrict new members." Canada just then remembered what the conference was about today before America started venting about the American dollar after Japan announced that the Yen is at it's strongest value. He remembered that no one felt the need to add a new member. Canada's opinion was not heard, but Germany announced an official poll would take next conference. Canada realized Prussia's intentions.

"So dammit, help an awesome guy out. I'll officially declare you awesome if you did." Insisted Prussia. It wasn't the promise of an official title of "awesome" that made Canada desire to decline the restriction of new members, it was his genuine desire to help Prussia out and perhaps add a member that could overpower America for once. Before Canada could say he could indeed vote against it, Prussia brought his mouth to Canada's ear and whispered, "If you want something out of it, I can give you something of mine…" Canada blushed. Give him what? A toy? Maple syrup, 'cuz he was running low? Prussia smiled, and added in a suggestive tone of voice, "Something… what do you Canadians like nowadays…?" He scanned Canada up and down with his mischievous eyes. He then ruffled Canada's honey hair. The North American country stood frozen. What could he possibly give Canada in return? Canada's thoughts began to wander, some thoughts even inching close to the dreaded gutter…

"…kidding!" sang Prussia childishly, breaking the moment of intensity. He took his hands off trembling Canada.

"But I'm serious about you voting against the whole new members thing." He assured, "And if you really want something in return, I can get it for you, you know, sweeten the deal. Like, an object or something. Something rare. You like Prussian jewelry? I have a lot of expensive Prussian artifacts. Hell, I have a lot of expensive things period. You could pick out something you like." Canada assured him he didn't need anything in return.

"You sure? Well, then that's fine with me." Prussia departed for the exit and called out without turning, "Just remember what you have to do." Canada swallowed, his throat dry from the heated moment. He had no problem aiding Prussia, that wasn't the problem. The issue was, he sort of did want something in return. He had always been lonely and pretty desperate… but knew Prussia wasn't that type of guy. He drank from a nearby water fountain and wiped his mouth when finished. Desperate, yes, but at least he knew what he wanted.

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