I am sorry to have to share the most HORRIBLE news.

Carter passed away on Sunday night.

I know this news is shock to the whole fandom and we have been so devastated since she left.

You might not know me, my name is T and I was Carter's new Beta for this story. I am going to do the best I can to continue it, but as you can imagine we are all struggling right now to comprehend what has actually happened to our close SVU sister.

More information about Carter's passing will be posted on her profile as well as a small tribute from all her friends/fans on Twitter.

If you would like to say anything about Carter, please PM THIS ACCOUNT and I will post it on her profile.

I am always around to talk if anyone needs it, and I hope that everyone is doing well. I was very excited to work with Carter on this story.

Our collaboration story will now be on indefinite hiatus until 'The Undeniable' is finished.

Thanks sooo much for reading. Carter really loved you all.

God bless xoxo,

T (Dream Excalibur)