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It was quiet day in the office of Roy Mustang. It was quiet because everyone was shocked about first lieutenant Riza Hawkeye calling off work today. Everyone in the whole HQ building knew that first Lieutenant Hawkeye never called off, something serious must have gone down.

Furey, Falman and Breda all were talking about it in the office while Havoc was trying to ask Roy what could possibly be wrong with Hawkeye. All of the men were worried because it's not like Hawkeye to just call off and not be sick. Havoc wasn't getting any answers from Roy because, Roy was also wondering but more worried than anything. Roy just kept staring out the window behind his desk, it felt so different to him with out her not being there a day.

Roy finally turned to Havoc and said "I honestly don't know what could be the problem with her, I hope every things okay."

Havoc said with a reassuring smile " Black Hayete probably just has a little cold and she is going to take him to the veterinarian later chief."

Roy looked at Havoc with a very serious look and said "If it was that, she'd still come in and not call off, she'd take him to the vet on her lunch break."

Havoc sighed and said with an honest tone of voice " I guess your right, chief."

Roy sighed to himself stood up out of his chair and said "I'm going to her apartment and check up on her, to make sure she's okay Havoc, keep an eye on things while I'm gone."

Havoc looked at Roy with the look of awe on his face and said " yes sir, let us know what's wrong with the lieutenant."

Roy nodded his head just as he was walking out the door to the office.

As he was walking through the hallway he heard a familiar masculine voice of Maes Hughes yell " Ey Roy, I heard your first lieutenant called off today, that's definitely not like her."

Roy rolled his eyes backwards and with a annoyed sigh and said "yes Hughes I know, I'm heading over to her apartment right now to make sure she and everything is okay."

He looked at Hughes who also had the look of awe on his face and Hughes smiled with an evil grin and said

" Roy, I can tell your worried about her, go check on your future wife."

Roy turned from Hughes after that last comment and blushed a little, clenched his fist a little thinking if something bad happened to her, then his life would be useless with out her.

He looked back at Hughes with the blush still painting his cheeks a little and said " I'm hoping that she's okay."

Hughes noticed the slight blush on Roy's cheeks still and said "Awe little Roy's blushing because he wants his first lt. to be his future wife and have little alchemist's and sharpshooter's with her."

This made Roy blush even more of a shade of red, Roy smiled at Hughes and said "Damn it Hughes focus on your wife!"

Hughes smiled brightly with the look of awe in his eyes and said "Roy, you cannot deny it I can tell by the deep red blush that its true."

Roy smiled with a slight pinkish color covering his cheeks and said " damn it Hughes, your right okay, if one word of that get out Hughes, I'm frying your ass".

Hughes smiled with a brighter smile, tears poring down his cheeks from being so happy his best friend admitting he loves his first lieutenant and said "well then I proved my point, I wont say anything to anyone, now go check on her get your ass there as fast as you can!"

Roy smiled with a true smile after he turned his head away from Hughes and began walking through the halls. Roy finally made it outside of the HQ building and knew that Riza only lived 2 blocks away from HQ. Roy walked as fast as he could to get to her apartment, he walked so fast he didn't even notice the cracks in the side walks and tripped a few times over them. Finally, Roy made it to her apartment complex. He sighed and caught his breath once he made it to the steps of the apartment complex. On his way up walking on the second set of steps to the floor that her apartment was on he was lost in his mind thinking

"What if something terribly wrong happened, I don't know what I'd do."