An Original Work by Brooke

This is my own original work. One day, hopefully soon, I would like to become an author. Please review and tell me how you thought it was. Thank you for reading.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the United States of America's largest museum."

The announcer was a very tall, classy southern gentleman. With his brown shiny hair pulled back tight, and his expensive grey suit ironed to perfection. He stood in the middle of a very large room, so large it could hold three elephants, and was as tall as a fifteen story building. Round, white columns circled the enclosure, and holding those columns up, were sparkly peach marble floors. In the middle of the room is where the announcer stood on a stage beside the exhibit. But the announcer stood in front of something. Something that was almost half the height of the giant room, and almost as wide. That something took up almost the whole floor space, that there was barely enough room for all of the people that wanted to squeeze inside. Behind the announcer, stood a very large white sheet, flowing over the consequential, tallest, cage, the world has ever known.

The museum is in fact the largest museum in the United States. It is known for holding some of the worlds greatest treasures, animals, and even some secrets. People for years and years have brought to this museum dinosaur bones, fossils, old cars, rare gemstones, and even diamonds. This museum holds over twenty different types of exhibits, each exhibit unique in it's own way. The museum is quite old, but some of the things it holds, is far older. The oldest artifact in the museum is a Trilobite fossil, from millions and millions of years ago, founded by some guy in Cuba on his hiking trip.

This museum has brought in all sorts of beautiful things, but it's also brought in some of the weirdest too. A few years ago, a guy named Harold Rick tried to convince the museum that his severed arm from Iraq was a valuable artifact. Of course they immediately turned him down and sent him away. Once a woman named Sara Packer wanted to sell her dead poodle to the museum. Saying her pooch was a very 'rare' and 'amazing' dog because he lived to be twenty two. Her offer was also turned down.

But when the museum got a very interesting phone call one day from a hunter in the Fairhope, Alabama area, they were pretty sure they weren't going to turn this person away.

The exhibit from Fairhope, Alabama arrived in the museum just yesterday. Nobody else in the world has seen it, except for the hunter, and the two package carriers. And the announcer was standing right in front of it.

As soon as the newest exhibit arrived, word spread around the very large town that surrounded the museum like wild fire. The town mostly consisted of high to very high class people. Even though it was a large town, everyone knew everybody. That's because everyone was always hosting very fancy and expensive lunches, or party's for no reason. Everyone in this town thought they were celebrities because they owned boat loads of money. When in the reality, nobody knew who they were.

As roughly two hundred to three hundred and fifty extravagant men and woman with their silver dresses, diamonds and black suits push and shoved their way into the monogamous room, the crowd was already mesmerized by the large white sheet. The anxiety grew, almost to the point of suffocating the crowd. Television crews and reporters also gathered inside the shrinking room. Everyone stood around the brilliant cage, making small talk and laughing with close friends. But in the back of their minds, all they wanted right now was to see what could be under that white sheet.

The private event was important enough to grab even the President of the United State's attention. The President flew in last-minute from Washington to find out along with everyone else, what this new exhibit could be.