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As Riza left the two men, she made her way for her grandfather's office.

Roy and Hughes were walking back to Roy's office and Maes spoke up with an devilish grin on his face and said aloud with a slight annoyed tone "So what's with the little girl, she looks a lot like Hawkeye and you, did you and Hawkeye have a kid together with out telling me!"

Roy let out a slight annoyed sigh and said with a little annoyance in his tone of voice "Damn it Hughes I knew you'd be one of the people to say that but no, it's her older sister Nichole's kid."

Hughes had a look of shock on his face and said aloud "I never knew she had an older sister!"

Roy said "Yes she does, she was 6 years older than Riza, but her sister died about 8 and a half months ago from a car wreck."

Hughes stood there very quiet and slightly shocked but he listened to what Roy was saying spoke up with a slight soft tone and asked " What happened to the little girls father?"

Roy said in a sad and soft tone "Well, Kaylee's dad just passed away 2 days ago, from a massive heart attack, so the orphanage in East city called Hawkeye last night and said they were sending little Kaylee to live with her this morning and explained what happened with her father."

Hughes' devilish grin turned to a slight frown and said in saddened tone "That poor little girl, I could imagine how Elysia would feel without me, so I feel for that little girl, but then again I'm glad you and Hawkeye are here for her."

Roy had the saddened look upon his face still but nodded his agreement.

The two men stopped in there footsteps, Hughes looked straight at Roy and said "You need to make sure your there for Hawkeye and Kaylee when you and Hawkeye get together, Hawkeye need's someone who will comfort her, Kaylee needs a father figure and I can already tell that person is you Roy, you're the only guy she's close to, you'd be a good father for Kaylee, you always treat kids welland admit it, she's the only women your close to, I know for a fact you'll be there for them both."

Roy smiled brightly and said in a strong and honest tone "You're absolutely right Hughes, and if her and I ever get together, I promise I will comfort her, be there for her and Kaylee, I'd die for them!"

Hughes looked at Roy and yelled " It's not an if Roy, if a you will!"

Roy smiled with a true and honest smile and said " I hope your right, Hughes."

Hughes smiled brightly at his best friend and said "Well I better get my ass back to my own office, tell Riza to call my house later or come over and talk to Gracia, I'm sure she wont mind baby sitting."

Roy smiled at his best friend and said "I will, that is if she's not using the other boys as targets." Hughes sniggered and waved off to his best friend as he made his way to his own office.