The words "sequel" and "write more" came up eleven times in refrence to my story "The Unusual Seduction." GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME, HERE YOU GO!

Here are just some quick facts about this 'verse:

-This story is a sequel to "The Unusual Seduction". You could maybe? follow this story without reading that one, but it will make a lot more sense if you do read it. It's a one shot, and you can find it here www [DOT] fanfiction [DOT] net/s/7225997/1/The_bUnusual_b_Seduction (but replacing [DOT] with . of course)

-In this 'verse, Kurt and Blaine have never met. The Glee club didn't realize that Dalton Academy was "For Boys", so they sent Rachel to spy. They figured with her clothes, she'd fit in at a prep school. Puck still teases her about it sometimes, and in turn, she tease him about being too lazy to read the entire name of the school.

-If you read "The Unusual Seduction", the time line will make more sense, but to clarify, there were never any death threats or suspensions. Therefore, Kurt has complained a little about Karofsky and the football team to his dad, but they've never taken action with the school or anything. Therefore, Burt hasn't ever pushed Dave into a wall or yelled at him, and is wary but not all out mad when Dave starts popping up in Kurt's life.

-Almost everything else is the same as the show; Carole married Burt; Quinn, Finn, and Rachel are being Quinn, Finn and Rachel; Santana and Brittnay are working on themselves etc etc. Lauren is still in glee club, and in this verse, Puck got her to join the club because he had a crush on her, instead of developing the crush after she joins.

That's just background information. I really strongly recommend you "The Unusual Seduction", to get a sense of things.

For now this is rated T; because in general that should cover it. There will be sex scenes coming up though. So if a chapter goes up to M, I'm going to put a warning at the top of that chapter, and you can make your own call for that particular section. Honestly, they're teenagers, they have teenage sexual encounters. You can probably handle it.

So anyway, enjoy!

Kurt was parked in the far back of the lot, next to a pickup truck. As it turned out, it was Dave Karofsky's pickup truck.

So Dave and Kurt stood leaning against their respective cars and looking at each other. Well, facing each other, because Dave was mostly looking at his feet with his hands in his pockets and Kurt had his arms crossed as he looked over Dave's shoulder at the sky.

"This is really awkward." Kurt finally broke the silence.

"I know," Dave kind of laughed, and finally looked at Kurt's face with eyes squinted against the sun. "I'm sorry."

"Are you going to go to football?"


"Are you going to be ok?" Dave looked down again.

"Yeah, probably. I guess." He looked back at Kurt again, and he almost looked like he was apologizing. "I'm just going to deny that anything happened, honestly."

"Oh." Kurt had some opinions on this. Like, that it seemed like a really counterproductive idea. But however many times he'd been alone with Dave in the last month, they'd barely had a whole conversation. There was a good change that talking this out wasn't the best idea.

"Yeah." Dave felt incredibly stupid. He couldn't stop himself from kissing Kurt's neck, or running his hands all over the singer's body, but he couldn't make himself have a coherent conversation. He looked at his phone to try and cover how incredibly tense this whole conversations was. It was time to go to football practice anyway.

"I have to go to practice now."

Kurt didn't say anything, he just gave a half shrug and looked like he didn't really know what was going on. It was killing Dave to see.

"Kurt, I…Can….ugh."

Kurt smiled and laughed a little at how fusterated Dave was at being unable to express anything. Dave rubbed his forehead and sighed even more forcefully.

"I can't fucking talk today. I'm just going to go. Ah, bye." With that Dave walked away, leaving Kurt leaning against the car.


Twenty minutes later, sitting in his room at his desk, Kurt started the rest of his Tuesday wondering what was going to happen now.

He started off wondering what they were going to be like in school now. Would there still be subtle touches in the rush of students going to homeroom? Would he be randomly pulled toward another warm body in empty hallways? Was Dave going to touch him like that again? Was Kurt going to get to return the favor, and make Dave moan and cum in his hand?

Kurt suddenly realized what he was thinking and sat straight up in his chair. What in the world was he thinking? That was an extremely un-Kurt-like thought. Kurt thought of himself as refined; he didn't just think about sex. He didn't think of people that way and he didn't want a sexually based relationship. He didn't even know if he wanted any sexual relationship.

He wanted someone to talk to, someone who told him he'd accomplish every one of his dreams, someone to walk hand and hand with in the hallway. Someone who hugged him from behind, surprised him with tickets to shows, and proudly defended their relationship to the inevitable small town homophobes.

And as far as Kurt knew, the closeted joke who bullied, disliked Lady Gaga costumes and didn't even carry on full conversations with him wasn't going to be the person to fill in any of those gaps. No. Not a chance. In hell. So Kurt needed to stop thinking about Dave's hands on his cock.

Kurt was suddenly feeling rather hot, despite the fall chill and he decided that he should take a cold shower. Just to wash away the slightly sweaty feeling, or course, and the heat in his thighs. Not other reason.


When Kurt got out of the shower a pleasant 35 minutes later, he realized that he'd left his laptop on, and the battery needed to be charged. He plugged it in and walked over to finish his night-time skin care routine.

When he turned the laptop back on, it made three sounds. The first was the windows set up sound, and the other two were dings from Facebook chat. Probably Mercedes, meaning she would have texted him too. Kurt wondered if he should tell her anything about this afternoon. If he did, he'd probably have to tell her about the whole month.

Kurt went to get a pillow for his chair, thinking that this might be the beginning of an all night gossip session. He grabbed his phone off his bed and walked back to his desk and his laptop. Selecting some guilty pleasure Mandy Moore, and leaning against his pillow, Kurt flipped open his phone.

No new text messages.

Kurt opened the Facebook tab and looked down at his chat. The two messages, the source of the two dings, were from Dave Karofsky.

The first one was from 35 minutes ago, not even ten minutes after he'd gotten into the shower. The second came twenty minutes later.



Kurt leaned back on his pillow for a minute. He took a deep breath, then he typed back.

"Sorry, I was in the shower! Hi."


Dave would never, ever, no matter what you offered him, ever admit that he spent the hour after football practice on Tuesday sitting on his bed, staring at Facebook messanger.

It took him twenty minutes to send the first message, and probably twenty tries to decided just what that message would be.

"What's up?" seemed too friendly; they weren't at a point where they could start a conversation without a salutation.

"Hello" sounded formal and stupid.

"Hi" didn't seem like enough.

"I miss you" sounded too creepy. So did "I was thinking about you."

"I was thinking about earlier" sounded like the start of some huge, deep conversation and Dave didn't want that.

"Go out with me?" Dave didn't even type that one, fearing that he'd accidentally hit enter and not be able to take the words back.

So he settled for "Hey" properly capitalized to make a good impression, and he waited. And waited.

After twenty minutes there was still no response. Twenty minutes was long enough not to be clingy or creepy, and he decided that he could safely send another message. Which again led him to the question of what.

Saying "Hey" again would be a pathetic plea for attention.

"What's up?" might work. But maybe not.

"You there?" implied that the only reason Kurt hadn't answered him was that he missed the first message, and Dave wasn't sure that was the case.

"Do you hate me?" That was needy and whiny and girly, and Dave really really wanted an answer. But he didn't even let himself type it out.

Finally he settled for a simple question mark; it didn't imply anything and left the whole conversation open for interpretation.

But after ten minuets there was still no response, and it just made Dave feel bad about himself. He closed his laptop, stood and stretched. He pulled on a sweatshirt. He walked downstairs. Poured himself some milk. Got a cookie. Stood at the counter. Tried to forget.

But the cookie didn't last that long. He took the time to put the glass in the dishwasher, just to he didn't have to walk upstairs. When Dave finally did get back to his room, he couldn't stop himself from opening his laptop right away and clicking the Facebook tag.

There was a little red box above Kurt Hummel's name. Dave didn't stop himself from letting out a loud "YES!" Before he had a chance to worry that the message was "fuck off," he clicked.

"Sorry, I was in the shower! Hi."

"Fuck," Dave grounded out. The shower? Here the football player was, trying to be a gentleman, step up and be more than some stalker with a crush and a one-time sort of hook up…thing. Dave was trying to be good, for god's sake.

But now his mind was full of images of droplets of water sliding across skin, down Kurt's chest. And his eyelashes, darker and stuck together, making Kurt's eyes stand out even more. He wondered if the singer's pale neck would taste any different after a shower…

It took Dave two minutes to collect himself enough to type a response, but if you asked, he'd tell you he waited on purpose so it didn't look like he was waiting by the computer.

"haha that's fine.

What's up?"

"Oh not much. I should probably do my math homework

but I hate algebra…"

"really? maths my best class lol"

"Yeah, well aren't you in, like, Calc already?"

"yeah, tested out of algebra 1 when I was a freshie."


That took Dave by surprise. Geek? Name calling? What? Kurt was probably joking. He did that whole sarcastic thing a lot. But Dave didn't really know. He didn't hang out with the singer; the only things Dave could say for sure about Kurt was that biting his ear turned him on, and his voice got lower when he was turned on and higher as he came.

"lol" Kurt added, correctly interpreting Dave's lack of response as confusion.

"haha" The conversation was dying. Dave took the plunge.

"hey, can I get your number?" He went back to holding his breath and anticipating being told to go away forever.

"Yeah, its 345-8082. I'm actually going to get off now, but text me so I'll have your number too."

"k bye"

Dave was ecstatic about having Kurt's number, but he wasn't complaining about the images that the phrase "get off" put into his head, either.

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