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Chapter 35

"It's late." Mac said. "There shouldn't be anymore trick or treaters this time of night. Stay inside and don't answer the door."

"Where'sh Mattie?" Chloe asked with her mouth full.

"Not here." Harm said, adjusting the pack on his back. "Don't worry about that Chlo, just do what Mac says."

" 'Kay."Chloe said. "We'll be fine. Won't we Josh?"

"Yeah. Fine." He didn't turn away from the TV for a second.

"You don't know where Mattie is do you Josh?"

"Nope. No idea." Josh said. Thankfully he didn't.

Chloe looked at Harm's bag suspiciously. "What you got in the bag Harm?" she asked. "You too wouldn't be about to do any Halloween tricks would you...cos defacing houses is frowned upon in this house."

Harm made to snatch Chloe's sweet loot.

Chloe snatched it tightly to herself. "Whatever you have goin on just go tight about your business." she said sweetly. "Because YOU are the adults and WE are the kids."

"Yes we are." Harm said with a smile.


By the time Harm and Mac got out the front of their house, the other parents had joined them.

"I know exactly where they'll be." Max's Dad said with a grin. "This is gonna be the best fun I've had on Halloween for years."

"What's the hammer for?" Harm asked.

"I know the house." Rick said. "I may have pulled a similar stunt myself when I was a kid."

"I bet." Harm said.

"So did my little sister when she was the same age as these kids." Rick chuckled. "THAT was even more fun than hiding in the house. Well I was hiding in the friends and I were and we scared the crap out of them. So much fun."

"You don't think that's a little mean?" Amy's Mom asked.

" is scaring the crap out of your parents by not coming home."

"I say show us the way." Issy's Mom said.

"I'm with her." Mac said.

The eclectic group of adults looked a little like the village people as they hurried up the street excitedly behind Rick.

"Trick or treat!" Mac sang.

When they got to the house they all huddled at the back of the house. The light inside the house was dim and flickering.

"They have candles." Rick said. "My battery operated fan should take care of blowing them out."

Harm snickered. "Who are you MacGuiver?"

"I taught MacGuiver everything he knows." Rick said.

"I have some stuff." Harm said opening his bag. "Chains."

"Ooo. That and some banging on the pipes with my hammer."

"I have some ideas too." Mac said.

"I wanna help."

"Don't leave me out." Issy's Mom said. "I wanna scare the life out of the little devils too."

"We'll sneak upstairs lightly and then stomp on the floorboards in all different rooms." Mac said.

"You wanna weigh in Mike?" Rick asked Buzz's Dad.

" about I get everyone into the house?" he said producing a spud bar.

"Ok...lets go...quietly." Harm said.


Mattie stuck a lit candle under her chin as she launched into her ghost story. The other had all had turns and quite frankly she thought Amy's was LAME.

The light under Mattie's face highlighted her messy long hair and big wart she'd attached to her nose and she spoke in a gravelly, menacing tone.

For the most part the others were unimpressed until they heard what sounded like a clang against a pipe in the basement below them.

"What was that?" Issy yelped.

"Nothing. It was nothing Iss." Mattie said with extreme irritation. How was she supposed to build a story if they didn't shut up and listen.

"I think I heard it too." Amy said scooting closer to Buzz.

"It's just the house settling." he said.

"Are you sure nobody lives here?" Max said.

"Seriously?" Mattie whined. "You too? I'm trying to tell a scary story here people."

"Sorry." Max said with a wince. It wasn't often that Mattie growled at him like that.

Mattie once again put the candle under her chin and started her story. This time there were three very distinct clangs against metal.

"Ok...I heard that." Mattie said moving the candle quickly and dropping hot wax all over herself."Crap...oh crap the wax." Without thinking she blew out the candle.

"That was the last candle Mattie." Issy squeaked.

"No shit Sherlock." Mattie said. "It wasn't me that only bought three candles. I brought food. Candles were on Buzz's list."

"Geez...stress less." he said. "We CAN relight it." He fiddled in his pocket and found his lighter but it wouldn't spark.

"Maybe we should just go home." Amy said.

"I'm not giving in." Mattie said.

"Me either Max said.

"Or me." Issy said in a very tiny voice.

"Ok." Max said. " There could some old matches in the kitchen by the stove...I say we go look...together."

"I don't have a better idea." Mattie said.


Harm, Rick and Mike had to try extra hard to hold it together when they heard the kids bickering above them. The voices were moving. When they could hear them by the basement door Harm held up his chain.

"I'm going to drag it up the stairs." he whispered.

"I'll bang the steps at the same time." Mike whispered back.


Amy tripped over Buzz's big foot and bumped into Issy who knocked into Mattie.

"Pushing won't get us there any quicker." she said.

"I didn't push!" Issy said. "Amy did."

"I fell." She said.

"Maybe you shouldda worn like normal shoes." Buzz said looking down at where the shoes would be if he could see them."

"You can't even see my shoes." she bit back.

"You never wear normal shoes."

"Focus people." Max said. "I think I can feel the fridge."

"I wonder what's in it?" Buzz said.

"Gross!" Amy said. "Nothing eatable."

They all stopped and turned to the stairs... there was a thump...rattle...a thump...rattle...

"It's coming closer!" Mattie screamed.

They all turned and ran back to the other room.

"I need to go to the bathroom." Issy said.

"Me too." Amy said.

"Ok, ok." max said. "We'll all go upstairs together and find it."

"You're not watching me pee." Issy said emphatically.

"Me either."

"We're not watching anyone do anything."Buzz said. "We can't see a hand in front of our faces."

"We'll wait outside the door." Max said. "Once we find it."


Mac and the other women were sitting at the top of the stairs listening. Waiting for a clue for the best place to hide. Now they had it. They each took off in different directions with their flashlights.


"Is everyone sure they don't just want to go home?" Mattiasked as they stood at the bottom of the rickety old stairs.

"Do you?" Amy asked.

"No!" Mattie said hoping someone else would be the first to give in.

"Me either then." Amy said stubbornly.

"Meither, either." Mattie said.

"Are you two done?" Max asked.

"Go ahead." Mattie said with a firm hold on his jacket.

Max put his foot tentatively on the first frail step. THUMP! Clang, clang , clang came the sound again near the basement door. Max ran up the stairs with everyone else behind him.

"That's not the house settling!" Mattie said. "It sounds like it's going to fall down."

"Maybe we should go." Max answered nervously, although he wasn't happy about going back down the stairs. At least it was quiet upstairs. Very quiet.

"I can't." Issy said. The last fright downstairs had cinched it. She needed the bathroom and she needed it now. "I really have to go."

"Ok." Max said. "Stick together and we'll find it."

"He felt his way along the wall and when he cam to each door he opened it and listened.

"What're you listening for?" Buzz asked. "Someone to invite you in?"

"Water, pipes, anything that sounds like a bathroom doofis."



Mac stood in the bathtub with the shower curtain shut so no one could see. She had to wait for exactly the right moment..."

Issy's Mom snuck back to wait at the top of the stairs and Kiel waited at the bottom, having crept back down when the kids reached the end of the hallway where the bathroom was.


"This is it, I'm pretty sure." Max said. "We'll all go in together t make sure and then Buzz and me'll wait outside."

"Ok..." Issy said. "Peeing in some old bathroom where you couldn't see a thing, wasn't the ideal but when you had to go..."

They all shuffled in behind Max who was feeling his way still. When he reached the shower curtain he knew he was in the right place. Trouble was it was old and perished. When his foot caught on a loose tile and he stumbled, he grabbed it to save himself from falling and that's when Mac screamed as loud as she could.

It was total havoc. The kids screamed blue murder and dashed fro the room and back down the dark hallway they'd just come from.

Issy's Mom shone her torch under the mask she'd donned and roared before flicking the torch onto the stairs briefly so the kids wouldn't fall. When they reached the bottom of the stairs there was another grossly masked creature that was bent over wailing.

Open mouthed and terrified the kids all fled to the front door. When they flung it open, the Dad's were waiting for them.

"TRICK or TREAT!" they yelled.

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