Hellooooooooo... so first story! I've just seen the film and i quite liked it.

then this idea came to me... and it wouldn't leave my mind to i had to write it out

sooo here is the first part... it is only like a little starter to the story, so you get a small hint about what it is about, and whats happening and blah!

The next one will be more exciting

well it looks exciting in my head any hoo :D


1: Whispers

Whispers, gossip and hushed voices all murmured together in the forming crowd, all squandering villagers, pausing their daily routine to gather at the small spectacle making a show if it's self in the tiny centre of the small village, the open square nothing more than a pit of sloshing mud under the recent days of rain, the over cast skies of grey keeping the damp world forever moist.

The main attraction to hit the close knit little village was a strange man, plump and broad in frame but lacking in height, he wore the colours most wore, earthly browns. Thick trousers wedged into the tops of his tightly laced boots and a heavy wool tunic covered with a leather a fur pelt while a warm cloak draped around his shoulders.

His head was bald but face held a remarkable about of hair, forming a long wiry beard and moustache and the man carried him self with the air of a noble man, though it was as plain as the clouds in the sky to see, he was not, despite the small entourage that followed him along with the many horses and large wagon.

The man and his group was still a sight and the people of the small village could only crowd around in curiosity and hang on every word the stranger spoke, it was the few times anything would be seen as exciting within the village.

"Why are they all gathering?" A young woman asked, her face fresh and pale, light freckles dashed across her cheeks and over her nose as she tucked away some light mousy brown hair behind her ear as she watched the small number of villagers gather.

The questioned was given to a slightly older woman, still prime in her youth but the few years older than the first, the elder cast a slow glance over her shoulder, rich dark hair swaying with the light motion.

"I don't know," She answered truthfully.

"People around here tend to be like sheep, they just follow the flock, it's best not to get caught up and follow along," She cast the gathering people a disinterested look before turning her head back to the products in front of her.

"It's probably nothing anyway," The younger huffed, turning her back on the people of the village.

"What are you looking for?" The younger turned to the elder with raised brows, only to receive a shake of the head.

"Nothing from here, I was just wondering if some of the vegetables form the patch are ready, if not then we'll have to buy some," The dark haired elder sighed lifting a hand to her more coloured cheek, her skin still rather pale but not a much as the younger's.

"I don't know what's wrong," The lighter haired youth huffed.

"Perhaps it's a curse," She added flippantly but luckily hushed.

"Don't utter that too loud," The elder's voice lightened with amusement.

"They aren't that superstitious are they?" The younger raised a brow towards her light brown hair line.

"Of course!" The elder scoffed before leaning closer to the other, lowering her tone.

"They'll burn you at the stake and cast you into the fiery pits of hell!" she spoke with a dramatic edge and smile on her lips.

"Hafwen!" The younger frowned casting a quick look around as she batted the elder away from her.

"It happens little sis!" She smiled with a shake of her head while the light haired sibling gave a shake of her head.

"Hafwen! Rhoslyn!," A voice called, catching the sister's attention as they both turned, looking around in search of the person that had called them.

A woman pranced towards them with quickened steps, her hair was as black as night and fell down her back like a wavy cloak.

"Auntie!" Both the young women chirped in a pleasant surprise.

"How are you girls? Sorry to keep you both but your Uncle is running around after the sheep!" The more mature woman rolled her eyes, but the smile on her lips showed the fondness she held for her husband.

"He still hasn't got round to fixing the fence?" Hafwen questioned with a smile, it wasn't the first time the flock had gotten out.

"It's uncle Brac," Rhoslyn shook her head at her elder sister as if her words answered the question.

"Unfortunately not, so I have come in his place," the woman smiled.

"You'll probably be more help any way Enid," Hafwen smiled.

"Well I am far better at organising!" The dark haired auntie gave a light laugh.

"Come on we'll get a few things for the farm then get your fathers medicine," Enid nodded, heading off, the two sisters following.


"I'm sorry ladies, I haven't been able to get into the town to pick up any medicines," a stoutly man shook his head as he walked around the table in the small, dark room, heading to the window and opening the hatch, letting some light into the room and allowing a view of the small village's square.

"It's to do with them witch hunters!" the elderly man grumbled, looking out the window at the commotion in the little village.

The three women shared looks among themselves before following after the old medicine man of the village as he opened the door and stepped out under the roofing shielding the front of his workshop.

"What do you mean?" Hafwen was the first to question, eyeing the odd men with their large wagon, drawing the attention of the small minded population of the village.

"Well, there has been talk, since the rebirth of the plague that a dangerous witch roams these parts," The grey, withering man started, his wise eyes watching the new comers.

"It is said she wakes the dead from their graves," he turned his old eyes to the three women as if he was telling a ghost story, expecting the ladies to be quivering with fear.

"But why are these men here, how are they the reason you couldn't make your usual journey to town?" Rhoslyn questioned lightly.

"Girls! You shouldn't pry in these matters!" Enid scolded both girls, giving a quick cast around to make sure no one had heard their talk over such a delicate matter concerning witches.

"These men are witch hunters, they are one of many groups scouring the plagued area in search of the fearful witch, they take any they suspect to be the witch and deliver them to the town's holy men," The short greying man answered.

"Why?" Hafwen shook her head with a light frown.

"For payment my dear, the price to clear this plague and the threat of the walking dead is high," he licked at his dry lips before rubbing at his short wiry beard.

"But they are probably only rounding up innocent women!" The elder sister's frowned deepened.

"They only get paid for finding witches, the holy men in town trial the women to separate the witches, from there the witches are sent into the city to seal their fate," with that the old man gave a nod.

"The men have stopped anyone from leaving the village, so I can't do my rounds," he grumbled as he headed back inside and closed the door behind himself once again leaving the women to exchange glances.

"Well that would be why there is so much interest in these men!" Rhoslyn huffed turning to eye the gathered villagers and odd men.

"Hmm, they are still like sheep and follow the crowd," Hafwen shook her head.

"You girls should say no more on the matter now," Enid gave a light frown.

"Hafwen your right when you say they follow the crowd, if one person accuses another of witch craft others would soon join in, now I don't want you two gossipers getting caught up in anything or accused of anything, because the good lord help us these people will pick on the smallest of matters to make evidence against you!" The elder woman looked between her two nieces, both old enough to think and act responsibly but being a parent and the two young women being family and with out their own mother she couldn't help but mother them.

"You don't have to worry, we're going to keep out of this nonsense," Hafwen shook her head as she gave one last look at the crowd.