Dave got out of the shower ten minutes later and walked out of the bathroom in lounge pants, only to find that Kurt really had started dozing off lightly.

"I'm out of the shower now."

Kurt sighed from his half-asleep daze.

"Come on baby. Its your turn."

"I'm too tired," Kurt moaned good naturedly. "Carry meeeee."

"As you wish."

Dave walked over to the bed and slide one arm under Kurt's knees and the other under his neck. The singer's eyes snapped open in surprise and he wrapped his arms around Dave's neck.

"I didn't think you were going to do it! And I didn't know you like The Princess Bride."

Dave laughed lightly as he turned them to walk through the bathroom door.

"Mhm, my mom's favorite." He dropped the hand that was under Kurt's knees to tease, "Anything else? Should I come wash you hair for you too?"

Kurt giggled a little and pulled himself a little closer to Dave.

"Will you bring me my bag?"

"Mhm." Dave leaned in and kissed Kurt's head again, then left.

Kurt peeled off his socks and pants before Dave came back in and dropped his bag inside the door.

Kurt took a cool shower, and dried completely, even his hair, before he reached into his bag for boxer briefs and lounge pants. He ran into a problem as he pulled out the shirt he packed. He thought he'd thrown a regular Hans tee shirt into his bag. He actually threw in a very expensive limited edition Juicy Couture graphic tee, which he was not going to wear to bed.

He walked out of the bathroom shirtless and self conscious. Even if Dave had seen him without a shirt half an hour ago, well, those circumstances significantly less hormonal. He walked out of the bathroom ready for roaming eyes and awkward silences.

Instead, he just saw Dave lying spralled out in the middle of the bed, looking like he was going to nap like Kurt had. When Dave heard the bathroom door open, however, he rolled over and looked up at Kurt.

"Can I have the left side of the bed?"

"Um. Sure."

Dave quickly arranged himself under the covers and held the blanket up for Kurt to climb in next to him. The singer walked over and slide under the covers to face Dave more gracefully than Dave ever would have thought possible.

"You don't mind that I'm not wearing a shirt, right? I thought I packed on to sleep in but….I didn't."

Dave laughed softly and looked at Kurt with loving eyes.

"No I like it. Do you want me to put one on?"

"Nuh-ah." Kurt told him, then turned off the light next to them. As their eyes adjusted to the darkness, Kurt saw that Dave was still looking at him lovingly. Slowly, Kurt wiggled and got closer to Dave. Equally slowly, Dave moved his arm forward to wrap around Kurt's waist. Kurt slide forward again.

Inch by inch, Dave and Kurt moved toward each other until Dave had one thick arm wrapped tight around Kurt, Kurt was resting comfortably with his hand brushing Dave's chest, and they were falling asleep.


The light coming through the window woke up Kurt. He leaned up on one elbow to reach for the alarm clock. 9:00am. He sighed some of the sleep out of his voice, then looked over.

Dave was still sleeping next to him. Their legs had twined together in the night, and they'd pulled closer against the chill in the air. Dave looked different when he was sleeping. He seemed more peaceful, there weren't any stress lines on his forehead or a mean expression on his face. He didn't look pissed off, or scary. He didn't look like he did during school, calculating how many slushies he need to throw, or like he did during football, trying to stop himself from having too much fun and forgetting to hide. Now, he just looked like the Dave Kurt knew, the one he sincerely hoped was the real one and not another act.

Kurt leaned in and reached one hand to stroke across Dave's forehead. The jock opened his eyes to look up at Kurt.

"Morning," Kurt whispered. Dave tightened his arm around Kurt.

"Good morning." Dave was smiling ear to ear up at Kurt, and he subconsciously started tracing circles on his back.

"How'd you sleep?" Kurt asked.

"Awesome. Perfectly. Fantastically!" Kurt laughed. "I'm serious. I never want to leave this bed ever again."

"What about breakfast?" Kurt asked.

"Room service."

"What about school?"

"Who needs it?"

"What if one of us has a dream?" Kurt's voice made it clear just what kind of dream he meant.

"If you ever dreamt of me like that, I don't know if I'd be able to do anything besides watch. Because that sounds like the hottest thing in the world. But if it happened again," Dave rolled up and whispered in Kurt's ear, "I'd be more than happy to help."

Kurt breathed in sharply as they came together in a kiss, but it only lasted for one second before Kurt raised his hand and pulled away.

"You have morning breath," he said as he ran a finger down Dave's cheek. "But you also have sexy scruff so I'll let it go." Dave snorted softly as he pressed a kiss on Kurt's shoulder instead, then lay back down to look up at Kurt.

Kurt kept pulling his fingers down Dave's jaw line for a moment. Then he rested his head on Dave's chest, and looked straight back at him. For what felt like a long time, neither of them said anything. Kurt pulled his fingers further down to run over Dave's chest, feeling the hair and heat beneath him. Dave spread one of his hands over Kurt's back and rubbed up and down, their legs still tangled together under the blanket.

"Let's do this every weekend, ok?" Kurt moved to rest his head back on the pillows next to Dave. The taller boy pulled them tighter together.

"Sounds good to me. Well, actually I don't know if I could see that many plays in a row. How about some days we go see the Reds play?"

"Only if you promise to explain it to me."

"Of course."

"And we have to sleep like this every time, and not get out of bed for hours."

"Forget that, let's wake up like this everyday," Dave said.

"Ok. Everyday. For how long?"

"For as long as you'll have me."

"So, forever then?" Kurt was too afraid too look up after saying something like that. He kept his face hidden in Dave's chest. But he felt everything about Dave change. He rolled over even more, and tightened the arm around Kurt's waist. He brought his other hand up to Kurt's cheek and dragged the thumb back and forth.

"Yeah. Forever."

This time, Kurt ignored the morning breath.


When they broke, Kurt stayed wrapped warmly in Dave's arms. Dave rested his head half way under Kurt's on the pillow, with his nose pushed against Kurt's neck, underneath his ear. Kurt could feel Dave's huge smile against his skin, and he suspected that Dave could feel the giddy one on his own face. The words might have been simple, but what was behind them wasn't.

After a moment, Kurt broke the silence.

"I don't think I'd want to stay in this hotel forever, though. I think we'll need our own apartment."

"Yeah I think so." Dave pulled his face up to look at Kurt again.

"In New York," Kurt clarified.

"What about Boston?" Dave asked.

"Boston in nice, I guess. Why?"

"I might want to go there to play football. For college I mean."

"Alright, maybe Boston. But either way, we'll need a king bed."

"Yeah, and a big comforter like this one."

"Oh I don't know." Kurt moved closer to Dave's chest. "You kept me pretty warm last night."

Dave laughed lightly as they snuggled themselves closer together.

"I say we make sure our apartment has a Jacuzzi bath. I've always wanted one of those," Dave added on.

"Ok. And a big TV with an over stuffed chair."

"And that's everything we'll need forever, huh?"

"Mmmm maybe not everything. But it's a start right?"

Kurt's fingers came up to start tracing Dave's arm, feeling the bicep tighten underneath. He stayed pressed against Dave's chest and felt the steady heartbeat, while Dave kept tracing the curve of Kurt's back with his hand.

"Is it just the two of us forever? Or, will there be….anyone else?"

"What, like a dog?"

"Yeah, or a like a baby?"

"A baby? I don't know if I'd be good with a baby," Kurt tilted his head up toward Dave. "You would be though. You're so good with Emily. You'd be a good daddy."

Dave buried his face in Kurt's hair to hide the smile.

"I bet you're not that bad."

"I just hope I'm half as good as my dad someday." Kurt tilted his head up again for a second. "So….boy or girl?"


"Can we name her Elizabeth?"

"Yeah. Unless we adopt her and she comes with a name already."

Kurt nodded.

"We're going to spoil her. I know it already. We'll make her cookies anytime she asks, and I'll give her any clothes she wants. And you'll carry her when ever she asks."

Dave snorted a little.

"Sounds about right, actually. She'll be a little princess. But I guess that works," Dave brushed his nose across Kurt's forehead, "Since you're already my prince."

Kurt giggled and squeezed Dave's arm as he rolled closer to Dave and pushed his smile against the taller boys collar bone.

"Someday, we'll be the best little family."

"Yeah. Someday we will be."

Kurt stayed pressed next to Dave for a minute, relishing the day dream. Then he propped himself up on his elbows. He smiled at Dave, but it didn't have the same air to it. It was almost sad now. Kurt looked down, then turned back at Dave.

"You know you'll need to come out for all of this to happen."

Dave dropped the arm that was arm that was around Kurt, and looked away sighing.

"I know."

"It won't be so bad though. Nothing happened when you yelled at those guys in the street, right?"

"Yeah, nothing happened I guess."

"And Emily knows already."


"And its not like we're staying in Lima forever."

"No, definitely not."

"So, maybe you could come out now?"

"Kurt, its more than just that alright? I still have to be on the team, and live at home. Why would I intentionally make that shit worse to deal with, when I have less than two years of it left anyways?"

"What if you're overreacting, though? What if its not really as bad as you think its going to be? What if you're parents are just surprised, then they don't care. And maybe the team will be ok. I mean, before we got into town you didn't want anyone to see us because you thought they'd be rude, and instead some little old lady called us cute! You never know."

Dave looked at Kurt for a second, and brought a hand to run through his hair. For a long moment, Dave just brushed Kurt's hair behind his ear.

"This weekend was nicer than I thought it'd be," Dave finally acknowledged.

"So maybe will you think about it?"

"Yeah, I will." Dave pulled himself up and put his lips next to Kurt's mouth, a millimeter above Kurt's skin. "I'll think about it."

Then Dave leaned the rest of the way in and kissed Kurt gently. Kurt smiled again, and it wasn't nearly as sad this time.

"Good." He pulled away. "I'm going to brush my teeth now."

Kurt threw back the blankets and shivered instantly. He looked to the foot of his bed for a robe before he remember that he wasn't at home. Then he looked down and noticed Dave dress shirt was still on the floor, completely forgotten after last night. Kurt picked it up and pulled it on.


Dave watched Kurt's back as he walked toward the bathroom. The shirt was long on Kurt, it went just past his butt and the shoulders were big. Kurt seemed to have buttoned maybe three buttons in the middle, and the neckline was hanging off Kurt's shoulder.

Just looking at Kurt in his clothes made Dave shiver. It reminded Dave of how enticingly slim Kurt was, with Dave's shirt practically falling off him. That reminded Dave of how much he wanted Kurt, and right now, it reminded him of what they did last night. Mostly though, it reminded Dave of how much things had changed.

He used to beat Kurt up, he used to throw insults at him daily. He used to let people do whatever they wanted without mentioning that he and the 'loser' were the same. Dave used to do whatever he could to make sure that people never thought of him and Kurt as even a little similar. He didn't want to think about himself in the same sentence as Kurt, hated seeing Kurt in the hallway and making him think about himself.

Now, Kurt wrapped in his shirt or his lettermen jacket did things to Dave. There Kurt was, the picture of high fashion, not caring that the shirt was from Khols or that the jacket hadn't been cleaned in god know how long. And Dave didn't care at all what it looked like. In fact, he liked that it was clear that Kurt was in Dave's clothes. Because they were together, and that made Dave so much happier than he ever would have thought possible. In the crazy moments betweens waking and sleeping, sometimes Dave thought it would be worth coming out just so that Kurt would wear his lettermen to school. Just so Dave could see him like that more.

Dave threw back the blankets and followed Kurt into the bathroom. Kurt was squeezing tooth paste when Dave caught him from behind.

"One more thing. When we have our own apartment, you have to walk around in my clothes like this all the time," Dave growled into Kurt's ear.

Kurt smirked at the tooth paste, then looked at their reflection in the mirror. He played with the collar for a moment, then glanced at Dave's reflection. He turned toward Dave.

"That sounds lovely to me," Kurt said.

Dave leaned in for a kiss, but Kurt pulled away almost right away.

"Dave! You have to let me brush my teeth now!"

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