First contact, Shadows of the past, and Lost memories.

It was a rainy day, actually everyday was rainy in that time of the year, he left his favourite bar, after some drinks and some new bar friends, he was ready to go home. His job as a police trainer and studies kept him busy from dusk till dawn, but he didn't care he was happy.

Down the road, his car waited to be raced again, and of course it will be raced that afternoon, having an Audi R8 and been alive was a miracle. He sat in front of the steering wheel, inserted the key and pushed the red button over the radio, the monster that lady had for machine did the well know sound of a dragon captured inside the small sport car, he drive straight home, when he reach the appropriate speed inside the highway, he felt it.

The idea of been followed was confirmed in the mirror, two black BMW were behind him, he was ready when someone came out of the passenger window, a man, maybe his age, he got caught by surprise when the man draw a Mp5 and start the shooting, his reaction was the same than the last 3 years, hitting the gas, drawing his 9mm. and loosing those that hunt him. when he looked back aiming his Soccom the rear windshield blew up with 10 bullet holes appearing on the rear of his car, he fire back 5 bullets that flew to the tire of the first car and turning back he shoot to the second car at the same time the left side of his car was attacked by the MP5 entire clip, he felt a cold burning feeling on his arm and looked back to shoot to the second car, he cleaned his magazine, 13 bullets flew straight to the engine of the second car, while it was exploding he casted the MP5 with an Accio, and headed home.

Inside his garage on the outside of the town, he was checking the MP5, what he saw was terrible, the guns were marked by the Marine, that was the reason why he felt the bullets, it was the first time in three years, usually they were Death Eaters trying to avenge the Dark Lord, but this time was different, "Reparo" he said aiming his hand to the car, fixing it while thinking what could be happening.

It was early in the morning and she thought that she was the first in the school, but again that was wrong, walking all the way down through the parking lot, she saw it, the red and black R8 telling her that he was inside the building, her stomach started to feel funny, he was so handsome, pale skin, long blonde hair, big green eyes, and his mouth, able to make her tinkle when he smiles, his athletic body, his six feet tall and his charming English accent, make her melt every time he looked at her.

She was rushing to the classroom, he was inside already standing there looking through the window, on his reflex a smile appeared "good morning Karla", he said, she got blush, more red than her hair, and like every day her voice crushed "good...good...hi!", and she disappeared as fast as she arrived, he just smiled and thought how he got in that mess.

It was like any other day, he wanted to study politics and thanks to the fortune he built in Hogwarts, he was able to pay the university, there he met her, Karla Sanders, a beauty 23 years old redhead, with thin and slim body, big brown eyes, and an air that make him remember Hermione. He was in love of her and she felt the same for him but none were ready to admit it, for what they share everything like good friends.

He was driving her home, they were talking about everything until a white car put on his side "you're been follow, three black Alfa Romeo, not the typical ones, get hide", she was looking for the cars and founded something impossible, a green beam came out of one car, the sense of death was touchable, she felt in a dream, but, this was real.

He started to run faster, he needed to escape, and she was in the middle of a magic spell fighting, he couldn't fight back for two reasons; first he promised never used magic again, and he stored his guns inside the trunk the day before. All the way to Karla´s house was hell, and his only chance was to face them straight forward, he parked in the roof of the parking lot in front of her house, he walked down the car and stand in the middle of the parking, the three Alfa Romeo appeared seconds after and charged, the next happened in seconds but looked like ages.

She just saw the three cars and him; the cars full throttle against him, he grabbing his right arm, and the centre car impacted by his expanded right arm.

The cars run with the intention of killing him, bad idea since the beginning, he stand in front of them, calmed, focused, grabbing his right arm, waiting, waiting, and "GomuGomu no Pisutoru" he yelled and his arm expanded , he crushed straight in the drivers face, the car stopped immediately, "GomuGomu no Rifle" he stretched his arm back and twist it hard then shot it back to the second car and smashed it in the engine, the passengers of the third car walked down as he charged to destroy the other cars, "GomuGomu no Gattling Gun" and the two cars ended up destroyed, in the explosion he didn't hear one of the passengers "AvadaKedabra" and the green beam hit him in his chest, everything was calm but they heard "GiaSekando", only the man with the wand stay calm the other two get into fighting positions, he appeared in front of the man with the wand "Jet Pistol", the wizard face turn pale his eyes rolled back, and he was death.

His body was different, red and some sort of red smoke came out of him, he was standing there, as he opened his eyes she looked it, his eyes were plain white and with a small black mark in them also a single purple ring in his left eye, "well, well, well, also your hair changed when you open the first door", indeed his hair turn black and his body muscle grew bigger, "long time no seen Nazareth, Trafalgar", the two men just smile "the same Zack, the same".

The two most powerful Supernovas were in front of him, the girl he got to feel something for was in the middle, he couldn't fight there, was just to risky, suddenly a siren was heard on the distance, "looks like we have to leave, lets catch up later Zack", "you bet Trafalgar, for a good chatting we need more time, so Nazareth see you both later", he looked back at Karla and give her a smile, and disappear in front of her.

As they were walking to the office they were conditioned to work, one of his assistance was giving them everything they had "ok, gather everyone", his first man said with a glare, "are you sure this is just another case?", "no, but we are going to handled it like that, Ron", "but Harry, what if it is him?", Harry just kept his glare, this does was a hell of a case, of course it could be him, but what if there was something else, something darker.

The room adapted for their working was full of people, "Chief Inspector this is Karla Sanders, she saw everything" her smile catch him –just like her- he thought, "miss Sanders, I'm Chief Inspector Harold Evans, my partner Ronald Weasley, Interpol",

"I already told the other suit what happened, there was a fight, he won and ran away", they noticed a lot of things in that second, Harry and Ron knew all the problems they were going to face, Harry bend in front of her, both eyes made contact, and in a couple of seconds he saw everything, but everything was wrong, "ok miss Sanders, sorry for the problems we caused and thank you for your time, an agent is going to escort you home" he walked her out the room and whispered to an agent "inspector Mars take her home and set a patrol" the inspector Mars confirmed the order with a head nod; he turn back to see Ron, "only Interpol I got it, one step ahead of you", they were best friend since they were eleven, they could read each other memories and like Ron says –one step ahead- they were always like that, but now his mind was disconnected, and what he saw on her memories was definitely frightening.

Trafalgar and Nazareth had already left and he was just turning back to normal when she approached to him "what in the name of lord have just happened" he just smiled at her, one hand on her shoulder and the other on her cheek "I´ll explain everything later", he looked at an empty space but he was sure that Harry will be there, hell he was sure that Harry would read her mind "you just saw it, two Supernovas here, if you want to come for me, do it, I'm not going to stop you, but think on what you just have seen" and he made the memories blur.

Harry needed some free time, a few seconds, but he just couldn't relax, his mind was ruining faster and faster and he just couldn't see the true behind his words, he knew that this type of attacks were like once or twice a month but now he felt it, the magic that was around it, after finishing his cigarette he went back to the office they adapted, in there he stand in front of everyone and give one plain, simple and direct instruction "people, we have a case, don't know how but he" and smashed a picture of him in the board "was able to destroy two cars and murder eight Brits, we can deal about who the deaths are later, now our target is a man, middle twenties, blond hair, Caucasian, goes by the name of Linus Cadwell, probably armed, definitely dangerous, proceed in groups", he looked at Ron, "told you always ahead of you lad".

After the inspectors left only five person remained, "so, is it him Chief", a blond said follow by a close look from the rest of the men there, "I don't know, maybe", his voice was low and tired, his shoulders down, they never saw him so weak, except before the battle against Voldemort, he raised his face to them, "Ron, Draco, Dean, Neville, if it is him we are talking of a man, someone more powerful than the five of us together", the five kept with nothing to said, all except Dean where Warlords but he was also aware about his power, and well, Malfoy was the living proof of it, they all know that he was the most powerful wizard ever, even more than Dumbledore, or maybe even Merlin himself, skilled, someone to trust on, and really, really someone they will never dream to face, he as a friend, he was dangerous, but as an enemy he was terrifying.

As they left the room Harry picked his phone, and in autodial was a girl he never had imagined that at the end they will really be together, "Potter house, good evening" the voice said in a perfect accent. "Hi Cho, its Harry".

"Harry, so good you called dear, how are things in the States?" Cho Potter asked, she always loved the way he made her feel, safe, protected, loved, after her years playing she earned a man eater title but he never argued that, he still loved her, and obviously he was destroyed by the cheating of Ginny. They were a happy 5 years marriage couple, with her at an early stage of pregnancy.

"I am ok, but we have a weird case" he told her, voice down, something she found out to be a voice when he had a awful case "Ron thinks it is Zack, all of them think, but I don't know, I been hunting him for years, but this has gone wide away"

They chatted for a few more minutes, said their goodbyes and returned to their jobs, then he saw a face in the window that should not be there, in a blink there was nothing there "it is official, am going mental" he said and stood up ready to chase his friend. At the window a woman was hidden, secured under the darkness, sad and destroyed, for her love ones to live she had to suffer, "no Harry, but I can't show myself just yet, you are not mental" with a sight she appeared somewhere else.