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SUMMARY: They were partners. They made a mistake and had a one night stand. It wasn't supposed to mean anything. It left its mark on her. Now she's back, 3 years later…with his son in her arms? VERY AU.

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Ages: Liv- 28

Elliot- 28

Kathy- 26



She bit her lip as she pulled into the drive-way of the Cabot residence. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

Maybe no one will notice. Maybe he really DOESN'T look like him.

Olivia opened up the back door where he sat watching a movie on her iPad. He looked up at her with those brilliant blue eyes and he smiled.

Shit. They'll notice.


~Chapter One~

"Mommy, can bwing this pwease?" The three year old boy held up his battered little stuffed puppy that he carried around with him everywhere.

"Of course you can bring him! How would we ever live without Fluffy?" Olivia responded and tickled him. His giggles filled the almost empty apartment. Suddenly, the front door opened and closed.

"Olivia?" The female voice called out.

"We're in the living room, Tori!" Olivia called back.

Tori Chase was Olivia's partner, well ex-partner, now that she was moving. Tori walked in and looked around.

"Towi!" The little boy shrieked. He ran into her legs almost causing her to fall over. She laughed and picked him up.

"Hey, Emmett! Are you all ready to go?" She asked him. He nodded causing a few strands of his black curly hair to fall in his eyes. Tori pushed back his beautiful jet black locks and set him down.

"Em, baby, why don't you go get some more stuff from your room. I'll be there in a minute," Olivia said to her son. Emmett nodded and took off down the hallway, his little footsteps echoing off the walls. Olivia sighed and turned back to one of her best friends.

"What are you going to do, Ollie?" Tori asked her. She used the nickname to tease her, but it didn't make Olivia smile like it usually did.

"I have no idea. I can't believe I have to go back," Olivia moaned and ran her fingers through her hair.

"It's fate. You skipped out on him without telling him anything. I told you everything would bite you in the ass, sooner or later," She argued. Victoria Chase was everything Olivia wished she could be. She had long blonde hair, bright violet eyes, and a super-model body. Not to mention she was a bad ass Detective. Olivia shook her head.

"Maybe no one will notice," Olivia said and taped up another box. Moving box to box, Olivia continued to listen while maintaining a scowl on her face. Tori laughed loudly causing Olivia to flinch.

"Yeah and maybe rainbows will come out of my ass when I take a shit," She countered sarcastically.

Olivia didn't reply back and walked over to the window, and looked out at the beautiful Chicago skyline. She never used her Mother's money before she moved here. She had never wanted to touch it. But...she just HAD to have this apartment, and so, she tapped into her Mother's fortune for the first time in four years. Tori took a deep breath before walking over to join her friend.

"I'm gonna miss you, so much. Please call me the second you land," She whispered.

"My old friend, Alex is going to pick us up," Olivia told her.

"She knows about Emmett?" Tori asked incredulously. Olivia shook her head.

"She knows I have a son. She doesn't know who the father is. No one does, except for you," Olivia whispered.

"I know. I thought you might have told her since you ARE going to be meeting with her in, like I don't now, 5 hours," The blonde said, shaking her head. Silence filled the room as Olivia continued to pack and tape boxes.

"People are going to know, Ollie. I mean Emmett looks exactly like him. Like a CLONE or something, it's pretty freaky," Tori cried out. Olivia ignored her.

"Did you say good-bye to Andy?" Tori asked her after a moment of silence. Before Olivia could answer, a loud shriek interrupted them.

"Mooooommmyy!" Emmett called from his room. Olivia looked at Tori and then walked down the hallway to her son. She stepped over a few boxes and other things she packed before she opened his door.

"Mommy, I can't tape this box wight." The little boy looked up at her. He had tape stuck to his nose and all over his fingers. Olivia laughed before gently pulling the tape off his nose and looked into his brilliant blue eyes, a spark flashed in his eyes with glee and love.

She sighed.

There was just no denying that this boy was Elliot Stabler's son.

**** EO ****

"We are now 15 minutes away from landing in beautiful New York City. The temperature is a lovely 28 degrees. Please fasten your seat belts as we prepare for landing. Thank you for flying with American Airlines," The Captain's voice filled the air craft.

Olivia looked over at Emmett who was still sleeping. She sighed knowing she had to wake him from his slumber soon. She couldn't believe this was actually happening, and her mind flashed back to the day her Captain told her she was leaving.


"Benson, can you come to my office please?" Her captain's voice rang out through the small squad room of the Chicago Special Victims Unit. The small room held only six desks and the captain's office, which was bricked off for privacy.

"OOOOOOOOOH!" Her co-workers voices called.

"Hope you are not in too much trouble. That would be a shame wouldn't want the Miss Perfect Olivia to be in trouble." Called the trouble maker of the unit, Shannon Gregory. Olivia rolled her eyes at the team and then flipped Shannon off before walking into her Captain's office.

"Did I do something wrong?" Olivia asked. She bit her lip waiting for his response. He laughed and shook his head. Captain Michael Meyers was a good man, and he loved all his detectives. He was quite different from the Captain Olivia knew and loved, but she liked Mike too.

Mike was tall, thin, and looked like an old Hollywood actor. His hair was blonde, but has streaks of gray on the sides to show he was experienced at what he does. His eyes were a bright steely gray color, and his teeth were a brilliant shade of white. It was odd to find her Captain an attractive man.

"You have been asked to transfer back to New York SVU. You'll be leaving in 2 weeks," He told her bluntly. That was just the way he did things. Her jaw dropped and she gaped for a few moments.

"I can't go back!" She exclaimed as her thoughts immediately went to Emmett. She could never go back to New York with him. She would have to tell Elliot about him. And she didn't want too. Elliot had hurt her too much, and she didn't think she could ever forgive him. Captain Meyers sighed and stood up.

"Look, your old Captain called me. He said that Detective Stabler has gone through 9 partners since you left. The SVU case closure rate is going down rapidly because of that factor. Besides, they can pay you twice as much as we can," He explained. Olivia shook her head and pulled at her hair.

"I can't go. I won't go. I belong here now," She told him with confidence in her voice, but the confidence flickered for just a second at the end of her sentence betraying her frantic state of mind.

"Olivia, this is not a suggestion or a choice. This is MY command. You will be returning back to New York in 2 weeks. Understood?" His voice said in a hard tone. She couldn't argue. She was stuck.

"Yes, sir." She replied. He excused her from the office to go deal with her co-workers and friends.

Of course, that was the least of her worries.


The sound and feeling of the plane touching the ground shook her from her reverie. Emmett jerked and quickly sat up. He looked confused for a second before Olivia reassured him and leaned over to kiss his head. He looked up and blessed her with one of his gorgeous smiles, the exact replica of his father's.

She threw a blanket over Emmett as she carried him through the busy airport looking for Alex. Her iPhone then vibrated in her jacket pocket, and she reached inside to answer the text.

Hey! We r by the Starbucks. I brought Casey. Cannot wait to meet the little guy! –Alex

Olivia groaned out loud causing several people to glance in her direction. She gave them her 'cop' glare and they turned away quickly.

"LIV!" She heard Alex shriek. She cringed, not having heard the nickname since she left. In Chicago, she quickly corrected anyone who called her 'Liv'. It reminded her too much of him. Of what she was leaving behind. Olivia mustered up her best fake smile as she saw Alex and Casey running towards them. She held Emmett tighter against her chest covering his face even more with the blanket.

"Mommy, I can't bweathe!" He exclaimed while laughing and tore the blanket off his face, exposing him to Casey and Alex. He looked at them and smiled.

"Hi!" He said and waved backwards. Alex's mouth dropped and Casey had to grip onto the wall for support.

"HOLY SHIT!" Alex exclaimed. The people around them sent disapproving looks.

"Aw, Mommy! The lady said 'shit'." Emmett reported to Olivia, tugging on her hair. Casey was still silent, as she took in all of Emmett's features.

"Guys, let's not do this here. Common, we'll talk at my apartment." Olivia begged. She bent down to pick up the blanket Emmett had thrown.

"You better fucking believe we'll be talking at your apartment." Casey shouted, finally breaking her silence.

"Mommy, that lady said 'fuck'. That's a no-no word." Emmett said to Casey. The three woman burst out laughing, it was odd hearing the crude word come from Emmett's mouth.

"I know Emmett. I'll talk to the lady later," Olivia reassured the boy as he set his head back down on her shoulder and soon fell back asleep.


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